Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/26/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/26/18


Written By Joseph

Rafe and Hope kiss until Hope says she will be right back and heads to the back. Rafe pulls out a bottle of champagne. Rafe then hears a sound outside the cabin and grabs his gun.

Kayla sits with Steve in the hospital when John arrives. John says he heard the antidote is working and his numbers are up. Steve responds that the poison seems to be out of his system but it may have damaged his vision permanently.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor calls Maggie and leaves a message asking if they can talk this through because he misses her. Victor asks her to please come home as he hangs up. Vivian then enters the mansion and tells Victor that he's better off without Maggie. Victor tells her to get out. Vivian responds that they have business to discuss. Victor says he has no business

with her. Vivian tells him that he could be the key to their future.

Stefan kisses Abigail as "Gabi" until Chad knocks on the door, asking Stefan if he has a second. Stefan orders her to hide. She questions him and says she's going to let Chad in.

Rafe brings a man in to the cabin from outside and accuses him of trying to break in. Hope comes back out and reveals Rafe that the man is here to marry them. Rafe argues that Julie is going to marry them tomorrow in front of their friends and family but Hope thought they could have something a little more intimate tonight with just them. Rafe apologizes to the justice of the peace.

John asks if Steve's blurry vision could be temporary. Steve says it's happening all the time now and he's having trouble focusing. John doesn't understand since the antidote was designed to reverse the damages. Steve suggests it could just be taking a little longer. John prays that is the case. Kayla questions John poisoning her husband. Steve argues that John did what he had to do. Kayla walks out to go check on Steve's test results. Steve tells John he's sorry since it's hard for Kayla. John feels Kayla has every right to hate him since what he did could have killed Steve so he doesn't blame her.

Stefan stops Abigail as "Gabi" from letting Chad in and warns her that it will raise a lot of questions about Andre's death. Stefan than answers the door and claims he was just changing. Chad asks if someone is in there since he heard voices. Abigail hides in the closet. Stefan tells Chad it's just him and invites him in. Chad could have swore someone was in there. Stefan claims he was on the phone with Vivian. Stefan asks if he's disappointed. Chad says he's just curious. Stefan questions if Chad was hoping to find a woman who looked exactly like Gabi. Chad says Abigail told him that she told Stefan about his suspicions. Stefan calls them nonsense. Chad assures that Gabi is innocent. Stefan insists he didn't sabotage the company and that he never met Andre until he came to Salem. Chad won't take his word for it. Stefan tells him to back off the accusations. Chad tells him that he's going to find out what happened that night one way or another. Stefan warns him to be careful what he wishes for because he might not like what he finds. Chad questions what that's supposed to mean.

Hope apologizes for the confusion. Rafe comments on Hope not telling him about her secret plan and apologizes again. The justice of the peace goes to dry off from the rain. Rafe realizes this whole weekend getaway was about more than just getting away from the rehearsals. Hope says it's just about them. Rafe calls it the perfect wedding but she may have overlooked one thing.

Marlena visits Claire at the Loft with ice cream. Claire tells her this is exactly what she needed. Marlena notes that it's quiet here. Claire tells her that Tripp is working and Ciara is making a montage for Hope's wedding. Marlena thought she and Ciara were getting along better. Claire remarks that Tripp and Ciara are heroes together. Claire assures that she's glad they are okay but comments on thinking you know someone and then not knowing them at all. Claire adds that sometimes you know something and then wish you didn't know. Marlena asks if that's what she wanted to talk about. Claire calls it a huge horrible secret and she doesn't know what to do. Marlena promises not to tell anyone. Claire then informs Marlena that Rafe cheated on Hope by hooking up with Sami.

Victor tells Vivian that he's not interested. Vivian proposes a merger of DiMera and Titan. Victor asks if she's insane. Vivian calls it a win-win situation for both of them but Victor disagrees. Victor tells her to forget it as he is not entering into a professional relationship with her. Vivian asks about a personal relationship then.

Stefan questions Chad being convinced that Andre helped him screw Chad out of DiMera. Stefan brings up Andre screwing Gabi out of her company and asks why Chad cares if his killer is brought to justice. Chad admits Andre had his flaws but he loved him because he helped Abigail through the toughest time of her life so he's forever grateful. Stefan tells Chad to leave him out of it since he's wasting his time. Chad calls him a liar and a cheat. Stefan tells Chad that if he thinks he's guilty, he can go ahead and search his room.

Rafe tells Hope that Julie is going to kill her since she got ordained just to marry them. Hope argues that Julie will understand and love that they did this since she's a romantic. Hope tells him to have faith and they'll already be married in front of everyone tomorrow. Hope tells him they don't need a witness. Rafe questions marrying her in a t-shirt which Hope insists on. Rafe hugs her and asks about the rings. Hope reveals she brought them. Rafe tells her he loves her and they kiss until the justice of the peace comes back out, joking that they are getting ahead of themselves.

Marlena questions Claire about Rafe cheating on Hope with Sami and when that was. Claire guesses it was when Sami was in town to see Will. Marlena asks how she even knows about it. Claire says it's from Ciara and it's terrible. Marlena questions how Ciara knows. Claire guesses she may have saw them. Marlena feels that's a lot of guessing and questions what exactly Ciara said. Claire admits she didn't actually talk to Ciara. Marlena calls it a very serious allegation so she needs her to give the facts that she knows. Claire says it's all here on her phone.

John tells Steve that he's more sorry than he will ever know. Steve understands he did what the situation required as they were trained. John doesn't know how Steve can ever forgive him. Steve brings up that John saved his life more times than he can count. Kayla returns with the test results and asks to speak to Steve in private. Steve thinks John should hear this too so he asks him to stay. Steve asks Kayla about the results. Kayla responds that it's what she was afraid of as she informs Steve that he is losing his sight.

Victor questions Vivan about wanting a personal relationship. Victor says he's a married man. Vivian says not for long since she saw Maggie check in at the Salem Inn. Victor brings up Vivian trying to bury Maggie alive. Vivian doesn't want to dwell on the past but talk about them now. Vivian tells Victor that she could be the lady to his Macbeth and she could also give him a lovely piece of heaven. Vivian then disrobes in front of Victor, causing him to cover his eyes.

Kayla explains that the poison damaged Steve's cornea which is why he has blurred vision. Steve questions the antidote not reversing it. Kayla says the antidote stopped his body from attacking himself but can't undo the damage caused. Steve feels they caught it in time then since blurred vision is better than no vision at all. Kayla is afraid it's going to get progressively worse as it can be just a matter of time before he's completely blind.

Stefan tells Chad to go ahead and search every inch of his room while Abigail hides in the closet. Stefan opens drawers and tells Chad this is his big chance to find the murder weapon and prove he's a killer. Chad doesn't think he would be hiding it in here so he'll pass. Chad assures that Stefan is hiding something and he will find it. Stefan hopes that means he's done pretending to play nice. Chad says he knows how he feels. Stefan brings up Chad accusing him of murdering their brother, framing an innocent woman, and trying to steal his wife. Stefan tells Chad that if that's how he feels, he can move out. Chad responds that he and Abigail will be gone within the hour. Stefan stops him and says whatever they think of each other, there's no reason Abigail and Thomas should have to move out. Chad states that he's going to turn his life upside down trying to prove his theory. Stefan tells him that he will expect an apology when he finds the truth. Chad then exits.

Claire plays the recording for Marlena and points out that Ciara freaked out when she thought Hope learned the truth of Rafe and Sami sleeping together. Marlena questions why Claire recorded that. Claire explains that she knew Ciara told Tripp a big secret and she thought it was about her or Theo so she felt she had no choice. Claire questions if she's the bad guy. Claire understands it wasn't her finest moment but thinks it's good that they know the truth and that Hope has a right to know before she marries a man who cheated on her.

The justice of the peace begins the ceremony so Hope decides to go first with her vows. Hope calls Rafe her partner, friend, and lover. Hope says he was always so wonderful to her and Ciara. Hope knows their beginning wasn't easy as she was broken and it was really hard for her to trust but every time she tried to push him away, he never turned his back on her and was always protecting her. Hope talks about Rafe risking everything for her. Hope knows marriage is a risk but risking her heart for the man she loves deeply and trusts with all of her heart is no risk at all. Hope says she loves him and kisses him. Rafe then responds that he has a confession to make.

Abigail as "Gabi" comes out of the closet and smacks Stefan for scaring her when he told Chad to search the room. Stefan argues it was a gamble that worked. She warns him about what's at stake. Stefan tells her to trust him. She asks for the lid to the urn. Stefan stops her and asks when he will see her again. She asks if he will miss her. He is intrigued by her and wants to know her. She tells him that she will come out when she can and she'll see him around as she exits the room.

Marlena goes over with Claire that they just heard Ciara say she kept the secret because she knows how much Hope loves Rafe and wants them to be happy. Claire asks what if Ciara has a plan to blow Rafe and Hope up at any time she wants. Marlena admires that Claire wants to protect Hope and wants her to be happy but suggests she examine her own motivation here.

Rafe tells Hope that he needs to be honest with her and there is something. Hope tells him it's okay as he doesn't need to say anything. Rafe says he didn't prepare any vows as he was going to write them tonight but he didn't have the time. Rafe states that he's marrying the woman of his dreams and she's the most beautiful, strongest, and incredible woman he's ever met. Rafe talks about watching her with Ciara and the love that she gives. Rafe wants that every day forever. Rafe puts the lasso of beads over them to signify love and commitment. Rafe says he will give her a lifetime of the love and respect she deserves. Rafe and Hope continue their vows and put on the rings. The justice of the peace pronounces them husband and wife so they kiss. They thank the justice of the peace for coming out. He wishes them happiness and then exits the cabin. Rafe and Hope call each other husband and wife. Rafe then pours them champagne. Rafe can't believe it and wants to tell everyone they did it. Hope reminds him they have to wait until tomorrow because right now is just between them. Rafe toasts to her and a lifetime of love and happiness as they kiss.

Claire tells Marlena that her only motive is to protect Hope from Rafe because once a dirty rotten cheater is always one. Marlena questions if she doesn't want to stir up trouble for Ciara. Claire swears that is not why she wants to tell Hope the truth. Marlena questions Claire thinking hearing this would make Hope happy. Marlena warns her to think long and hard before doing something that would be destructive to the whole family.

John doesn't know what to say. Kayla tells him to go. John agrees to check on Steve later and apologizes as he exits. Kayla says she can't even look John in the eyes. Steve asks if there is any way to reverse this. Kayla says a specialist is looking into all options. Steve says he will take a maybe.

Victor tells Vivian to cover herself up as he calls her deluded and demented. Victor says he's very much in love with Maggie so Vivian will not talk him into a personal relationship. Vivian calls him deluded and demented for thinking Maggie will come back to him. Vivian guesses he must have done something very naughty to drive Maggie away. Victor tells Vivian to get out before he drags her out by the hair. Vivian warns Victor that now that Stefan is head of DiMera, they will come after Victor and his company with no mercy.

Stefan uses his laptop so search split personality, saying he's going to figure out what's going on in Abigail's head.

Chad enters his bedroom where Abigail is asleep in bed. Chad gets in bed and wakes her up. Abigail says she doesn't even remember coming up here so she must have been really tired. Chad asks if everything is okay. Abigail blames stress of Andre's murder but thinks she's fine.

Kayla tells Steve it's too bad John didn't research his poisons a little more closely. Steve argues that John had no choice as he was protecting his family and theirs. Kayla remarks that he came up a little short. Steve knows John feels terrible. Kayla doesn't care about John, only what this means to Steve's life and future as he could lose his vision because of him. Steve says they have faced worse before and won so they will do it again. Steve assures they will get through it together as he hugs her.

John sits outside where Marlena joins him and apologizes for keeping him waiting. Marlena sees he's upset and asks what has happened. John hugs her.

Claire looks at her invite to Hope and Rafe's wedding then looks at Hope's number on her phone. Claire tells herself there is still time left since she hasn't married him yet..

Rafe and Hope drink their champagne and continue kissing in the cabin.

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