Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/23/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/23/18


Written By Joseph

Claire's phone remains in the living room of the loft with the recorder on as Rafe and Hope are over visiting with Ciara and Tripp. Ciara questions if they are cancelling the wedding but Hope explains just the rehearsals. Hope informs them that she is taking Rafe to Smith Island tonight to save Julie the trouble of having to throw them parties. Ciara is relieved that they didn't decide not to get married. Hope questions why she would think that.

Brady tells Eve that he's sure she thought Maggie was going to rip her to shreds to him but the conversation was all about ripping him to shreds. Eve asks what it was about. Brady responds that he did something heinous to someone he cares about and she deserves to know the truth about it.

Chad goes back to the living room and calls out to Abigail but she's gone. Gabi walks in and tells Chad that she is stressed out with no job or company. Gabi complains about having too much time on her hands so she is obsessing over the case and she can't stop thinking about the theory that Stefan set her up. Chad assures they are going to prove that it's Stefan. Gabi wants something to work with and asks if he knows something new. Chad responds that he does.

Stefan removes his shirt as Abigail in her Gabi wig walks in and comments that it looks like someone worked up a sweat. Stefan is not sure what's going on with her but knows she is sick and needs help. She responds that there is nothing wrong with her and questions him saying that. Stefan says that she is Abigail but she responds that she is Gabi because Abigail has left the building.

Gabi senses that Chad doesn't have good news. Chad calls it a minor setback because Stefan found out about his theory since Abigail let it slip when Stefan was pushing her buttons. Gabi can't believe it. Chad insists that Abigail was trying to protect Gabi. Gabi worries that now Stefan knows they are on to him and she's screwed.

Stefan asks if Abigail is coming back and realizes she thinks she is two separate people which she insists that she is. She says that Abigail doesn't know anything she does as "Gabi". Stefan asks how she knows about his conversation with Abigail and Chad if she is Gabi.

Hope assures that cancelling the rehearsals doesn't mean anything. Hope is glad their celebration will include Tripp. Rafe asks about Steve. Tripp says he's better with the antidote. Ciara calls it so crazy that he was poisoned. Rafe brings up hearing stores of Pamela Van Damme but he never knew she was certifiable. Hope thanks Tripp for Pamela being out of the picture now for good. Hope asks how Tripp is doing. Tripp admits he wasn't expecting to take another person's life. Rafe encourages that he did the right thing and they are all grateful. Ciara says everyone is except Claire. Hope thought they were getting along better. Ciara says they are mostly but it's been really hard since Theo left and Claire's not the center of the universe anymore. Ciara promises they will be on their best behavior at their wedding. Hope asks where Claire is since she heard her trip to South Africa was cancelled. Ciara comments that Claire couldn't stop complaining but she's taking a nap so she will let her know about tonight's change of plans. Ciara adds that she and Claire are both working on surprises for them on their special day. Rafe decides they should get going. Tripp tells them to have fun. Rafe wishes Tripp luck with keeping Ciara and Claire apart. Hope hugs Ciara and says goodbye as she and Rafe exit. Ciara tells Tripp that was close because for a second, she thought Hope knew about the big secret. Ciara adds that if Hope found out that Rafe cheated on her with Sami then she wouldn't have shown up with him. Tripp points out that no one else knows but them and Rafe and they aren't going to say anything to anybody, while Claire's phone remains secretly recording their conversation.

Brady tells Eve that he's taken a lot of hits over the last few years and he just got sick of feeling like a fool. Eve understands he was hurt badly. Brady responds that it's nothing compared to what she went through. Eve argues that it's not a competition as pain is pain. Brady can't imagine losing a child. Eve prays he never has to go through that. Eve encourages him to focus on what he does have with Tate. Brady admits he's blessed. Eve talks about Tate bringing her comfort and joy. Brady says it doesn't matter how hurt he's been, it doesn't justify what he has done to Eric.

Eric and Roman sit together at the Pub. Eric mentions just having breakfast with Jennifer. Roman says Anna will be glad to hear they worked things out as she felt terrible for making Jennifer think Eric still had feelings for Nicole. Eric assures that everything is in a good place now. Roman asks Eric if it's true that he's over Nicole.

Abigail as "Gabi" claims she was out on the terrace and heard everything he said. She says she came back to make sure he keeps his mouth shut about him. She tells him that Abigail can't know about Andre or else she will go to Chad. Stefan responds that he's not afraid of Chad and bets he'd be pretty interested in what he has to say. She warns Stefan that if she goes down, he's going down with her.

Chad tells Gabi to try not to panic. Gabi worries that Stefan will cover his tracks now that he knows and blames Abigail for tipping him off. Chad argues that Stefan was going to cover no matter what because of the police. Chad encourages Gabi to stay calm and focused. Gabi refuses to sit around and wait to be sent to prison. Gabi argues that whoever framed her still has her coat, her key card, and the lid to the urn so she's going to find it. Chad feels they would've dumped it somewhere by now. Gabi argues that if Stefan is guilty, he would know he can't get rid of it and would have to stash it so she can go check his room.

Tripp asks Ciara if she is really psyched about the wedding. Ciara says she is since Hope and Rafe really love each other which is why she decided not to tell Hope the truth. Tripp comments that Hope seems really cool. Ciara talks about her dad and praises him. Tripp notes that Bo sounds like a great guy. Ciara responds that Steve is too so she's glad Tripp will have his dad around for a long time. Ciara suggests they go get some food so they exit together. Claire then comes out of her room and takes her phone to see if they spilled their secret.

Rafe and Hope arrive at Smith Island in the pouring rain and enter the cabin. Hope complains that everything is ruined but Rafe disagrees. Hope talks about how they were supposed to be camping outside. Rafe jokes that they can go swimming in the streets. Hope talks about having this whole vision in her head of being outside under the stars but now they are stuck inside and wet. Rafe tells her to go shower while he warms them up with a fire. Hope talks about how they have planned this trip and now it's raining so maybe they are a little bit jinxed. Rafe then kisses her.

Chad tells Gabi that she can't just go looking in Stefan's room. Gabi argues that she can find evidence. Chad asks what if Stefan catches her. Gabi says she'll come up with something. Chad warns her of what Stefan could do to her. Gabi doesn't know what to do as she's fighting for her life. Chad argues they are all working to help her. Gabi complains that the cops have no leads so she needs a plan. Chad says the plan is to find the woman in the security footage as she is the key to this whole mystery.

Stefan tells Abigail as "Gabi" that he's not going down for anything because he didn't kill anyone. She asks what he and Vivian were doing standing around Andre's dead body then. Stefan asks how she would know if she wasn't there. Stefan says she thinks he set her up as Andre's killer while she already admitted to trying to set him up. Stefan adds that the only evidence is the lid to the urn. She calls it the lid he used to bash Andre's head in while Stefan calls it the lid that he caught her trying to plant in his room. She wants the lid back because she doesn't trust him. Stefan doesn't trust her either so he plans to hang onto it. She asks if she can change his mind as she gets close to him.

Brady tells Eve that he heard her praising him to Tate earlier. Eve admits she believes he's a great guy. Brady responds there are things she doesn't know about him and things that he's done. Eve asks if he means to Eric. Brady brings up how ugly it was between them earlier and he thinks he needs to explain. Eve understands Nicole cheated on him with Eric then left them both high and dry. Brady informs her there is a lot more to it that Eric doesn't even know about. Brady reveals to her that he's the reason Nicole left town. Brady talks about seeing how happy Nicole and Eric were together and he couldn't take it after being betrayed by another woman so he took action. Eve asks what he did. Brady admits he had something on Nicole so he threatened to use it in a big way unless she got out of town which she did. Eve notes that it must have been kind of big. Brady responds that it was very big so Eve asks what it was.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole planned a life together and then she said it meant nothing and took off. Roman asks if it had anything to do with Holly and maybe Nicole wanted to spend some alone time with her daughter. Eric says he'll never know but Nicole was his first love and he'll never forget her but he can't dwell on it as he wants to move on. Roman calls that a healthy attitude and asks why he has a look on his face if things are good with Jennifer. Eric informs him that he and Jennifer had a run in earlier with Brady and Eve. Eric states that Brady hates his guts. Roman hoped they would work things out. Eric hoped too but says Brady has made it clear he's furious with him. Eric feels he can't blame him since he almost killed him in a car crash. Roman argues that Brady can't still be keeping anger from that around. Eric responds that Brady is angry since he lied to him about Nicole and swore he wouldn't steal her from him. Eric declares that Nicole won't have he or Brady ever but Brady will always be his brother. Eric admits he misses his brother.

Stefan asks Abigail as "Gabi" if she's in love with someone else. She responds that Eli is just her boyfriend but didn't put a ring on it so she's practically single. Stefan points out that Abigail is not single and she despises him. She argues that Abigail doesn't hate him since she loves a handsome DiMera and any DiMera will do. She adds that she only said that because she was afraid Chad would take his head off. She doesn't get what Stefan sees in Abigail. Stefan argues that Abigail is not crazy. She argues that she can make Stefan forget about her. Stefan tells her to stop. She asks if she's getting to him and if he's worried he will give in to how he really feels.

Chad tells Gabi that if they can find the woman in the security footage then they can prove it's not Gabi and get her to say she was working with Stefan. Gabi questions how they do that. Chad talks about looking in to his business connections and having to figure out who Stefan would get to do a job like that. Chad says it wouldn't be just somebody random off the streets. Gabi agrees that it had to be someone he trusts completely. Chad brings up Vivian and that there are a lot of women in Stefan's orbit. Chad then concludes that he thinks he knows who it is.

Brady can't tell Eve what he had on Nicole because if he did, she would be in a hell of a lot of trouble and he won't do that. Eve questions Brady defending Nicole after everything she did to him. Brady says he ruined any chance Nicole had at living the life she wanted. Eve thinks it's good that Brady stood up for himself. Brady says Eric and Nicole were happy together and he couldn't take it. Brady admits he ripped them apart out of jealousy and spite. Brady knew it was a terrible thing to do but he did it anyway because he felt like a loser since they were happy and he was miserable. Brady feels he could've been the better person and risen above but he didn't because he's not a good guy. Brady calls himself a vindictive son of a bitch and swears that once Eve knows these things, he's okay with her not wanting anything to do with him ever again.

Claire plays the recording on her phone to listen to Ciara and Tripp's conversation. She hears the first part where Ciara told Tripp that he's the only one she trusts with the secret and Tripp noted that it could blow up the lives of people she cares about. Ciara and Tripp then come back home. Ciara questions what Claire is doing. Claire claims she was just listening to a song she wrote. Ciara asks to hear it then.

Hope comes out of the shower to see Rafe has decorated the cabin with Christmas lights as stars and the tent set up in the middle with candles lit around. Hope says she just wanted everything to be perfect and now it will be. Rafe assures that today and tomorrow will definitely be perfect. Hope declares every day she is married to him will be perfect. Hope wants to make some hot chocolate but goes to her phone first. Hope claims she's just checking with the station then puts her phone down and assures that she's all his now as they kiss.

Chad tells Gabi about Melinda Trask hanging out with Stefan at Doug's Place on Valentine's Day. Gabi questions why she would be hanging out with Stefan. Chad points out that Trask has the same hair color as Gabi and is close to the same height. Gabi questions the DA trying to frame her. Chad points out that she's been coming after her viciously like it's personal. Gabi talks about Melinda being furious that she got off for killing Nick and doesn't know what this has to do with Stefan. Chad suggests Stefan could bankroll her campaign if she dressed up as Gabi. Gabi thinks it seems like a stretch but Chad says it's the best he's got.

Stefan repeats to Abigail as "Gabi" that she needs to stop. She says she knows he's crazy over Abigail but he doesn't stand a chance since any DiMera won't do as she only wants Chad. She adds that Chad and Abigail are going to be working overtime to clear her while burying him for killing Andre. She goes over Chad's theory that Stefan killed Andre and says she can't wait for Chad to bust him wide open. Stefan tells her to shut up then grabs her and kisses her.

Eve tells Brady that if what he did makes him a bad person then so is she since she would've done the same thing in his shoes. Brady doesn't believe her since he ripped Eric apart and destroyed him. Eve argues that Eric wouldn't be having muffins with Jennifer if he was still pining after Nicole. Eve says Eric and Jennifer deserve each other. Brady tells her not to include Jennifer in that since she is his friend and he likes her. Eve jokes that will make him a bad person. Eve doesn't think she has to worry about Jennifer since she won't be around if she's making Eric happy so she thinks Brady will be able to put all that stuff with Eric behind him and let it go. Eve tells Brady that when he said he had something to confess, she thought it would be something worse and maybe about her.

Eric tells Roman that the way Brady looks at him and talks to him is full of rage. Roman hopes that Brady pulls himself out of that place but if he chooses to hold grudges, Eric can't blame himself. Eric thinks they are past the point of fixing it since all they do is fight and he hates it. Roman relates to he and Bo fighting so much they thought they would kill each other. Roman is so glad he and Bo worked their differences out and he's so lucky to have so many incredible memories to hold onto but it's not the same. Roman encourages Eric not to give up on his brother because one of these days it will be too late.

Claire tells Ciara that the song is not done yet. Ciara wants to hear what she has so far. Claire tells her that she can hear it at the wedding with everyone else. Tripp decides he will take his food to go as he has to run an errand for Kayla. Tripp tells them to play nice and exits. Claire tells Ciara that she can't concentrate on her song with her here. Ciara decides that she will go work at Julie's then and exits the loft. Claire then resumes listening to her recorded conversation of Ciara and Tripp. She gets to the point where Rafe and Hope had visited.

Rafe and Hope kiss until Hope says she will be right back and heads to the back. Rafe pulls out a bottle of champagne. Rafe then hears a sound outside the cabin and grabs his gun.

Chad tells Gabi that if the woman in the footage isn't Melinda Trask then they'll just keep looking until they figure it out. Chad adds that he will search Stefan's room himself. Gabi points out he said it was too dangerous. Chad argues that he lives here so he knows when Stefan will be in and out and he will be careful. Gabi then exits the mansion.

Brady asks Eve why she thinks he would have something to confess about her. Eve brings up that he tried to frame her for Deimos' murder when she first came back to town and now he's being all sweet, buying her flowers, and defending her to Victor. Brady says even Victor needs to be stood up to once in awhile. Eve points out that they played each other while now she has to pinch herself to believe that he could actually be falling for her. Brady tells her to believe it. Eve responds that she does. Brady decides he better get going before that's no longer an option. Brady kisses her then exits the room.

Claire continues listening to the recorded conversation and calls it a total waste of time. Claire then comes across the secret and hears Ciara tell Tripp that Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami.

Rafe brings a man in to the cabin from outside and accuses him of trying to break in. Hope comes back out and reveals to Rafe that the man is here to marry them.

Stefan kisses Abigail as "Gabi" until Chad knocks on the door, asking Stefan if he has a second.

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