Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/22/25

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/22/25


Written By Joseph

Kate visits Billie in the hospital and brings up that Billie lied to her about being there to comfort her over Andre and that the bullet casings there were old. Kate questions Billie playing secret agent, getting herself shot, and ending up in the hospital. Kate mocks Billie saying she's going home tomorrow. Billie argues that she was trying to help John save Steve's life. Kate argues that she could've told her and trusted her. Lucas walks in and sarcastically greets Billie then questions what the hell she did to Will.

Paul sits outside on the bench and thinks back to finding John over Will in the mausoleum and John pulling his gun on him. John then walks up and thanks him for meeting him. Paul asks about Steve. John says he's doing better and it seems like the antidote is working. Paul is glad to hear that. John apologizes for everything he put him through as he hated lying to him because lying to family is worse than torture.

Victor questions if Maggie will tell Eve herself if he doesn't. Brady and Eve come home then Brady asks if they came in at a bad time or if they were arguing. Victor responds that they don't argue. Maggie states they were having a difference of opinion about Brady and Eve. Maggie asks if Victor wants to tell them or if she should.

Chad enters his bedroom where Abigail wakes up and complains about sleeping in. Chad assures that he took care of everything as she slept through her alarm so he figured she should sleep in a bit. Chad asks if she had another nightmare. Abigail says she doesn't think so which Chad hopes is a sign of things going back to normal. Chad says he will go make coffee and juice so he'll see her downstairs as he exits. Abigail comments to herself that she doesn't think she had a nightmare.

Stefan gets dressed in his room and opens a drawer where he sees the lid to the urn and thinks back to the conversation with Abigail dressed as Gabi. Stefan then exits his room.

Victor tells Maggie to go ahead and say whatever she needs to say. Maggie explains that they were talking about Brady and Eve dating since Victor doesn't approve. Eve questions the difference of opinion and if that means Maggie does approve. Maggie feels everyone deserves a chance to be happy. Brady says that they are happy and calls Eve one of the best things to happen to him in a long time. Brady calls Eve funny, smart, savvy and adds that she is great with his son. Eve thanks him. Maggie asks for a moment alone with Victor and Brady. Eve agrees to go check on Tate but Brady asks her to stay since anything Maggie wants to say to him can be said in front of Eve.

Stefan joins Chad in the living room and asks where Abigail is. Chad responds that she slept in. Stefan asks if she's feeling alright. Chad says she's fine not that it's his business. Stefan informs him that it is his business after what happened last night. Chad asks what happened last night.

Kate asks Lucas not to yell at his sister while she's in a hospital bed and asks what he's talking about Will. Lucas says he thought about drinking when he heard Billie helped John hold his son prisoner in the mausoleum. Billie argues that Will and Paul thought they knew what John was doing so he had to neutralize them. Lucas doesn't believe that since John knocked Will out and held him prisoner. Billie says she's sorry. Lucas shouts that his son could have been killed. Will walks in and says he wasn't so they can all chill out and enjoy being a family.

Paul tells John that he could tell he was in real pain and he knew there had to be a reason he was doing all of this. Paul says he never doubted him. John is sorry he got pulled into this. Paul responds that he will never forget waking up in that crypt and realizing Will was still alive. John asks if Paul is starting to have feelings for Will.

Eve appreciates what Brady said but tells him it's fine if Maggie wants a private moment. Brady doesn't like the idea. Eve insists it's fine as she knows Maggie will call her a terrible person that will break his heart so she can just get it over with. Eve tells Maggie to do her worst as there is nothing she can say to hurt her since her heart was already broken when she lost her daughter and no pain can touch that. Eve assures that she's going in to whatever this is with Brady with her eyes open and she hopes he will do the same with or without her advice. Eve then walks out of the room. Victor apologizes for upsetting Brady when he proved his loyalty to the family so he's proud of him. Maggie responds that she is ashamed of Victor not owning up when she gave him the chance. Brady asks what she's talking about. Victor informs Brady that Maggie knows. Maggie tells Brady that she knows what he's doing to Eve and she thinks it's disgusting.

Chad brings up Stefan crashing their date and trying to weasel his way in between he and his wife again. Chad knows he's after his wife. Stefan claims it's not true. Chad brings up how he looks at her and doesn't want Abigail to have to put up with it. Chad informs him that she's not interested and never will be. Stefan thinks back to Abigail dressed as Gabi kissing him last night. Stefan tells Chad not to be so sure about that. Abigail walks in and asks what's going on. Chad says they were just talking as apparently Stefan thinks he has a chance with her. Chad asks what Abigail says.

Eve gets Tate dressed to go play and encourages him not to call anybody names like Maggie is calling her right now.

Maggie says Brady is working Eve to fall in love with him so he can get Basic Black back. Maggie asks what they would call a woman who did that. Victor says Eve. Maggie can't believe Brady would stoop so low to get Victor to reinstate him at Titan and questions if he's that threatened by Sonny. Brady asks if Victor told her. Victor responds that she was snooping on his phone. Maggie insists she was looking for photos. Maggie can't believe Victor is lying to her and brings up the times he lied about Daniel's parents to bringing Xander back to this. Maggie says she's forgiven him for everything which makes her such a fool. Brady asks if Maggie is going to tell Eve. She responds that she was about to right now but she thinks it should come from Brady. Maggie worries about what it will do to Eve and says she's so disappointed in him. Maggie brings up Brady having his heart broken so many times so he knows what it feels like but now he wants to do this to Eve. Maggie declares that Eve is not her favorite person but she doesn't deserve this.

Abigail tells Stefan no way in hell as she's completely in love with Chad and Stefan is the last person on earth that she could be interested in. Chad decides that settles that and goes to take Thomas to a play date. Abigail questions what is wrong with Stefan. Stefan tells her to can the performance as they need to talk about last night. Abigail asks what about last night. Stefan tells her to stop pretending as he knows she remembers what happened between them just as well as he does. Abigail responds that she has no clue what he's talking about. Stefan questions her really not remembering. Abigail recalls him crashing their dinner at Doug's Place, sending them champagne, and then they went home to spend the rest of the night together. Stefan questions her not remembering coming in to his room. Abigail says she didn't and he can stop whatever he's trying to do. Abigail thinks he's trying to upset her. Stefan swears he's telling the truth because he's worried about her. Abigail says it won't work because she already told him there's no chance she could be interested in him and she knows he's responsible for killing Andre. Stefan questions her. Abigail accuses him of hiring a girl to dress up like Gabi so he could frame her and get her out of the company. Stefan questions that being what Chad thinks. Abigail tells Stefan that he's not fooling anyone. Stefan responds that Abigail is the one who is trying to fool everyone. Stefan calls this the craziest thing he's ever heard as they both know Abigail was the one on the security footage.

Lucas asks Will if he's sure he's okay which he confirms. Will tells Billie that it's nice to officially meet her. Billie apologizes. Will jokes about crossing off premature burial. Kate says Will is making light of the fact that John and Billie put him through a traumatic ordeal. Will admits he was scared but notes that he wasn't alone since Paul was with him the whole time.

Paul admits to John that he and Will have gotten closer over the last two weeks. John asks what about Sonny. Paul states that he's not over him yet but he can't spend his life looking backwards and needs to move on which spending time with Will has helped. Paul says they got through the crypt together and it's been a long time since he got through anything with anyone else. John jokes that it's nice to know that something good came out of this.

Maggie tells Brady that she saw the look on Eve's face when he praised her. Maggie says she cares about him and talked about losing her daughter being the greatest pain. Maggie calls Eve vulnerable and says Brady is using her which is so cruel and beneath him. Maggie thought he was better than this. Brady is sorry she thinks that and storms out. Victor tells Maggie that the fact that she didn't say anything to Eve proves to him that she still loves him. Maggie can't deny that she loves him but she's had it with him. Maggie then walks out.

Lucas and Will step out of the hospital room. Lucas is glad they have a chance to be alone since they need to talk. Will feels he sounds serious. Lucas says as part of his recovery he needs to make amends with him. Will says he didn't do anything to him. Lucas points out that he wasn't there for him when he was going through everything with Susan and Sami because he was too busy being a drunk. Will understands he was going through a lot. Lucas feels there is no excuse but he's thankful he came out the other side. Lucas says he's taking one day at a time but he's here for him if he needs him from now on no matter what as he hugs him.

Kate talks to Billie about Lucas not thinking straight if he's thinking about dating Chloe. Billie questions why she's never approved any of their relationships. Kate argues that she learns from her mistakes while Lucas repeats them. Lucas walks in and questions Kate running their lives. Lucas tells her that Chloe won't be back for a few more weeks so he asks her to give it a rest. Kate says no because she knows he's waiting for her to come back. Lucas responds that Chloe is good for her and helped him get sober. Lucas points out that Kate has never liked any girl he's been interested with. Kate argues that they never showed him any respect. Lucas jokes with Billie about being glad she's not staying.

Eve talks to Tate about not talking bad about Maggie but she feels she can be honest with him. Eve talks about not liking Brady at first as she felt he wasn't being nice to Victor but then they started to have fun together. Eve says they held off on the fun to become friends and now she thinks Brady is a great guy as Brady then walks into the room.

Paul agrees with John that something good did come out of this even though it's complicated but spending time with Will is helping him move on. John says that's good as Will then walks up. John apologizes to Will for shaking him up in the mausoleum. Will apologizes for assuming the worst of him and should've trusted that Marlena knew what kind of guy he really is. John agrees he's lucky to have her. Will brings up that Billie is leaving tomorrow which surprises John. John thanks him for the heads up and says he will go say goodbye so he exits for the hospital. Will apologizes to Paul for interrupting their conversation as it looked intense and asks what they were talking about. Paul admits they were talking about Will.

Abigail asks Stefan to explain what he means. Stefan claims it's nothing and says he needs to go as Chad walks back in. Chad questions what that was all about. Abigail says Stefan was just obnoxious as always and is so smug when he lies about everything. Abigail apologizes for losing it as she totally confronted him about Andre. Chad can't believe she told him they think he did it. Abigail says she didn't mean to but he gets under her skin and makes her so mad. Abigail adds that Stefan denied he ever hired a woman to dress up like Gabi but insists she's lying. Abigail thinks he was getting ready to tell her that he knew who it was as Chad hugs her. Abigail thinks she should talk to Stefan more so he'll tell her something. Chad argues that he's already made it clear he has a thing for her. Abigail feels he knows she can't stand him so if she can get him to say something then maybe they can clear Gabi. Chad tells her not to provoke Stefan again as he thinks he is dangerous and he's worried about her. Chad then gets a call for a conference call and steps out to answer. Abigail suddenly gets a headache.

John goes to the hospital and tells Billie that she was amazing as he thanks her for all of her help. Kate thanks John for having her daughter shot and her grandson held captive. Kate talks about trying to make life normal for Will after his traumatic events. Kate asks John not to drag her family into danger. Billie argues that she did this willingly so John didn't drag her in to anything. John says he owes Billie as if not for her then they might not have had a happy ending. John tells Billie not to be a stranger.

The nanny takes Tate to his play date. Eve asks Brady if Maggie gave him an earful and said everything she said she would. Brady informs her that Maggie actually told him what an awful person he is.

Victor walks out of the living room to see Maggie packing her suitcase. Maggie informs Victor that she is moving out because she can't take it anymore. Maggie says she's played the dutiful wife for years, backed him up, covered all of the terrible things he did and has been loyal. Maggie says she's forgiven him so many times. Maggie knows they have had their health scares so they know life can be fragile and short but she believed he would slow down when he retired but that turned out to be the biggest lie of all. Victor says they just came back from a wonderful trip and asks what more she wants. Maggie wants more of him. Maggie brings up Victor sneaking looks at his phone and wanting control of his business and his family which is all he cares about whether it's Sonny and Will, Justin and Adrienne, Brady and Nicole, Theresa or Eve, he can't stop himself from interfering. Victor tells Maggie that he loves her. Maggie cries that she needs him to listen and to be heard and respected. Victor responds that he respects her more than anyone he's ever known. Maggie calls it just talk. Maggie points out that she gave him a chance to tell Eve the truth but he stood there and said nothing. Maggie hopes Brady will do the right thing because if he doesn't then she still can whether she's living here or not which she won't be. Victor asks Maggie not to leave him. Maggie says she has given Victor ultimatums before and then forgave him because she could see he loved her. Maggie feels she should've known she was enabling him as she let him think she would forgive him for anything but she won't. Victor can't believe she is leaving him because of Eve. Maggie argues that it's not about her but the thing he cooked up with Brady to screw her over. Maggie says it's not the worst thing he's done but it's the straw that broke the camel's back and opened her eyes to realize she can't take it anymore. Victor states that he can't live without her. Maggie cries that until he's ready to make some real changes, she can't live with him. Maggie then takes her suitcase and walks out of the mansion.

Eve asks what Brady is talking about. Brady informs her that he has a confession to make.

Will questions Paul talking about him and what he was saying. Paul jokes that he's fishing for compliments. Will guesses Paul was probably telling John what a pain in the ass he was. Paul says that's not what he was saying but he won't tell him what he was saying because it will go to his head.

Billie knows Kate thinks she used her as an excuse to come help John but she didn't as she was worried about her and she's sorry she lost Andre because she was happy she found love and she hopes she finds it again. Kate doesn't think that's in the cards for her but hopes it is for Billie with the appropriate person as she looks back at Lucas.

Abigail's headache turns her back into her split personality as she declares it's time for Gabi to come out and play and she heads in to the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion.

Stefan returns to his room after going for a jog.

Chad goes back to the living room and calls out to Abigail but she's gone.

Stefan removes his shirt as Abigail in her Gabi wig walks in and comments that it looks like someone worked up a sweat.

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