Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/21/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/21/18


Written By Joseph

Eric wakes up in bed. He sits up and smiles as he thinks back to kissing Jennifer at the Pub. Jennifer then shows up at his door and brings him a donut as an excuse to see him. Eric tells her that she doesn't need an excuse after last night. They both say they can't stop thinking about it.

Ciara is at home on the phone with Hope, assuring that she's fine and that she should just focus on her wedding. Ciara hangs up as Claire comes home. Ciara questions her coming home so early when she was going to spend her vacation with Theo. Claire says that's what she thought but it's so not what happened.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady is on the phone with Paul who is informing him of everything that went on with Steve. Brady says he will call John soon and thanks Paul for keeping him posted. Brady hangs up and informs Victor that John's boss at the ISA went rogue and forced him to poison Steve and when it backfired, she threatened to kill Tripp and Ciara. Brady tells him that everything turned out alright but Steve is not 100% though he's feeling better. Brady asks what Victor is doing here as he thought he and Maggie would be in Chicago until next week. Victor responds that his message worried him. Brady reminds him that it was his idea in the first place for him to romance Eve and it's working. Brady assures that she will fall hard, he will take back their assets and then drop her. Brady insists he feels nothing for the woman. Eve then walks in and greets them then asks who Brady feels nothing for.

At the Pub, John tells Marlena that he shouldn't have gone through with things and found a different way than using the poison. Marlena reminds him that Pamela was watching them and would have figured it out so she would have had Steve killed. John thanks her for trying to make him feel better. Marlena notes that Pamela is dead and Steve is getting the antidote. John worries that Steve didn't get it soon enough.

Kayla stands alone in Steve's hospital room and cries over the flowers he got her. Tripp then walks in and asks what's going on and what happened to Steve.

Ciara asks Claire if something happened between her and Theo. Claire tells her to dream on as she never left since she got stuck at the airport and then her flight got cancelled. Claire says Theo was a wreck as he was just waiting for her and she can't believe this. Ciara tells her that her night with Tripp was a total disaster too.

Kayla tells Tripp that Steve is okay and they took him to the fourth floor for more tests. Tripp worried when he saw her crying and Steve wasn't there. Kayla talks about everything going on and says they are just making sure the antidote is working. Kayla apologizes for being caught up with Steve and taking care of Billie so she doesn't know the details of what happened with Tripp and Ciara. Kayla can't believe Pamela would go after him. Kayla wishes Steve and John never heard of the ISA. Tripp assures that they are all okay now and Steve is getting better. Kayla hugs him. A nurse then wheels Steve into the room and he calls that the best medicine he could get.

Jennifer tells Eric how stupid she feels for believing Anna instead of coming to him. Eric feels stupid for not getting rid of the pictures of Nicole sooner. Jennifer says she jumped to the crazy conclusions. Eric regrets the time they lost but it made him realize how important she is to him. Jennifer invites him to breakfast.

Brady tells Eve that he was talking about Theresa after Valentine's Day. Victor asks what happened on Valentine's Day. Brady informs him that Tate made a card for Theresa. Victor remarks that he's better off without her as he has them. Brady brings up bringing back Bella Magazine. Victor is not enthused but Eve encourages that people are reading on apps and tablets so they can advertise Basic Black. Eve thinks Brady's idea was brilliant. Victor says they will find out. Eve questions if Victor ever supports Brady or just tears down every idea he has. Victor doesn't want to discuss family matters with her. Brady says that's enough. Eve argues that Victor is afraid of Brady since he knows he has the brains to run Titan better than he ever could. Victor responds that he built the company so he knows it better than anyone. Eve calls his loss, her gain as she thinks she and Brady are a force to be reckoned with. Brady suggests they go have breakfast and talk business. Victor questions being afraid to discuss their grand plan in front of him. Brady says it will just go faster without his interruptions and the sooner they can realize their goals. Victor remarks that when they run Basic Black into the ground, he'll be rid of both of them. Brady and Eve exit as Maggie enters and questions what that was all about. Victor tells her that Brady has ditched them to throw in with Eve. Maggie asks if he and Brady are really on the outs which Victor says they are. Maggie informs Victor that she found his phone on the nightstand and questions how he explains these texts. Victor says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Maggie reads Victor's texts to Brady that said "Got your message, keep up the good work, reel the bitch in and then gut her like a fish." Maggie questions what's really going on here.

Marlena encourages John about Steve receiving the antidote and making a full recovery. John believes Steve never would have done this to him. John says this whole thing went off the rails and brings up having to make it look like he killed Paul and Will. Marlena points out that it worked and they are all fine. John talks about wanting to ask for her advice but he couldn't because it would have put her in danger and she is his world.

Kayla gets Steve back in to his hospital bed. He says he's feeling a bit stronger this morning. Kayla decides to go check on his tests at the lab and exits to let Steve talk with Tripp. Steve informs Tripp that he just got off the phone with Hope, who told him what he had to do. Tripp states that he's never killed anybody before. Steve prays he never gets put in that position again. Tripp talks about Pamela being out of her mind and planning to take out so many people. Steve tells him that Hope said he tried to get Pamela to take him instead. Steve can't tell him how brave that was or what it means to him that he was willing to do that. Tripp blames himself for Pamela wanting Steve dead since if he hadn't framed Kayla then Joey would have never confessed and none of this would have happened. Tripp says if Steve died, it would've been all his fault. Steve hugs him and assures that none of this is his fault.

Ciara tells Claire about everything that happened with Pamela. Claire praises Ciara for what she did and comments that it sounds like a plot to an adventure movie where the two leads fall in love. Ciara insists that won't happen with her and Tripp. Claire brings up them being friends that keep secrets. Ciara asks her to let that go already. Claire says she will when she lets her in on that secret. Ciara tells her that every time she bugs her about it, she gets more determined not to tell her. Claire asks more about her big adventure with Tripp then. Ciara responds that it wasn't an adventure since Pamela wanted to kill them and ended up dead. Claire remarks that everything worked out for her. Ciara tells her she's sorry she can't be with Theo but she needs to focus on something other than her life. Ciara decides she's going to make a video montage for Hope's wedding and goes to her room.

Steve tells Tripp that he can't blame himself for anything Pamela did since she was out of her mind. Tripp says he can blame himself for what he did to Kayla since Joey is in prison because of it. Steve argues that Joey wanted to pay for what he did to Ava since it happened and they should've listened to him but didn't. Steve states that Joey is more at peace now than he's been in a long time. Steve assures that Kayla understands Tripp was goaded in to what he did and he was hurting but now all of that is in the past and has been dealt with. Steve tells him to let it go now. Tripp talks about Steve and Kayla trying to make him part of the family and loving him when he couldn't love them back. Tripp tells him about how he walked in and saw Kayla crying so he thought he lost him and would never get the chance to tell him he's a great dad and he loves him. Steve hugs him and says he loves him too as he cries.

Eric and Jennifer have breakfast in the town square. Eric calls it the best Valentine's Day ever because of their kiss. Jennifer feels like they were finally seeing each other for who they really are and she will never forget that moment. They kiss until Eve and Brady walk up. Eve remarks that when they hook up, destruction can't be far behind.

Victor comments on Maggie snooping on his cell phone. Maggie says she was looking for pictures of their trip to Chicago but now she wants to know what warped game he and Brady are playing on Eve. Maggie tells Victor to start talking. Maggie goes over Victor dangling the CEO job in front of Brady so that he will help him take Basic Black away from Eve and Brady is pretending to romance her to accomplish that. Victor says that's it. Maggie argues that Eve inherited the company fairly. Maggie admits Eve is not her favorite person but thinks she's just looking to belong somewhere so what Brady is doing is cruel and wrong. Maggie feels it's as bad for him as it is for Eve. Maggie wants Victor to put a stop to it now.

Eric responds that they aren't hooking up, they are seeing each other. Jennifer asks if Brady and Eve are dating since she saw them at the New Year's Eve party. Eve says they were there on business but it's turned into something more than that. Brady adds that they are good friends now. Jennifer brings up everything that happened with Nicole and Theresa. Brady insists he can handle himself while he's more worried about Jennifer since Eric leaves destruction in his wake. Eric questions if Brady is really going to do this. Brady says he's just telling it like it is. Eric calls him vindictive. Jennifer argues that they have both made mistakes and seen each other at their lowest but they fought their way back. Brady argues that if Nicole called right now and said she needed him, Eric would drop Jennifer like a bad habit.

Marlena tells John that she knew something was wrong but figured it was ISA business so she didn't want to force him to talk. Marlena knows he doesn't tell her things to protect her which frustrates her but is also why she loves him. John is sorry all hell had to break loose on Valentine's Day. John doesn't want to talk about Pamela anymore. John gives Marlena a Valentine's Day present, apologizing for it being a little late.

Claire starts working on her music which annoys Ciara as she is trying to concentrate. Claire responds that she's working on a song for Hope and Rafe's wedding. Ciara remarks that she'd be better off getting her a toaster. Claire responds that she's sorry Ciara doesn't have any musical talent. Ciara asks Claire to do that somewhere else since she was here first. Tripp comes home as Claire and Ciara are arguing. Tripp yells at them to shut up and guesses so much for the big truce. Tripp tells them how much he hates coming home to this every day. Claire complains about missing her flight. Tripp says that Theo texted him and he's sorry to hear. Claire tells him that Ciara told her about Pamela kidnapping them. Claire is glad they are okay and is sorry Tripp had to go through that as she doesn't know what she would've done if something happened to him. Claire hugs Tripp. Tripp responds that he doesn't know what he would've done if Ciara wasn't in it with him since she could've just hid in her room. Tripp and Ciara joke about Ciara coming out with a bat while Claire looks upset at them.

Maggie tells Victor that what he and Brady are doing to Eve is wrong. Victor argues that she asked for it by trying to take over. Maggie doesn't like this ruthless side of him. Victor responds that she knew what she was getting when she married him and declares that he is not Mickey Horton and never will be. Maggie says that's something she can agree with.

Eric tells Brady that Jennifer knows he's put Nicole behind him. Brady questions Jennifer buying that. Jennifer gets up and says Brady seems to really enjoy hurting them. Jennifer is sorry that Nicole hurt Brady so badly but she begs him to start a new life with someone else. Eve points out that she's still here and brings up Tate. Jennifer continues that she's sorry that Nicole left Brady and started a life on her own. Brady responds that it's not how it happened. Eric questions what he's talking about. Brady responds that by the time Nicole left, he was fed up with her as she's not the kind of person who can commit to one man and he won't settle for anything less. Brady claims he had no idea Nicole would break up with Eric as quick as she did. Brady tells Jennifer that he can't do anything about her falling for Nicole's rejects and he doesn't want her to get burned again. Eve adds that Jennifer can ruin things all on her own as she and Brady walk away. Jennifer comments that put a damper on the morning. Eric states that Brady hates him and he understands why but promises he's completely over Nicole. Eric asks if she believes him.

Maggie tells Victor that she's always known he wasn't Mickey. She married him because she thought these activities were in the past but it seems like she was wrong. Victor responds that Brady isn't going to kill Eve. Maggie says it's still sadistic and cruel. Maggie calls Eve a woman whose only child was murdered not that long ago and she has no idea where her sister is now. Maggie adds that Eve gives Tate the kind of love that he can't get from anyone else. Maggie argues that breaking Eve's heart will have consequences for her but he hasn't considered what it could do for him. Victor asks what she expects him to do. Maggie wants him to tell Eve what he's up to.

Marlena opens John's card that says it's good for them to take a trip anywhere in the world. Marlena says a romantic trip means more to her than any gift as she gets up and kisses John.

Kayla returns to Steve's room so he asks if the antidote is working or not.

Eric tells Jennifer he won't deny that he was in love with Nicole. Jennifer points out that she was in love with Jack but they aren't teenagers or each others' first love. Eric knows Nicole is part of his past because when he looks at Jennifer, he can see his future. Jennifer sees the same in Eric. Eric says he felt bad for Brady and Eve because they don't have what they have. Jennifer doesn't want Brady and Eve to ruin what they just found as Eric kisses her.

Victor argues that Eve brings up her dead daughter every time she thinks it will get her somewhere so he can't believe Maggie fell for it and he can't believe she expects him to put Eve's feelings in front of his company. Maggie tells him that is what she's asking him to do. Maggie says she is his wife but that doesn't mean he's fine with anything he does. Victor questions if she will tell Eve herself if he doesn't. Brady and Eve come home then Brady asks if they came in at a bad time.

Kayla informs Steve that his latest blood work shows improvement so he's almost back to normal but his sodium levels are still too low. Kayla shows Steve his charts but he starts to get blurry vision again. Steve then tells her he thinks they have a problem.

Claire decides she'll finish her song later in her room later and she will go get some sleep while Ciara and Tripp are eating together. Ciara asks if Steve will be able to come to Hope and Rafe's wedding. Tripp knows he wants to. Claire turns on the recorder on her phone and hides it to record Ciara and Tripp's conversation as she heads to her room. Tripp tells Ciara that he thinks Claire is mad. Ciara tells him that she's mad at her not him. Ciara apologizes that they were fighting when he came in. Ciara says it sucks that Claire's trip with Theo fell through but it's like she wants the whole world to stop just because she got disappointed. Tripp assures that she'll get over it. Ciara brings up Claire still wanting to know about the secret she told him. Ciara tells Tripp that he's the only one she trusts with something like this. Tripp notes that it could blow up the lives of the people she cares about.

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