Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/20/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/20/18


Written By Joseph

Hope wakes Rafe up in bed and says she can't sleep because she's too excited about the wedding. Rafe suggests they practice for the honeymoon then as they kiss.

Kayla can't believe she just injected Steve with something she doesn't know. Marlena assures that they can trust John so Steve will be alright. John gets a text from Billie that she has neutralized Pamela which means they can release Paul and Will.

Paul and Will escape the mausoleum and they see no one there so they guess whoever must have left. Will suggests they find John before he hurts anyone else. They walk outside and find Billie unconscious on the ground. Paul checks that she still has a pulse but it looks like she's been shot. Will recognizes her from pictures as his aunt Billie who works for the ISA. Paul calls for an ambulance while Will tries to wake Billie up to ask who did this to her.

Pamela introduces herself to Tripp and says she has some news about Steve which isn't good.

Marlena offers to go with John but he refuses to take any chances with her. Marlena tells him to be careful. John tells her how many times he wanted to tell her what was going on. Marlena understands but is glad Billie had his back. John admits he couldn't have done it without her. Will and Paul arrive, they question how Billie is since she was just brought to the hospital after being shot. John and Marlena are shocked. John notes that she just texted him about Pamela. Marlena suggests someone at the ISA did it. Will guesses it was John.

Tripp tells Pamela that he was waiting on an update from Kayla on Steve. Pamela is sure they have left the hospital, claiming the ISA has uncovered a plot to assassinate Steve. Pamela says someone has been poisoning him and their identity is classified but she can tell him the reasoning. Pamela explains how the ISA helped cover up the crime when Joey killed Ava. Pamela says that when Steve allowed Joey's confession, the ISA's cover was blown so they believed Steve was a liability that had to pay with his life. Tripp states that he did this. Tripp argues that Joey would've never confessed if he didn't go after Kayla for his mom's death. Tripp declares that if anyone is to blame for this mess, it's him.

Kayla tells Steve that the antidote should be working. Steve admits he's feeling better. Kayla kisses him and then remembers she told Tripp that she would call him. Kayla checks her phone and sees Tripp texted for an update. Steve tells her that she can tell him he's doing just fine. Kayla steps out to get better reception with her phone.

Tripp asks Pamela where Steve is. She claims he's been taken to a more secure location and asked her to bring Tripp there. Tripp gets a call from Kayla. Pamela says he will see her soon enough. Tripp says she will worry if he doesn't answer so he'll just say he's on his way. Pamela then pulls a gun on Tripp. Tripp questions if what she told him was true. Pamela says all of it but she left out the fact that the person who wants Steve to pay with his life is her. Pamela assures Tripp that she has every intention of getting her way.

Hope and Rafe lay in bed after having sex. Rafe jokes about Hope taking it easy before the wedding. Hope asks how she got so lucky to find someone like him to love her completely. Rafe thinks back to almost telling Hope about sleeping with Sami when Ciara covered for him. Rafe tells her to never doubt that she's all he wants. Hope assures that she won't. Rafe tells her he loves her. Rafe asks if she's sure she wants to do the Smith Island thing with no rehearsals. Hope assures she does. Hope says she wouldn't want a big wedding and the only person she wants to see the night before the wedding is him. Hope knows he is for her and she wants to keep him all to herself as they kiss.

John tells Marlena that he needs to find Billie and talk to her. Will stops him and questions if he means finish her off. John asks Marlena to help him here as he walks away. Marlena tells Will that she can understand why he would jump to conclusions about John being to blame. Will argues that he is since he's poisoning his best friend and threatened to kill them. Paul suggests hearing her out. Marlena knows it's been a frightening ordeal but when they understand what's going on, they will also understand John's motivation.

John enters Billie's hospital room and asks the nurse if she will regain consciousness. She responds that she has lost a lot of blood. Billie calls out to John and tells him that Pamela did this to her. John asks if she has any idea where she's headed. Billie tells him Steve's son. John tells her good job and runs out of the room.

Will asks Marlena how to justify poisoning his best friend. Paul tells him to just give him a chance. John comes out and says they need to get to Joey since if Pamela couldn't get to Steve, she's going after his son.

Pamela accuses Tripp of always looking for trouble like his dad. Tripp tells her to shoot him because he's not leaving with her and he's not letting her use him to get to Steve. Pamela threatens to put a bullet in his head without a second thought and then use her ISA contacts to take Joey out in the middle of his prison cell. Pamela asks if he still wants to hold his ground.

John finishes a call with his contact that's looking after Joey and he said Joey's fine as the security hasn't been touched. Marlena suggests Pamela hasn't gotten to him yet. John says it doesn't make sense since Pamela would know they had security on Joey. Kayla comes over and questions John freeing Paul and Will then getting back that quick. Marlena explains that Paul and Will were in the ambulance with Billie. Kayla questions what happened. Paul points out that Billie said Pamela was going after Steve's son but didn't specify Joey. John then realizes she was talking about Tripp.

Pamela warns Tripp that she has no problem hurting someone he cares about to get her way. Tripp spots Ciara's purse and tells Pamela that she doesn't have to do anything to anybody as he'll go with her. Pamela brings up that he just said he wouldn't go. Tripp says he changed his mind and asks what she's waiting for if that's what she wants. Ciara opens her bedroom door and sees them.

Paul steps aside with Will and asks if he's okay. Will says he's just catching his breath. Will points out that he never thanked him for saving him at the mausoleum. Paul says he saved him too even if they weren't in any real danger. Will adds that he will never forget that he was willing to risk his life to save his. Kayla calls Tripp and leaves a message that Steve is fine and for him to call her back when he can. Kayla worries about Tripp not answering. Marlena suggests he could be asleep. John wants to be safe and invites Paul to come with him to the loft to make sure Tripp is safe. Will asks Paul what if he's walking into a trap. Paul responds that it's a chance they have to take as he exits with John.

Hope tells Rafe that she can sleep now while Rafe says he'll need some rest before Smith Island. Hope then gets a call from Ciara and asks if she's alright and where she is. Ciara informs Hope that there is a crazy lady at the Loft with a gun and asks her to come quickly so she jumps out of bed.

Tripp tells Pamela that he didn't get how serious she was but he gets now that he has to do whatever she tells him to do in order to get out alive. Tripp claims they are on the same side since he doesn't think Steve handled the Ava situation right either. Tripp talks about Steve killing Ava when she was helpless. Pamela remarks that she knew Ava and thinks Joey did him a favor by smothering her. Tripp admits Ava may have been difficult but she was his mother and didn't deserve to die like that which Pamela agrees with. Tripp says they can go and he won't try to stop her from taking out Steve. Ciara comes out of her room with a bat. Pamela warns her not to think about it and to drop the bat. Pamela orders Ciara next to Tripp and declares that this just got a whole lot more complicated.

Kayla tells Marlena that Steve would want to know that his boss might be going after his son but she can't bring herself to go tell him. Marlena agrees that she shouldn't since Steve knows John will take care of Joey and Tripp. Kayla adds that if Steve has any idea what's going on, he won't stay in bed. Kayla thanks Marlena for always being the voice of reason and reminding her of what's important. Marlena responds that is what Kayla does for her. Marlena tells Kayla to go take care of Steve. Kayla asks if she's sure John can handle this. Marlena has no doubt and she will let her know if anything changes. Kayla heads back to Steve's room. Marlena goes over to Will. Will tells her that she did an excellent job convincing Kayla that everything will be okay but he can tell she is worried. Marlena says John is always determined to do the right thing no matter the risk so she's always worried.

John and Paul go to the loft where John raises his gun looking for Pamela but instead finds Hope and Rafe inside coming out of Ciara's room. Hope asks what John is doing here. John says that's his question. Hope informs him that she got a call from Ciara that there was a crazy lady here with a gun. John informs them that it's Pamela Van Damme, the director of the ISA. Hope asks why she would be here. John calls it a long story but notes that she is armed and extremely dangerous.

Pamela walks Tripp and Ciara out of the town square, warning Tripp that if he tries to escape then Ciara will take a bullet. Ciara challenges Pamela to drop the gun. Pamela warns that she is an unnecessary distraction so if she pushes her, she will end her. Tripp tells Pamela that they will do whatever she tells them.

Hope asks John if Ciara has been taken hostage. John says they don't know that for sure. Rafe points out that they could've gotten away. Paul notes that he doesn't see any sign of a struggle. John gets a call from Pamela and asks where she is. Pamela tells him to listen carefully. John asks if she's taken Tripp and Ciara. Pamela questions him expecting answers after double crossing her. John warns her that it will only make things worse if she hurts them. Pamela responds that their blood won't be on her hands but on John's unless he does exactly as she says. John then hangs up.

Marlena tells Will that she's sorry for what he's been through as she knows he is still shaken up. Will says he'll be okay. Will calls it ironic as he thought his life in Memphis with Susan was crazy but some of the stuff that has happened since his new family found him have been dysfunctional. Marlena jokes about it being too much. Will brings up Sami reenacting his murder. Marlena agrees that was too much. Will says between that and now, it's no wonder he still has a memory block. Marlena offers to help sort that out. Will admits talking to her now is calming him down. Will thanks her for being in his corner and looking out for him. Marlena appreciates him being in her corner too since John told her that he was willing to risk his life to keep her safe from him. Will says he had a chance to play detective but he got more than he bargained for. Marlena is glad Paul was there to keep him safe. Will understands caring for someone who would risk their life to help somebody else. Will states that Paul is definitely following in his father's footsteps.

John goes to the town square where Pamela brings out Tripp and Ciara. John tells her to let them go and deal with him one on one. Pamela wants whoever John brought with him. John insists he came alone but Pamela doesn't believe him. Pamela threatens Ciara so John brings Paul out. Pamela asks if there's anyone else. John says that's it but Pamela doesn't believe him. Hope and Rafe then come out with their guns raised. Hope tells her to let Ciara go. Pamela says she intends to but not until she gets what she wants.

Kayla checks on Steve. He asks if she got a hold of Tripp. She says she left him a message but he's probably out or sleeping so there's nothing to worry about. Steve then questions why he would be worried about Tripp.

Pamela questions John not being clear on come alone or else. John says he told them all not to come. Pamela assumes Rafe is here for moral support for Hope but questions John bringing his son. John says he didn't but kids don't listen to their parents. Paul argues that John is his dad and Steve is his partner so this is personal to him. John suggests they work this out and asks Pamela what she wants. Pamela demands all weapons tossed down first. Rafe and John put their guns down while Hope keeps hers and warns Pamela about hurting her daughter. Pamela says she won't be cheated out of her vengeance. Hope puts her gun down. Pamela tosses a syringe to John and says there is enough poison to kill three men but she only wants him to kill one. Pamela orders John to finish what he started because only when Steve is dead will Tripp and Ciara go free.

Kayla tries to tell Steve that she didn't mean there was nothing he needed to worry about but nothing Tripp needs to worry about with him. Kayla insists she assured Tripp that he will be fine so he'll come see him tomorrow. Steve asks if he can use her phone because he wants to call John. Kayla argues he doesn't need to as this whole thing could have been avoided if he was upfront with him. Steve feels it wouldn't have made a difference because he would've gone through it the same way John would have if the situation was reversed. Steve tells Kayla that neither of them have ever had a problem facing death if it meant saving the people they love.

John tells Pamela that he will do it. Paul tells him he can't. John says he has no choice. John adds that he will go to the hospital and finish what he started with Steve. Pamela tells John to do as he's told and not to try to come up with any way to stop her as she's covered all the bases. Pamela argues that Kayla might resist but Steve won't once he explains what's at stake. Pamela says Steve will gladly trade his life for his son and Bo Brady's daughter. John tells her that he will signal her when the job is complete. Tripp shouts that he can't let John do this when he's the reason for all of this. Tripp says if he hadn't gone after Kayla for killing Ava, then the ISA cover story would have never been blown and none of this would have happened. Tripp declares that if someone has to die for it, it's going to be him.

Kayla tells Steve that as soon as the antidote works and he is cleared, she will make a reservation at Doug's Place so they can celebrate their anniversary in style. Kayla encourages him about the antidote working and getting some rest. Steve asks her to stay with him as he always sleeps better with her by his side. Steve wants her to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up. Kayla assures she's not going anywhere.

Pamela tells Tripp that this is a far better way to punish Steve if he has to live knowing his decision to protect one son cost him the other. John argues that this wasn't part of the deal. Pamela responds that their deal was null and void when he broke his end of the bargain. Pamela orders him to toss the syringe back. Tripp tells John that he wants to do this so John tosses the syringe aside and Tripp picks it up. Tripp asks Pamela if she will let Ciara go if he does this. Ciara argues that she can't let him do this. Ciara bites Pamela, allowing Tripp to then inject Pamela with the syringe. Rafe and Hope pick up their guns while Paul calls for an ambulance. Rafe checks Pamela's pulse and says not to bother. John tells Tripp that what he just did was incredibly brave and he's a real chip off the old block. Tripp responds that he's just doing what his dad would've done. Hope calls in a fatality in the town square and says she needs the coroner and CSI right away.

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