Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/19/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/19/18


Written By Joseph

Chad and Abigail are asleep in bed when Abigail's has another nightmare about Gabi being Andre's killer. Abigail then wakes up and gets out of bed. She looks back at Chad sleeping and exits the room. She heads downstairs and into the living room where she sneaks into the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion. Abigail walks back out wearing a wig and puts on Gabi's coat as the woman seen in the security footage. She then heads back upstairs and makes sure Chad is still asleep. She enters Stefan's bedroom to plant the lid to the urn with Gabi's key card.

Stefan returns home to the DiMera Mansion and gets a text from Melinda Trask, saying she doesn't get turned down often but her invitation still stands if he needs help getting over Abigail. Stefan then heads upstairs and enters the bedroom where he thinks he sees Gabi so he tells her to turn around but it's Abigail. Stefan questions what she's doing.

Will and Paul are tied up in chairs across from one another inside the DiMera Mausoleum. Will wakes up and calls out to Paul. Paul asks what happened. Will responds that his crazy dad is what happened.

Steve falls asleep then John enters his room and goes to inject a syringe into his IV again but Steve wakes up and grabs his arm. John thought he was sleeping. Steve questions what's in his hand. John says it's nothing. Steve asks what he was going to do to him. Kayla and Marlena walk in to ask what's going on. Steve says to ask John. John claims he just came to check on Steve. Steve points out that he was injecting something into his IV. Marlena argues that John wouldn't do that. John responds that he would since Steve is lying in this hospital bed because he's been slowly poisoning him.

Stefan questions what Abigail is doing. Abigail asks what his problem is and claims her name is not Abigail.

Ciara and Tripp come to the pier after riding on her motorcycle. Tripp complains about how Ciara was driving on icy roads. Ciara argues that they were safe the entire time.

Billie drags a bodybag out of the mausoleum. Will calls for help but Paul doubts anyone can hear them inside a solid stone crypt. Will asks if John put him in here too. Paul guesses he did. Will questions what's wrong with him since he tried to kill him. Paul says that he didn't. Will argues that John pointed a gun at him and fired. Paul explains that John fired a shot in the air and then hit him over the head with the gun. Paul admits when he first came in, he thought John had killed him and that was awful.

Kayla questions John poisoning Steve which he confirms. Marlena asks why he would do that. John reveals that if he hadn't agreed to do it then Steve would already be dead. Kayla says that makes no sense. Steve asks who wants to kill him. John calls it complicated but Steve doesn't want to hear that. John reveals it's Pamela Van Damme, the head of the ISA. Kayla questions why she would want Steve dead. John says it's to protect herself and the organization since she went to great lengths to cover up the truth after Ava's death and when Joey confessed, it blew everything up. Kayla brings up everything Steve has done to risk his life. John explains that in Pamela's mind, she put her career on the line for Steve and now everyone knows she lied so her position is in jeopardy and could be prosecuted for the cover up. Marlena questions her ordering John to kill him. Steve responds that they are all expendable. John points out that a dead agent can't testify against her. Kayla attacks John for agreeing to do this and asks if he's completely lost his mind.

Stefan continues to question what Abigail is doing and then realizes she's the woman in the security footage that everyone assumed was Gabi. She claims not to know what he's talking about. Stefan asks why she would set her best friend up for murder. She pretends to be Gabi and says she would never do that to Abigail. She says that Abigail is the last person anyone would believe would kill Andre and talks as if she is Gabi. Stefan doesn't know what's happening here and realizes she has the lid to Tony's urn. Stefan guesses that she killed Andre. Stefan demands to know what happened and asks if she killed Andre. She says that's what everyone thinks that crazy Gabi killed again. She continues talking as if she's Gabi. Stefan asks her again if she killed Andre. She says she's tired of that question. Stefan takes the lid and questions her about it. She points out that now he's holding the murder weapon. He asks how she explains the dried blood on it and why she has it. She responds that she is trying to get rid of it. Stefan questions her trying to plant evidence in his room and guesses that she was trying to frame him.

John explains that Pamela made it look like Ava was a national security threat but when Joey's confession broke, there was talks of prison time so she called him in. Pamela told John that to protect the ISA, Steve, Kayla, and Joey have to be eliminated and that John would be the one to do it since he set the whole thing in motion. Kayla questions John agreeing to kill all three of them. John argues that he was in an impossible position now he has to finish what he started. Kayla says over her dead body but Steve stops her.

Pamela Van Damme finds Billie outside the mausoleum and asks what she's doing here. Billie claims that she came to offer support after Andre's death. Pamela questions the bodybag and assumes it's not Andre in the bag so she asks who it is. Billie claims it's John and that she had to take him out.

Paul tells Will that all he could think was that he convinced Will not to go to the cops about John. Will thinks he was just upset because he felt guilty. Paul responds that he didn't want to lose his friend. Paul tells Will that he means a lot but stops and says he means a lot to many people in town especially Sonny. Will comments on him thinking about Sonny now. Paul explains that he confronted John and accused him of killing him so he fired another shot in the air and knocked him out too. Will questions why John fired the gun at all. Paul points out that he didn't want to kill them but maybe he wanted someone else to think he did. Paul suggests it was the person forcing him to poison Steve. They hear a noise and think someone is out there. Will and Paul try yelling for help.

Ciara and Tripp continue to argue over her motorcycle riding. Tripp asks if she's trying to prove something by risking her life. Ciara doesn't like living by other peoples' rules. Tripp flirts with her and jokes that they just shared a near death experience. Ciara thought he was still in to Claire but Tripp says he's moving on. Ciara suggests they get some food. Tripp checks his phone for an update on Steve.

Marlena questions what John is doing. Kayla refuses to let John inject Steve with more poison. John claims what he has now is the antidote. Kayla and Marlena question him. John explains that he had to think fast when Pamela called him in. Pamela warned John that if he didn't do it, she would find someone else who would. John convinced her to let it just be Steve and not his family and that he would make it look like natural causes. Pamela told him not to let her down or else his family would also get hurt. John tells Marlena that Pamela is off the rails so none of them are safe but he bought enough time to find an antidote for the poison and a way to neutralize Pamela. John reveals that he found a little help from Billie.

Pamela tells Billie that they have known each other a long time and she doesn't believe she killed John Black. Billie says she had to as John went rogue and was trying to stop her plan to kill Steve. Billie tells Pamela that John asked her to get an antidote for the poison and she just went along with it to get the full story. Billie claims that John pulled a gun on her but he hesitated so she shot him. Pamela informs her that her people have been watching John and no reported anything but John's main contact has disappeared. Pamela asks Billie who is in the bodybag.

Stefan accuses Abigail of trying to set him up. She says somebody has to take the fall. Stefan threatens to call the police. She continues to talk as if she's Gabi and insists she is innocent. Stefan questions her really thinking she's Gabi which she repeats that she is. Stefan brings up Abigail's history of mental illness and guesses she's sick again. Stefan says he's going to get Chad but she stops him and warns him not to or else she will have to tell Chad everything he did to steal his company from under him. Stefan knows Abigail thinks he used insider information to sabotage DiMera but there is no proof. She responds that she doesn't need proof because she overheard he and Vivian talking about it the night of Andre's murder. She states that Stefan was in Andre's office standing over his dead body. Stefan doesn't believe Abigail. She explains that she was getting ready to enter the office when she saw Stefan and Vivian arguing over Andre's body. Stefan thinks she's bluffing. She responds that she saw him take Andre's phone out of his pocket. She goes over how Stefan used Andre and then got rid of him when he's done so he couldn't talk. Stefan argues that she can't prove any of that. She responds that he can't prove that she came in to plant the lid so they have a standoff. Stefan asks what she wants. She wants to walk out like none of this ever happened. She says she will take the bloody lid and won't tell anyone what she saw in Andre's office. Stefan refuses to give it back so she says she wanted him to have it anyways. She suggests he hide it so no one finds it and thinks he killed his brother. Stefan grabs her and says he can't let her leave.

Billie tells Pamela to go ahead and look in the bodybag. Pamela guesses Billie would club her over the head. Pamela argues that they both know the agent following John is in the bag but he's not the only one leaving in a bag. Pamela and Billie both pull their guns on each other. Billie informs Pamela that right now John is giving Steve an antidote and there is nothing she can do about it. Pamela responds that she can ruin her. Billie says when she and John found out the lengths she would go to protect herself, they did research and found out shocking things like criminal charges, bribes, embezzlement, and murder. Pamela argues that she can't do this to her. Billie says it's already done as she is being declassified and removed from her post with criminal charges being filed. Billie tells Pamela that it's over.

Steve asks if Joey's safe which John confirms that he is. John assures that Billie secured his protection and brought him the antidote. John adds that no one saw them together as they met at the DiMera Mausoleum. Marlena asks what he was doing there. John responds that someone else found out what he was up to.

Paul tells Will that no one can hear them so they have to find a way out themselves. Will says this is new for him but he's seen it done in movies. Will feels this kind of stuff happens a lot in Salem. Paul insists it's a great place to live. Will goes over that his grandfather held him at gunpoint, pistol whipped him, knocked him out and tied him up in a mausoleum. Paul tells Will that whatever happens, he won't let him get hurt again. Paul breaks free from being tied up. Will asks if he gets tied up often. Paul says it comes with the job as he unties Will. Will calls him his own personal bodyguard. Paul tells him they have each others' backs as they hug. Paul decides they must now figure a way out.

Tripp and Ciara return home to the loft. Tripp worries about not hearing anything on Steve. Ciara assures he's probably sleeping and that would be good but she knows how worried he is. Tripp hates to think about Steve being so sick. Ciara encourages that he will be okay. Tripp calls Steve the strongest guy he ever knew but acknowledges he and Kayla being scared. Ciara assures him that Steve will get through this.

John explains that Paul and Will heard him on the phone and saw him with the vial of poison. John says he knew Pamela's people were watching him so when they confronted him, he had to take action and make it look like he killed them. Steve's monitors go off and he starts having trouble breathing. John tells Kayla that he needs the antidote now. Kayla hopes he is telling the truth as John encourages Steve to hang in.

Stefan tells Abigail that he's not letting her walk out of here as she needs help. She continues talking as Gabi and says that she has her help in Justin as a lawyer along with Rafe and Eli looking for another suspect. Stefan says that's not the help he was referring to. She asks why he's pushing this when she can tell people what she saw. Stefan says he's worried about her. She tells him to forget she was ever here and it will be their little secret. She remarks that she knows he like secrets almost as much as he likes Abigail. Stefan calls this weird. She says his crush on his brother's wife is totally obvious. Stefan doesn't want to talk to her about it. She tells him it's a losing battle since Chad and Abigail are soulmates while it hurts to want someone you can't have which Stefan agrees with. She tells Stefan that he can't have Abigail but maybe she can be the next best thing as she kisses him. She then states that she should get back to her man, Eli, before he realizes she's gone. She tells him she will see him soon as she exits.

Kayla can't believe she just injected Steve with something she doesn't know. Marlena assures that they can trust John so Steve will be alright. John gets a text from Billie that she has neutralized Pamela which means they can release Paul and Will.

Paul and Will escape the mausoleum and they see no one there so they guess whoever must have left. Will suggests they find John before he hurts anyone else. They walk outside and find Billie unconscious on the ground.

Tripp thanks Ciara for hanging out with him tonight. Ciara jokes about the motorcycle ride. Tripp admits it was kind of fun in a terrifying way and thanks her. Tripp says he's glad to have her as a friend. Ciara decides she will go to bed and see him in the morning. They say goodnight and she heads to her room. There's then a knock on the door and Pamela Van Damme arrives. Tripp asks if he can help her. Pamela responds that she thinks he can.

Abigail puts the wig and coat back in the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion, looks in the mirror, and heads back upstairs.

Stefan remains in his room with the lid to the urn.

Abigail returns to bed with Chad. She says goodnight Chad and goodnight Gabi as it's been a very long evening. She lays down then sits back up looking confused. Abigail lays back down to sleep.

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