Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/16/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/16/18


Written By Joseph

Billie enters Steve's hospital room and says long time no see.

John meets with his contact outside and questions what he wanted to meet for. He informs John that he was seen pulling a gun on Will so he questions what happened. John responds that he figured out he was poisoning Steve so he didn't have a choice but to take him out.

Stefan and Melinda Trask sit together at Doug's Place. They talk about how she feels when she wins a case. She jokes about having fun with a DiMera since she has spent her career trying to put them behind bars. Stefan responds that he's not like the rest of them. She thinks he and Chad have a lot in common like being in love with Abigail. Stefan denies it but Trask tells him to be honest since it's obvious he is in to Abigail. Stefan then admits he has feelings for his brother's wife.

Abigail asks if Chad has evidence that Stefan killed Andre. Chad explains how the system was shut off at the time of Andre's murder and turned back on when someone that looked like Gabi was entering the office. Chad thinks Gabi is innocent and someone is trying really hard to make it look like she isn't.

Eli and Gabi walk by as JJ is proposing to Lani in the town square. Lani says yes and they kiss. Gabi smiles while Eli looks upset.

Billie asks Steve about being in the hospital. Steve says it started with vision problems but now his body is attacking itself and the doctors don't know why. Billie brings up Steve dating her when he couldn't remember his life with Kayla. Billie says she came because she was worried about him and asks how he is. Kayla then walks in surprised and questions what Billie is doing here.

John's contact questions if he executed his wife's grandson. John tells him to let him do his job as he did what he had to do. John adds that his son Paul won't be a problem either since he tracked him down and saw what he did to Will so they struggled over the gun. John says he didn't want to hurt Paul but a shot went off. He asks John if he shot his own son. John calls it an accident so Paul's blood is on his and his boss's hands. The man responds that Van Damme will have them killed if he's lying so he needs to make sure his story checks out. John argues that he's proven his loyalty to the organization and has done everything asked of him. The man decides that John should then have no problem taking him to see the bodies.

JJ puts the ring on Lani's finger. Gabi comes over to ask if that really happened and congratulates them. Gabi asks if they plan to get married before the baby is born. JJ points out they just got engaged but Lani says she hopes so. JJ thinks it would be great to be a solid family. Eli watches on. Lani says there is nothing she wants more. JJ invites Gabi and Eli to come celebrate with them and have drinks. Gabi thought they would want to be alone but Eli thinks they should as they have a lot to talk about.

Stefan tells Trask that he's not proud of his feelings for Abigail as he has big plans for DiMera and that could get in the way. She brings up Stefan stealing DiMera from Chad. Stefan argues that he didn't steal anything. Stefan adds that whatever he feels for Abigail is not related to Chad as he has nothing against him. Trask points out that Chad was loved by their father. Stefan comments on her knowing a lot about him. She says she takes notice when a new DiMera shows up in Salem. Stefan tells her that his feelings for Abigail are genuine as she is beautiful, passionate, loyal, smart, and kind but she is off limits. Trask feels nothing is off limits for a man like him. Stefan responds that she loves her husband so all he can do is move on.

Abigail goes over Chad's theory that Stefan killed Andre and then framed Gabi to take the fall. Chad feels it makes sense. Abigail asks about all the evidence against Gabi. Chad knows it won't be easy to prove but Justin is a great lawyer plus Rafe and Eli are on her side. Abigail brings up Gabi threatening Andre. Chad insists that she wouldn't kill him over business knowing she would have to leave Arianna again. Abigail wants to help any way she can but questions if Stefan killed Andre and framed Gabi then who is the woman on the security footage.

JJ, Lani, Gabi, and Eli go to the Pub. JJ and Gabi head to the bar to get some champagne. Eli asks if he's supposed to congratulate Lani. Lani says most people do. Eli questions it not bothering her to say yes to JJ's proposal when she's keeping such a big secret. Lani talks about how excited JJ is about getting married and being a family. Eli points out that it's his child. Eli questions if he should back off and let another man raise his child. Lani says she's told him all the reasons why she thinks it's best for everyone if the truth never comes out. Lani hopes Eli has decided to keep quiet and asks if she's wrong.

Trask brings up Stefan crashing Chad and Abigail's Valentine's Day dinner and asks if that's his idea of moving on. Stefan claims he had no idea they would be here. She points out that he still stuck around. Stefan says he can't run away every time he sees them as they live in the same home. Stefan jokes with her. She suggests they quit while they are ahead and wonders if he has some sort of an agenda.

Abigail goes over someone dressing up like Gabi and using her card after apparently killing Andre. Chad believes Stefan paid someone to impersonate Gabi. Abigail questions why. Chad explains how Stefan was taking advantage of the situation. Abigail thinks Stefan killing his brother seems pretty extreme. Chad has a theory about that as well but knows Abigail won't like it.

Billie tells Kayla it's nice to see her. Kayla says she didn't expect her to be there. Billie tells her that Kate told her about Steve. Billie gets a text and says she has to cut their visit short. Billie tells Steve that it was nice catching up and tells Kayla to take care of him as she then exits. Billie makes a call and asks if they have what she needs as she exits the hospital. Steve comments on Kayla being a little jealous and asks if she's a bit edgy right now. Kayla says it has nothing to do with Billie. Steve asks if she got his test results back and if she found something. Kayla confirms that she did.

John brings his contact to the mausoleum and says he's sick for making him do this. John feels he's suffered enough as he lost his son. They head inside where he questions where Will and Paul's bodies are. John then pulls a gun on him which he tells him was a big mistake as they begin to struggle over the gun.

Stefan tells Trask he had nothing to do with Andre's murder. She didn't imply he did since all the evidence points to Gabi. She notes that it would've been helpful if the security systems didn't shut down during the murder. Stefan insists he was testing a new system but the footage they have shows Gabi going in and out of the office. Trask points out that Justin can make the case that evidence is circumstantial since the footage doesn't show the murder. Stefan guesses he just made her job that much more difficult and apologizes. Stefan asks what he can do to make it up to her.

Chad tells Abigail about John following the evidence that someone was sabotaging DiMera from the inside. Chad knows Abigail doesn't want to believe it but he still believes that Andre was leaking information to Stefan and Vivian. Chad thinks they were working together and it went south so Stefan killed him because of it. Abigail points out that Andre is gone forever and questions Chad accusing him of this. Chad apologizes as he is just looking for answers. Chad wants to get back to focusing on each other for Valentine's Day as he hugs her.

JJ asks Gabi how she's holding up. Gabi tells him that it sucks being accused of something she didn't do. JJ tells her that he's there for her just like she was for him when he almost gave up on his life. Gabi thanks him for being a good friend. JJ says that she saved his life so if not for her then he wouldn't be able to propose to Lani or be a father. JJ feels he owes her everything and he's so glad she and Eli are here to share this night with them.

Lani begs Eli not to say anything about the baby. Lani points out that he has something great with Gabi and he would lose it all. Eli tells her that he's given it a lot of thought the last few days and he hates the idea of another man raising his child. Eli brings up how he grew up never meeting his real dad. Eli admits he doesn't want either of them to lose the ones they love. Lani asks if that means he will keep the secret. Eli looks back at JJ and Gabi at the counter and agrees not to say anything.

John's contact fights him off and gets the gun from him. He doesn't believe John killed Will and Paul. John says it doesn't matter since he wouldn't believe him anyways. John feels he was going to kill him after he showed the bodies anyways. He questions John's trust issues. John argues that he did everything he and Van Damme asked him to. He tells John that he has their eternal gratitude for that but from here on, he will take over because John's services are no longer needed. He aims the gun and prepares to shoot John but Billie appears and shoots him from behind, saving John.

Gabi and JJ rejoin Eli and Lani at the table. Gabi toasts their champagne to JJ and Lani, wishing them a bright amazing future full of love and laughter. Eli and Gabi decide to give JJ and Lani their private time. Gabi wants to be the first to know when the wedding date is set. JJ shakes hands with Eli and hugs Gabi as she congratulates him again. Gabi and Eli then exit the Pub. JJ asks Lani if everything is okay. She says everything is great. JJ comments that when he was at the bar, it seemed like she and Eli were having a heated conversation. Lani calls it just a work issue as they butt heads but everything is good as they both understand what needs to be done.

Chad wishes Abigail a Happy Valentine's Day. Abigail gives Chad a gift and talks about not wanting to take any chances of losing him after everything with Andre because she loves him too much. Chad assures they are okay and kisses her.

Kayla tells Steve that she realized she needs to broaden her focus as this is unlike any disease they've ever seen. Kayla says they are re-running his blood work and found traces of an unidentified foreign substance in his blood, the kind that maybe somebody put there. Steve asks if he's been poisoned which Kayla believes he has.

John jokes about Billie not coming in a few minutes earlier but thanks her. Billie asks why he brought him here. John says he insisted on seeing the bodies. Billie remarks that she has to clean up another one of his messes but she's used to it. John warns that it won't be long before his boss realizes he's missing. John says he has to get back to Steve but Billie stops him and says she has something for him.

Gabi and Eli go back to Eli's room. Gabi can't believe they walked in on JJ's proposal but it was nice to see a happy moment like that with everything going on. Gabi talks about the joy a baby will bring them. Gabi asks Eli what's wrong. Eli claims it's nothing. Gabi guesses he's thinking about the charges against her and how they might not have a future. Eli knows they do but doesn't want to talk about the charges. Eli jokes that he needs to do a better job distracting her as he removes his shirt and carries her to bed.

Trask tells Stefan that they are even. Stefan asks about seeing her again. Trask feels there is ways for them to see each other without being seen. Stefan suggests getting together in private so she invites him back to her place. She knows he's still hung up on Abigail but if he wants to move on, he can with her.

JJ calls Abigail to tell her about the proposal. Abigail can't believe he didn't tell her ahead of time. Abigail tells Chad so he congratulates JJ. Abigail asks if Jennifer knows. JJ tells her not to say anything because he wants to tell her in person. Abigail tells him to tell Lani that she is excited to be her sister in law. She says she's happy for JJ as he deserves it. JJ thanks her and hangs up. Abigail tells Chad how happy she is for JJ after the last month he's had. Abigail suggests it can be the start of good times for everyone as they kiss in to bed.

Steve asks Kayla what kind of poison they found. Kayla says they haven't identified it yet but it's almost undetectable. Steve asks if he could've digested it accidentally. Kayla tells him that she will focus on getting him better while he needs to try to rest. Kayla assures that she will come back to tell him as soon as they know anything. Kayla then exits his room. Steve falls asleep then John enters his room and goes to inject a syringe into his IV again but Steve wakes up and grabs his arm, questioning what John is doing.

Chad and Abigail are asleep in bed when Abigail's has another nightmare about Gabi being Andre's killer. Abigail wakes up in a panic.

Lani tells JJ that she can't wait to share the news with her family. JJ reveals that he asked for Abe's blessing and admits he was pretty nervous but Abe thought it was a wonderful idea and he couldn't wait to walk her down the aisle. JJ says Abe mentioned he would be there to help raise the baby as a family. Lani can't believe this is all happening and working out. JJ tells her that he loves her so much and he can't wait to be a family. Lani says they already are as they kiss.

Eli wakes up in bed to find Gabi is no longer there.

The woman from the security footage wearing Gabi's coat that looks like her from behind enters the DiMera Mansion and heads upstairs. She enters a bedroom to plant the lid to the urn with Gabi's key card when Stefan walks in and asks if it's Gabi.

Gabi returns to Eli's room. He asks where she went. She says she couldn't sleep so she went to get some water. Eli says she had him worried for a second. Gabi responds that she was worried too.

Stefan approaches the woman as if it's Gabi and tells her to turn around. She turns around and is revealed to be Abigail in a wig wearing Gabi's coat.

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