Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/15/25

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/15/25


Written By Joseph

Eric confronts Henry and Jennifer and tells Henry that the donut belongs to him. Jennifer questions what he's doing. Eric says he can't let Henry have the last donut when it belongs to him. Jennifer tells him to apologize to Henry but Eric says he needs to apologize to her.

Abigail walks in to the DiMera Mansion living room looking for Chad but finds Stefan. Stefan says she looks nice and asks if she has big plans tonight. Chad walks in and says they are going to celebrate Valentine's Day. Stefan tells them to have fun. Chad asks if he's just staying at home with his mother as he exits with Abigail.

JJ joins Doug in the town square. Doug shows JJ one of Alice's rings that she always wanted passed down to one of her favorite grandchildren. JJ says Lani will be so surprised. Doug tells JJ that first they need to have a little talk.

Eli and Gabi go to Doug's Place where they greet Julie outside. Julie comments on being surprised to see Gabi out and about after being charged with murder. Gabi responds that it's a murder she did not commit. Julie says somebody killed Andre. Eli tells her that Gabi is out on bail so they are trying to have a nice evening. Eli adds he's doing everything in his power to prove her innocence. Julie declares that would be the biggest mistake of his life.

Jennifer tells Eric that now is not the time. Eric explains that he finally figured out why she pulled away from him. Eric says she thought he wasn't over Nicole but that couldn't be further from the truth. Jennifer responds that Anna told her twice. Eric says she was completely wrong. Jennifer brings up that she heard him talking to Roman. Eric informs her that Anna jumped to the wrong conclusion from part of the conversation as he was telling Roman that he was ready to move on. Henry starts to feel uncomfortable. Jennifer brings up the photo of Nicole on his desk. Eric says he was getting rid of older stuff so he must have dropped it but it's gone for good. Jennifer tells Eric that she can't do this right now so whatever he has to say has to wait. Eric wants her to hear it from him directly that he doesn't want Nicole, he wants her.

Eli tells Julie that he won't change his mind and asks her to apologize to Gabi so she does. Julie says she is just overprotective of Eli and doesn't think he needs this kind of drama in his life. Julie brings up Gabi murdering Nick. Eli says Nick is in the past and now Gabi is innocent until proven otherwise. Eli calls it his mission to clear her name. Gabi goes to find them a table. Eli questions what Julie is doing. Julie says she's trying to protect him. Julie knows his relationship is his personal business but what if she's guilty. Eli insists that she's not guilty. Julie talks about all of Eli's opportunities. Eli says he's just focused on being a detective. Julie argues that his career will go down the tubes if he stands up for a woman like Gabi. The DA Melinda Trask appears and agrees with Julie, insisting that this time around Gabi will not get a get out of jail free card.

Doug tells JJ that this is a big moment in his life so if his dad or granddad were here, they would have this talk with him so he's stepping up. Doug tells JJ that they would tell him how proud they are of him for how far he's come and standing by Lani. Doug wants to be sure he's not rushing in to anything. JJ says Lani is having his baby. JJ knew he wanted to propose before but the baby made everything better. Doug has no doubt he will be a wonderful father but asks if he's sure that settling down and getting married is really what he wants right now. JJ asks if Doug is saying he should wait and not propose. Doug asks if that would be so bad.

Eli tells Trask that she is looking at the wrong person as Gabi did not kill Andre. Gabi joins him and repeats that she had nothing to do with what happened. Trask brings up the interview Abigail gave to police and how she confirmed Gabi was quite angry with Andre. Gabi says she would never kill him for stealing her company. Trask points out that Gabi swore she would kill him for it. Gabi calls it a figure of speech. Trask guesses she is wishing she took the plea deal. She says once they find her coat and the lid to the urn, she will be going back to prison for life this time. Gabi then storms out. Chad and Abigail walk up. Gabi accuses Abigail of selling her out and questions how she could do that to her. Chad says she couldn't lie to the police. Abigail adds that she's completely in her corner. Chad argues that it's not Abigail's fault. Gabi says nothing ever is as she storms out. Eli comes out and goes after her.

Stefan sits at the chess table in the DiMera Mansion. He looks at the photo of Stefano and comments that he'd probably like that move against anyone but his beloved Chad. Stefan declares now that Andre is gone, Chad is the only one standing in his way and once the remaining king has fallen, what becomes of his queen. Stefan promises he will not repeat Stefano's mistake.

Henry tells Eric that they are on a date here. Eric apologizes and says he will make it quick. Eric reminds Jennifer of their kiss on New Year's Eve. Eric calls that the moment he knew he was ready to move on and he was pretty sure she was too. Eric says they would've been doing that if Anna didn't open her big mouth. Eric asks for a chance to expand so much more as he eats the donut. Henry starts to go but Jennifer stops him and says Eric should be the one to leave right now. Jennifer tells Eric that he can't just barge in on her when she's on a date and expect her to just fall in to his arms. Eric asks if she didn't hear what he said as Anna had it all wrong. Jennifer says it doesn't matter because she's on a date and thinks he should leave. Eric then exits. Henry remarks that was awkward.

JJ wasn't expecting this from Doug. Doug doesn't want to talk him out of anything that's in his heart but as the patriarch of the family, he wanted to at least caution him. JJ thought Doug would want him to propose since Lani is having his baby. Doug responds that just because two people are having a baby doesn't mean they have to get married right away or ever. JJ jokes about Doug becoming liberal. Doug knows he and Lani will always love the baby but the question is are they always going to love each other. JJ can't imagine anyone else he'd want to spend his life with. Doug guesses there is his answer. Lani then joins them. Doug congratulates her. Lani says they are really happy. Doug says he and Julie are happy for them. Doug mentions having to get back to Julie at the club. JJ thanks him for everything as Doug exits. Lani comments that it looked like a real heavy conversation. JJ responds that they were talking about her.

Eli catches up to Gabi outside the town square. Gabi says she just wanted to get out after hearing Trask and Julie. Eli assures she will not go back to prison. Gabi talks about them still pinning the murder on her no matter what she says. Eli says it matters to him, Rafe, and Justin. Eli hugs her as she cries that she can't leave Arianna again. Eli repeats that he will do everything in his power to prove that she is innocent. Gabi asks what if that's not enough and this is still karma coming back to bite her for killing Nick.

Henry asks Jennifer if she wants to talk about it. Chad and Abigail then enter and greet them. Abigail didn't know she had a date tonight and remembers Henry. Henry is glad to see her doing well. Jennifer is glad to see them out with everything going on with Andre's murder and Gabi being prosecuted.

At the bar, Julie brings Trask a drink. Trask tells her that she can't discuss an ongoing investigation. Julie wants to share her thoughts about Gabi which Trask is glad to hear. Julie calls the case very personal to her because she saw Gabi wreck lives in her own family and walk away with a slap on the wrist. Trask calls it a travesty that she got out of a 20 year sentence on a judge's error. Julie hopes everybody gets it right if Gabi is found guilty this time. Julie adds that she hopes Trask makes sure she gets the punishment she deserves. Trask tells her to count on it.

Chad and Abigail sit at a table. Abigail worries about Gabi being so upset and hopes Eli can calm her down. Chad tells her that Gabi will be fine and suggests not talking about all that tonight. Julie brings over a bottle of champagne, revealing it was sent over by Stefan who appears at the bar. Julie adds that district attorney Trask is not wasting any time and is really closing in on Gabi. Julie states that all they need to do is find Gabi's coat and the lid to Tony's urn then they will have a rock solid case. Chad thanks her for the update but he believes Gabi is innocent until proven guilty. Stefan comes over to pour their champagne. Chad questions if he's following them. Stefan claims he had no idea they would be here. Stefan says he planned on staying in but the house got quiet. Chad finds that hard to believe with Vivian in it. Stefan says she is staying home but he decided to slip out for a drink and had no intention of crushing their date. Stefan says he's trying to put his best foot forward in light of their recent family tragedy. Stefan hopes Andre's passing will bring them closer and tells them to enjoy their evening as he walks away.

Lani asks JJ what Doug had to say about her. JJ says it was really about them and he just wanted to make sure they were committed to each other. Lani says of course they are as they are having a baby. JJ says he meant if she wasn't having his child, would they still want to be together. JJ assured Doug that he has nothing to worry about as he is madly in love with her and she's giving him the greatest gift he could ask for. JJ feels like the luckiest guy alive as they kiss.

Eli tells Gabi this isn't karma because someone set her up and he will bring them to justice. Gabi responds that it was Stefan DiMera. Eli asks what makes her say that. Gabi explains that Chad believes it but there's no proof. Eli wants to hear the theory. Gabi informs him that Stefan and Vivian were working together to become head of DiMera and using Andre to do it. Gabi thinks Stefan got Andre to fire her so she would have a motive and then someone dresses up like her to show up in the footage. Eli assures her that the truth will come out. Gabi points out there is no proof. Eli insists he will work day and night as he won't let the woman he loves go to prison for a crime she did not commit. Gabi thanks him for always being there for her no matter how hard it gets or what happens when most people would have bailed by now. Eli assures he isn't going anywhere. Gabi calls him an amazing detective and asks how she got so lucky to have this perfect stand up guy caring for her. Eli wishes he was the man she thought he was but he's far from it. Gabi asks what he's talking about. Eli claims he was just talking about Sheila. Gabi tells him not to beat himself up over helping out a friend. Gabi says she will listen if he wants to talk. Eli asks what if she didn't understand. Gabi tells him there is no judgment here so whenever he wants to talk, she's his girl.

Jennifer suggests they get the dessert but Henry wants to talk about what happened. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about it but Henry disagrees. Henry says she has been so gracious and considerate. Henry feels she honored their date and his feelings so he appreciates that but she's here with him while her heart is with Eric. Jennifer argues that she was just caught off guard. Henry says he has seen it all along. Jennifer points out that she asked Eric to leave. Henry decides he better go before he gets hurt. Jennifer apologizes and calls him the nicest guy. Henry gets up to take care of the check.

At the bar, Stefan thanks Trask for all the hard work she's doing to bring his brother's killer to justice. Trask responds that she's off the clock and not interested in discussing business. Stefan brings up that they are the only two single people here on Valentine's Day so he offers to buy her a drink which she accepts.

Chad gives Abigail a charm for her bracelet for Valentine's Day. Abigail says she loves it and loves him as they kiss. Chad looks over at the bar and sees Stefan with Trask. Abigail tells him to ignore it. Chad agrees they are here together so he starts to make a toast but says he can't because the champagne is from Stefan and he doesn't want anything from him. Abigail suggests they go home to be in private. Chad agrees. They wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day and kiss as Stefan looks over at them.

Lani asks JJ if everything is alright. JJ hopes so as he stands up then gets down on one knee.

Julie comes over to Jennifer and asks where Henry is. Jennifer informs her that he left after they were having a nice dinner then Eric walked in to announce he wants to be more friends. Julie points out that he's not pining for Nicole. Jennifer says Eric claims it was a series of misunderstandings and that he's over Nicole and wants to move on. Julie points out that she's here and Eric isn't. Jennifer admits he didn't get the response he hoped for as she asked him to leave since what he did was inappropriate. Julie blames herself since she saw Eric come in and made sure he heard about the donut being for someone special so it would give him a nudge. Julie apologizes. Jennifer assures it's not her fault as Eric just seemed so determined. Julie says he obviously wants to give it another whirl and she knows Jennifer likes him so she questions why she turned him down. Jennifer doesn't know but says Henry thinks she's afraid of getting hurt again. Julie thinks he may have a point. Jennifer decides she needs to go think about all of this. Jennifer thanks her and exits. Julie gets up as Doug comes out and tells her that they just took their last order. Julie calls it quite an evening. Doug calls Valentine's Day at the new Doug's Place a huge success. Julie is not so sure as Jennifer just walked out dazed and confused after Eric interrupted her date with a new man. Julie adds that Eli was there with Gabi and he's risking his entire future over her. Doug loves that she cares so much but it's Eli's heart and he's a grown man now. Doug then informs Julie that this moment, JJ is making Lani a happy woman with one of her grandmother's rings.

Stefan continues talking with Trask at the bar. Chad comes over with Abigail and returns his bottle of champagne. Chad says they aren't really interested. Stefan invites them to stay and have a glass. Chad tells him to enjoy it while he and Abigail are going to enjoy each other. They exit while Trask comments that Stefan is the odd man out.

Jennifer enters the Pub where Eric asks what happened to her date. Jennifer responds that she's looking at him as Eric then kisses her.

Abigail and Chad head to their room after putting Thomas to sleep. Abigail suggests going to the park to take family pictures this weekend. Abigail asks if Chad is alright. Chad knows they said they wouldn't talk about Andre. Abigail wants to know what's bothering him. Chad informs Abigail that he thinks Stefan killed Andre.

Stefan tells Trask that he's not the odd man out as he is here with her. She says he's charming but she just observed him observing his brother's wife. Stefan remarks that he's a fan of beautiful women which makes him a fan of Trask. Stefan says it's been nice talking with her. Stefan pours them champagne and they toast their glasses.

Lani can't believe this is happening. JJ tells her that he loves her and their baby so he wants them to build a beautiful life together. JJ proposes to Lani with Alice's ring, who he says would be smiling down on them now. JJ asks Lani to be his wife as she has tears in her eyes. Eli and Gabi walk by and see them together.

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