Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/14/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/14/18


Written By Joseph

Hope joins Rafe in the interrogation room and wishes him a Happy Valentine's Day as they kiss. Rafe talks about trying to find something to clear Gabi. Hope says she will be back to help but wants to get to the hospital to see Steve. Rafe decides he's done all he can do today so he will go with her to the hospital then they will spend Valentine's Day together. Hope tells him not to worry as she understands if celebrating is the last thing on his mind. Rafe tells her that this is their first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple and they are getting through this together so that's worth celebrating. Hope says she loves him as they exit together.

Kayla enters Steve's hospital room to check on him. Kayla is surprised he's awake after the sedative. Steve shows her that he ordered her flowers for their anniversary as they kiss.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady calls Victor to inform him that he took his advice and told Eve that he wants a real relationship. Brady adds that he thinks she bought it after he took her out for an evening. Brady tells him that he's close to getting his old job back and he wanted him to know that. Eve walks in as he hangs up and questions how he's close to getting his old job back.

At the town square, Jennifer, Eric, and Ciara have Tripp taste the Horton donuts that Jennifer brought. Tripp has to get back to work and Ciara walks away with him. Jennifer tells Eric that it was nice seeing him. Eric invites her to join him at the Pub but Jennifer informs him that she's meeting Henry at Doug's Place. Eric tells her to have a wonderful night and walks away.

Kayla questions how Steve pulled off ordering flowers from a hospital bed. Steve jokes about being married to the chief of staff. Steve asks about his blood tests but Kayla says there is no word so they have to be patient. Henry walks in and Steve guesses he doesn't have good news.

Jennifer goes to Doug's Place and greets Julie. Julie asks if she's celebrating Valentine's Day with them. Jennifer responds that they are. Julie assumes she's with Eric but Jennifer reveals it's with Henry, not Eric. Julie questions who that is.

Henry informs Steve that the lab is backed up. Henry mentions that he heard Steve was trying to arrange a candle light dinner but he's on strict bed rest. Steve argues that it's Valentine's Day and their anniversary. Hope and Rafe walk in to see Steve. Kayla exits with Henry. Rafe asks Steve how he really is. Steve says not to worry as he'll be dancing at their wedding. Rafe and Hope inform him that it's in two weeks. Steve knows it takes a lot to put together. Steve tells them they can go on and leave but Hope says he's not getting rid of them that easy.

Brady thought Eve was taking Tate to the park. Eve explains that Tate wanted to come home. Eve questions what's going on with his job. Brady says it's nothing new but he feels like Victor's trust in him is growing which is great. Brady adds that he cooled off on drinking and promised to go back to some meetings. Eve asks if he can keep that promise which Brady assures. Tate walks in with a Valentine card from school which Brady and Eve joke about. Tate then gives Brady a card. Tate has another card and says he misses his mom.

Tripp takes Ciara's order in the town square. Tripp mentions his head still being at the hospital and questions the lab being backed up now. Ciara remarks that the whole world is out on a Valentine's date except them. Tripp brings up Claire being on a plane by now. Ciara complains about Claire having a problem with them being friends. Tripp decides not to talk about Claire. Ciara brings up that she and Claire used to be best friends so it makes her sad that they have issues and she can never trust her ever again. Ciara tells Tripp that is why he can never tell her about their secret. Tripp assures he won't. Ciara declares that if Claire ever found out Rafe slept with Sami, it would be a total disaster.

Jennifer explains to Julie that Henry is a doctor at the hospital and volunteer at the Horton Center. Julie asks what happened to Eric. Jennifer states that he can't seem to forget about Nicole. Julie questions if he said that. Jennifer says Anna told her she heard him talking. Julie questions Jennifer taking the word of Anna DiMera. Jennifer adds that she also saw a picture of Nicole on Eric's desk. Jennifer refuses to put herself out there and get hurt again.

Eric joins Roman and Anna at the Pub. Roman asks how he's doing. Anna knows how hard it is to be without the one you love on Valentine's Day. Anna brings up Eric missing Nicole. Eric responds that he misses Nicole but he's not pining away. Anna comments that she knows what she heard which Eric questions. Roman thinks Anna better tell them what she means. Anna explains that it was after New Year's Eve and Eric was talking to Roman about Nicole and looked to be in so much pain. Eric responds that she didn't hear the whole story because he doesn't want to be with Nicole. Eric admits it was hard when Nicole left him but it forced him to get over her and the woman he really wants to be with is Jennifer. Eric notes that Jennifer is now having dinner with another man tonight and he just can't figure out what happened.

Henry joins Jennifer at Doug's Place. Julie tells them to enjoy their dinner and walks away. Henry comments that Jennifer didn't seem pleased to see him with her. Jennifer calls her overprotective. Henry asks if she would rather see her with Eric. Jennifer says it doesn't matter what Julie wants. Henry brings up that he asked about her and Eric on their first date and she said they were just friends. Jennifer assures that they are since Eric is in love with a woman he can never have and he can't forget about her. Jennifer states that she can't compete with that and doesn't want to. Henry notices her friendship bracelet from Eric. Jennifer calls it a pretty clear sign that friendship is what Eric is looking for with her.

Brady tells Eve that he knew this day would come but didn't think it would be this soon and he doesn't think he's ready for it. Brady sits with Tate and tries to explain. Eve joins them as Tate asks when he will give his mom the Valentine's card. Eve admits she doesn't know and she misses her too since Theresa is her little sister. Eve suggests they make a special box for Tate to put anything he wants to give to his mom and she will see it one day. Eve promises that a mother always loves her child even if they can't be with them. Eve has Tate promise to never forget that as she hugs him.

Kayla returns to Steve. Steve comments on Bo resting easy knowing Rafe and Hope are going to be together. Steve brings up that Bo told him he thought Rafe was a good dude. Rafe assures he will spend the rest of his life trying to make Hope happy. Kayla says it will be a wonderful day and she's looking forward to it. Steve says they will be there for them. Hope decides they'll clear out to leave them alone for their anniversary. They all wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day. Hope and Rafe exit. Kayla brings in a meal for Steve. Steve suggests she go out and have some real food but Kayla says that won't be necessary. Steve tells her that he planned to bring her to the Green Mountain Lodge tonight. Kayla says after all their years apart, she wants to be where ever he is as they kiss.

Brady and Eve put Tate to sleep then return to the living room. Brady says the valentine really threw him. Brady admits Eve was amazing with Tate. Eve says she had a lot of practice trying to explain to her daughter why her father disappeared. Eve is frustrated with Theresa since walking away from her own child is a whole other story. Brady talks about how he used to hope Theresa would come back for Tate's sake but he thinks they are better off without her. Brady apologizes for being insensitive since Theresa is Eve's sister. Eve responds that she has a confession to make.

Rafe and Hope walk through the town square and run in to Ciara and Tripp. Ciara says Tripp just got off work. Rafe tells him that they just came from seeing Steve and he was in good spirits. Ciara asks about their Valentine's plans. Hope says they are on their way then asks Ciara to go wedding shopping with her soon. Ciara claims she already made plans for tomorrow. Hope wants Ciara to be a part of the wedding as a fresh start. Ciara declares that she knows how much Rafe loves her and that he will do everything he can to be the husband Hope deserves.

Henry tells Jennifer about all of his volunteer work. Henry comments that he's having a really nice evening and he hopes she is too. Jennifer confirms that she is as Henry kisses her hand.

Eric comments that Jennifer changed right after New Year's when he thought they were getting closer but Jennifer suddenly just wanted to be friends and started dating Henry. Anna apologizes as she would have never said anything to Jennifer if she heard what he said. Eric questions what exactly she told Jennifer. Anna says she doesn't remember word for word but she assumed Eric was talking to Roman about Nicole. Roman realizes that Eric was talking about Jennifer but Anna told Jennifer that he was talking about Nicole, twice. Eric realizes Jennifer pulled away because she thinks he's never going to get over Nicole. Eric declares he's going to find Jennifer and rushes out of the Pub.

Eve informs Brady that she called Theresa the other day. Brady asks if she knows where she is. Eve says she doesn't but she just called and left a message. Eve notes that Theresa never called her back and apologizes. Brady understands she is her sister but tells her not to do it again. Brady talks about doing whatever he can to give Tate what he needs but he learned a long time ago when he lost his mother that you can't replace a mother. Eve says Tate is her nephew so she will do everything she can to be there for him. Brady is grateful to her for that. Brady is happy they can call each other friends after the mess with Deimos. Eve responds that she is glad about that too.

Ciara tells Rafe how happy she is that Hope has found love again. Rafe tells her how happy he is to hear that and how happy Hope makes him. Hope calls them adorable and asks Ciara about riding Bo's motorcycle. Ciara assures that she had her helmet. Hope says she will see her later as she and Rafe walk off. Ciara asks Tripp if he heard anything on Steve. Tripp says no. Ciara has an idea to make the time pass faster as they walk off together.

Steve tells Kayla that he didn't expect dinner from Chet Rouge tonight. Kayla tells him that Maggie had everything fixed up. Kayla mentions their daughter Stephanie calling and wanting to come home for a visit. Steve asks if it's because of him. Kayla tells him that she misses her dad but Steve doesn't believe her. Steve comments on his vision being blurry again. Kayla feels helpless as a doctor who can't do anything for him. Kayla talks about Steve always rescuing her. Steve brings up all the times she has patched him up and says he wouldn't be here if not for her. Steve assures he's not going anywhere. Kayla tells him he better not.

Hope brings Rafe outside the town square, saying she has a surprise for him. Hope brings up Rafe being afraid that she might get cold feet about getting married. Hope tells him that he was right about the wedding. Rafe asks if she doesn't want to have a big wedding. Hope says it's not that but she doesn't want to do the rehearsals. Rafe insists that he's totally fine with that. Hope says what's most important to her is them. Rafe questions her surprise. Hope reveals an envelope and hands it to Rafe. He opens it and sees she approved his vacation request. Hope tells him there is so much more. Hope brings up Rafe setting up a makeshift camp site when he proposed so she thinks they should go on a real camping trip. Hope knows they are crazy busy right now so she wants to take him to Smith Island the night before they get married. Rafe questions Hope not being superstitious about him seeing her the day before the wedding. Hope responds that if she's lucky enough to wake up with him then she knows every day will be perfect as they kiss.

Ciara brings Tripp to her motorcycle and asks if he wants to go for a ride. Tripp hesitates but Ciara encourages him to get on behind her so he does. Ciara instructs Tripp to put his arms around her and tells him to get ready for the ride of his life.

Rafe and Hope continue kissing until Rafe pulls out a bag for her for Valentine's Day.Hope opens it and it's a box with a large rosary. Rafe explains that it's an old Mexican custom of a lasso to symbolize commitment, faith, and eternity for their marriage to last. Hope wraps it around them as they kiss.

Brady appreciates Eve helping him out with Tate but he's sure it's not how she wanted to spend Valentine's Day. Eve jokes that it beats the past several years. They joke about the meaning of Valentine's Day. Eve says spending time with Tate was wonderful and made her feel useful. Brady kisses her. Eve decides she should head upstairs while Brady decides he should stay here. Eve heads upstairs while Brady gets a text from Victor, telling him to keep up the good work and to reel the bitch in then gut her like a fish. Brady declares happy Valentines Day to him too.

Eric enters Doug's Place and sees Jennifer with Henry. Julie brings them dessert as Eric starts to turn away. Julie proclaims that she knows Jennifer intended the donuts with love for someone really special. Eric then confronts them and tells Henry that the donut belongs to him.

Steve tells Kayla that the pills finally got the best of him. Kayla encourages him to rest. Kayla opens the card that Steve had in his flowers and reads it, saying he's not real good with words but he knows he loves her. Kayla then lays in the hospital bed with Steve.

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