Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/13/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/13/18


Written By Joseph

Kate enters the mausoleum, shocked to find her daughter Billie inside.

John enters Steve's hospital room where Steve is asleep. John tells him he's so sorry as he pulls a syringe out of his jacket.

Ciara hugs Tripp at home and tells him to stay strong and go see his dad at the hospital like Kayla asked him to. Tripp just wants him to get better. Ciara encourages that Kayla won't let anything bad happen to Steve. Ciara hugs him as Claire comes out from her room. Tripp then exits. Claire remarks that a few weeks ago Ciara was pining after Theo and now she's throwing herself at Tripp. Claire questions what's going on with her.

In the interrogation room, Rafe questions why Eli thinks he's letting Gabi down. Eli says he's not talking about the case but he will continue trying to clear her which is the only way to make her forgive him for what he did. Rafe questions what he did. Eli informs Rafe that he's going to hate him for this as he reveals that while he was seeing Gabi, he slept with Lani.

Gabi says she's lucky the judge agreed to set the bail and someone posted it. Chad reveals that he is the one who posted her bail because he believes she's innocent and he knows she's being framed. Chad informs Gabi that he believes Stefan is framing her because he thinks Stefan is the one who killed Andre.

Stefan listens to a voicemail that he left Andre where he told him he was coming to see him at his office to discuss the future of Gabi Chic. Abigail then walks in. Stefan says he didn't know Abigail was coming in today. Abigail comments on work piling up since Andre's murder. Abigail thinks back to Rafe and Eli questioning Stefan about Andre's cell phone. Stefan asks if something is wrong. Abigail asks him what he was listening to when she walked in as she thought she heard his voice talking about Gabi Chic. Stefan claims he uses voicemails to remind himself to do things and he was making a reminder to speak to the board about reinstating Gabi but he doesn't think it's going to work out now that she's been charged with murder.

Gabi questions Chad as to why Stefan would want to kill Andre since he already had control of DiMera and it doesn't seem personal as they hadn't known each other that long. Chad is not sure that's true. Gabi asks what he means since Stefan and Vivian have only been here since New Year's Eve. Chad brings up what if Andre was in on their performance to throw everyone off. Chad suggests Stefan used the insider information to break down the deals Kate was working on. Chad talks about thinking it was Andre and then Stefan and Vivian pop up out of the blue. Gabi asks what Abigail thinks about that. Chad says she doesn't want to think anything bad about Andre and is still having nightmares. Gabi knows he's worried about her. Chad asks Gabi to keep this between them as he doesn't want to make things worse for Abigail. Gabi understands but asks why Stefan would want to kill Andre if they were working together. Chad says he's done a lot of research and Stefan is cut throat. Chad figures Stefan used Andre to get control of DiMera and once he got it, he didn't need Andre anymore so he cut his losses.

Kate questions what Billie is doing here. Kate hugs her and says it's lovely to see her but again questions what she is doing here. Billie thought she might want to see her daughter after losing her husband. Kate asks about her waiting around in the mausoleum. Billie says she was paying her respects to Andre since Kate wasn't home. Billie thought she would be happier to see her. Kate assures that she is but doesn't understand why she didn't call to let her know she was coming. Billie suggests they go somewhere quiet and get a drink so they can talk. Kate feels that Billie just wants to get her out of here.

John begins to inject the syringe into Steve's IV when Tripp walks in and asks what the hell he is doing. John tells Tripp that he didn't hear him come in. Tripp repeats his question. John responds that he's just making sure things are running smoothly and praying that whatever they give Steve helps. Tripp apologizes as he's not in a great place right now. John asks how Kayla is doing. Tripp says she is trying to keep it together. Tripp mentions Kayla said Steve would be asleep after being sedated but she wanted someone here with him so he's not alone. John tells Tripp that he's sorry this is happening. Tripp guesses John had the same thought as Steve's best friend that he didn't want him to be alone either. Tripp apologizes for jumping on him since this is hard on him too. John states that it's harder than he can imagine.

Ciara asks Claire if Theo is excited she's coming to see him. Claire points out that she asked Ciara a question. Claire talks about traveling 22 hours to see Theo. Ciara jokes about Claire being in love. Claire then accuses Ciara of being in love with Tripp but Ciara denies it. Ciara insists they are just friends and Tripp is not her type. Claire calls him gorgeous, smart, funny, sexy, tall, and ripped guy. Ciara responds that she was comforting Tripp about Steve. Claire questions what's wrong with him. Ciara explains that Steve is in the hospital after passing out and they don't know why. Ciara adds that Kayla called Tripp to ask him to come to the hospital and he really freaked out so she feels for him. Ciara questions if Claire is jealous that she hugged Tripp. Ciara reminds her that she's about to go see her boyfriend in South Africa so she's not jealous that she has a thing for Tripp. Ciara repeats that she does not have a thing for Tripp. Ciara thinks Claire is jealous because in spite of her devotion to Theo, she seems to be fascinated by Tripp after she described him as gorgeous, smart and ripped. Claire remarks that anyone can see those attributes of Tripp but not everyone has a thing for him. Ciara accuses Claire of flirting with Tripp every day and tells her to stop denying the fact that she's hung up on two guys at the same time. Claire calls that insulting and says she won't even respond to that. Claire storms off to go pack for her trip to see her boyfriend.

Gabi goes over Chad thinking that Stefan and Vivian double crossed Andre and killed him which Chad confirms. Chad believes it was all an act. Gabi remembers Vivian being there when Andre fired her. Chad notes that Stefan and Vivian had everything they wanted when Andre died. Gabi asks if Chad thinks Stefan really killed Andre or if he's just pinning this on him because he hates him for stealing his company.

Abigail questions Stefan leaving himself a reminder to reinstate Gabi. Stefan thinks it's a moot point now as he doesn't think it's good to rehire an ex employee who just killed his brother. Abigail argues that she is innocent until proven guilty. Stefan brings up that Gabi has already done time for murder and suggests she has anger management issues. Stefan complains that there is enough evidence to charge Gabi with murder but the detectives are her brother and boyfriend so they are trying to help her get away with it. Abigail says they are doing their jobs. Stefan points out that all evidence points to Gabi. Abigail brings up that they can't find Andre's phone and they've already checked Gabi's car and place which means there was another person in the office who probably has Andre's phone.

Eli explains to Rafe that he should've known Lani was mistaken but Gabi used to be so hung up on JJ so when Lani told him that she saw them in bed together, he trusted her. Rafe says he doesn't need the details. Eli assures he and Lani both feel awful about what happened but it doesn't change what they did. Rafe states that what's done is done. Eli tells Rafe that he can hit him because he knows he has it coming but Rafe says he won't. Eli guesses Rafe is going to tell Gabi. Eli knows Rafe is mad at him and he's right that he doesn't deserve her. Rafe agrees not to tell Gabi which surprises Eli. Rafe admits he's not thrilled with him but he gets it and understands what he's going through which Eli questions. Rafe declares he won't judge Eli because he did the same thing.

Stefan tells Abigail that he thinks Rafe told them about Andre's phone just to protect Gabi. Stefan thinks they are grasping at straws. Abigail doesn't want to debate Gabi with him. Stefan calls Gabi a lucky girl to have friends like Abigail and Chad being so loyal to her. Stefan brings up Gabi's history with Chad and he's sure that Chad will do anything to prove her innocence. Abigail responds that they are friends and questions if Stefan has any friends other than his mother. Stefan apologizes for upsetting her. Abigail argues that he's trying to screw things up for her and Chad but he can't do it. Abigail tells him that she loves and trusts Chad and always will.

Gabi tells Chad about how Stefan swooped in and stole his company to humiliate him. Chad admits he wasn't pleased but any kind of moral outrage would be ridiculous and hypocritical since he's done the same thing as a DiMera. Chad states that Stefan bested him and it's his fault for failing the company. Chad hates Stefan but won't be mad at him for being ruthless but he's not okay with Stefan trying to take his wife.

Claire finishes packing as Ciara accepts a delivery of flowers at the door that Theo sent to Claire. Ciara tells Claire that Theo didn't forget Valentine's Day. Claire comments that she almost sounds happy for her. Ciara blames her for her headache. Claire accuses Ciara of using Tripp to get over Theo because Theo loves her. Ciara argues that Claire is making a lot out of one hug. Claire says she's starting with Tripp the same way she started with Theo by telling him her deepest darkest secrets.

Tripp tells John that he and Steve didn't get off to a good start as he was terrible to him but he forgave him. John responds that Steve has always been a forgiving man. Tripp feels he wasted so much time fighting with him that he'll never get back. John tells him to never give up hope and to tell him how much he means to him while he still can. John says he has to go. Tripp thanks John for coming to see his dad. John responds that he just wishes there was more he could do for him as he exits.

Kate tells Billie that she just never expected to have those kind of feelings again at this time in her life but she did and it hurts a lot more than she thought it would. Billie tells her she's sorry. Billie suggests they leave as it's cold in the mausoleum. Kate goes to leave a rose at Andre's grave but finds what looks like a bullet on the ground and questions what that is. Kate then finds another one and realizes it's a bullet casing, wondering what they are doing here. Billie is surprised there isn't more since this place belongs to the DiMeras. Billie points out that the place has been here a long time so they could be from years ago. Kate questions no one noticing it during the funeral. Billie insists on them leaving since it's freezing inside so they exit.

Stefan claims he wasn't trying to screw things up for Chad and Abigail. Abigail thinks Stefan can't get over Chad's history with Gabi since he keeps bringing it up. Stefan claims he doesn't have ulterior motives. Stefan questions if Abigail should have come in to work today since she seems stressed like Andre's death hit her harder than anyone including Kate. Abigail responds that she did love him. Stefan brings up Andre being by her side in her darkest hour, when she was losing her mind.

Gabi assures Chad that he has nothing to worry about since she has seen how Abigail reacts to Stefan. Chad responds that he's not worried but he's pissed off because he's out of line. Gabi tells him that Abigail thinks the same. Gabi informs Chad that Abigail told her that Stefan was trying to push her buttons about Chad's history with her but she didn't give in. Gabi questions why Stefan would keep making the same stupid play for Abigail. Chad argues that he can't stop himself. Gabi suggests maybe Stefan isn't after Abigail but he's just doing it to rile Chad up and get him out of his concentration. Chad notes that Stefan had the means to frame Gabi since he was updating the security systems the night of Andre's murder. Gabi questions if Stefan put Andre up to firing her. Chad feels Stefan knew she would confront Andre so he got someone to dress up like her when the cameras get turned back on. Gabi declares that if that's true then Stefan has been setting her up from the beginning.

Rafe explains to Eli that he and Hope had just broke up and called off their engagement then his ex wife came back in to town and she was vulnerable. Eli knows exactly what he means. Rafe says he couldn't tell Hope the truth as they just got back together and he would lose her. Eli says if he tells Gabi the truth then he would blow up Lani and JJ's relationship. Rafe states they aren't cowards, they are just looking out for other people. Rafe brings up that it's Valentine's Day and he's supposed to go out with Hope tonight.

Ciara questions why Claire would think she's telling her secrets to Tripp. Claire responds that she overheard her. Ciara asks how much she heard.

Gabi questions if Stefan is setting her up then why did he say he's going to bat for her with the board and rehire her. Chad points out that there's no way the board will rehire her while she's a murder suspect. Chad adds that Stefan is definitely a DiMera.

Abigail mocks Stefan thinking mental illness is funny. Stefan apologizes. Abigail brings up that when she was at her worst, Andre would listen to her and that is something Stefan has never done. Abigail thanks Andre, Chad, and her family for getting her through it. Abigail wants someone else with the same struggles to see that you can beat it like she did.

Gabi tells Chad that it will be hard to connect Stefan to Andre's murder. Chad responds that he's a DiMera too so one way or another, he will get that connection. Gabi talks about Justin being positive about her trial but it's still scary. Gabi mentions Trask not having any witnesses. Chad then informs her that Eli and Rafe came by to question he, Stefan, and Abigail so Abigail informed them that Gabi threatened to kill Andre. Gabi declares that Abigail sold her out.

Outside, Billie gets a text and tells Kate that there is something she has to deal with. Billie says she will try to come to the house later but she doesn't know how long this will take. Kate thanks her for being there for her as they hug. Kate then walks off. Billie turns around and heads back into the mausoleum. John comes out behind her which startles her. John says he was waiting for Kate to leave. Billie asks how Steve is. John says he's not good but holding on. John adds that he was supposed to give him another dose and he's sure that would have killed him but thankfully Tripp walked in on him so he had to bail.

Tripp sits at Steve's side and talks about never having a family before so he didn't know what it was like. Tripp encourages Steve to get better as he's gotten used to having him in his life now so he can't lose him.

Claire tells Ciara that she heard enough to know that she didn't want Tripp telling her the secret because she thinks she has a big mouth. Ciara is relieved but says she's sorry she heard that. Claire says it hurt because they are family and she should be able to trust her and tell her anything. Ciara responds that she doesn't think she can do that considering what she's done in the past.

Rafe tells Eli that it's good to talk to someone about this who knows what it's like. Eli just wants to clear Gabi and never hurt her again. Rafe calls that a really good plan but unfortunately after talking to Abigail, he gets the feeling Trask will be gunning for a trial.

Chad tells Gabi that Abigail didn't sell her out as he told her to tell the truth and it's better to come out now than during trial. Gabi argues that Trask will be out for blood. Chad tells her to blame him. Chad adds that Abigail knows Gabi didn't mean it literally so she's on her side.

Abigail tells Stefan that she needs to get to work. Stefan stops her and says he meant what he said about wanting to be her friend especially now that Andre is gone. Stefan knows Chad loves her but he also knows they don't see eye to eye on Andre's murder. Stefan tells Abigail to come to him if she ever needs to talk as he puts his hand on her arm.

John thanks Billie for getting here so fast but he wasn't expecting Kate to interfere. John asks if everything went okay. Billie explains that she was almost done when Kate came in and found two bullet casings but she thinks she covered it. Billie states that Kate is so torn up about Andre that she's not focused. John informs her there is something else they overlooked. John reveals he found Will's wallet outside. Billie tells him they need to focus on what they are going to do about Steve.

Tripp tells Steve he loves him and he just wishes he told him sooner.

Claire tells Ciara that she's learned from her mistakes and wants a chance to prove she can trust her. Ciara says she can't risk it but tells her the secret has nothing to do with her or Theo. Ciara tells Claire to drop it and be happy she has Theo and will get to see him soon. Ciara says she's going to the church to light a candle and say a prayer for Steve. Ciara exits then Claire declares to herself that there is no way she's letting that go and she will find out whatever that secret is.

Rafe tells Eli that he feels guilty because Hope has been so great with Gabi. Eli suggests he pay her back by giving her a great Valentine's Day. Rafe says he will try but there are still a lot of loose ends with this case, starting with Andre's missing cell phone. Eli thinks if they find that, they might be able to clear Gabi.

Chad tells Gabi not to panic. Gabi says it's hard not to. Gabi tells Chad that she didn't take the plea deal but maybe she would've if she knew Abigail said that to the cops. Chad encourages her to go be with Arianna and stay positive. Gabi thanks Chad for bailing her out. Chad assures her that everything will work out.

Abigail tells Stefan not to touch her as she doesn't need his support and she hasn't forgot why he came to Salem or what he did to her husband. Abigail says they are family, not friends and he's her boss, not her confidant. Stefan claims he's just trying to help. Abigail says she doesn't need his help with anything but she did love Andre so she will get justice for him. Abigail then walks out of the office. Stefan goes back to his desk and deletes his voicemail from Andre's cell phone.

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