Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/12/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/12/18


Written By Joseph

John goes to the hospital and approaches Steve's room but Marlena calls him over. Marlena questions him not calling her back after her messages causing her to be worried sick. Marlena asks where he was. John thinks back to leaving the mausoleum and putting his gun away, where Will's wallet was left behind outside.

Hope is in her office and calls Will to leave a message, apologizing that they didn't get to finish their conversation last night. Hope knows he thought John was acting strange but she's sure there is a simple explanation. Hope

Kate goes to the DiMera Mausoleum but Lucas catches her outside before going in. Lucas mentions getting called to the house and Harold said she was here. Kate is sure he's not here to pay his respects to Andre. Lucas responds that he was looking for Will and asks if she has seen him.

Abigail has a nightmare about going to Andre's office and finding the urn with blood in it then Gabi walking in and asking if she's looking for the lid. Abigail screams and wakes up then tells Chad that it was Gabi.

Gabi joins Justin in the interrogation room and asks how Arianna is. Justin says she's good as he saw her and Sonny last night. Justin asks if she's ready since DA Trask should be here any minute. Gabi says she didn't kill Andre and wants to get out of here. Justin informs her that whatever happens next is just the beginning. Gabi says she's been in this situation before but Eli swore that he and Rafe are doing everything to find the real killer.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan is on the phone with Mr. Shin saying that Andre's death was unfortunate but he did lay the groundwork for huge profits with the acquisition of Gabi Chic so he intends to honor his memory by building on that. Stefan tells Mr. Shin that he won't be disappointed. Stefan hangs up and declares it a great day to be a DiMera. Rafe and Eli walk in. Stefan comments on Harold not announcing visitors. Eli informs him that they have more questions for him about Andre's death. Stefan points out that they arrested Gabi. Rafe says that doesn't mean they stop gathering evidence. Stefan comments on knowing they hope to clear Gabi's name but the footage is difficult to spin any other way. Rafe responds that the footage is why they are here. Stefan repeats that he was installing a new system so the one hour shutdown couldn't be helped. Rafe questions shutting down at the exact time that Andre was murdered. Stefan questions if he thinks he had something to do with Andre's murder.

Chad tells Abigail that she just misses Andre and she's grieving so these nightmares must be part of that. Abigail feels Andre is trying to tell her something. Chad says she can't honestly think it was Gabi. Abigail responds that she thinks she is innocent but wonders why there is so much evidence against her.

Justin shows Gabi a picture of Arianna from last night. Justin assures that he wants her home with Arianna. The DA, Melinda Trask, walks in and declares that probably won't happen any time soon because she just filed charges against Gabi for first degree murder.

Marlena comments that it doesn't look like John has slept which he confirms. John asks what's going on with Steve. Marlena says they don't know but they are running more tests and MRIs as the doctors have no idea what they are dealing with. John thinks back to drugging Steve's drink at Doug's Place. John comments that it's been rough. Marlena responds that if the doctors don't figure this out, Steve might not make it.

Lucas tells Kate that he hoped Will would be here. Kate asks why he would be. Lucas explains that he called and left messages but he just wanted Will to meet him here if Kate needed them. Lucas adds that he went to the Martin House but Will wasn't in his room. Kate is sure Will has better things to do than spend time with dead people or hold her hand when he doesn't even remember her. Lucas responds that he doesn't have anything better to do even though he wasn't a huge fan of Andre but he loves Kate so he's here for her if she wants to talk.

Stefan tells Rafe and Eli that DiMera has been hacked on more than one occasion and millions have been stolen so it's his job as CEO to make sure that never happens again. Rafe still thinks the timing of the shut down raises questions so they need to establish a timeline and question everyone who had access to Andre's office. Eli questions where Stefan was when Andre was murdered. Chad and Abigail walk in as Chad says he would love to hear that answer.

Carrie tells Hope that there is no reason for this to be hanging over Anna since Gabi has been arrested. Hope informs her that the department is not charging Roman. Carrie questions Anna still being a suspect when Gabi is in custody. Hope says the case is still open so she's waiting to hear from DA Trask to know how to proceed before she can clear Anna.

Justin questions Trask charging Gabi for first degree murder, arguing that she has no witness or fingerprints so it's circumstantial at best. Trask calls the evidence very damning. Justin argues that there is another suspect and a lot of unanswered questions in the ongoing investigation. Trask argues that Gabi had motive, means, and opportunity. Justin responds that Anna did too. Trask brings up Andre stealing Gabi's business. Gabi argues that she would never kill someone because of that. She brings up Gabi killing before. Justin asks if she's still bitter over that. Trask insists this isn't personal, just business. She repeats that Gabi had the means and the opportunity along with the footage of her entering and leaving Andre's office. Gabi insists she didn't kill Andre. Trask points out that Gabi has no alibi. Justin argues that it's not enough to charge his client with murder one. Trask disagrees and feels she will have no problem convincing a jury that Gabi murdered Andre in cold blood.

Lucas asks Kate if she wants to go in to the mausoleum. Kate says not yet as it's so cold in there. Kate mentions taking Lucas's advice and telling Andre that she loved him. Kate says Andre then told her that he fired Gabi and stole her company. Kate feels she shouldn't be surprised since Andre was still Andre at heart but it hurt because she told Gabi she would take care of her and protect her. Kate says Andre knew what Gabi means to her and that she had given her word. Kate mentions that they had such a horrible fight and she told him that if he didn't rehire Gabi, it was over between them and now it is over.

Carrie can't imagine how hard this must be for Rafe. Hope says there is nothing easy about it. Carrie says to give him her best while she goes to tell her parents the semi good news. Hope informs Carrie that her and Rafe's wedding is March 1 so she hopes Carrie and Austin can make it. Carrie thinks back to talking to Rafe about him sleeping with Sami. Hope then asks her if something is wrong.

Stefan states that he was not in the building when Andre was murdered. Stefan brings up that he did ask Gabi out on a dinner date but she refused him since she's involved with Eli. Eli questions what time that was. Stefan says it was earlier in the day and mentions that Abigail was there too which she confirms. Eli asks Stefan when he last saw Gabi. Stefan says it was when she walked away from them on her way to Andre's office. Rafe asks when he last saw Andre. Stefan claims it was here at breakfast and he never saw or spoke to him again. Rafe brings up the Gabi Chic launch being scheduled for the next morning so he finds it hard to believe they didn't speak. Stefan claims he's a hands-off CEO while Andre was overseeing that. Rafe questions if Stefan is sure that he was never in Andre's office the day he was murdered. Eli comments on having to take his word for it. Stefan questions if he thinks he's lying. Stefan remarks that Vivian warned him that no matter what the crime, the Salem police department will try to hang a DiMera for it. Rafe argues that Andre lost his life and Gabi might spend the rest of her life behind bars because of it so they are just trying to find the truth. Stefan tells Rafe to accept the truth that Andre double crossed Gabi and blew her dreams so she killed him for it. Chad notes that he believes Gabi is innocent. Eli turns to him and asks why he's so sure.

Justin tells Trask that Gabi has been cooperative, came in for questioning, and allowed the police to search her car and her apartment where they came up with nothing. Trask argues that an experienced murderer like Gabi is capable of getting rid of evidence. Justin calls her biased and continues to question her first degree murder charge. Trask brings up the footage of Gabi punching the wall and then returning with intention to kill. She calls it a planned attack so her charge stands. Gabi insists she didn't kill Andre. She tells her to tell the judge because her arraignment is in a few minutes. Justin notes that she's moving this right along. She responds that it's a high profile case and the public demands justice. Gabi can't believe this is happening. Justin encourages her that it's standard procedure so they will enter a plea and ask for bail so they are a long way from trial. Trask adds that there is an alternative and the DiMeras would be spared a lot of pain if she pleads guilty to manslaughter. Justin refuses the deal, insisting Gabi is innocent. Trask tells him to let Gabi make up her own mind. She brings up Andre stealing Gabi's company and calls it her one chance to help her. She warns Gabi that if she's convicted, she will spend the rest of her life in jail but if she takes this deal then she could be out in 9 years. She brings up Gabi missing Arianna's first words and steps but this way, she can be out in time for her graduating high school. She encourages Gabi to do the right thing for herself and her daughter. Trask tells Gabi that she needs an answer now. Justin asks for a minute but Gabi declines. Gabi tells Trask that nothing is more important to her than her daughter so she is scared because this looks really bad but she raised her daughter to tell the truth so she's not going to lie or confess to a crime she did not commit. Trask warns her that the offer leaves with her. She tells Gabi that she will see her in court as she exits Justin hugs Gabi.

Chad states that Gabi said she didn't do it so he believes her. Stefan asks if that's because she is his former lover. Chad argues that Gabi is a mother and he knows raising Arianna is the most important thing to her so she wouldn't take that kind of risk again. Stefan jokes about Chad being put on the stand. Abigail tells him it's not funny. Stefan asks if there's anything else he can help with. Rafe questions Andre's cell phone not being at the crime scene as they are still looking for it. Stefan suggests he didn't have it on him. Eli adds that Kate was one of the last people to see Andre alive and she said he had his phone. Rafe points out that the killer could have taken it because there was something incriminating on it. Abigail agrees to look around the house. Stefan says he has a conference call at the office. Rafe tells him they are done. Stefan hopes he means it this time as he walks out. Chad comments on Stefan being certain that Gabi is guilty. Eli notes that most evidence points to her and asks if either of them can tell them any more about that day. Abigail goes over when she saw Gabi that day. Rafe asks if Gabi indicated where she would've went on a drive to. Abigail thinks back to Gabi swearing she could kill Andre for this.

Hope asks Carrie if she doesn't want to come. Carrie claims she was just going over Austin's schedule in her head and then admits she didn't expect to be invited. Hope assures her that she's invited and hands her an invitation. Carrie thanks her and says she will let her know if they are free. Hope stops her and asks if this has something to do with what happened with Sami.

Lucas apologizes to Kate for telling her to take a chance on love. Kate assures that she doesn't regret it at all and just wishes it hadn't ended like that. Kate asks how Lucas is doing. He says he's fine and sober. Kate praises him. Lucas responds that he might even be ready for love as he asked somebody out. Kate says that's good and asks who. Lucas admits it was Chloe. Kate jokes that she will lock him in the crypt if he even thinks about that.

Marlena reminds John that he still hasn't told her where he was last night. She questions if he was with this new client which he claims he was. Marlena asks about it taking all night long. John calls it a big case. Marlena continues to question him not returning her phone calls or checking on his best friend. John repeats that he's sorry and says he would've been there for them if he could have been. Marlena asks if this new client is more important than his best friend's life. John turns away so Marlena thinks what's going on is that it's killing him that he can't help Steve. Marlena mentions him keeping a secret from her so she's assuming it's about this new client. Marlena asks him to tell her and let her help him. John tells her that he can't talk about the case. John wants her to trust him when he tells her that Steve would've done exactly as he did if he were in the hospital instead. John decides he needs to get some fresh air and exits the hospital.

Lucas tells Kate to relax. Kate reminds him of Chloe lying to him and cheating on him. Lucas points out that she poisoned her. Lucas informs her that the date didn't happen since Chloe is gone for an opera for a few months. Kate jokes that Lucas can get his senses back by then or maybe Chloe will stay there. Lucas argues that Chloe has changed. Kate points out that she thought Andre changed too. Lucas asks if she wants to go inside. Kate thinks she's going to go in alone as she wants to say things to Andre. Lucas brings up visiting Will's grave and he came back to life. Kate thinks they are fresh out of miracles. Kate tells Lucas to go ahead and find Will. Lucas tells her to call if she needs anything as they hug. Lucas then exits.

Carrie asks Hope what happened with Sami. Hope brings up that Rafe and Sami were married before so maybe that makes Carrie uncomfortable. Carrie assures it's not about that. Hope feels she was hesitant but Carrie insists that she and Sami are both happy for them. Carrie calls Rafe a great guy who deserves a second chance at love.

Rafe asks Abigail if she remembered something. Chad tells Abigail it's okay to tell them. Abigail thinks it's nothing since people say things in the heat of the moment. Abigail reveals that Gabi said she would kill Andre. Chad calls it a figure of speech. Rafe understands they need to hear the truth and thanks Abigail for being honest. Rafe tells them to call if they remember anything else. Rafe and Eli then exit the mansion. Abigail worries that she may have just given the police everything they need to throw Gabi in prison for the rest of her life.

Rafe goes to Hope's office and tells her there was nothing from Stefan but Abigail heard Gabi say she was going to kill Andre right before he was murdered. Hope doesn't believe it. Rafe knows Gabi didn't do it but worries that the evidence is piling up against her so he won't be able to do anything to help her if Trask springs murder charges. Hope then gets a text that she already has.

Chad finishes a call as Abigail tells him she's heading to the office. Chad says he will meet her there. Abigail feels she's a bad friend for not having Gabi's back and staying with her to give her an alibi that night. Chad assures they will get to the truth one way or another. Abigail adds that they have to prove she's innocent. They kiss as Abigail then exits.

At the police station, Justin informs Gabi that she got bail. Justin then gets a call that Gabi's bond has been posted which surprises her. Gabi guesses it was Rafe and assures that she will fight this. Gabi warns that Trask will see how dangerous she can be when someone tries to take her from her kid. Justin points out that Trask can use her words to take her down. Gabi states that someone killed Andre and is trying to frame her so she's going to find out who and make damn sure they pay.

In his office, Stefan unlocks his desk drawer and pulls out Andre's cell phone.

Rafe joins Eli at the police station and asks if he's okay. Eli says there is just a lot on his mind. Rafe tells him that Gabi is out on bail so that's one less thing to worry about. Eli calls it a relief. Rafe apologizes for giving Eli a hard time since he's had Gabi's back and it's great that she has someone she can count on. Eli responds except when she couldn't. Rafe questions what that means.

Outside, Gabi is on the phone with Sonny saying she wants to see Arianna whenever she can. She hangs up as Chad approaches to check on her. Gabi questions if this is really happening. Gabi says she's lucky the judge agreed to set the bail and someone posted it. Chad reveals that he is the one who posted her bail because he believes she's innocent and he knows she's being framed.

Stefan tries to get in to Andre's cell phone but it's locked. He figures out the password is Phoenix and gets in. Stefan listens to a voicemail that he left Andre where he told him he was coming to see him at his office to discuss the future of Gabi Chic. Abigail then walks in.

Kate enters the mausoleum, shocked by what she sees inside.

John returns to Marlena at the hospital and asks how Steve is. Marlena says he's sedated after all his tests. John suggests she go get some rest while he stay with Steve. Marlena points out that he didn't sleep any more than she did. John responds that this is where he needs to be and he'll call her if anything changes. Marlena is glad he is there as she thinks it will mean so much to Steve. John kisses her and she exits. John then pulls a syringe out of his jacket and heads in to Steve's room.

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