Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/9/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/9/18


Written By Joseph

Abigail joins Chad in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Abigail talks about Thomas wanting his uncle Andre. Abigail doesn't want to lie to him or tell him the truth right now so she just got him to sleep. Chad tells her that they will find a way to tell him when he's older when the time comes and they will do it together.

Sonny sits at the Kiriakis Mansion, reading an article on Gabi being arrested for murder again. Arianna comes in and asks him where her mom is.

Paul follows John's contact to the pier but he turns and pulls a gun on Paul, warning him that he doesn't like being followed. Paul pretends he wasn't following him and claims he was just meeting someone but he's late. Paul tries to leave but the man stops him.

John starts to walk off but Will stops him and says he can't let him do that. Will declares he's not going to let him poison Steve. John questions Will thinking he's poisoning his best friend. John says that's messed up and asks where he got that idea. Will responds that he heard him talking in the town square so he won't let him lie his way out of this. Will declares his plan to get rid of Steve Johnson ends ow.

Steve says he will see Kayla later and starts to walk away but he gets dizzy and collapses. Kayla checks that he's not breathing while Marlena calls for help.

The man warns Paul that they both know he wasn't meeting someone. Paul admits he was following him but he's just a private investigator on a routine case. He reveals that he knows Paul is John's son. Paul asks who he is then and what he's up to with John.

John thinks Will is making too much of this but Will disagrees. John reminds him that he works for the ISA and they deal with a lot of cases that are over the heads of most civilians. Will argues that he knows John is poisoning his best friend and partner. John warns him not to stick his nose in things he doesn't understand since he doesn't have all the facts. Will responds that he doesn't have to treat him like a child because Paul told him about his past with Stefano using him to carry out his missions. Will asks if he's somebody's pawn again. Will brings up that the man said a few more doses would kill Steve and then saw John pour the vial into the coffee. Will questions if John was planning to finish off Steve tonight. John argues that he's making assumptions. Will thought the ISA went after bad guys but he's trying to murder his best friend. John warns him to stay out of this. Will wishes he could and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt before he started accusing him of anything. Will declares this has gone on long enough so he's calling Marlena right now.

Kayla gives Steve CPR and he regains consciousness. Kayla says they will run tests and promises to find out what's wrong with him. Kayla calls for a gurney, an IV hookup, an EKG and a heart monitor. Kayla orders a CT scan and an MRI as she sends the nurses to find the doctors. Kayla tells Marlena that they have to figure out what this is before it's too late.

Abigail tells Chad that it doesn't seem fair to get back everything she thought she lost and then the person that made it happen is gone. Abigail knows Chad loved Andre even if he disappointed him. Chad says it was complicated. Abigail knows Andre hurt a lot of people so it's not fair for her to brag on him like he's a saint. Chad understands she's grieving and he wants her to talk about whatever she's feeling no matter what it is. Chad says he'll always be grateful to Andre for bringing Abigail back to him. Abigail feels lucky to have him. Abigail just wishes she wasn't so unsure of things like how to protect Thomas. Abigail wants to know more about what happened because she has so many unanswered questions. Chad informs Abigail that Gabi has been arrested.

Sonny tells Arianna that he asked Gabi to let her stay one more night. Sonny hugs her and tells her so many people love her. Justin walks in and says that includes him. Sonny tells Arianna that she will see her mom in the morning as he sends her to Justin.

The man warns Paul that he doesn't have to tell him a damn thing. Paul brings up John not acting like himself and wants to know what he did to him. He responds that Paul doesn't ask the questions while he's holding the gun. Paul says they will have to do something about that then. Paul distracts him by saying John is coming this way, then he grabs him and they struggle over the gun.

John tells Will that he can't let him do that but Will feels Marlena deserves to know. John says not from him as he pulls a gun on Will.

Paul and the man fight over the gun with Paul ending up getting the gun in his hand. Paul orders him to start talking. He doesn't believe Paul will shoot him as he knows all about him and he's not a killer. The man then walks away as Paul looks on scared holding the gun.

Will thinks John is overreacting a little bit as there is no need to pull a gun on him. Will just wants to figure out what's going on with him. John says he was going to call Marlena and he can't let him do that as he wants to keep her out of this at all costs. John then gets a call from Marlena but he ignores it.

Marlena leaves a message for John that she knows he was going to meet Steve, but he collapsed at the hospital and nobody is quite sure what's wrong. Marlena adds that it looks like it might be pretty serious and Kayla is terrified. Marlena suggests John come to the hospital and hangs up as Kayla returns to her. Kayla tells Marlena that Steve's vitals are good and he's a fighter. Marlena encourages her about being strong. Marlena talks about times she was afraid that John was in danger or her kids were in trouble. Kayla wishes she knew why this was happening since Steve was in perfect health a few weeks ago. Kayla wants a diagnosis to know what they are dealing with but they have no idea how to treat it. They talk about running tests on him. Kayla wonders why they can't figure this out. Kayla points out that Steve didn't just pass out tonight but he stopped breathing. Marlena states that Kayla saved him. Kayla declares that she can't lose him when they just found each other again.

Will shows John that he's putting his phone away and not calling Marlena but he still wants to know everything going on with he, Steve, and the ISA. John declares it's too late as he already knows too much. John holds his gun on Will and walks away with him.

Chad explains to Abigail that Gabi is on the footage leaving Andre's office but Gabi insists it wasn't her but the woman had Gabi's key card. Chad adds that they have footage of Anna entering with the urn but leaving without it then seeing what looked like Gabi leaving with the lid of the urn.

Sonny asks Justin if he was right when he told Arianna that she would see Gabi tomorrow. Justin says he will do everything in his power to get her released. Sonny worries that being back behind bars was Gabi's worst nightmare. Justin brings up how it might affect Sonny and Will. Sonny hopes Arianna won't go through this again as it will be more painful since she's older. Sonny is thankful that Will is back in Arianna's life. Justin notes that Eli was with Gabi and agreed to stay with her all night. Justin says Gabi will need all the support she can get when she faces the DA tomorrow as Melinda Trask is a pitbull against suspects. Justin confirms no murder charges have been filed yet but it could just be a matter of time.

Kayla tells Marlena that she can't stop thinking about everything that could be wrong. Marlena encourages her to think positive. Kayla worries about not knowing how to treat Steve. Marlena hopes the tests will find new answers but Kayla says they are all at a loss. Kayla suggests it's just a medical mystery. Marlena encourages taking it step by step. Kayla gets a text from the doctor that Steve is awake and wants to see her so she heads back to Steve's room. Marlena checks her phone and wonders why John hasn't called her back.

John brings Will to the cemetery and shows him Andre's grave. Will apologizes for threatening to expose him without having all the facts. Will says they are alone now so maybe he can explain what he heard. John tells him it's too late so the time for talking is over.

Paul pulls out his phone and calls Will.

John tells Will that he knows too much. Will sneakily answers Paul's call with his phone in his pocket. Will then tells John that he doesn't get why he brought him to the DiMera Mausoleum so that Paul hears it on the phone.

Abigail worries to Chad that this sounds really bad. Abigail talks about running into Gabi that night and how she wanted to kill Andre for stealing her company but no one knows where she was the rest of that night. Chad believes Gabi was driving around to clear her head. Abigail brings up the urn being the murder weapon. Chad only knows that Gabi insists she's innocent. Abigail asks what he thinks. Chad admits he believes her and asks if she does too. Abigail confirms that she believes Gabi as well.

Kayla visits Steve in his hospital bed. Steve jokes with her. Steve asks if she really thinks the tests will tell them anything. Kayla says that's the point. Steve asks what if they can't since anyone can see he's getting worse instead of better. Steve wonders how anyone is supposed to treat what they can't figure out.

Sonny tells Justin that he knows Gabi has always felt Trask had it in for her since she killed Nick. Justin admits Trask wasn't happy with Gabi not serving her full sentence so now that Gabi is on the security footage and doesn't have an alibi, it's not looking good. Justin says he's just being realistic but he's handled Trask before so he can do it again. Sonny is counting on him for some good news. Justin says maybe he shouldn't bring up the other reason he came to see him. Justin informs Sonny that he went over his divorce papers and everything is in order so he can file them as soon as Sonny gives him the go ahead. Sonny questions he and Will being over just like that. Justin says he's sorry. Sonny hoped maybe Will's memory would come back before they finalized the divorce papers. Sonny was starting to believe Will would show up and remember everything about their life and love but he didn't so now he has to face the fact that he probably never will.

Paul tries to get through to Will on the phone but can't. John takes Will inside while Paul rushes off from the pier. Will questions why John brought him here. John says it's so no one can hear them. Will asks if that means he's finally going to tell him what he's been up to. John argues that there is no longer a point in explaining anything to him. John declares this is where the dead are put to rest as he aims his gun at Will. Will says he can't be serious. John asks if he looks like he's joking. Will tells him that he doesn't have to do this but John says he's afraid he does.

Abigail reminds Chad about how she and Gabi got into it over Andre's murder. Abigail hates that she asked Gabi if she did it but she just wants justice for Andre. Abigail admits she shouldn't have asked Gabi and then Gabi asked her the same question so she could know how it feels. Abigail admits it made her realize that she doesn't think Gabi killed Andre. Abigail totally believes she's innocent which is why she went to Stefan to reinstate Gabi but that was all before the footage. Chad tells her to forget about the footage and just focus on Gabi being adamant that she didn't do it. Abigail brings up what the police are saying. Chad brings up their situation with Ben and how all the evidence pointed to Chad and everyone thought he was guilty except Abigail. Abigail asks if he's saying she should fight for Gabi too. Chad thinks they all should since no one believes her so it would help her to know that someone believes her and she's not alone.

Sonny tells Justin that he knew this was coming. Justin knows it doesn't make it any easier. Sonny says he isn't going to stop loving Will even if he doesn't want to remember. Sonny decides he will have to face that and move on. Justin comments that the mind works in mysterious ways and how Sami went to extreme ways to try and shock Will into remembering. Sonny points out that didn't work. Justin encourages that something else could, something he never even considered. Sonny doesn't want to think about anything traumatic happening to Will ever again as he's been through so much.

Will tells John that he doesn't want to do this. John responds that he doesn't have any choice. Will brings up that John loves Marlena and questions if she will ever forgive him for killing her grandson. John declares it's a risk he's going to have to take. Outside the door, Paul arrives and picks up Will's wallet that was dropped outside. Paul then hears a gunshot from inside.

Chad and Abigail go to bed. Abigail remains too upset to sleep. Chad doesn't think he'll sleep much either. Abigail shows where reporters are already calling Gabi a murderer on her tablet. Chad shuts her tablet and encourages her to try to get some rest as they lay together. Abigail tells him that he makes her feel safe. Chad says he loves her and they kiss.

Marlena calls John again and leaves another message, wondering why he hasn't gotten back to her yet or if he's getting her messages. Marlena knows his meeting with Steve didn't happen so maybe he thought something was wrong. Marlena says that Steve is here at the hospital and questions where John is.

Kayla wants Steve to promise to take the sedative for his next test. Steve says he can't say no to her and makes the promise. Steve comments that the biggest bummer is that their one year anniversary is coming up while he's stuck in a hospital bed and he hasn't gotten her a gift. Kayla responds that he is all she needs as she lays with him. Steve assures that they will get through this no matter what it is as long as they are together.

Justin tells Sonny that he doesn't want anything bad to happen to Will but some day his memory might return. Sonny responds that he can't wait forever for that to happen. Justin encourages him to hold on to hope because if Will's memories ever come back, he won't just remember that Sonny loved him but that he also loved Sonny.

Paul enters the mausoleum and finds John standing over Will's body. John tells Paul that he shouldn't have come here. Paul checks on Will and questions what John has done. John then raises his gun on Paul. Paul questions what he's doing as John loads the gun and fires a shot.

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