Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/8/25

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/8/25


Written By Joseph

JJ asks Abe for his blessing to ask Lani to marry him. Abe thanks him for involving him. JJ says it's been on his mind as the next logical step since Lani became pregnant. JJ says he already knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Lani and now that they are having a child together, he doesn't want to wait.

Eli doesn't understand as he brings up Lani telling him that JJ was the father. Lani admits she lied to everyone including JJ. Lani apologizes for not telling him the truth from the start. Lani says she told him what he wanted to hear and made it easier to forget their mistake and move on. Lani cries that the baby complicates everything because they could both lose the people they love.

Kayla goes to her office where Steve is waiting on his blood test results.

John goes to the hospital to pick up Marlena. Marlena says she will sign off and get her things as nothing would make her happier than spending her evening with him as they kiss. Will and Paul watch from around the corner. Will complains that they have been following John all day and have no clue what's going on or why he's poisoning Steve. Will worries about John going home with Marlena so he wants to confront him or report him to the police. Paul wants more time. Will worries that more time means hurting Steve more or even killing him. Marlena tells John that before they go, she wants to check in with Kayla about Steve. The man that delivered the poison vial to John then appears and tells John that needs to talk to him now.

Claire is impressed by the dinner that Tripp made.  Claire asks if Tripp and Ciara did anything fun tonight. Tripp says they just hung out. Claire questions if there was any interesting conversation. Tripp asks what she's getting at. Claire admits she overheard Ciara thanking him for keeping her secret that she didn't want anyone to know. Claire asks what it was.

Steve asks Kayla what his blood test says. Kayla responds that it's still a mystery as it's an auto immune disease but they don't know the exact type. Steve complains that he just wants to know what he's up against. Kayla encourages that they will know more tomorrow when they see the doctor. Kayla suggests they go for a walk and then get some rest. Steve gets up but gets dizzy. Kayla sits him back down and asks what it is.

Will and Paul don't recognize the man who confronted John. Marlena comments that they haven't met. He responds that he knows John from Black Patch with Steve. He claims he saw this as his chance to hire him for a case. Marlena suggests he call his office to make an appointment. He responds that this is kind of urgent. John agrees to hear him out and tells Marlena that he will meet her at home. Marlena goes to check in with Kayla while John exits with the man. Will and Paul prepare to follow John but Marlena spots them and questions what they are doing here.

Tripp jokes with Claire about eavesdropping. Claire argues that she was just coming in and heard that so she wants to know what it was. Tripp refuses to betray Ciara's confidence since he gave her his word. Claire didn't realize they were so close and questions if there is something more than friendship going on between he and Ciara.

JJ tells Abe that before he answers, he should know he's getting his act together to provide for Lani and the baby. JJ explains that he talked to Kayla about becoming an EMT. Abe has no doubt that JJ is excited about the baby and he appreciates that he wants to be married but he hopes he's thought through this decision. JJ assures he has and he wants them to be a family. JJ wants to make it official before the baby is born. JJ asks Abe if he has his blessing. Abe hesitates so JJ guesses he still has reservations about him because of what he did to Theo.

Lani tells Eli that they both agreed their one night stand was a mistake. Lani blames herself for jumping to the worst conclusion after seeing Gabi and JJ together. Eli questions her keeping him in the dark about his own child. Lani argues that she was trying to not let him use the woman he loves. Lani didn't want to take his happiness away. Eli asks if it wasn't about her losing JJ too. Lani says she was protecting what she had with JJ too but now she feels she made everything worse by lying. Eli remarks that at least she didn't wait until their kid was an adult to tell him. Eli questions what made her change her mind now. Lani admits it wasn't exactly her idea because Valerie forced her to tell him the truth.

Abe assures JJ that his hesitation had nothing to do with Theo since he forgave him. JJ asks what it is then. Valerie responds that it's her. Valerie explains that they were discussing the possibility of JJ and Lani getting married and she shared her concerns about it. JJ questions why she has a problem with them getting married.

Lani explains to Eli that Valerie gave her 24 hours to tell him or else she would. Eli questions how she found out. Lani says Valerie went through her confidential records which surprises Eli but he realizes it's because of what happened with him and his dad. Lani mentions that Valerie told her that she regrets keeping the truth from him. Eli understands she doesn't want history to repeat itself for him to be kept in the dark about his child like his dad. Eli tells Lani that he meant it when he said he would be there for his kid. Lani suggests this could stay between them as she still thinks it's best for everyone if JJ thinks he's the father. Lani tells Eli that all he has to do is keep the truth to himself.

Kayla gets Steve some water and he says he's feeling better. Kayla asks about the dizziness. Steve admits it was a little more intense this time. Kayla wants to call to have him admitted overnight but Steve insists he just needs to sleep. Steve says they can deal with it tomorrow. Kayla calls him so stubborn. Steve says she knew that when she married him but he's already falling apart. Kayla kisses him and says she's just worried about him. Steve insists he's fine.

Will greets Marlena, not thinking she would be here this late. Paul claims they are here to see a friend. Will says it's a guy named Derek in administration so they walk off, leaving Marlena confused.

Outside, John questions the man what that was all about. He informs him that their boss Pamela Van Dam wanted him to remind John who is in control and that they have access to his loved ones any time they want. John warns him about coming near Marlena. He says John has nothing to worry about as long as he carries out his mission. He brings John a refill of the vial and reveals he saw John smash the other at the Pub. He says they would hate for him to abandon his mission. John argues that he never would've agreed to this if he knew Steve was going to be diagnosed with an incurable illness. He responds that they both know Steve is doomed and the ISA want him gone so this drug will slowly but surely kill him.

Claire questions Tripp again if he and Ciara are more than friends. Tripp says she's reading too much into it as they are just friends and he doesn't know why she thinks anything else of it. Claire brings up that they were pretty close before Ciara came back and now Tripp is sharing secrets and plotting breakups with her. Tripp says they aren't plotting anything anymore. Tripp says Ciara had it bad for Theo while he had for Claire but they are both moving on. Claire questions if he means with each other. Tripp says Ciara needed to vent and he had nothing better to do so he listened. Claire asks if Tripp is still her friend too. Tripp assures they are. Claire gets that he's over her and has moved on but she doesn't want him to pull away from her completely which he agrees to.

Valerie tells JJ that marriage is a huge commitment and just because Lani is pregnant doesn't mean they have to rush to the altar. Valerie advises they take their time and get married for the right reasons. JJ says they love each other and wonders what's more right than that. Valerie responds that sometimes love isn't enough. Valerie brings up that they have been through a lot and only just got back together. JJ gets what she's saying and appreciates her concern but he knows this is right. JJ insists that he loves Lani and they created a life together so he wants them to officially be a family. JJ hopes that Abe approves of him proposing to Lani.

Eli questions Lani wanting him to let another man raise his child. Lani argues that JJ will be a wonderful father. Eli questions how excited he will be when he finds out the baby isn't his. Lani cries that he will be heartbroken. Eli questions why she lied to JJ his whole time. Lani admits she didn't intend to but JJ overheard her talking to her doctor and assumed he was the father. Eli calls it a big assumption since they hadn't been together in awhile. Lani wanted to tell him the truth but he got so happy and excited. Lani felt he was himself again after everything he had been through. Eli questions if she was going to lie to JJ for his entire life. Lani argues that she will be living the lie too every day but she still thinks she and JJ can be a family and make it work like Eli and Gabi can. Eli responds that they will be living a lie too. Lani brings up Eli telling her how much Gabi meant to him. Lani questions what he thinks is going to happen when she finds out that he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. Eli admits the last thing he wants to do is hurt Gabi especially with this Andre nightmare hanging over her. Lani asks what happened. Eli reveals to her that Gabi is the prime suspect in the Andre DiMera murder.

Kayla asks Steve if he's sure as he refuses to stay at the hospital overnight. Steve agrees to let her bring him back if he has another dizzy spell. Marlena finds them and says she's been looking for them to check on Steve. Kayla hopes for answers tomorrow. Marlena knows how stressful it can be. Marlena tells them that she and John are here for Steve. Marlena adds that John has been worried sick about Steve and was up last night trying to think of some way to help him. Steve remarks that they don't make better friends than John.

The man tells John that he's the one who suggested using this drug on Steve. John says that's because it's untraceable. The man explains that it's poisonous enough to kill him and because it works slowly, it will look like natural causes. John points out that his wife and family have to suffer. The man suggests putting them out of their misery by finishing off Steve sooner than later as a few more doses of the poison and he'll be dead. Will and Paul hide behind the wall listening in.

Abe tells Valerie how much he appreciates and values her opinion and that she cares enough about Lani to express concerns. Abe states that he is still old fashioned so it's important to him that Lani marry the father of her child as that's best for everyone. Abe calls JJ a decent, responsible young man who clearly loves his daughter and her baby. Abe admits he hasn't always supported their relationship but there is no denying how happy he makes her. JJ agrees to do whatever it takes to make sure they have the best life possible. Abe gives JJ his full blessing. JJ says he doesn't know how much that means to him. JJ says he looked up to Abe his whole life and it killed him when he felt like he lost his respect. Abe assures he has it now as they shake hands. JJ appreciates Valerie's concern for Lani but tells her not to worry. Valerie assures it had nothing to do with him personally. JJ insists that she will see this is right. JJ promises to make Lani happy. Abe responds that he already has. JJ walks off to go look at rings. Abe hopes Valerie isn't upset. Valerie says she just wants what is best for everyone involved.

Eli tells Lani that Gabi swears she didn't do it so they just have to prove it. Lani comments on being unable to imagine being separated from her child. Eli says neither can he. Lani feels this is not a good time to tell Gabi about the baby. Eli argues that this isn't about Gabi but about Lani denying him his child for the rest of his life. Lani argues that the baby will be taken care of and loved. Lani questions if it's worth blowing up all of their lives over a one night stand that never should've happened. Lani says telling the truth means everyone loses including the baby. Lani asks Eli to please keep this secret for all of their sakes. Eli decides he needs some air. Lani pleads with him to think about what she said. Eli then exits the room.

The man tells John that they don't have a lot of time so they need to take care of Steve soon before anyone figures out what's going on. John assures that he's got this as the man walks away. Paul decides he's going to follow him while Will keeps an eye on John. Paul tells Will not to do anything unless  he calls first. Paul then walks off to follow the man. John calls Steve and says he needs to talk about a new client. John asks him to meet him at the office. Steve asks if it can wait until tomorrow. John assures it won't take long so Steve agrees to be there. John mentions that he will stop at the Pub to grab coffee on the way. John hangs up and walks away so Will follows him.

Claire informs Tripp that she has some very exciting news to share with him since they are back to being friends. Claire tells him about Brady and Eve talking about creating a contest to find the new fresh young face of Bella Magazine. Claire says they told her to enter. Tripp says she has his vote. Claire jokes about having an in since her grandpa owns the company. Claire says she's just thinking about her music since winning would showcase it in a big way. Tripp encourages that any magazine would be lucky to have her. Claire thanks him.

Abe tells Valerie that he can't believe how excited he is to walk Lani down the aisle after missing so many big moments in her life. Valerie remarks that no father should be kept from knowing his child despite the good intentions of the mother which she learned the hard way. Eli walks by so Valerie calls him over to ask if everything is okay. Eli says it will be. Abe invites him to join them for dinner but Eli says he's not hungry. Abe gets a phone call so he tells Valerie to convince Eli to join them while he answers. Abe steps away to answer. Eli informs Valerie that she can stop threatening Lani since she told him about the baby. Valerie asks what he's going to do about it now that he knows. Eli says that's a good question.

JJ brings Lani a rose at the police station. JJ invites her to dinner at Chet Rouge but Lani doesn't feel up to going out. JJ asks if everything is okay. Lani says she's just tired. JJ talks about always remembering her vitamins. Lani asks him to stop. JJ jokes about mood swings being normal. Lani never wants to hurt him. JJ encourages getting through the first trimester and moving along. Lani stops and says there is something she wants to talk to him about that she doesn't want him to hear from anyone else.

Claire tells Tripp that she's going to bed. Tripp feels it's kind of early. Claire jokes that she can't have bags under her eyes as the fresh young face of Bella Magazine. Tripp says he'll be sure to vote for her. Claire stops and tries to ask him what Ciara's secret was again but Tripp won't answer. Claire then heads to bed.

JJ notes that Lani sounds serious. Lani says it's not good news. JJ assures that she can tell him anything. Lani informs him that Gabi is being held as a suspect in Andre DiMera's murder. JJ argues that there must be a mistake because Gabi couldn't have. Lani mentions that Eli is sure she's innocent. JJ asks if he can see her. Lani tells him that she's being processed so it will be awhile. JJ feels bad for Gabi having to think about leaving Arianna again while Eli must be out of his mind. Lani responds that he has no idea.

Eli explains to Valerie that Lani wants him to keep quiet and let JJ keep thinking that he's the father. Valerie argues that it works well for Lani but asks what Eli wants. Eli hates the thought of pretending his child doesn't exist but says Lani is right that if the truth comes out, a lot of people will get hurt. Valerie asks what he's going to do. Eli admits he doesn't know.

Paul follows John's contact to the pier but he turns and pulls a gun on Paul, warning him that he doesn't like being followed.

John sits at the Pub getting two coffees and pours the vial of poison into one. Will watches through the window from outside. Will starts to text Paul about what he saw but John comes out of the Pub and asks what Will is doing here. Will says he was just looking for him and asks if he has a minute to talk. John responds that he's late for a business meeting but he'll hook up with him in the morning. John starts to walk off but Will stops him and says he can't let him do that. Will declares he's not going to let him poison Steve.

Steve tells Kayla that as soon as he's finished with John, he will meet her at home. Kayla questions if he really has to meet today since he wasn't feeling well. Steve insists he can handle a 15 minute meeting and John needs his input. Kayla tells Marlena that their husbands have a superhero complex. Steve jokes that they are indestructible. Steve says he will see her later and starts to walk away but he gets dizzy and collapses.

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