Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/7/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/7/18


Written By Joseph

Rafe tells Gabi that he is just trying to put the pieces together. Rafe has Eli zoom in on the footage to try and see the key card. They see something in the woman's hand, bigger than a key card. Rafe realizes it's the cover of the urn which has been missing since they found Andre. Rafe declares it's the missing piece of the murder weapon. Gabi insists it's not her but knows it doesn't look good. Rafe admits it's pretty bad.

Abe goes to see Hope in her office. Hope asks how Theo is. Abe says his treatment is going very well but he was devastated by Andre's death. Abe asks if there's any news on the investigation and asks about Hattie. Hope tells him that Hattie broke out of prison to try and provoke Anna to murdering Andre but it's possible Hattie did it herself. Abe adds that it could be someone else altogether. Hope informs him that Rafe and Eli are reviewing the footage. Abe wants as many officers on the case as possible. Abe asks Hope to keep Lani out of the fire as much as possible. Hope tells him she already planned too since she knows Lani is pregnant. Abe is surprised Lani told her. Hope congratulates him and hugs him.

JJ asks Lani if she's okay and what's going on with her and Valerie. Lani thinks back to Valerie telling her to tell Eli the truth or else she will.

Eli tells Gabi to calm down since the evidence is circumstantial. Rafe says there has to be a logical explanation. Eli says they will find out who the woman is. Gabi questions if they are going to arrest her. Hope enters and greets Gabi then questions what's going on here.

Eve comes downstairs at the Kiriakis Mansion where Brady tells her they are just going to the cafe in the town square. Eve is glad they have clear ground rules. Brady agrees there will be no more meaningless sex anymore. Eve says they understand each other then as they exit together.

Claire is getting dressed for work when Tripp walks in and jokes about them becoming best friends again. Tripp brought food but Claire says she just got called in to work. Ciara says she and Tripp can have dinner still. Tripp picked up the mail and gives them both letters which are invitations to Rafe and Hope's wedding.

Eli informs Hope that he brought Gabi in for questioning. Hope asks why so Rafe takes her to her office to talk about this. Gabi can't believe this is happening as Eli hugs her.

JJ gets Lani some water and asks her to tell him what happened and why she's so upset. Lani responds that she and Valerie were having a conversation about the baby.

Claire didn't know Hope and Rafe had set a date. Ciara comments on having a plus one assuming the wedding even happens. Claire asks what that means. Ciara says you just never know around here. Ciara invites Tripp to be her plus one. Tripp says he doesn't really know Hope and Rafe that well but he agrees to go. Ciara comments that it's too bad Theo won't be back so Claire will have to sit all alone. Claire questions if that was really necessary. Ciara points out that it's true. Tripp reminds them about their truce for no more fighting. Claire decides to just go and walks out. Ciara questions what her problem is when she got Theo. Ciara remarks that she hopes Claire isn't having second thoughts now.

Abe meets Valerie outside and tells her that he got Theo's treatment plan worked out. Abe brings up that she was upset before and wanted to talk before they got interrupted so he asks what it is.

JJ asks Lani if something is wrong with the baby. She says she's just upset with Valerie because she completely disregarded her wishes and told Eli that she's pregnant. JJ points out that they already told so many people like Theo and Abe so he questions why that would make her so upset.

Eli tells Gabi that DiMera is a big company so someone there could look like her and have taken her key card by accident. Gabi says she was really upset when she left so she ran out without her key card. Eli questions Gabi not realizing that she didn't have her coat when she left in the cold. Gabi thought he believed her and questions if that was a lie.

Rafe sits with Hope and explains that they saw what appeared to be Gabi on the video footage, so they brought her in just to be sure. Rafe says they saw someone enter and leave Andre's office that was a woman but they couldn't see her face though she had the same build, hair, and coat so it looked like Gabi. Hope brings up that Gabi went in earlier without wearing a coat and adds that Anna went in after that. Rafe tells her that Gabi swears she didn't go back so he believes her but her key card was swiped in the elevator just after the video. Rafe points out that when the system went down, no other card swipes were recorded so they don't know if anyone else went in to Andre's office during that time. Rafe informs Hope that he discovered the lid to the urn was in the woman's hand. Hope asks Rafe what he thinks they should do.

Brady and Eve sit together in the town square. Eve brings up that their previous dates haven't had much conversation. They talk about the weather then conclude they have nothing to talk about. Eve says they only care about work while trying to avoid talking about sex so Brady suggests they talk about work. Eve jokingly calls him a hopeless romantic.

Valerie tells Abe that she was just thrown by a patient earlier but she can't go into details and it's taken a turn for the better. Abe informs her that he just got an invitation to Hope and Rafe's wedding. Valerie is happy for them. Abe calls it a welcome change to be talking about wedding and babies after the past few months. Abe jokes that he'll be rooting for her to catch the bouquet, assuming JJ proposes to Lani by then.

Lani tells JJ that there is nothing bad about Eli knowing she's pregnant but she's just hormonal and overwhelmed by the unwanted attention. Lani complains about everyone talking about her body and telling her what to do. JJ apologizes if he's been hovering a lot lately or going overboard with the attention. Lani tells him that it's okay coming from him since he's the man she loves. JJ hates that it's so hard on her since she's working, carrying the child and dealing with the stress while he's doing nothing. Lani praises his going to therapy and getting his life back together. JJ credits having this baby with her for making him realize how much he has to live for. JJ reveals to Lani that he talked to Kayla about getting started with the EMT program at the hospital. JJ mentions Kayla offering a recommendation so maybe he could ask Valerie too but Lani says no.

Eli assures Gabi that he still believes her but he wants her to be prepared for the questions she will be asked. Gabi tells him that she didn't go back to the work room because it was a crime scene and she didn't go back for a coat since she wore a different one and didn't even realize it was missing. Eli tells her that he will always have her back and so will Rafe. Gabi thanks him. Gabi guesses he didn't tell Hope that he brought her in because he doesn't think she would be on his side.

Rafe tells Hope that she is the commissioner so the next move should be her call. Hope doesn't understand why he and Eli kept her in the dark about bringing Gabi in for questioning. Rafe explains that Gabi has been through a lot so they hoped she would have a simple explanation and it would amount to nothing but it didn't. Rafe insists it's not Gabi on the tape. Hope prays that he's right and understands he's trying to protect his family. Hope points out that Rafe has been suspended before for trying to protect Gabi. Hope doesn't think they have a choice other than to book Gabi on suspicion of murder.

Eve and Brady talk about putting everything into their work. Eve admits losing Gabi Chic to DiMera burned her so she's still not over it but she warned Gabi that Andre would screw her over and now it's too late. Eve wishes they could find a way to attract young female clients so they'll have to figure out something. Claire approaches as their waitress and greets them. Eve asks about her music. Claire tells her that her career has fallen by the wayside lately. Eve encourages her not to give up. Claire asks if Eve and Brady are dating now. They say no as they are just getting to know each other better. Eve brings up Claire being part of the demographic that Titan is having trouble reaching right now so she asks what product would interest her. Claire says a time machine since she and Theo are in the ultimate long distance relationship and it's going to be a long year. Claire then goes back to work. Eve comments that Claire probably feels like the only person in the world that's alone. Brady acknowledges that Eve does have a heart.

Ciara stares at the wedding invitation so Tripp asks if she's okay. Ciara says she knew Rafe and Hope were getting married but now there's an actual date. Tripp asks if she's worried that Rafe could cheat again which Ciara confirms that and that Hope doesn't know. Tripp thought she agreed not to tell her. Ciara knows it would hurt Hope badly and destroy their relationship. Tripp asks if she's having second thoughts about telling Hope about Rafe and Sami.

Eli tells Gabi that he doesn't know what Hope is going to do but it would be a lot easier if they had an alibi. Gabi insists she went for a drive then went home and to bed. Eli asks about Arianna. Gabi says she was with Sonny that night. Gabi knows how bad it looks but assures that she never went back and had never seen the urn before. Eli looks back at the footage and says whoever that is on the tape is probably the murderer.

Brady brings up to Eve how Bella Magazine was really popular back in the day and named after his mom. Brady suggests they relaunch it and bring it back to promote all of their products. Eve calls that genius which Brady jokes is the first time anyone has said that to him. They talk about doing a total image overhaul. Brady remembers a contest back in the day called Face of the 90s. Eve encourages that they can redo it. Claire comes back for refills but heard them say "fresh young face". Brady thinks Claire should consider signing up for this contest to be the new face of Bella Magazine. Claire decides maybe she will and thanks him for the tip as she walks away. Eve worries about getting Claire's hopes up when they don't know if she will be the one. Brady informs her that Claire's aunt Carrie was the face of the 90s back then and Claire is talented and beautiful so she has just as much of a shot. Eve asks if they are really going to launch a magazine. Brady says why the hell not as they toast their drinks.

Valerie tells Abe that she wouldn't want him putting any pressure on Lani since she's been through a lot and the pregnancy has been a surprise. Valerie points out that Lani and JJ just got back together so how do they even know they can make it through the long haul. Abe thought she wanted him to be more supportive of their relationship but now she sounds like he shouldn't be excited for them. Valerie thinks they should just let them lead their own lives. Abe remarks that if they were talking about her grandchild, he bets she would change her tune though Valerie disagrees.

JJ asks Lani why he shouldn't ask Valerie. Lani doesn't want him to think that he has to rush into a job because of her and the baby. JJ assures that's not the reason he wants to be an EMT. JJ questions why she gets so tense every time he mentions Valerie since he thought they get along. Lani responds that Valerie is just full of unsolicited advice these days. JJ suggests she get used to it if Abe and Valerie ever get married then she's their kid's grandmother. Lani points out that's if she and Abe get married. Lani decides she has to get to work so she'll see him later. Lani kisses JJ and exits the Pub.

Eli feels he should've told Gabi to get a lawyer at the start of this because now he'll have to testify to anything she told him in court. Eli says he will do everything in his power to make sure she's innocent but thinks she should get representation as soon as possible. Gabi starts to cry as she asks if he thinks she's going to prison. Eli notes he didn't say that. Gabi cries about not going back to prison as Eli hugs her. Rafe and Hope return to the room so Gabi questions what's going on.

Brady surprises Eve with a rose. Eve says maybe he's a romantic after all since she can't remember the last time a man gave her a flower. Eve had given up on the idea of falling in love again. Eve doesn't know what his game is but calls tonight quite lovely. Brady asks what makes her think he's playing a game. Eve says he always does. Brady feels she says that because she always does. They agree to go back home.

Ciara tells Tripp that she knows Rafe loves Hope but she can't help but think about the last time she got married when Aiden destroyed their family. Tripp points out that won't happen this time. Ciara believes Rafe regrets what he did and she knows he would never cheat on Hope again.

Gabi asks if Hope is going to charge her with murder. Hope responds that they have to book her on suspicion of murder. Gabi questions what that means. Rafe informs her that they have 48 hours to either charge or release her. Hope reveals that until then, Gabi will have to spend the night here.

Brady and Eve return home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady says goodnight to Eve. Eve kisses him on the cheek and says she will see him tomorrow. Brady doesn't want to push his luck but thinks they should do this again. Eve says maybe then heads upstairs.

Gabi asks what will happen to Arianna. Rafe tells her not to worry. Eli reminds her that she's not the only suspect here. Rafe assures that he will prove her innocence and she will be speaking at their wedding. Eli escorts Gabi out of the room. Rafe thanks Hope for giving her some extra time. Hope comments that Gabi is lucky to have him because there's no one better to have on your side in anything as she hugs him.

Ciara and Tripp eat their dinner together. Ciara asks if he will make the same dinner for Claire. Tripp says he'll see and apologizes for forgetting about dessert. Ciara questions how it's working out being distracted from unrequited love. Tripp compares it to Ciara not being with Theo. Ciara jokes about it getting better every day. Ciara is glad she has Tripp to confide in about her Theo obsession and about Hope and Rafe. Tripp agrees that it's good to have a roommate who is also a friend. Ciara can't believe she told Tripp that huge secret about Hope and Rafe then he never said a word about it. Claire comes back home as Ciara is telling Tripp that he can never tell anyone a word about it, especially Claire because she can never keep her mouth shut.

JJ runs in to Abe and Valerie in the town square. JJ wanted to ask Abe something as he got Rafe and Hope's wedding invitation so it got him thinking. JJ knows Lani has been really stressed out lately so he wants her to know that he's not going anywhere no matter what. Abe thanks him. JJ wants to do this right so he asks Abe for his blessing to ask Lani to marry him.

Lani goes to the police station and joins Eli in the interrogation room. Eli tells her it's not a good time but Lani says she needs to talk to him. Eli repeats that it's not a good time. Lani responds that there will never be a good time to tell him this so she's just going to get it over with. Lani reveals to Eli that she lied as the baby she is having is not JJ's, it's Eli's.

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