Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/6/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/6/18


Written By Joseph

Kayla is on the phone in her office, arguing that Steve's symptoms are worsening every day so she needs him seen today. Kayla hangs up frustrated as JJ then arrives. JJ says he just has some questions about Lani's pregnancy.

Valerie gets up to confront Lani and tells her they need to talk. Lani says it's not a good time. Valerie reveals that she knows Eli is the father of her baby. Lani tries to deny it but Valerie says she knows she slept with Eli on Christmas Eve and that she was broken up with JJ for a month before that. Valerie argues that a pregnancy lasts nine months and her due date is September 17th. Lani confirms she and JJ were broken up but says they were trying to work it out so they spent a couple nights in December. Valerie argues how heartbroken she was at that time and that JJ wanted nothing to do with her. Lani questions how she even knew her due date since Kayla wouldn't talk. Valerie confirms she did not. Lani can't believe Valerie went in and looked at her confidential records.

Abigail visits Andre's grave and talks about having the same dream about him trying to tell her who killed him but he can't. Abigail wants to know who took him away from her.

Stefan joins Vivian having a drink in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Vivian says Andre is gone and John has nothing on them nor do the police so they got away with it and now they can move forward with their plan with one less thing to worry about. Gabi walks in to question that.

Rafe and Eli start to watch the new footage in the interrogation room to see who visits Andre after Anna left. They come across someone on the footage who is not Anna or Hattie. They pause it and conclude that it looks like Gabi from behind.

Chad joins Abigail at Andre's grave. She tells him that she couldn't leave him after having the same dream two nights in a row. Abigail feels she won't have any peace until she finds out who did this to him. Abigail asks what happened with Hattie. Chad explains that she was brought to the station. Abigail asks if he has any answers for her.

Gabi asks what the one less thing Vivian and Stefan have to worry about is. Vivian claims she's just relieved to not deal with Andre anymore and won't apologize for that. Gabi feels the same way. Gabi thinks it's time they need to talk about getting her company back. Vivian argues that it's not Stefan's fault. Gabi points out that he is the CEO so he has the power to make it right. Gabi asks Stefan if he will step up or if he's just been stringing her along. Stefan responds that he has not been stringing her along so he will see to it that she is reinstated. Vivian remarks that he can't do that.

Rafe questions Gabi coming back an hour later which she didn't mention when questioned. Eli points out they are still missing an hour and anyone could have gone in there. Rafe insists that Gabi would've mentioned if Andre was dead. Rafe wonders if Gabi lied to them and if that is her going back into Andre's office to kill him.

Valerie sits down with Lani and says she's not trying to ruin her life, she just cares about her and her baby. Valerie wants to make sure she does right by Eli. Lani says she cares about Eli but feels she is doing the right thing. Lani argues that Eli has always wanted Gabi and they are together now so having a child with her would ruin his life. Valerie argues that she doesn't know that. Valerie insists she doesn't want to lie to her child about something as important as this. Valerie questions what she will do when the baby doesn't come until the middle of September. Lani says she will figure it out and tells her to stop trying to scare her. Valerie says she's just trying to get through to her. Valerie insists that Eli would want to help any way he can and would want to be a father. Lani questions if she told him. Valerie says she hasn't but talked about the possibility. Lani argues that Valerie doesn't know what she is stirring up here as this would destroy people's lives, especially JJ. Lani tells her that she doesn't know everything, like the fact that on Christmas Eve, JJ was planning to kill himself.

Kayla asks JJ what he wants to know about Lani's pregnancy. JJ wants to hear from her that everything is going fine. Kayla asks what he is worried about. JJ says there have been times where Lani wasn't as fine as she said she was. Kayla says she can't discuss Lani with anyone but she thinks it'd be okay to tell him that her pregnancy is right where it should be and the baby is developing right on schedule. JJ asks about hearing the heartbeat but Kayla says she hasn't yet. JJ adds that there is something else, kind of about Lani.

Chad informs Abigail that when he left, Hattie and Anna were both accusing each other of killing Andre. Chad says that Hope said they don't have enough to hold either one so Hattie is going back to prison while Carrie will keep an eye on Anna. Chad says both had motives. Abigail points out that Andre could have been murdered by someone else entirely.

Eli argues that if Gabi killed Andre, she would own up to it and wouldn't lie to them. Rafe points out that the footage is not great quality and they can't see her face. Rafe brings up that Hope said to call if they found anything important and he thinks this qualifies. Eli suggests bringing Gabi in to talk first. Rafe says they have a job to do. Eli says he just told Gabi that he believes in her so he doesn't want to bring her in without warning. Rafe agrees and tells Eli to call Gabi.

Gabi questions Vivian as to why Stefan can't put her back in charge of her company. Vivian suggests Stefan can't make decisions like that without running it past the board. Stefan says he can strongly recommend they approve it. Gabi assures he won't regret this. Gabi then gets Eli's call and steps away to answer it. Eli asks if she can come down to the station as he and Rafe need to talk to her. Gabi notes that he sounds serious and asks if everything is alright. Eli asks her to just come as soon as she can so she agrees to go. Gabi tells Stefan to let her know when he gets in touch with the board as she exits. Vivian questions if Stefan is out of his mind.

Chad asks Abigail if she still thinks Gabi could have killed Andre. Abigail says she asked her point blank which surprises Chad. Abigail felt she needed to be sure as she feels like Andre's only friend and she owes it to him to find out who killed him. Chad asks what Gabi did. Abigail responds that she got mad and asked if she did it so she would know about accusing a friend. Abigail says Gabi convinced her that she wasn't going to kill him but she feels terrible for accusing Gabi though she thinks they are okay now. Abigail hopes Stefan will reinstate Gabi. Chad brings up that Gabi has been to prison so she knows what it's like and won't want to go through that again. Chad doesn't think Gabi had anything to do with it.

Gabi joins Eli and Rafe in the interrogation room, questioning what is going on. Rafe informs her that they got new security footage from DiMera that they want her to take a look at. They show the footage from after she left Andre's office. Gabi swears it's not her. Rafe points out that it looks like her hair and coat. Gabi questions him honestly thinking that's her. Rafe wants her to be honest as he asks if she went back to Andre's office. Gabi swears on her daughter's life that she did not and it's not her in the video.

Lani explains to Valerie that if Gabi hadn't decided to stop by and see JJ then he would've gone to the town square and took his own life. Valerie informs her that Eli did tell her that. Lani says Gabi talked him down and stayed the night but when she saw them together, she assumed they were going to make love. Lani brings up that Valerie had encouraged her to talk to JJ that night but after seeing that, she ran to Eli because she didn't know what to do. Lani says they never would have been together in their right minds and the next morning, they found out how wrong she was. Valerie asks how JJ is now. Lani says he's better now that Abe and Theo forgave him but he's not completely forgiving himself since Theo still can't walk. Lani cries that knowing she's pregnant has brought JJ back to life. Lani worries about what JJ will do if he finds out the baby is not his. Lani tells Valerie that she cannot tell JJ the baby is Eli's and neither can she.

JJ tells Kayla that he's been thinking about what kind of work he wants to get into next since leaving the police force but he's going to be a dad so he has to have a job. JJ asks Kayla about possible EMT training. Kayla thinks the program is great. JJ says helping people is what made him want to be a cop but it didn't work out that way. JJ talks about seeing EMTs in action and what they do is amazing like when they kept Theo alive. JJ thinks he might really be interested in that kind of work.

Gabi can't believe Rafe and Eli think it's her on the footage. Gabi admits it looks like her from the back and the jacket is the same but she never went back to Andre's office. Rafe asks who it is then. Gabi suggests someone got a jacket and wig to get past security and into his office. Gabi wants to see the footage of the person leaving Andre's office so they resume it. Gabi points out that she's hiding her face from the cameras. Eli talks about the blackout and all the cameras should be able to track her movements so maybe they have a better look. Rafe adds that she would have needed a key card to get out. Eli declares they will find every person who went in and out of that building and which key cards were used. Gabi asks if they are saying they believe her. Rafe refuses to say anything until he sees the woman's face. Eli offers to call the head of DiMera security but Rafe says he will do it himself. Gabi begs Rafe to find something to clear her because she did not kill Andre.

Vivian questions Stefan becoming a hero when Andre had Gabi out in the cold where she belongs and they were going to enjoy that money. Stefan says DiMera has a shoddy reputation already and asks if she wants to be known as the corporation who kicked Gabi in the teeth. Vivian guesses he's doing this because of Abigail, reminding him that she is her brother's wife. Stefan admits he has been trying to will himself to stop thinking about Abigail and he asked Gabi out to dinner in front of Abigail but she has a boyfriend and could tell his heart wasn't in it. Vivian remarks that Stefan always wants what he can't have. Vivian says it's only the fact that Chad has her heart which she calls obsession. Stefan insists he's used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Abigail. Vivian tells him to grow up and get over it as she slaps him. Chad and Abigail then walk into the room. They joke about Vivian slapping Stefan around. Vivian says their argument just got a little heated. Abigail guesses it must have been about something pretty important. Stefan admits it was about Abigail.

Gabi tells Eli they've been over this and she never lied to him. Gabi insists she never went back to Andre's office. Gabi asks if he thinks she could kill someone because they screwed her out of a job. Gabi assures that she would tell Eli if she did it because she knows she can trust him and that he would be there to help him. Gabi asks if Eli believes her which he confirms he does.

Kayla shows JJ a brochure which he says makes him serious about being an EMT. Kayla thinks he would be great but it's a serious committment. Kayla suggests he talk to Lani about it and if he wants to apply, she will recommend him. JJ informs her that he won't apply unless he's really sure since this next step has to be the right one. JJ says he screwed up but got another chance meeting Lani. JJ remarks that the baby may have been an accident but it wasn't a mistake. Kayla says sometimes accidents turn into what they really want. JJ wants to be the best dad he can be. Kayla is sure he will be. JJ adds that the timing works out great since the training is 6 months and by the time he gets certified, Lani will be in her last trimester. JJ hopes Lani can take time off before the baby comes if he has a great job. JJ thanks Kayla and says he will let her know what he decides. JJ hugs her and thanks her.

Valerie thanks Lani for making her understand all that happened and all that is at stake. Lani says she loves JJ and has to put him first. Valerie feels continuing to lie to JJ is not doing him any favors or for the baby either. Lani argues that Valerie just had a few rough months with Eli after her lie but now they are fine. Valerie points out that she promised Eli she would never lie to him again so she won't. Valerie declares now that she knows Eli is the father of her baby, she can't keep that from him. Lani asks if she understood anything she told her. Lani cries that the truth will hurt everyone, mostly JJ because he's vulnerable. Lani questions if Valerie wants to be responsible for sending JJ over the edge. Lani asks Valerie if she is going to do it. Valerie responds that she won't run straight to Eli as she knows what she's done to her life today. Valerie adds that she can't lie to Eli. Lani begs her not to say anything. Valerie feels she will lose Eli permanently if she lies to him again. Valerie suggests Lani tell Eli but if she can't do it, then she will have to tell him. Valerie declares that one way or another, Eli is going to find out. Valerie agrees to give Lani 24 hours. JJ then comes out from the back of the Pub and sees them together.

Gabi doesn't know what she would have done if Eli didn't believe her. Rafe comes back in. Gabi asks what the head of security said. Rafe informs her that according to him, no camera recorded anyone leaving or entering the building but a key card was used for the elevator soon after Gabi left. Gabi asks whose card it was. Rafe reveals it was hers.

Abigail questions Stefan and Vivian having an argument about her. Chad says to explain that. Stefan says that Abigail asked him to put Gabi back in charge at Gabi Chic and Gabi was just here so he promised to do everything he could to make that happen which made Vivian upset. Chad asks if that's true. Vivian says it's not his business but she thought they should slow things down before over turning Andre's decisions. Stefan assures that he knows exactly what he's doing. Abigail assumes he's doing it for Gabi because she asked him to so she thanks him. Stefan says all she has to do is ask if there is anything she wants or needs. Stefan adds that what she said at the funeral was beautiful and made him wish he got to know Andre better so he thanks her for that. Stefan is sure Abigail will want to work the press release on Gabi's return as soon as possible. Stefan understands if Abigail isn't up to coming back to work so soon after Andre's death. Stefan says he can draft a statement or they can work together. Chad argues that there is no reason to rush a press release and he still has to get it approved by the board. Stefan is sure the board will authorize him bringing Gabi back. Chad tells him they just lost Andre and Abigail is grieving so they will spend the rest of the day with their son. Chad and Abigail then head upstairs. Vivian tells Stefan that Chad just put him on notice that he's playing a very dangerous game.

JJ approaches Lani and Valerie to ask what's going on and what happened here. Valerie says she will leave them alone and talk to Lani tomorrow as she exits the Pub. JJ tells Lani he can tell something big happened between them and questions Valerie wanting to talk to her tomorrow.

Gabi argues that it's not what it looks like as someone took her key card or copied it. Rafe asks what she did with it after she left Andre's office. Gabi says she was a mess and doesn't remember. Gabi says she left the office mad but didn't go back to kill him. Rafe is just trying to put the pieces together. Rafe has Eli zoom in on the footage to try and see the key card. They see something in the woman's hand, bigger than a key card. Rafe realizes it's the cover of the urn which has been missing since they found Andre. Rafe declares it's the missing piece of the murder weapon.

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