Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/5/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/5/18


Written By Joseph

Lani walks by the Pub, on the phone with Eli to tell him that she is taking over a case since he has his hands full with the DiMera case. Eli asks if she's sure she's up to it since she's pregnant. Lani assures that she wants no special treatment. Eli asks how JJ feels about her taking on an extra load. Lani tells him that he's fine with it. Eli advises her not to push herself as they hang up. Valerie then approaches Lani and says she wants to talk to her about the baby.

JJ walks through the town square with two toy bikes. Gabi sees him so he tells her that he bought the bikes for Lani's baby. Gabi jokes that they won't be able to ride for awhile. JJ responds that he can wait because he's going to be there for Lani and his kid for the rest of their lives.

Eli joins Julie at Doug's Place. Julie is grateful they have time to catch up since he's so busy with the Andre DiMera murder case. Julie asks if there's any interesting tidbits. Eli says there is nothing he can share. Julie was almost relieved when Anna was arrested but for a tiny moment, she thought maybe Gabi let her temper get the better of her. Julie points out that Gabi has killed before. Eli assures her that she didn't do it. Julie says Gabi is lucky to have a guy like Eli have so much faith in her. Eli assures Julie that they are very close to nailing Andre's murderer.

Hope, Carrie, and Roman keep Anna and Hattie separated as they scream at each other. Roman tells Anna that she needs to calm down. Roman asks Hattie if she wrote the letter. Hattie claims she's never seen it. Roman asks her again. Hattie admits she wrote it because she wanted Anna to know that Andre killed Tony and then Anna did exactly what she knew she would do. Roman shows Hope the letter. Hattie argues that she had to do it. Rafe comes out and asks what he missed. Hope informs him that Hattie was just about to explain why she wrote Anna a letter claiming Andre killed Tony. Hattie explains how Andre being out living his life didn't seem fair to her since he hurt so many people. Hope tells her to stick to the facts. Hattie says she was doing her work on the computer in the warden's office then she decided to browse the internet and she saw Anna and Roman on the Brady Pub instagram account which made her sick so she decided to try and get Anna away from Roman while also getting back at Andre. Hattie confirms she stuck the letter in Anna's purse on one of her outings. Anna calls her insane. Hattie argues that carrying ashes around and then using them to kill Andre is insane. Carrie holds Anna back. Anna argues that Andre got exactly what he deserved. Carrie warns her not to say another word. Anna says she's glad he's dead but that doesn't mean she killed him. Anna asks if she's free to go. Hope tells her that the letter doesn't clear her. Rafe adds that it might be further evidence against her since she had means and opportunity but now motive. Carrie says that's up for debate. Carrie hopes they don't plan to use the letter to revoke her bail. Hope agrees and tells Anna and Roman not to leave town. Anna tells Hattie to enjoy her cell. Anna tells Roman they are going but Roman stops her and declares it's time to tell the truth. Roman instructs Anna to tell them what she told him about the night of Andre's murder.

JJ tells Gabi that he heard about Andre stealing Gabi Chic from her. JJ asks if she has any chance of getting it back now. Gabi says it will take time but assures that she will have her company back. JJ feels sorry for anyone standing in her way. Gabi thanks him. JJ tells her that if not for her, he wouldn't be standing here right now. JJ adds that she made him realize he has a lot to live for and now he's going to be a dad. JJ has never felt this excited for the future. Gabi states that having a kid changes everything.

Julie tells Eli that he can't blame her for going straight to Gabi because she's a hothead but Julie agrees to stop talking because it's time to let go of the past. Julie loves Eli and wants him to be happy. Eli responds that Gabi makes him happy. Julie talks about seeing David in him. Eli wishes he could've known him. Julie notes that it's almost the anniversary of his death so she hoped they could plan a mass for him which Eli likes. Julie is grateful Eli let her be a part of his life since David lives on in him. Julie comments that Eli will understand that one day when he has children of his own. Eli thinks back to Lani assuring him that JJ is the baby's father. Julie asks what he was thinking. Eli responds that maybe he will have kids one day but for now, he's really happy with the family he has.

Valerie and Lani sit together in the Pub. Lani talks about eating for two. Valerie asks about the morning sickness. Lani says it hasn't been that bad so far. Lani mentions JJ making sure she stays on top of her vitamins. Valerie notes JJ being really excited about the baby. Lani says he wants to be a part of every minute of the baby's life. Valerie is glad for him. Lani guesses Valerie felt she needs to look out for her with Abe out of town  but says it's not necessary. Valerie thinks back to looking at Lani's file at the hospital. Valerie tells Lani that there is something they need to discuss but Abe arrives. Valerie asks about him coming back so soon. Lani asks about Theo. Abe says he's all set up at the clinic and asks how Lani is feeling. Lani says she's really hungry. Abe brings up hearing that a lot has happened while he was gone so he asks them to fill him in on what he's missed. Lani asks Abe if he's sure Theo is okay since she already misses him so much. Abe assures her and says enough about his kid as he asks about hers and how she's feeling. Lani says she feels really good. Abe asks about a due date which Lani reveals is August 17  but says it could be August or September. Valerie argues that due dates are accurate so if she conceived in November, the baby would be born in August but if she conceived around Christmas time then she would have a September baby. Lani says it doesn't matter to her as she will be happy as long as her and JJ's baby is healthy.

JJ asks Gabi how things are with her and Eli. Gabi says they are great. JJ is glad after the misunderstanding at Christmas Eve. Gabi assures they are so past that. JJ feels they deserve to be happy as they hug. Eli then walks up and greets them. JJ decides to get going and exits. Gabi tells Eli about JJ being in full dad mode. Eli says he needs to ask her something about Andre DiMera.

Carrie tells Anna that she cannot allow this. Anna argues that Roman thinks it's what she needs to do. Carrie reminds him that anything Anna says can be used against her. Roman assures that it will be alright. Carrie says she will end this if she feels Anna's rights are in jeopardy. Hattie is excited to hear the details on Andre's death. Hope informs Hattie that she won't hear it as she's going back to prison. Rafe calls over the officers but Anna thinks Hattie should hear what Hattie's letter drove her too. Hope agrees as long as Hattie stays silent. Roman tells Anna to go ahead. Anna explains that when she read that letter, she knew she had to face Andre and then she would know if he killed Tony so she went to his office that night and accused him of murdering his brother. Andre called her delusional and asked her to leave. Anna accused him of lying and of wanting to take Tony's place. Andre told Anna that he would never take Tony's place because he would have to pretend to be in love with her which is worse than death. Anna then raised the urn when Andre turned his back. Hope asks if she killed Andre.

Abe tells Lani that he is thrilled for her and the baby even though he wasn't excited about the circumstances. Lani points out it certainly wasn't planned. Valerie notes that she and JJ had broken up. Lani says they realized their mistake and they are excited to raise their baby together. JJ then enters with his toy bikes, admitting he got a little carried away but he got one blue and one pink just in case. Abe tells JJ that being a parent has a steep learning curve and you will make mistakes. Valerie remarks that the big one she made was not telling Eli who his real father was.

Eli tells Gabi that he and Rafe watched the security footage from DiMera and Gabi entered while Vivian was still there so he asks if she witnessed anything. Gabi says not a lot happened as Vivian said something to Andre about thinking long and hard then left. Eli asks if there was anything else. Gabi tells him that Andre then fired her and stole her company. Eli comments on her punching the wall on her way out of the office. Gabi questions what he's accusing her of and if he thinks she killed Andre.

Carrie declares this is over and tells Anna not to answer but Roman tells her to let Anna talk because she needs to tell the truth. Anna thanks Carrie but Roman is right that she needs to finish this. Anna explains that she raised the urn over Andre's head and was ready to bash him in the skull but he grabbed it away from her. Andre threatened to dump Tony's ashes into the toilet if Anna didn't stop coming after him. Andre told Anna that she could have the urn back when she came to her senses and told her to get out so Anna left in tears. Hattie questions Anna not killing him. Anna admits she wanted to but when she left, he was very much alive and just as evil as ever. Hattie accuses Anna of choking. Roman believes Anna and says someone could have easily gone in and killed Andre after Anna left. Anna asks if they believe her. Carrie wants them to consider dropping the charges. Hope says she's sorry. Rafe explains that the security footage cut out after Anna left the office which Stefan claims was because they were redoing their system. Rafe admits it's possible that someone came in after Anna left. Carrie asks about the other footage. Hope says that Stefan just turned it in and Rafe will look at it after this. Hattie can't believe Anna blew it. Anna says that's why she wanted her to hear that her letter didn't push her to murder so Hattie blew it. Hattie argues that she got what she wanted because Andre is still dead. Hattie wants to sneak back in to prison like she left but Hope warns that she will be talking to the warden about having her transferred to another facility with much more security. Hattie says she should've seen that coming. Hattie tells Hope to take care of herself. Hope tells her to stay out of trouble. Hattie tells Roman that love makes people do really weird things. Roman asks if that's an apology. Hattie warns Roman to keep an eye on Anna and watch his back. Hattie is then escorted out of the station.

JJ tells Lani that he will just put the toy bikes in the back. Lani can't wait to watch JJ teach their baby how to ride. JJ jokes about needing helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Lani tells him that he will make the most amazing dad ever as they kiss. JJ comments that it would help if he had a job but he has career moves in mind so he just needs to do some research. Lani tells him there's no rush and they will figure this out together as they kiss again. Abe tells Valerie that he had his doubts about JJ but the way he loves Lani and the baby makes him excited for him even if he is going overboard. Valerie remarks that every father to be deserves to go overboard. Abe asks how Valerie is. Valerie tells him that she missed him. Abe asks if everything is alright. Valerie says there is just a lot going on. Abe brings up Andre DiMera's murder and asks about Eli working the case. Valerie says it's keeping him really busy. Abe notes that Andre had his share of enemies so he wonders if the police have any suspects.

Eli tells Gabi that he just wants to know. Gabi tells him that she punched a wall, not Andre even if she wanted to when he stole her company. Gabi tells Eli that Andre threatened to call security so she left. Eli asks where she went after. Gabi says she was upset and didn't want to be there so she just left. Eli asks if she saw anybody. Gabi comments that it sounds like she's trying to establish a timeline. Eli tells her to just answer the questions. Gabi admits she ran in to Abigail and told her what happened then she said she would talk to Chad about getting her company back. Gabi asks Eli if he has any other questions. Eli says he's just looking out for her. Gabi questions how. Eli points out that he called her that night but she didn't pick up. Gabi argues that she was upset. Eli questions where she was and what she was doing.

Anna signs her statement and gives it to Hope. Hope comments that she hopes it's the truth this time. Carrie notes to Rafe that Hope is one tough cop and a great detective. Rafe asks if she's going somewhere with this. Carrie prays for his sake that Hope never gets a clue of what happened between Rafe and Sami because he won't stand a chance. Anna, Carrie, and Roman then exit together. Rafe tells Hope that was informative and asks what's next. Hope says now that they know Anna didn't do it, she thinks she knows who might have.

Gabi informs Eli that she went for a drive to clear her head. Eli asks where she went. Gabi says she went around the lake where there is no service. Gabi question if he's seriously considering her a suspect. Eli says he just needs to follow up on the footage to clear her. Gabi asks if her word is not enough. Eli says of course it is. Gabi points out that it wasn't when he thought she slept with JJ. Eli responds that he will always be sorry for that and he's sorry now for upsetting her. Eli assures this was never his intention and he knows she had nothing to do with Andre's murder. Gabi says maybe she's just being overly sensitive and questions people really thinking she could kill Andre. Eli says he doesn't and adds that he, Hope, and Rafe think Anna is behind this. Gabi argues that he could've started with that. Eli apologizes again and tells her that he trusts her completely. Gabi asks what do they have without trust as they hug.

At Doug's Place, Julie approaches JJ and asks if there is any news he wants to share which he smiles at.

Abe tells Valerie that he's happy to be home with her. Valerie is glad he's back too. Abe notes that she denied it earlier but he can see that there is something upsetting her. Valerie confirms there is something she wants to talk to him about while Lani remains at the counter.

Julie hugs JJ and says she's so happy for him but she's surprised Jennifer didn't tell her. JJ guesses she knew he would want to tell her himself. Julie says like Alice always said, nothing is more important than family. Julie assures JJ will be such a good father. JJ hopes he can be as good as his dad was. Julie tells him that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. JJ thinks he and Lani will figure it out as they go along.

Valerie doesn't know how to begin but Abe gets a phone call from Theo's uncle in South Africa who he asked to look at Theo's treatment plans. Abe says he can call him back but Valerie feels that is important so she tells him to take it. Abe asks if they can meet for dinner later so she can have his full attention. Valerie agrees so Abe kisses her and exits the Pub to answer the call. Valerie gets up to confront Lani and tells her they need to talk. Lani says it's not a good time. Valerie reveals that she knows Eli is the father of her baby.

Eli joins Rafe and Hope at the police station. Eli can't believe Hattie escaped from prison. Hope says now they know Anna wasn't the only one with motive, so Hattie could've wrote that letter to frame Anna for a crime she was about to commit herself. Rafe asks if she really thinks Hattie did it. Hope suggests Hattie may have wanted the satisfaction for everything Andre did to her. Hope notes that Andre really hurt Hattie and broke her heart so she guesses she just never recovered. Eli comments that they don't have enough evidence to arrest Hattie or hold Anna. Hope suggests they keep at it until they get a break so she sends Rafe and Eli to look at the new security footage.

Roman, Carrie, and Anna walk past the Pub. Roman assures Anna that she did the right thing. Anna is just glad it's over. Carrie responds that it's not over. Anna says she told them the truth. Carrie points out that Anna wanted Andre dead and was seen entering the crime scene with the murder weapon then leaving without it so until the police find evidence to incriminate someone else, this is not over and she's not in the clear.

Rafe and Eli start to watch the new footage in the interrogation room to see who visits Andre after Anna left. They come across someone on the footage who is not Anna or Hattie.

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