Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/2/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/2/18


Written By Joseph

Carrie informs Rafe that she knows that he cheated on Hope. Carrie tells him not to bother denying it because they know both is true. Rafe tries to deny but Carrie reveals that Sami told her they slept together.

Hope asks Will what this has to do with John since he said lives were at stake. Will says he wouldn't be here if he didn't think so. Hope asks if John is in danger. Will responds that John is the danger.

John asks Paul what it is. Paul responds that it's about him. John asks him to spit it out. Paul didn't want to have to do this but Will left him no choice. Paul says it doesn't make sense but he needs John to be honest with him.

Abigail says she doesn't know who killed Andre but they need to pay for it. Chad places the watch that Andre got him onto the casket. Vivian alerts that it looks like they have company as the door begins to open. "Marlena" enters as Kate jokes that they all thought it might be Stefano. She says she just came to pay her respects to Andre. Chad appreciates that but says it's just family right now. Kate argues that Marlena didn't care for Andre. Vivian mocks Marlena. "Marlena" tells them to go on with the ceremony. Kate asks if she's alright as she doesn't seem like herself but she says she's never been better.

Rafe tells Carrie that Sami promised him she wouldn't say anything to anyone about the night they spent together. Carrie explains that it took Sami seven minutes to spill everything. Rafe questions why she would do that. Rafe realizes Sami still holds a grudge over he and Carrie being together. Rafe says he won't make excuses but he and Hope had broken up at the time and he was in a bad place. Carrie understands Sami was too. Rafe acknowledges it was a mistake that he just hopes can go away. Carrie says like most mistakes, it's coming back to haunt him. Rafe asks if she's going to keep the secret or will she tell Hope that he slept with Sami.

At the Pub, Anna questions Roman figuring out who put the letter in her purse. Roman informs her that John tracked the watermark to Statesville Prison so whoever sent the letter had access to the warden's office. Anna questions who would write her a letter to tell her that Andre killed Tony since she doesn't know anyone in Statesville. Roman reveals he knows Hattie Adams.

"Marlena" comments on Andre's casket. Abigail asks why she's here. Chad says they are in the middle of a memorial service. She tells them to just go on. Abigail continues talking about Andre and reads one of his favorite quotes. "Marlena" mocks Andre so Stefan tells her to leave and Kate says it's not necessary. She refuses to leave until the coffin goes into the ground.

Will tells Hope that he won't pretend to know everything that goes on in Salem but he's spent a lot of time around John since moving here and for the most part he has been great. Hope notes that he cares about him very much. Will adds that lately John has been taking secret phone calls and hiding things from his family. Hope reminds him that he's an agent for the ISA so he's probably on a case. Will doesn't think this is about work. Hope assures him that John is one of the good guys so he has nothing to worry about. Will responds that he hasn't told her what John is doing.

Paul assures John that he trusts him and he's never let him down. Paul hoped it would never come to this. John questions what this is all about. Marlena arrives, interrupting them. Paul decides he needs to find Will. John stops him and says what he was about to say seemed important. Paul says it can wait. John suggests they fill in Marlena on what they uncovered before he leaves. John tells Marlena that she won't believe who sent Anna to Andre's office that night.

Anna asks Roman who Hattie Adams is but then realizes she is the woman who looks like Marlena. Anna asks why she would come after her. Roman says it's because she's with him since Hattie was infatuated with him. Roman calls it an obsession. Anna asks if Hattie thinks she's her competition. Roman calls it a theory. Anna asks how Hattie would know Andre killed Tony. Roman suggests she made it up to get Anna angry enough to kill Andre. Anna calls that an extreme way to come between them. Roman points out that for Hattie, Andre was far from innocent.

Hattie asks about making sure Andre is in the casket while they still believe she is Marlena. Kate tells her to leave as she's making a scene but she refuses. Chad steps in to escort her out. Hattie notices the watch that Chad put on the casket and complains about Andre. Kate realizes it's not Marlena. Hattie then confirms her identity and says she's here to dance on his grave.

Carrie assures Rafe that his secret is safe with her because it's not her place to tell Hope what happened between he and Sami. Rafe thanks her but points out that Sami said she wouldn't tell anyone then told Carrie. Carrie knows Sami cares about Rafe and wouldn't want to hurt him like that. Rafe agrees but they aren't the only ones he has to worry about. Carrie asks if someone else knows he slept with Sami.

Will understands John has a job that requires keeping secrets but what he's seen is a lot more suspicious than just a few phone calls. Hope understands he doesn't really know her these days but they are family so he can tell her anything. Will notices the ring on Hope's finger and remembers finding it on the floor at Sami's place. Hope asks what's wrong. Will informs her that he has seen her ring before.

Rafe reveals to Carrie that Ciara overheard he and Sami talking about sleeping together. Carrie is shocked that Ciara knows and hasn't told Hope. Rafe says she came close as she was upset but then changed her mind at the last minute. Carrie feels that's not the end of it. Rafe says Ciara has had a tough time since getting back to Salem so if she freaks out one time, she blows the whole thing out of the water. Carrie asks if Rafe has thought about telling Hope before she hears it from Ciara.

Hope tells Will that it's her engagement ring as she and Rafe are getting married soon. Will asks if it was Sami's since she and Rafe were married once. Hope calls that a long time ago and says Rafe would never give her something that belonged to Sami. Will wonders why it looks so familiar to him. Hope suggests he could be getting his memory back. Will feels it was recent when Sami was in town.Will then recalls finding it in Sami's place and she said EJ gave it to her. Hope guesses the rings must be very similar. Will tries to go back to the topic of John but Roman and Anna interrupt. Will asks Roman if he's cleared. Roman says they are out on bail but working on it. Roman says he and Anna need to speak with Hope alone and it can't wait as it's very important. Hope apologizes to Will and says she'll call him when she's done so they can finish the conversation later. Will then exits. Hope can't believe Roman and Anna bursting into her office like this. Roman knows she's still angry at him for the alibi he gave Anna. Roman informs Hope that before she sends Anna away, she's going to want to question an old friend of hers.

Vivian mocks Hattie. Hattie wondered when Kate would figure it out. Kate thought she was still in prison. Hattie remarks that she couldn't let prison keep her from an event like this. Stefan questions who this is. Hattie repeats her name and says she's here to make sure Andre goes in the ground and stays there. Abigail tells her to show some respect. Hattie calls Andre a two faced liar. Chad decides they will call the police. Hattie argues that Andre used and abused her. Abigail argues that he had a really good heart and she didn't know the real Andre. Hattie argues that Abigail didn't know the real Andre as he was vicious and mean. Hattie remarks that he deserved what he got and she made sure he did. Vivian says that sounds lke a confession. Stefan asks if she's admitting she killed Andre. Chad and Stefan try to escort Hattie out but she fights with them. Hattie shoves Stefan into Vivian, who falls over the casket. Hattie runs out so Chad chases after her.

Marlena asks if John has told Hope that Hattie sent the letter to Anna. John informs her that Roman is on his way over there and he thinks it might clear Anna of Andre's murder. Marlena asks if he thinks Hattie killed him. John suggests they all go to the Pub for lunch to get her up to speed but Paul has to go. John asks if he's sure since they didn't finish their conversation. Paul tells them he loves them as they walk away. Will comes back. Paul questions why Will took off like that. Will admits he went to go talk to Hope. Paul asks if he told her about John and the poison. Will admits he was going to but then things got in the way. Will informs Paul that Hope's engagement ring looks exactly like Sami's.

Rafe tells Carrie that he wanted to tell Hope the truth and he came close several times. Carrie knows Hope would be very upset but believes she would forgive him since everyone makes mistakes. Rafe calls sleeping with Sami a pretty big mistake. Carrie says confessing isn't a great choice but she thinks it's better than getting outed by an angry Ciara. Rafe is hoping that Ciara continues to see how much he loves Hope and how happy they are together so she just lets it go for good. They hear the commotion outside the room so they rush out to see Chad and Stefan dragging Hattie into the police station. Carrie questions what Chad is doing to Marlena but Chad informs her that it's not Marlena.

Hope tells Roman that Hattie is still in prison as she just received a letter from her the other day. Roman asks to see the letter so Hope shows it to him. Roman uses a magnifying glass to confirm the same watermark to the one on the letter in Anna's purse. Hope questions what he's talking about. Roman explains that Anna received a letter from prison. Hope can't believe she's just now hearing about this. Hope says he withheld evidence. Roman says she has it now and they are pretty sure that Hattie sent it. Roman points out that Hattie wanted him and hated Andre. Hope asks for the letter to have them tested to confirm. Anna asks how Hattie would even know about them. Hope says it's hard to tell. Hope then gets a text from Rafe that Hattie was just brought into the police station. Hope tells them to stay here as she exits the office but Anna refuses so she and Roman follow Hope out.

Will explains to Paul that just as he was about to tell Hope about John and the poison, Roman showed up and kicked him out of the office. Paul thought they decided to investigate before going to the cops. Will was worried about Marlena and Steve. Paul informs him that he had decided to confront John but they got interrupted too. Will says they are right back where they started. Paul doesn't want him to go back to Hope. Will is worried that Steve's life could be at stake here. Paul says that's why they are investigating. Will asks what if they take too long and something horrible happens to Steve or John ends up hurting Marlena. Paul insists that he knows John is a good man. Paul knows these people are barely more than strangers to Will but he needs him to trust him.

John and Marlena walk to the Pub where Marlena is shaking because of the cold and drops her purse. John guesses it's because of Hattie. Marlena admits she never feels safe when Hattie is in town. John tells her some things may be out of his control right now but he will never let anyone hurt her again as he hugs her.

Vivian gets up and complains about the casket falling over and a dead body falling on her. Abigail asks if she's alright. Vivian says she felt his hand on her, complaining that she was assaulted by a corpse. Abigail asks if they can finish the service on a positive note. Kate responds that they can if Vivian leaves. Vivian argues that her son is head of DiMera so she has as much right to be here as they do. Abigail tells Vivian to go ahead then if she has something nice to say about Andre.

Carrie realizes Hattie is the woman who tried to wreck Marlena's life. Hattie argues that this has nothing to do with Marlena. Stefan points out that Hattie said she came to dance on Andre's grave. Hattie says hearing about Andre's death was the happiest day of her life. Stefan and Rafe asks if she killed him. Hattie says she's thrilled he's gone but she didn't. Roman and Anna then come out so Hattie points to Anna, saying she did it, causing Anna to go after Hattie.

Will tells Paul that he does trust him and Marlena. Paul asks him to promise not to go back to the cops and help him get to the bottom of this. Will asks how other than asking John about it. Paul doesn't think John can tell him the truth. Will brings up what Paul heard on the phone and asks if he has any idea who John could have been talking to. Paul remembers hearing John say he would wait to hear back. Will says that means it's still going on. Will says if the vial was poison and there was no more on him then he's going to need more. Will declares he knows what they have to do but Paul won't like it.

Anna accuses Hattie of writing the letter that Andre killed Tony and sent her over there to kill Andre. Carrie advises Anna to stop talking. Hattie complains about Anna being with Roman. Anna shouts that she had nothing to do with Andre's murder and she won't let Hattie pin it on her. Rafe asks for a word with Stefan and takes him away. Hattie complains to Hope that Anna thinks she is better than her. Hope questions what she's doing out of prison since she didn't make parole. Hope asks what she was thinking by sneaking out of prison. Roman and Carrie assure Anna that they will get her out of this mess if she can keep her cool which Anna claims she always does.

Rafe brings Stefan to Hope's office and thanks him for cooperating in their investigation. Stefan claims he wants to find out who killed Andre as much as anyone. Rafe informs Stefan that footage cuts out after Anna leaves Andre's office for about an hour and asks if he can explain that. Stefan thinks back to telling Vivian that there was nothing to worry about. Rafe brings up that he left Stefan a message but he hadn't got back to him. Stefan says he was too busy attending Andre's funeral. Stefan talks about planning to update their security systems considering the recent hacking issues. Rafe says that's smart but doesn't explain the missing hour. Stefan claims they had to shut down the old ones to test the new ones. Rafe calls that convenient that they were shut down the night Andre was murdered. Rafe suggests maybe he did it on purpose because something happened in the office that he didn't want anyone to see.

Paul questions Will wanting to follow John. Will asks how else they will find out who is ordering him to poison Steve. Paul doesn't think it will be easy without tipping him off. Will argues that he won't suspect them since they are family so they will make him think it's normal while watching everything he does. Will asks if he doesn't like the plan. Paul comments that Will is sounding more and more like the old Will Horton, investigative reporter. Will asks if that's a good thing. Paul says for this case yes. Will declares they follow John to figure out what he's up to. Paul agrees and they shake hands.

Marlena asks John if there's any word on what's causing Steve's dizzy spells and blurred vision yet. John says he hasn't heard anything. Marlena hopes the doctors can figure it out before it gets any worse. Marlena gets a call and steps away to answer. John whispers to himself that he's sorry but it's his job to make sure no one ever figures out what's happening with Steve.

Abigail asks if Vivian has anything nice to say. Vivian calls Andre a wonderful liar who made her look perfectly sane. Vivian adds that he will be missed and then walks out. Abigail calls it a disaster. Kate asks what she expected. Abigail hates that they seem to be the only people who saw the goodness in Andre. Kate doesn't think he even saw it in himself. Kate says he could've done such great things as he had so much passion but he could never escape his demons. Kate thinks that's what got him killed. Kate brings up their marriage beginning as business and cries that they didn't have enough time. Kate places a rose on his casket and says rest in peace as she exits. Abigail places a rose on the casket then says goodbye and thank you.

Stefan doesn't know what to tell Rafe as he claims as soon as they finished testing the new system, the old one resumed automatically so he's afraid it's an unfortunate coincidence. Rafe doesn't believe in coincidences. Stefan points out that Rafe has complete access to their systems and cameras so they are an open book and he can investigate any way he needs. Rafe assures that he will.

Chad tells Hope he is going to check on Abigail. Hope agrees to keep him posted as he exits. Hope tells Hattie that it's time to send her back. Hattie suggests she sneak in the way she got out and nobody will ever know. Hattie then shouts that Anna is a murderer. Carrie responds that Anna didn't kill Andre as she was set up. Anna accuses Hattie of setting her up. Hattie says all she did was write a letter. Anna points out that she also got out of prison. Roman suggests Hattie could've gotten out and killed Andre herself. Hattie insists she didn't and asks if Roman believes her. Anna questions why he would. Hattie claims she and Roman have a special connection but Roman says they don't. Anna calls it an obsession. Anna suggests Hattie could have gone to get revenge on Andre. Hattie says there is no blood on her hands. Anna calls her an evil witch, insisting that she did not kill Andre. Hope, Carrie, and Roman keep Anna and Hattie separated as they scream at each other.

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