Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/1/25

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/1/25


Written By Joseph

Rafe joins Hope in her office. Hope says she has something very important for him to look at and it's their wedding invitation. Hope shows him that they chose a date. Rafe can't believe it's actually happening and they kiss until Carrie arrives which interrupts them. Hope says they were just looking at their wedding invitation. Carrie hopes they haven't mailed them yet because there isn't going to be a wedding.

Will reminds Paul that John was in the ISA for years so he knows about underhanded tactics. Paul says that doesn't explain why he would poison his best friend and he can't believe it. Paul brings up John lying to him about the phone call and the eye drops. Will suggests they could be looking at it the wrong way but they need to keep at it until they figure it out. Paul's not sure he wants to find out. John then shows up at the door, asking to speak with Will. Will answers the door then John sees Paul and questions what he's doing there.

Kate sits down in the town square and thinks back to being there with Andre.

At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian is in the living room and talks to the portrait of Stefano. She says she always thinks of him when going to a funeral and jokes that he could show up at this one. Stefan walks in and suggests she watch her back if Stefano did show up. Stefan remarks that Vivian asked him point blank to kill Andre.

Chad and Abigail are asleep in bed together when Abigail has a nightmare about finding Andre but he was awake and trying to tell her who killed him. Chad then wakes Abigail up from the nightmare.

John apologizes for interrupting but Paul wasn't in his room so he was going to ask Will if he had seen him. Paul says they were just hanging out. John asks Paul to help him with a case. Paul thought he was working with Steve. John responds that Steve is not up to it right now. Paul asks if it's the flu. John says it's a little more serious than that so he's pretty worried about him right now.

Vivian confirms to Stefan that she did ask him to kill Andre. Stefan comments that it wouldn't have cost much to keep him alive. Vivian argues that Andre was a liability. Vivian says Andre had a fatal flaw in that he was becoming nice so he had to go. Vivian knows Andre wanted to come clean and then they would have lost everything but he's dead and they are safe. Stefan responds that they are not safe at all.

Abigail tells Chad about having the same nightmare of seeing Andre and feeling like he was going to tell her who killed him. Chad guesses she's just having a hard time letting him go but they know who killed him.

Carrie tells Rafe and Hope that there isn't going to be a wedding because she intends to sue them for false arrest. Hope argues that Roman and Anna both obstructed justice by lying to them. Hope points out that there is footage of Anna going in to Andre's office with the murder weapon and leaving without it. Carrie argues that Roman wouldn't protect Anna if he thought she was guilty. Rafe felt they had no choice. Carrie brings up Rafe lying when Hope shot Stefano. Carrie questions this being how they repay Roman for doing everything he could for Hope.

Kate remains in the town square thinking about Andre.

Chad and Abigail get out of bed. Chad looks at the watch that Andre gave him. Abigail knows Chad loved him. Chad calls Andre complicated and at moments he was proud to call him his brother but then there was the other side. Abigail agrees that he was complicated but he was very loving, kind, and respectful to her. Abigail doesn't know where she would be if not for Andre bringing her back to Chad and Thomas. Chad says he will always be grateful for that and he hopes the unpleasant memories fade so they can focus on what he did for them. Chad brings up the memorial and suggests Abigail speak there as well since she knew Andre better than a lot of people. Abigail agrees and they kiss. Chad says he will make sure everyone is ready. Chad tells her he's grateful for her as they hug.

Hope tells Carrie that she's right that Roman taught them how to do their jobs which is what they are trying to do. Hope explains that she warned Roman and Anna that lying would only make things worse. Rafe says that's why they had no choice. Carrie argues that Roman was trying to protect Anna because she's clearly being framed. Hope brings up Andre being killed with Tony's urn which Anna never let out of her sight and she had no explanation for that. Hope tells Carrie that the security footage puts Anna at Andre's office at the estimated time of his death. Carrie points out that they don't have actual footage of her killing him so they don't have anything. Rafe calls it more than enough to arrest. Carrie thinks they are just trying to cover up that they don't know who murdered Andre. Rafe insists they didn't want to arrest Roman. Carrie argues that they are her parents and Roman is trying to protect Anna for her sake. Carrie cries that she can't lose them both. Hope says they are just trying to get the truth and she's sorry she has to go through this. Carrie wants to see them both now.

Vivian questions Stefan as to why the police would come after them since they arrested Anna and have no footage of the office. Vivian jokes that only Andre knows what they did that night. Stefan didn't mean the police but John Black.

Paul tells John that he's sorry to hear Steve is in bad shape. Will asks if they know what's wrong. John says not yet but he needs to keep business running so he needs Paul's help. Paul tells John he will finish up with Will and meet him downstairs. John tells Will to join he and Marlena for dinner some night. John then exits. Paul comments that John seems upset about Steve so he can't be doing this to him. Will decides they need to find out the truth one way or another. Paul has an idea but is going to need Will's help as he has a plan. Will assures they are in this together.

John and Paul go to the Pub. Paul takes John's jacket for him and hangs it up with his. Paul sits with John and asks about the case. John shows him the letter that Anna found in her purse and explains that Roman thinks whoever wrote it was trying to provoke Anna into going after Andre. Paul asks if it worked. John says Roman was tight lipped. Paul realizes Roman doesn't know if he's protecting an innocent woman or a guilty woman.

Anna joins Roman in the interrogation room and hugs him, telling him she's so sorry. Roman says she didn't ask him to give an alibi. Anna says she let him do it so it's all her fault. Carrie enters the room and Anna notices she's been crying so she hugs her. Carrie says they need a good lawyer and questions what Roman was thinking. Carrie hugs him and says she came to clean up the mess. Anna says Carrie has to get Roman out of here. Carrie responds that she will get both of them out but she needs to know exactly what happened, no more lies. Carrie asks Anna if she killed Andre DiMera.

Kate has a drink in the town square and declares that Andre was a bastard, but her bastard. Will walks by and comments that it's a little early in the day. Kate invites him to join her but Will says he has somewhere to be. Will asks if she has someone to talk to like Marlena. Kate insists that she's fine and she's just drowning her sorrows. Kate says the martini is a tribute to Andre as it was his favorite.

Abigail starts writing but tears it up and thinks back to talking with Andre when she was in the hospital.

Stefan tells Vivian that she told him John was investigating DiMera and connect that to this. Vivian agrees that John is tenacious. Vivian states that Stefano would have been able to handle it. Stefan adds that they also have a problem with Chad because he's still trying to take over DiMera. Chad walks in and asks if he can blame him.

Kate assures Will that she's fine. Will decides he has a few minutes and sits with her. Will tells her that he doesn't remember Andre so he asks her to tell him about him. Kate responds that he was maddening and always had a flare for the theatrical and pushing her buttons. Kate adds that if Andre loved you, he would fight for you. Will says he sounds like a complicated man. Kate calls him complex. Kate feels she didn't appreciate that in him until it was too late. Will points out that she loved him and he's sure Andre knew that. Kate hopes so. Kate thanks Will for listening but she has to get going to the funeral. Kate and Will both walk away.

Chad says that his father groomed him to take over the company. Stefan argues that he would've groomed him if he knew of his existence. Stefan states that he's doing what needs to be done to make DiMera what it needs to be. Chad says he and Abigail are trying to help him with that. Stefan calls Abigail a consummate professional but Chad will be waiting a long time for him to slip up. Chad responds that his overconfidence will be his downfall. Stefan asks if he's with him or against him. Abigail walks in and tells them to stop for the day since they are about to bury their brother. Chad agrees and exits with Abigail.

John and Paul go over the letter. John notes that there weren't any prints on it other than Roman and Anna's which they expected. Will walks in to look through John's jacket that Paul hung by the door. John starts to get up but Paul stops him and has him take another look at the letter. Paul thinks he sees a watermark which John checks out. John says it doesn't seem possible and it's a long shot but he thinks he know who might have written the letter. Will then exits without John seeing him. Paul asks John who wrote the letter. John decides he needs to make a call before he says anything so he steps away. Paul then runs outside to check if Will found anything. Will says there was no sign of a vial. Paul hopes he was wrong then. Will knows he wants to give his dad the benefit of the doubt but he thinks Steve has a right to know. Paul says not if it's not true. Will suggests letting the cops decide since they didn't find anything while Steve is just getting sicker. Paul asks for a little more time but Will refuses and walks off to call the cops.

Anna finishes telling Carrie what happened. Hope walks in and says time is up. Carrie demands they either be charged or be released immediately. Rafe points out they are allowed to hold them for 48 hours. Carrie thinks they've had long enough to make their case. Carrie wants a hearing to let a judge decide. Hope agrees to set it up. Roman thanks her as she and Rafe exit.

Vivian, Stefan, Chad, and Abigail join Kate for Andre's funeral. Vivian mocks Kate but Chad asks if they can not do this today. Chad decides to start by saying that Andre was often misunderstood but he loved his family and was proud to be a DiMera. Chad states that loving him wasn't always easy but being loved by him was. Chad acknowledges Andre's mistakes but he didn't deserve to be killed because of them. Outside, someone approaches the door. Chad continues talking about Abigail's close relationship with Andre being closer than his. Chad states that Abigail always chose to see the best in people. Chad talks about he and Abigail being unsure if they'd ever find their way back together but Andre always believed and fought to reunite them so he will always be grateful to him for that. Chad calls Abigail and Andre best friends then turns it over to Abigail. Abigail talks about Andre being a champion for her when she was in a very bad place. Abigail credits Andre for she and Chad being together because he wasn't willing to give up. Abigail knows in the end, Andre and Kate ended up loving each other. Abigail doesn't think any of them have gotten the chance to really appreciate the man he was. Abigail wishes she could tell Andre that she loves him. Chad hugs her as she cries.

Rafe and Hope return to Hope's office. Hope is glad that Carrie got Anna and Roman out on bail. Rafe says as long as they don't skip town. Hope understands Roman was trying to protect Anna and compares it to Rafe doing anything for her. Hope tells Rafe that she knows she can trust him with anything, especially her heart, as she kisses him.

John returns to Paul and asks if something happened. Paul tells him they have to talk but Anna and Roman walk in so John goes to greet them. Roman informs him that Carrie got them out on bail. Anna heads to the back to shower. Roman tells John that he could still be charged for obstruction and she could still be charged for murder so he's hoping John has something for him. John responds that he knows who wrote the letter.

Rafe goes back to the interrogation room and tells Carrie that he's glad she got her parents out since lying didn't help their case. Carrie asks if they can talk. Rafe asks what's up. Carrie informs Rafe that she knows that he cheated on Hope.

Will goes to Hope's office. She asks what she can do for him. Will brings up them being related and wants to trust that she will do the right thing with what he's about to tell her. Hope notes that he sounds serious. Will says that someone's life could be at stake and it's about John Black.

John and Paul walk through the town square. John credits Paul finding the watermark. Paul says John is the one who found out who wrote it and he didn't see that coming. John wants to get to the police station to fill Rafe and Hope in on what's happening. Paul stops him and says that Roman will take care of that while he has something to tell him that's pretty serious.

Anna comes back out to Roman and asks what he's smiling about. Roman informs her that John figured out who put the letter in her purse so now this whole thing is starting to make sense. Anna asks who it was.

Someone remains outside the door of Andre's funeral.

Abigail says she doesn't know who killed Andre but they need to pay for it. Chad places the watch that Andre got him onto the casket. Vivian alerts that it looks like they have company as the door begins to open..

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