Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/31/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/31/18


Written By Joseph

Brady walks into his bedroom, startled to find Victor sitting inside. Victor says he wanted his attention because they need to talk about Eve.

Eve walks into the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where she finds Sonny and asks if he's signing a big Titan contract as she mocks him. Sonny responds that they are divorce papers from Will. Eve guesses that means his marriage is ending but Sonny says maybe not.

Will wants to call Marlena because she needs to know if something is going on with John. Paul begs him not to. Will argues that he overheard John say he was poisoning Steve. Paul suggests he could have misunderstood. Paul asks him to give him time and promises to figure it out. Paul tells Will not to call Marlena yet.

John sits at the Pub with his vial and thinks back to talking on the phone about poisoning Steve. John puts the vial in his pocket as Marlena joins him. Marlena tells him that dinner with him is exactly what she needs right now. Marlena asks John if he's okay because he looks like he just lost his last friend.

Kayla takes Steve to her office and asks what Dr. Shah said. Steve says he isn't sure yet as they ran some tests and it's some kind of auto immune disease. Steve adds that Henry said he's never seen a case like it before and that it's a chronic illness with no cure.

Tripp goes home where he walks in on Ciara and Claire arguing over Theo. Tripp screams at them to ask what the hell is going on. Claire explains that she was video chatting with Theo but Ciara kept butting in. Ciara argues that Claire just hates their connection. They continue until Tripp tells them to stop because he can't take it anymore.

Kayla tells Steve that there are ways to keep the disease under control. Steve says they don't know what exact disease it is so he has to see a specialist. Kayla decides to call for an appointment right now. Kayla asks what else Dr. Shah said. Steve says that he said it was strange how it got worse the last few days but they should get answers from his blood test soon.

John tells Marlena that he's just hung up on a case. Marlena's phone rings so she goes to turn it off but it's Will so John tells her to go ahead and answer. Marlena answers the phone. Will tells her that he needs to talk to her in person as it's important. Marlena says she's having dinner with John at the Brady Pub so she invites him to join them. Will says he can't do that so he invites her over after she's done and to come alone. Marlena asks if something is wrong. Will says it's nothing major but he will see her later. John asks Marlena what that was about but she has no idea.

Brady asks Victor what about Eve. Victor says he was going to charm her, marry her, and rip Basic Black from her. Brady assures that it's working and he feels they will have the company back soon. Victor asks where he's at in this master scheme. Brady says Eve doesn't completely trust him and is questioning his motives while Sonny almost screwed it all up.

Eve questions Sonny saying his marriage might not be over. Sonny responds that he's going to contest the divorce with the help of Justin. Eve says Justin can probably hold off the proceedings for awhile but thinks he's fighting a losing battle. Sonny argues that she knows nothing about he and Will. Eve says that Will doesn't want to be married to him anymore while Sonny is trying to get him to change his mind. Sonny wants to just get Will to remember what they had. Eve points out that he doesn't remember. Eve thinks he just has to let go. Sonny remarks that Eve shouldn't give advice on marriage when it's just something she gets bored with, bringing up how many times she's been married. Sonny argues that what he and Will had meant something and was sacred. Sonny declares that Eve is incapable of feeling love.

Paul yells at Will for ratting on John. Will argues that if John is capable of hurting his best friend then he's capable of hurting his wife. Paul argues that he would never hurt her. Will says they can't know in a situation like this but he couldn't live with not saying something if Marlena got hurt. Paul insists he would've told Marlena himself if he thought she was in danger but the call was about Steve and he has to know the facts before he confronts him. Paul says he just has to believe there is a reasonable explanation for all of this. Will questions what that could possibly be for John to poison his best friend.

Marlena tells John that she reached out to Kate after Andre's death and she's in shock after developing real feelings. Marlena admits she wasn't a big fan of Andre but he came a long way to being a decent person. Marlena calls it proof that people can change and surprise you. John says not always in a good way. Marlena points out the way he said that. John calls it just an observation. Marlena questions his look and what's going on. John says he just has a lot on his mind with a problem he doesn't know how to solve. Marlena offers to help if he tells her about it. John responds that it will have to stay between them.

Tripp questions Claire and Ciara acting this way when he goes to work. He gets they both miss Theo and suggests they talk about it to feel better. Ciara argues that Claire doesn't care about how other people feel. Claire calls her clueless and self absorbed. Ciara mocks Claire. Tripp says that's enough as he is tired after a double shift and doesn't feel like being a referee for their fight. Claire blames Ciara competing with her over Theo. Tripp tells them to stop until he goes to sleep and walks out.

Brady informs Victor that Sonny warned Eve that he was using her. Victor hopes he did damage control. Brady says Eve is tough to read and now he has to build up her trust in him. Victor remarks that it's clear sex is not enough so he may have to change his strategy to get her to fall in love with him. Victor asks Brady if he will be able to get Eve to fall in love with him without falling in love with her.

Eve informs Sonny that she has felt love many times. Sonny mocks her marriage to Deimos. Eve admits that was not love and neither was her marriage to Jack but her relationship with Eduardo was a real marriage. Sonny points out that he was lying about his identity the entire time. Eve brings up being in love with Frankie Brady and they were the same age as Sonny and Will. Sonny asks what happened. Eve responds that life happened. Eve says sometimes you can fight for love but it just fades away. Eve knows Sonny wants to hold on but he has to be practical. Sonny asks if that's what she's doing with Brady.

Kayla sets Steve up with an appointment. Steve says being sick makes him realize how precious every day is and he's lucky to spend his days with her. Kayla points out they don't know what his problem is yet so they can't get ahead of themselves. Steve apologizes and says it's just a lot to think about. Kayla hugs him and says she knows.

John tells Marlena that he doesn't even know how to say this but Marlena's phone rings again with a call from Carrie, who tells her about Roman and Anna. Marlena thanks her and tells her to call back when she hears anything. Marlena hangs up and informs John that Roman and Anna have been arrested since Anna was at the scene of the crime. John notes that Roman's alibi was bogus then. Marlena says they have to help her. John says they are working to clear her since Roman asked he and Steve to look over a letter she received for more information. Marlena asks about the letter. John says he can't go into details but it's possible that Anna is being set up. Marlena asks if that's the case that has had him so distracted. John claims that it is. Marlena offers to help if he tells her about it. John wishes he could but the more he thinks about it, he feels it's safer to keep between he and Steve. John tells Marlena she can go ahead to Will's since he sounded like he really needed her. Marlena calls John a good man and a very good friend. She kisses him and then exits the Pub.

Brady assures Victor that he's in no danger of falling in love with anyone, especially not Eve. Brady insists he's done after Kristen, Theresa, and Nicole. Brady declares that love is not an option for him anymore which Victor mocks. Brady brings up that Sonny said Victor would probably never trust him again to be CEO and asks if that's true and he's doing this for nothing. Victor tells him not to insult him as he carries out his promises. Victor tells him to get Basic Black back and he'll put him back as CEO if he's sober. Brady questions why that matters. Victor argues that he's not worth anything to him if he's not sober. Brady wonders if Victor will ever replace Sonny since he's been the chosen one. Victor assures him that he will be justly rewarded if he carries out his assignment and gets it done.

Eve tells Sonny that he's right about her relationship with Brady being just sex but right now that's all she wants. Eve repeats that she has felt love and someday she will have a real marriage again. Sonny questions why she's wasting her time with Brady then when he's just using her. Sonny points out that Victor fired Brady so he had nowhere to go and he's probably with her to get back at Victor. Eve suggests she could be using him. Sonny mocks her relationship advice. Eve says she was just trying to help because dragging his divorce out for years will only cause more pain. Eve then walks out.

Paul tells Will that he's heard a lot of stories about John's past and how the DiMeras messed with his head and trained him to be a loyal soldier for their sick plots. Paul suggests maybe some of that training is resurfacing. Will asks if he's admitting that John's mental state could be precarious. Paul says that is why he has to handle this carefully and asks Will to give him a bit more time. Marlena then knocks on the door, asking if it's a good time to talk.

Steve tells Kayla that the doctor said it's like his body is attacking itself. Kayla encourages that symptoms can be relieved and complications prevented. Steve worries about his symptoms getting worse so fast. Steve doesn't want to be a burden to her if it keeps getting worse. Kayla assures he won't be and they don't have to jump to conclusions. Kayla tells him they will face whatever it is together. Steve tells her loves her and they kiss. Steve wants to go take a walk so they exit the office together.

Tripp comes back out and questions Ciara and Claire being civilized. Ciara explains that they felt bad about being pains lately. Claire says they realized they have been selfish and not considered his feelings so they made him dinner and straightened up. Ciara adds that Claire will move in to Theo's room so they all have more space. Claire tells Tripp this is their way of saying sorry. Ciara suggests they try to be one big semi happy family. Claire calls it a fresh start for all of them.

Sonny returns to the living room where Victor is now seated. Victor questions Sonny not signing his divorce papers. Sonny argues that he's not giving up that easy. Victor tells him to just give Will what he wants and move on to focus on Titan. Victor feels he can't focus on Titan if he's fighting Will in court. Victor wants him without distractions. Sonny says he gave up on their marriage once before and regretted it every morning so he won't make the same mistake.

Will answers the door and thanks Marlena for stopping by. Marlena asks what he wanted to talk about since it sounded important. Will says it is and then claims he just wanted to tell her that he gave Sonny divorce papers. Will says it wasn't easy but he never wanted to hurt Sonny. Marlena thinks he did the right thing. Marlena asks if she can come in to see his new place. Will tells her that he's still unpacking and is feeling a little tired. Will apologizes for not calling her back to tell her that before she rushed over. Marlena tells him to get some rest and enjoy his new place. Marlena brings up her concerns about him being close to Paul. Will assures that he heard her on that and knows it's a mistake to pursue someone who is still heartbroken over someone else. Paul listens in as he hides behind the door.

Steve and Kayla enter the Pub where John calls them over. John informs them that Roman has been arrested since Anna's alibi didn't clear with the cops. Kayla knew Anna would drag Roman into her mess. John asks Steve about the letter which Kayla questions. Steve says he'll explain later as it's a long story. Steve informs John that he got sidetracked so he will have to follow up on his own because he's not really on his game right now. John asks what that means. Steve reveals he just found out that he has an uncurable serious illness but they are staying hopeful.

Claire, Tripp, and Ciara play a video game together. Claire finishes and goes to bed. Ciara comments on Tripp still having it bad for Claire.

Eve joins Brady in his bedroom and brings him papers. She tries to leave but Brady stops her and kisses her, suggesting she stay. Eve tells Brady that she can't keep doing this. She says the sex has been amazing but she's been thinking and this isn't working for her anymore so whatever this is, is over. Brady responds that he feels exactly the same way.

Victor gets that Sonny loves Will. Victor thinks he could've done much better but you can't choose who you love. Victor points out that Will doesn't share his desire to stay together so he questions why he wants to humiliate himself by forcing the issue .Sonny just thought if Will had more time. Victor argues that Will has had all the time he needs and he's done with him so he should let him go.

Will thanks Marlena for stopping by and apologizes for making her come over. Marlena tells him to get some rest and she will check on him later. Marlena exits. Will asks if it's possible for Paul to pretend he didn't hear that. Paul brings up that even Marlena thinks Will moved in here to be close to him. Will insists that Eli got him a great deal. Paul thanks Will for not telling Marlena about John. Paul says he will move quickly but needs some time to figure out what's going on. Will thinks he means they need a little time because he's going to help him.

Kayla tells John about Steve's appointment. John asks if the doctors say what could be causing the illness. Steve says they don't know yet but are waiting on blood test results. Steve says he's wiped out and ready to head home. John tells Steve that he's so sorry. Steve says they will get through it. John adds that he wishes there was something he could do as Steve hugs him and calls him a good friend. Steve and Kayla then exit the Pub.

Ciara tells Tripp that the look on his face says he's still into Claire and it's obvious. Tripp asks if Ciara is still into Theo. Ciara calls it awful to be in love with someone who is in love with someone else. Tripp suggests a video game marathon as a distraction which Ciara agrees to.

Eve is glad she and Brady both agree that this isn't working. Eve says it will be strictly business from now on. Brady responds that it isn't what he meant at all as he meant he agreed that the sex is great but it's been enough until recently. Brady says it was casual and safe but now he thinks he's falling for her. Eve questions him. Brady hoped she might be open to seeing where they could go. Brady offers to take her out on a date.

Sonny sits back at the desk looking over the divorce papers and signs them.

Paul questions Will wanting to help him. Paul points out that he's a private investigator so he knows how to move under the radar. Will brings up that he was a reporter so he's sure those instincts will kick in. Paul warns that things could get really dangerous. Will says this concerns him too because of Marlena so like it or not, they are going to be a team.

Steve and Kayla walk outside where he stops to hug her and tell her he loves her so much.

John sits outside the Pub with the vial in his hands. John gets up and lets the vial go, smashing it on the ground.

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