Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/30/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/30/18


Written By Joseph

Jennifer goes to Eric's and walks in on him getting dressed.

JJ checks on Lani at the hospital. Lani says he didn't have to come for a routine exam but JJ insists and they kiss.

Eli is on the phone at the police station, shouting that he can't comment on an ongoing investigation. Valerie walks in but Eli says he can't talk right now with two suspects in on the Andre murder case. Valerie just wanted to know if he talked to Lani. Eli tells her that Lani said the baby is JJ's. Valerie asks if he believes her.

Will is in his room at the Martin House, going through a box of his things. He finds a book with a note from Sonny in it. Sonny then shows up at his door.

Kayla joins Steve in the town square and asks if his new glasses have been working. Steve responds that they were helping and then they weren't so he would like to know why.

Outside, John makes a phone call and says they are going to need another dose. John says he may be naive but he doesn't think it's crossed Steve's mind that he's being poisoned by his best friend as Paul then appears behind John.

Will asks what brings Sonny by. Sonny wanted to see if what Brady told him was true. Sonny questions if Will moved out of his place and straight to Paul's.

John says he'll just wait for their call and hangs up. Paul approaches and asks what's going on. John jokes about him sneaking up on him. Paul says he just finished a run and noticed it looked like a serious phone call. John claims it's just a work call with Steve. Paul thought he heard Steve's name and asks if it's anything he should know. John claims the client wants to keep it between he and Steve. John puts the vial in his pocket so Paul questions what was in his hand.

Steve tells Kayla that his vision is blurry again and worse before along with still being dizzy. Kayla decides they are going to the hospital then. Steve argues that it could get better on it's own. Kayla wants tests and a full check up. Steve says he has a lot of work to do. Kayla says work can wait as they are in this together so they walk off.

Jennifer tells Eric that she called but he didn't answer. Eric notes that he went on a run with Paul so he didn't have his phone on him. Jennifer offers to go until he's dressed but Eric says he's alright. Eric asks if she's okay. Jennifer informs him that she has some bad news about Roman. Jennifer reveals that he's in police custody.

Eli tells Valerie that he believes Lani that the baby isn't his. Valerie argues that it's not that simple and maybe Lani just didn't want to blow their lives up. Eli argues that Lani said she was two months pregnant so there's nothing there. Valerie would hate for him to be kept in the dark about a child that could be his which Eli compares to Valerie keeping his father in the dark about him.

At the hospital, Henry introduces himself to JJ as a friend of Jennifer's as he recognizes him from her pictures. JJ introduces himself and Lani, then mentions Lani is pregnant which surprises her. JJ thought he knew all of Jennifer's friends. Henry says they went out. JJ asks if they are dating and jokes about grilling Jennifer about her love life. Henry says it was nice to meet them and walks away. Kayla and Steve arrive so Kayla asks Henry to squeeze Steve in. Steve informs him that he's been having trouble with his eyesight. Steve explains that the glasses worked for a little while but the blurry vision is back. Kayla thinks there is some underlying cause. Henry agrees to run tests and takes Steve with him. Kayla goes on to JJ and Lani where JJ questions Kayla not congratulating him on being a father. Lani tells Kayla that she told JJ he didn't have to come which Kayla agrees with. JJ asks if they are trying to get rid of him. Kayla says he's just not really needed here. Lani reminds him a basketball game is on so JJ agrees to go and says he will see her later as he then exits. Kayla comments on JJ being excited about the baby. Lani says that's a good thing, insisting he is the father.

Eric asks Jennifer what Roman did. Jennifer responds that it involves Anna but she doesn't know much as she just got a tip that Anna was arrested for Andre's murder and Roman gave her an alibi. Eric asks about the charges. Jennifer tells him that they are both being processed right now. Eric wants to call Kayla. Jennifer says her contact didn't want it to go public but she felt he should know. Eric thanks her but wants to get down there. Jennifer says he won't be able to see him for a couple of hours. Eric says it's family so they exit together.

Eli apologizes to Valerie for how that came out. Valerie says one of the biggest regrets of her life was keeping his father away from him but she made that decision out of fear and will always be sorry for it. Eli was angry for a long time but understands now that she was just trying to protect him. Valerie wants Eli to have the chance to fall in love with his child. Eli insists that the baby is not his. Eli trusts Lani so if she says it's not his then it's not. Eli adds that Lani knows he wouldn't back away from responsibility if it was. Valerie calls him the kind of man who should know if he's going to be a father so that's why she wants to make sure Lani is telling the truth.

Will tells Sonny that he did not move in with Paul. Sonny points out they are under the same roof. Will says his cousin Eli owns the place and gave him a great deal while he doesn't have a job. Sonny argues that he could've just stayed with him if money was an issue. Will didn't want to leech off him and insists this is where he needs to be. Sonny asks about Marlena's or Lucas just getting out of rehab. Will says those are filled with family pictures and memory lanes but he doesn't want that. Sonny questions if he doesn't want to remember. Will wants to be who he is rather than putting his life on hold hoping he'll remember who he is. Will declares it's time for him to move on. Sonny asks if he means leaving him behind. Sonny sees the Tokyo Fab CD and says he hates that band, questioning if Paul gave him that. Will explains it was in the stuff that Sami gave him. Sonny looks over at the book he gave him and says it's another thing he won't remember. Will says his note inside was very sweet. Sonny informs him that he gave that to him the night he proposed and he still feels the same way about him. Will knows but that's why he had to move out because it's unfair to give him hope for the future when he doesn't feel that way. Sonny asks if hope is a terrible thing. Will then gives Sonny his divorce papers.

John shows Paul the vial he had in his hand and claims they were eye drops for allergies. Paul hopes it clears up. John responds that the situation will be over soon. Paul says he'll see him later and walks away. John remarks that Paul forgot his water bottle.

Eli tells Valerie to let it go. Valerie sticks on the timing being so close but Eli wants no more questions. Valerie agrees to let it go and ignore every alarm within her to be nothing but happy for Lani, JJ, and their new baby. Jennifer arrives with Eric. Jennifer asks Valerie about hearing of JJ and Lani's baby while Eric makes a call. Valerie claims they just heard and are so happy. Jennifer says she and Valerie can be grandmothers together.

Kayla checks Lani out and says everything looks great, advising her to get her rest and take her vitamins. Kayla questions Lani not giving any more thought to who the father really is. Lani says she thought about it but now Abe knows and told Valerie while JJ told Theo and Jennifer. Kayla asks about Eli's reaction. Lani admitted he wondered but she lied and told him the baby is JJ's which Eli accepted. Lani is sure Eli was relieved since he would want to step in to help her raise the kid. Lani says their relationships would just crash and burn which isn't happy for anyone. Kayla worries about keeping a lie like this and says there is still time to reconsider. Lani insists it's the right thing for them. Lani knows Kayla doesn't approve but says that's how it has to be.

Will tells Sonny that he's sorry but if they are making a break, it should be a clean one. Sonny comments that it didn't take long. Will knows it's hard. Sonny questions if it is since Will doesn't seem to have a problem getting on with his life. Will says everything is in order so as soon as he signs the papers then they can file for divorce. Sonny questions it being so easy. Will is sorry he can't be the man he loved. Sonny declares one day, he will remember their life together. Sonny adds that it wasn't perfect but they loved each other and he will remember that. Sonny says when he does, Will is going to realize that everything he wrote in the book is true. Sonny then exits.

Eric questions Eli as to what Roman is being charged with. Eli says that's up to the DA. Eric can't believe this and wants to get an attorney. Eli believes they already spoke with Carrie. Eric feels there must be more he can do. Eli says they won't be able to talk to Roman for several hours so they might as well go home.

Valerie goes in to see Lani at the hospital, hoping they could talk. Lani asks what's up. Valerie informs her that Eli told her about what happened between them on Christmas Eve and now she's pregnant. Lani says they made a mistake which is why she already spoke with Eli because the baby is not his. Lani insists the baby is JJ's. Valerie asks if she's 100% sure of that. Lani claims she's just a little over two months along. Lani says she and Eli just made a mistake they regret but it would be great if Valerie would just accept the truth and be happy for her and JJ. Valerie agrees and hugs her. Lani then exits.

JJ sits at the Pub having a drink when Sonny approaches him. Sonny shows JJ the divorce papers from Will. JJ tells him he's sorry as he thought Will was in to making it work. Sonny says it's hard to make it work when only he remembers. JJ suggests Will needs more time. Sonny says he's tried but Will wants his freedom. Sonny talks about getting this miracle then the future he wanted with him is a black hole. JJ knows the feeling after he shot Theo. Sonny apologizes for not being there for him. JJ talks about things never looking better for him. JJ then reveals to Sonny that Lani is pregnant. Sonny calls that amazing and congratulates him. JJ jokes that he'll have to give him some dad tips. JJ encourages that the divorce is just papers while he hopes Will is going to remember in time.

Paul goes to Will's room and brings him a toolbox to hang pictures. Will invites him in but Paul says no and thanks him anyway. Will asks if everything is okay. Paul says not really. Will asks if he wants to talk about it so Paul says he would like that and comes in anyways.

Eric and Jennifer walk through the town square. Eric can't believe Roman got into this mess because of Anna. Jennifer says Roman wouldn't have done this unless he felt he had to. They talk about Roman and Anna's history. Eric wonders what Roman is thinking. Jennifer says sometimes they do things for people they care about even when it seems crazy. Jennifer suggests Roman is trying to help someone he loves. Eric questions him lying to the police and calls it crazy. Jennifer compares it to Eric rescuing Hope at his cabin. Eric calls that different. Jennifer jokes that the Brady men just want to save the world.

Will asks Paul what's going on. Paul wishes he knew and in a weird way, it affects Will too. Will says he has his attention now. Paul reveals he thinks John is doing something terrible. Paul informs him that he's not completely sure but he swears he heard him tell someone on the phone that he was poisoning his best friend. Will asks if it could've been a code for a case. Paul says they are all partners so he would've known if it was a case. Paul says John lied to him and said he was talking to Steve. Paul feels that something is wrong. Will asks if he has any other proof that he's poisoning Steve. Paul talks about Steve's vision going blurry and having dizzy spells. Paul mentions John having a vial in his hand that he tried to hide and then claimed were eyedrops. Paul says John has never been anything but honest with him. Paul wonders if John is doing something to hurt Steve.

John remains outside with Paul's water bottle in his hands. A man approaches him and gives John another vial, telling him he knows how important this is. He asks if John is having second thoughts.

Valerie finds Kayla at the hospital. Kayla sees Steve and tells her she has to go talk to him. Kayla checks on Steve and asks about his exam and symptoms. Steve thinks they should talk in her office. With Kayla distracted, Valerie steals Lani's file from the front desk.

Eric thanks Jennifer for talking him down. Jennifer notes that he would'ev done the same for her. Eric apologizes about the other night. Jennifer admits she overreacted. Eric invites her to dinner to thank her but Henry arrives. Henry asks Jennifer about going to dinner which she agrees to. Jennifer asks Eric if he's good which he claims he is. Jennifer says she'll check in with him later. Eric thanks her for everything as Jennifer then leaves with Henry.

Eli stands at Lani's desk and thinks back to her telling him that the baby isn't his. Eli then pulls out his phone and calls Gabi to see if they are still on for dinner. Gabi confirms so Eli says he will see her soon.

Lani joins JJ at the Pub. JJ tells her that she and the baby are the most important things in his life. JJ asks about her appointment. Lani says everything is good. JJ kisses her and hugs her, expressing his excitement about having a baby.

Valerie goes in to the hospital room with Lani's file and declares she's going to see if Lani is telling her and Eli the truth. Valerie opens the file, upset by what she sees.

Sonny sits at home and goes over the divorce papers. Sonny picks up the pen to sign them.

Will questions Paul thinking John could be poisoning Steve. Paul is terrified by the idea that John could be secretly poisoning Steve while playing it cool with him. Will wants to call Marlena because she needs to know if something is going on with John.

John tells the man that this is Steve, who isn't just his business partner but his best friend. He tells John to just get the job done and walks off.

Kayla guesses Steve's diagnosis wasn't good which Steve confirms it wasn't.

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