Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/29/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/29/18


Written By Joseph

JJ goes to Hope's office, asking if she's seen Lani. Hope mentions that Lani went out for fresh air. JJ questions if that's all she said and if she's alright.

Gabi walks outside and finds Lani on the bench. Gabi asks if she's okay. Lani responds that she will be. Gabi asks what that means. Lani responds that she has something to tell her. Gabi notes that she sounds serious. Lani suggests she sit down if she has the time since it's not easy for her to talk about. Gabi jokes that she got fired from her job so she has all the time. Lani guesses maybe she's supposed to tell her since she ran into her alone. Gabi tells her that she's here for whatever it is. Lani then informs Gabi that she is pregnant.

Eli and Rafe watch the DiMera Office security footage and see Vivian go into Andre's office after him. Eli wonders why since they didn't get along. Rafe points out that Vivian didn't get along with anyone. Eli jokes about already hating her after she returned at the New Year's party. Rafe says they have Anna on tape with the murder weapon but Vivian is certifiable as well. They conclude Vivian is a suspect too and she's at the top of the list.

Vivian joins Stefan in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, questioning why the police was there. Stefan asks why else they would be here other than Andre's murder. Stefan shows her the warrant from the security footage outside the offices. Vivian says they have to squash this but Stefan informs her that he already sent over the footage. Vivian questions if he's out of his mind.

Roman joins Anna at a table at the Pub. Anna complains of feeling alone without Tony's ashes. Anna calls it divine retribution that Tony killed Andre in a way. Anna remarks that Andre finally got what was coming to him. Roman advises her to keep those comments to herself. Anna doesn't think he should have told the police that they were together that night. Roman tells her not to worry about it. Anna brings up that Hope said she shouldn't let him lie for her and that he could get hurt. Roman insists that he just bought them time to deal with this. Roman is sure it will all work out since John is on the case. Anna is surprised he told John. Roman says they need to know who wrote that letter and John is the best. Anna can't believe Roman showed John the letter and asks if he realizes what he's done.

John slips something into Steve's tea while he's reading the letter to Anna. Steve says Anna is the prime suspect but Roman gave her an alibi. Steve asks if John believes it. John believes Roman is worried about Anna. Steve says if the cops can put her at the crime scene, that gives her means, motive, and opportunity so Roman should be worried.

Hope tells JJ that Lani seemed a little under the weather but informs him that Lani did tell her she's pregnant. JJ is surprised Lani told her. Hope hugs him and says she's so happy for him. JJ asks if she thinks they are too young. Hope assures that's not the case. JJ can't wait for the baby to start kicking. Hope recalls having Shawn. Hope asks if he's told anyone else. JJ says only Jennifer and he wants to tell the world but Lani wanted to keep it secret which is why he was surprised she told Hope. JJ wonders if maybe it means she's ready to start telling people.

Gabi is surprised to hear Lani is pregnant and asks if it was planned. Lani says they weren't trying but they are happy about it. Lani calls it an adjustment. Gabi relates to Arianna being a surprise. Gabi talks about being scared and worried for her life changing. Gabi now can't imagine her life without Arianna. Lani says listening to Gabi cheered her up. Gabi encourages that she and JJ are together and happy. Lani says she isn't far along which is why she is waiting to tell people but she wanted Gabi to hear it from her. Gabi brings up that she seemed pretty upset when she first saw her and she seems happy about the pregnancy so that can't be it. Lani reveals she was upset because of Eli.

Steve and John continue to go over the letter. John says anyone who was at Doug's Place that night heard Anna threaten Andre. John points out that Roman came in to steer her away from Andre that night. Steve asks if he thinks Roman is lying to protect her. John doesn't know for sure but knows he's overly protective of her. John admits he thinks Roman is afraid Anna might have done it.

Roman assures Anna that they can trust John. Roman blames the letter for her being setup which is why he gave it to John. Roman insists he will continue to help her no matter what.

Rafe tells Eli that they can't jump to conclusions about Vivian then they decide to continue the footage.

Vivian questions why Stefan would give the footage when it will only implicate them. Vivian asks how he could be so stupid as she then turns around to see Kate in the doorway. Vivian questions how long she was there. Stefan tells Kate that he's sorry about Andre and offers anything they can do to help. Kate warns Vivian to keep her mouth shut and walks out. Stefan agrees before she gets them both in big trouble.

Rafe and Eli watch the security footage from the DiMera Offices, showing Vivian go in to Andre's office and then Gabi arrived and went inside. Eli points out that Vivian is still in there. Rafe says now they can know what they were talking about. The footage shows Vivian exit the office looking upset. Rafe says that Gabi was then in there alone with Andre. They see Gabi walk out, punch the wall and walk away.

Gabi asks Lani why she's upset because of Eli. Lani explains that she wanted to wait on telling people about her pregnancy but now that she knows Eli knows and he heard it from Valerie, who heard it from Abe. Gabi asks about her being upset. Lani just wishes people wouldn't talk about what's happening to her body when she should be the one to tell people. Gabi encourages that people love the idea of babies so she understands they get excited. Gabi relates her experience and encourages her. Gabi points out that JJ and Lani were broken up over the holidays then declares that she just realized something.

JJ admits to Hope that he wishes Lani didn't have such a dangerous job and tried to talk her in to taking it a little easier but it didn't work. JJ acknowledges she's really independent which he likes. JJ asks Hope to watch out for Lani which she agrees to do. JJ knows Lani is the one working while he's looking for a job. Hope offers to make a recommendation for him. Hope comments that it looks like he found his focus. JJ is happy he got to tell Theo about the baby before he left. Hope has no doubt he will be a good father.

Gabi guesses Lani was already pregnant when she saw her and JJ on Christmas Eve. Lani says she didn't know then. Gabi is glad everything got cleared up and she knows nothing happened that night. Lani calls that a really terrible time for JJ and she's really glad Gabi was a good friend to him. Gabi was relieved that he responded to what she was saying. Gabi is grateful she could help JJ in that way. Gabi encourages Lani and JJ having a baby together as the best thing that could happen to them. Gabi thinks it will give JJ a sense of purpose and to keep healing. Gabi brings up Lani getting her earring from Eli. Gabi jokes that when she found the earring, she jumped to conclusions and didn't stop to think that Lani just wanted to talk to Eli after seeing her with JJ. Lani is glad things are going well for her and Eli now. Gabi doesn't know if she would have got through the last few days without him. Lani is glad Eli was there for her. Lani mentions having to get back to work. Gabi asks to go with her so she can check on Eli. Gabi tells Lani that she's so grateful that they can all be friends as they walk off together.

Eli guesses Gabi just found out she got fired at that point in the footage. Rafe asks if Gabi talked to him about it that night. Eli says he didn't talk to her until the next day. Eli goes over Andre firing Gabi right before the launch. Rafe knows he gives Eli a hard time for dating his sister but he thanks him for wanting to hurt whoever hurts Gabi. Eli says he feels bad every time he thinks about Gabi being hurt.

Vivian assures Stefan that she doesn't make mistakes. Stefan points out that Kate just walked in on her talking really loudly. Vivian argues that no one would believe Kate. Vivian complains about Stefan giving the footage. Stefan says they had a warrant so he had no choice. Vivian questions what his reasoning will be for why they were in Andre's office with his dead body.

Hope tells JJ that she has to get back to work. JJ mentions being worried about Abigail after Andre's murder. Hope can't share details but says they are doing all they can. Hope congratulates JJ as he exits.

Vivian tells Stefan that they had good reasons for wanting Andre dead. Stefan tells her that the police won't figure it out because he made sure that they won't be seen on the footage.

John watches Steve finish his tea as Steve talks about checking the letter for fingerprints. Steve notices John staring off and asks if something is bothering him. John claims he's just thinking. Steve assures that John can count on him to get to the bottom of it.

Anna tells Roman that she appreciates everything he's doing but she can't help but be a nervous wreck. Anna says carrying Tony's ashes was reassuring but now she wishes she never went to Andre's office. Roman tells her to take her mind off that night. Roman says he needs to check with John and Steve to see if they learned anything. Anna questions him telling Steve too. Roman explains that he allowed John to consult with Steve since they are partners. Anna asks if he knows what he's done since Steve and Kayla think she's nuts. Anna worries that Steve will just think she wanted revenge on Andre. Roman insists that he hired them to do a job and everything else she told him will remain secret. Kate arrives and comments that she thought Anna would be in jail by now. Roman says he's sorry to hear about Andre. Kate mocks him and thinks they know that Andre died having his head bashed in by Tony's urn. Kate asks Anna if that's right.

Rafe and Eli continue watching the footage which shows Kate enter Andre's office. They skip ahead to Kate and Andre leaving the office in an argument with Kate walking off and Andre heading back inside. Eli notes that wasn't long after Gabi got fired. Rafe guesses Kate was upset about it so they need to talk to her about what else was going on. They go back over the footage again then the footage moves ahead to show Anna entering Andre's office with Tony's urn. Rafe says he knew Anna and Roman were lying so now they have proof.

John tells Steve that he has something to take care of so he will catch him later. Steve says he will let him know when he hears back on the handwriting analysis and the fingerprints. Steve tells John that he appreciates his faith in him since he had one good eye and now the other was going bad. Steve tells John that he really likes working with him and couldn't ask for a better partner. John then walks away.

Anna doesn't know what Kate is implying. Kate accuses Anna of murdering Andre. Anna says it's not true. Roman knows Kate is upset. Kate argues that her husband was brutally murdered which she blames Anna for. Anna assures that she didn't do it. Roman claims she was with him the entire night. Kate says everyone knew Anna never took her eyes off Tony's urn then it ended up next to Andre's body. Kate asks if they can give her an answer for that. Kate tells Anna that now she's going to get exactly what she deserves.

Rafe and Eli show Hope that they have Anna on tape going in to Andre's office alone, proving that Roman lied. Hope is not surprised. They continue watching to see Anna run out of the office quickly and then the footage ends. Eli goes back over it to show that there's nothing after that. Rafe guesses they need to talk to Stefan. Hope adds that they don't have everything but they have Anna at the crime scene with the murder weapon and proof that she lied to them. Rafe declares that Anna has been handed to them in a neat package but maybe too neat.

Outside, John makes a phone call and says they are going to need another dose. John says he may be naive but he doesn't think it's crossed Steve's mind that he's being poisoned by his best friend.

Steve goes over the letter and puts his glasses back on but still can't read it.

Lani and Gabi go to the police station where they run in to JJ. JJ tells Gabi that he's sorry about her job. Gabi tells JJ to be happy about the baby. JJ is surprised and thinks it's great that Lani is telling people. Gabi encourages them. JJ talks about it seeming real.

Vivian questions how Stefan can be so sure that the police won't figure it out with all the footage. Stefan reveals he had the cameras shut down before they did anything to worry about so the police will never connect them to what happened to Andre.

Roman tells Kate to leave Anna alone and back off. Roman insists that Anna did not kill Andre. Hope, Rafe, and Eli arrive to tell Anna she needs to come to the station. Roman asks what's going on here. Hope reveals they have proof that Roman lied to them so he needs to come down to the station as well. Hope instructs Rafe and Eli to read their rights.

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