Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/26/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/26/18


Written By Joseph

Hope is in her office looking over evidence from the crime scene of Andre's murder when Rafe comes in to tell her that preliminary forensics are in.

Gabi can't believe Abigail asked if she murdered Andre. Abigail brings up Gabi being so upset and swearing that she could kill him for this so she asks if she did.

Kate goes to Chad's room and tells him that she's ready to go to the funeral home. Chad notes that she's been crying. Kate reminds him that he was her husband. Kate knows she had so many reasons to hate Andre but she had come to love him.

Eli and Lani go in to the interrogation room at the station. Lani asks him what's going on. Eli informs her that he knows she's pregnant and asks if it's his. Lani quickly says that it's not. Eli argues that they both know it's possible and asks if she's sure. Lani claims she's two months along. Eli questions her already being pregnant when they slept together. Lani insists she didn't know but the baby is JJ's so he's off the hook. Eli doesn't know if he believes her.

Tripp works in the town square and approaches a table to take an order but he's surprised to find Steve at the table, wearing glasses. Tripp says he's never seen someone wearing glasses and an eye patch. Steve warns him about laughing.

John sits at the Pub and thinks back to when he slipped something into Steve's drink at Doug's Place. Roman approaches and notes that he doesn't look so hot so he asks what's wrong.

Lani asks Eli if he's calling her a liar. Eli doesn't understand why he had to find out from his mom when they work together every day. Lani says she didn't know and when she found out, she only wanted JJ to know since something could go wrong. Eli questions her not figuring this out until they slept together. Lani talks about being under so much stress with JJ and Theo so she didn't know that night. Eli apologizes for adding more pressure to her but says he knows how she is. Eli brings up Lani putting her life on the line to find out who was dealing Halo. Eli wants Lani to know that he will step up if the kid is his. Lani asks even if that means ruining everything he has with Gabi.

Gabi doesn't remember saying she could kill Andre but blows it off. Abigail points out that the next thing she knew, Andre was dead a few hours after taking her company. Abigail has no idea why Andre fired her so she went to demand an explanation but he was dead when she got there. Gabi questions Abigail thinking she bashed Andre's head in with Tony's urn. Abigail says that Anna has an alibi so she was asking Gabi. Abigail tells Gabi that the police will be asking anyone with any kind of motive. Gabi turns it around on Abigail and asks how they know she didn't do it.

Steve tells Tripp that he knows he looks ridiculous and feels old but it beats the dizziness. Tripp didn't know about the dizzy spells. Steve says it just started and then Kayla took him to the eye doctor, who said it was eye strain. Steve notes that the glasses seem to be helping as he can see fine now.

John tells Roman that he was just thinking about a tough case but everything is okay. Roman tells John that he needs his help. Roman shows John the letter than Anna received and says he wants to know who put it in Anna's purse.

Hope confirms with Rafe that the urn in Andre's office was the one Anna has been carrying around but forensics can't confirm it was Tony's. Rafe adds that they still haven't found the lid. Hope says it's definitely the murder weapon since the blood on the urn is Andre's. Rafe confirms cause of death was blunt force trauma. Rafe notes there were no fingerprints on the urn. Hope questions why the person didn't take the urn. Rafe suggests someone could have been setting Anna up. Hope wonders why Roman is giving Anna an alibi as she thinks he is lying. Rafe agrees and says that Anna is still their prime suspect. Hope supposes Anna could have wiped the prints from the urn but then she knows that Anna never let the urn out of her sight. Rafe suggests she could be being set up. Hope declares that all they know for sure is that Andre had a lot of enemies.

Chad finishes a call to postpone the funeral arrangements as Kate admitted she wasn't ready to face the funeral home. Kate talks about getting emotional. Chad understands her husband was just killed. Kate says there were so many things Andre did that she hated. Kate calls firing Gabi vindictive and stupid. Chad jokes that he would still rather have Andre as a brother than Stefan. Kate never expected to love him. Chad asks what happened. Kate responds that Andre changed and she believed that he genuinely cared for her so she started to care for him. Kate wonders why he betrayed her. Chad calls him a chip off the old block and compares him to Stefano. Kate remarks that power overruled love even in family. Chad states that is probably why Andre is dead.

Abigail tells Gabi that she couldn't have killed Andre since she's the one that found his body. Gabi calls that a nice cover. Abigail asks if Gabi really thinks she was faking her reaction. Abigail argues that she's the only one who ever loved Andre in this house. Gabi calls Andre a double dealing creep and suggests Abigail could have walked in on him doing something so bad that she lost it. Abigail calls it ridiculous and says she did not do it. Gabi knows Abigail must not like her asking but now she knows how she felt to be accused of murder by her friend.

Hope asks Rafe if he thinks they will have to back Roman into a corner to place Anna at the scene. Rafe responds that Roman will be in a lot of trouble if he's lying about where Anna was. Hope doesn't want Roman taking the fall for Anna. Rafe decides he will check with the judge and then go to the DiMera Mansion with Eli. Rafe reminds Hope that they set a wedding date before all of this. Hope assures him that nothing will ruin that day as they kiss. Rafe then exits. Hope goes back to looking over photos of the crime scene.

Eli tells Lani that he's still getting to know Gabi and doesn't know if she can handle something like that. Eli also doesn't want to cause trouble for Lani and JJ. Eli brings up growing up not knowing his dad and now he's gone so if this is his baby, he doesn't want the kid to grow up through the same thing. Lani tells Eli not to worry because JJ is this baby's father. Rafe interrupts to tell Eli that they have to get to the DiMera Mansion. Lani says they are done.

John tells Roman that private investigators cannot interfere in an open police case. Roman just wants to protect Anna. John tells Roman that the cops need the letter, not him. Roman questions what good that would do. Roman argues that it's a lie since Andre was missing and presumed dead when Tony died. John says it's the thing that could set Anna off. Roman insists Anna didn't do it. John brings up the urn being the murder weapon. Roman tells John that Anna can account for her whereabouts during the murder. John questions Roman lying for Anna. Roman just wants to know who wrote the letter. John says especially if it's behind why Anna murdered Andre.

Kate tells Chad that Andre was always desperate for Stefano's attention and was always angry that Stefano named Chad the heir instead of him. Chad always believed that's why Andre made him believe Abigail was dead. Kate assures that Andre helped her come back to him. Chad talks about Abigail always trusting Andre even more than he or Jennifer at times. Kate acknowledges that Andre suffered from mental issues of his own. Chad says he and Kate had complications with Andre but Abigail liked and trusted him. Chad worries about Abigail taking it really hard.

Abigail can't believe Gabi believes she could have killed Andre. Gabi can't believe Abigail thought the same of her. Abigail apologizes but brings up Gabi killing Nick. Gabi compares that to what Ben did to Abigail. Gabi says Abigail won't set anyone on fire while she won't kill anyone ever again. Gabi says she and Abigail have seen worse. Gabi insists that she wanted Andre alive so she could sue him. Abigail apologizes to Gabi and tells her that she believes her but she won't stop trying to find out who killed Andre so she can look that person in the eye. Stefan then walks in and greets them.

Roman tells John he'll be better off knowing less about his conversations with Anna. John asks if he's covering for her and worries that he's asking for trouble. Roman knows he's putting John in a very difficult spot but he has nobody else to trust and he knows whoever wrote the letter can hurt Anna. Roman tells John it's okay to let Steve in on this since he knows he doesn't keep anything from Steve.

Steve asks Tripp how things are going with him. Tripp says it's good and he's filling in for the manager at work. Steve asks about life outside work. Tripp says it's weird with Theo gone while Ciara and Claire drive him nuts since they both miss Theo and take it out on each other. Tripp argues that Ciara just has to get over Theo since he is with Claire and that's not going to change. Tripp adds that Claire knows how he feels but she's in love with Theo and she's going to wait for him. Steve points out that Theo is around the world for at least a year so things can change. Tripp questions Theo coming back to find out he moved in on his girlfriend. Tripp responds that the only thing that will change is him as he has to move on.

Hope joins Lani in the interrogation room. Hope wants Lani to start interviewing everyone at the DiMera Mansion but then notices Lani was crying. Lani informs Hope that she's pregnant. Hope guesses it wasn't planned. Lani says it was the last thing on her agenda but JJ is so excited and they are back together. Lani wishes she didn't feel like a basket case. Hope hugs her and promises everything will get better in her second trimester. Hope asks when she's due. Lani says it will be in August. Hope congratulates her and says she's so happy for her and JJ.

Abigail suggests Stefan learn to knock. Stefan says he's sorry about Andre since he knows they were close. Abigail says they were just talking about who killed him. Gabi brings up Stefan saying he couldn't reverse her firing while Andre was alive but asks what about now. Stefan thinks they can wait to talk about that out of respect for Andre. Rafe and Eli walk in. Rafe tells Gabi that he didn't expect to see her here. Gabi informs him that she came to see Kate. Rafe introduces himself and Eli to Stefan. Stefan remembers them from the New Year's Eve party and asks what he can do for them. Rafe wants a list of everyone who had access to the DiMera Offices the night before last. Stefan responds that he wasn't there so he has no idea. Rafe tells him that DiMera Security keeps a list of everyone that comes and goes along with security camera footage. Rafe is sure Stefan will give that information if he has nothing to hide.

Hope tells Lani to let her know if the physical demands of the job become too much. Lani doesn't want any special treatment. Hope compares her to herself when she was first pregnant. Hope reminds Lani that she has to think about the baby as well now. Lani exits the room to get some air.

Roman tells John that he knows Hope is skeptical about Anna's alibi so he needs to make sure the police don't find out about the letter. John argues that the letter could be a very important part of the investigation. Roman argues that it gives Anna motive. John thinks it could prove Anna is being manipulated. Roman insists that he needs to protect Anna. John agrees to see what he can do. Roman knows he'll check the letter for fingerprints but he and Anna's will be on there. Roman has no idea who wrote it but whoever did it wanted to push Anna over the edge. Roman needs to find out who that is and why they're trying to do it.

Kate tells Chad that she cannot understand why Andre betrayed Gabi when he had to have known it would upset them all. Chad says he didn't care and was willing to sabotage their family's legacy. Kate points out that Andre always wanted to run DiMera Enterprises. Chad still doesn't understand. Kate informs Chad that before Andre was killed, she told him to rehire Gabi or their marriage was over and she really thought he would do the right thing but now they will never know. Chad mentions that Abigail said Andre really loved Kate. Kate tells him that Andre loved him too. Chad feels furious with Andre but misses him at the same time.

Stefan presumes Rafe and Eli have a warrant which Rafe confirms and shows him. Stefan says they have his full cooperation and asks if they have a suspect. Rafe says they do. Abigail asks if that's all they are going to tell. Eli says that's it for now. Stefan wants to know how long his offices will be a crime scene. Rafe says he can't tell him that. Stefan argues that it's difficult to run a company without his office. Eli questions him worrying about that. Stefan says DiMera Enterprises is going through a rocky period with thousands of employees and shareholders so he's worried about a lot. Stefan agrees to tell his head of security to give them whatever they need. Rafe says he will be taking statements soon so they are not to leave town, including Vivian.

John joins Steve in the town square and asks if his glasses are working. Steve says they seem to be. John says that's good because he just took on a complicated new case. John explains that Roman wants them to find out who sent Anna a mysterious letter. Steve acknowledges Anna being the prime suspect in Andre's murder. John repeats that it's complicated and shows Steve the letter. Steve says it sounds like someone tried to goad Anna into killing Andre. John says they will be accessories after the fact but Steve can beg off the case since he accepted it. Steve refuses to beg off since they are partners. When Steve looks back at the letter, John again slips something into Steve's tea.

Stefan returns to the living room to tell Abigail and Gabi that the security tapes have been turned in so he hopes neither of them have anything to hide. They assure that they don't. Gabi brings up that Rafe and Eli showed up before he could answer her question. Stefan tells her that he has to consult the board then he will get back to her. Gabi questions the CEO not being able to make the call on his own. Stefan refuses to leave the board out of the loop on anything. Stefan asks Gabi to excuse them so he can talk with Abigail about how to handle this from a PR perspective. Gabi assures with Abigail that they are okay and then she exits. Abigail warns Stefan not to play games with Gabi as he could reinstate her right now so she doesn't want him to drag it out. Stefan argues that he needs to act cautiously so he wants to put out a press release. Abigail says that's not realistic for her right now as all she can think of is Andre and gets emotional. Stefan promises everything will be alright as he hugs Abigail.

Kate suggests to Chad that they could just have a memorial service at a future date. Chad questions wanting to share memories of Andre. Kate doesn't think people will care to come to his funeral. Chad thinks they can keep it private. Kate says Vivian would love a funeral. Chad mentions that Abigail is really going to miss Andre. Kate feels like the black widow as a third husband of hers has died. Chad notes that Andre always believed Stefano was still alive. Kate admits she's thought about that after another of Stefano's son materializes and then Andre is murdered. Kate states that if ever there was a time for Stefano to come out of hiding, it would be now.

Rafe and Eli join Hope in the interrogation room to inform her that they got all security footage from the DiMera Offices so they will be watching lots of footage.

Gabi walks outside and finds Lani on the bench. Gabi asks if she's okay. Lani responds that she will be. Gabi asks what that means. Lani responds that she has something to tell her.

Kate tells Chad that she couldn't deal with Stefano coming back. Kate says it's hard to believe any of this is going on. Chad admits he hated being on the outs with her so if any good comes from this, it would be them getting over what happened with Theo. Kate is thankful for that because Chad knowing about her part in that was unbearable. Chad hugs Kate.

After their hug, Abigail tells Stefan that she should find Chad to let him know the police were there so she walks out of the room.

Eli complains to Rafe and Hope about having to watch DiMera Enterprises camera footage. Hope gets a text from the deputy mayor who wants to see her immediately to discuss the case so she exits. Rafe tells Eli they will get to work then as they begin watching the footage. They see Andre talking on his phone before heading into his office. Rafe notes that he doesn't remember a phone being found at the scene which Eli confirms. The footage shows Andre go into his office and they wait to see who followed him inside.

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