Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/25/25

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/25/25


Written By Joseph

Eric has a dream about waking up in bed with Jennifer. He then wakes up alone.

Lani has a nightmare about JJ screaming at her for not telling him her baby wasn't his. Lani then wakes up crying that she's so sorry and realizes she was dreaming. JJ says it sounded like a nightmare and asks if she wants to tell him about it.

Eli has a dream about telling Gabi that he slept with Lani and her slapping him. Eli then wakes up in bed with Gabi and she asks him if he's alright.

Kate falls asleep on the couch at the DiMera Mansion and has a nightmare about Andre telling her that he used her and didn't really love her. Kate then wakes up in a panic.

Abigail has a nightmare about finding Andre's body until Chad wakes her up in bed. Chad hugs her as she cries about Andre.

At the hospital, Kayla is on the phone with Steve about his blurry vision and suggesting he get his glasses. Valerie approaches and tells Kayla that Abe just finished getting Theo settled in at the clinic in South Africa. They talk about Theo having Lexie's mom there so Abe can get back to them. Valerie and Kayla talk about Lani being pregnant. Valerie thinks back to Eli informing her that he slept with Lani. Valerie knows it's unexpected but Abe is being very supportive and he tells her that Lani is happy about it. They agree that Abe will be an amazing grandfather. Valerie mentions that she didn't get to ask Abe how far along Lani is.

Lani tells JJ that he doesn't want to know about her nightmare. JJ points out that she kept saying she's sorry. Lani claims she doesn't remember and doesn't want to talk about the dream anymore. Lani just wants to focus on him and how much she loves him.

Eli tells Gabi that all he remembers from his dream is losing something really important to him. Gabi relates to that as she still can't believe losing Gabi Chic and then Andre being murdered right after. Eli insists there has to be something they can do. Gabi tells him to let her know when he figures it out. Eli brings up Kate and suggests Gabi make the case that Countess Wilhelmina need her now more than ever. Gabi worries it might be too soon. Eli thinks it's worth a try. Gabi kisses him on the cheek for being there for her like he always is. Eli responds that there is no place else he would want to be and he never wants to let her down as they hug.

Kate gets up from the couch and sees a framed photo of Andre on the table then throws it against the wall.

Abigail tells Chad about her dream of finding Andre. Abigail feels like if Andre would've been conscious, he would've told her what happened. Abigail brings up Anna. Chad informs her that she was released because Roman gave her an alibi. Abigail asks how they explain the urn at the murder scene. Chad says he didn't get specifics. Abigail wonders who killed Andre if not Anna.

Kayla tells Valerie that she can't discuss specifics because Lani is her patient. Valerie understands and guesses she can just figure it out herself since Lani and JJ broke up right after Theo was shot so it must have been before that. Kayla says all that matters is the baby being happy and healthy.

JJ tells Lani that he can't feel the baby bump yet and wonders if it will be a boy or a girl. JJ asks if she wants to find out. Lani says she hadn't really thought about it. JJ decides they don't have to find out today. Lani likes the idea of being surprised. JJ still can't believe they are having a baby.

Jennifer and Henry eat together in the town square and talk about going to a museum together. Eric walks by so Henry invites him to join them. Eric doesn't want to intrude. Henry says the grant proposal for the center needs to be reviewed. Henry then gets called to the hospital so he says they can review it without him. Henry tells Jennifer that last night was really nice and he will call her later as he walks away. Jennifer tells Eric that he doesn't have to say as she can review the proposal and e-mail him. Eric says they are here now so they can get it done. Eric figured she would be covering Andre's murder but Jennifer says she assigned another reporter to it. Eric brings up Abigail and Andre being close. Jennifer responds that his death has been hard on Abigail.

Abigail tells Chad that she just keeps seeing Andre's face and how he was when he was trying to make her feel better. Abigail can't imagine anyone hating him enough to kill him. Abigail doesn't want to say Gabi is guilty because she loves her and thinks she's a good person with a good heart but she ran in to Gabi that night and she was in a rage after being fired. Abigail doesn't want to say it out loud but asks Chad if Gabi could have been mad enough to kill Andre.

Kate picks up the broken glass from the photo she threw. Gabi walks in and offers to help but Kate doesn't want her to get hurt but guesses it's too late for that. Gabi tells Kate how sorry she is for her loss. Kate says that is kind considering what Andre did to her. Gabi asks if there are any leads. Kate says Anna DiMera was at the top of list since Tony's urn was found at the murder scene and they assumed it's the murder weapon but Roman gave her an alibi. Kate thinks Roman is lying because if Anna didn't do it then who did.

Valerie tells Kayla they all want Lani to have a happy and healthy baby but she wanted to give her a baby shower so she wanted to be sure she's out of the first trimester. Henry arrives and takes Kayla for insight on a patient. Valerie then calls Eli and asks him to meet her at the town square in 20 minutes. Eli asks if everything is okay. Valerie says they will discuss it when she sees him.

Jennifer praises Henry's proposal. Eric comments that they seem to be getting along well. Jennifer calls him a great guy and perfect for the center. Eric meant more on a personal level and asks if they are dating which Jennifer confirms. Eric is happy for her if she's happy. Jennifer suggests they just get back to the proposal.

Kate suggests Gabi ask Rafe if she wants to know more about the investigation. Gabi mentions Rafe won't talk about ongoing investigations which Kate says is how it should be. Gabi asks Kate what's going to happen with Gabi Chic. Kate assures her that she knew nothing about what Andre was planning and she was furious when she found out. Kate thinks back to when Andre informed her that he fired Gabi. Kate warned him to undo it and Andre asks what she was going to do if he didn't. Gabi asks what she did.

Chad doesn't believe Gabi would kill Andre. Abigail says she's not saying she did but they told Hope that Gabi was really upset over what happened. Chad says they were in shock. Abigail doesn't want to believe that Gabi could have done it but she keeps thinking about what Gabi Chic meant to her. Chad can't imagine Gabi would risk losing her daughter again after her first time in prison. Abigail informs Chad that the night of the murder, Gabi said Andre wasn't going to get away with this and threatened to kill him. Abigail mentions never seeing Gabi like this. Chad doesn't think she meant it. Abigail says that's why she didn't tell Hope as she knows they don't want to believe Gabi could do something like this. Chad can't see it but Abigail brings up that Gabi has killed before.

Gabi asks Kate what happened after Andre informed her that he fired her. Kate reveals she gave Andre an ultimatum after he explained they would make more money by not having to share with Gabi. Kate told him it was personal, greedy, and cruel as she thought they made decisions together as partners. Kate told Andre to reinstate Gabi if their marriage meant anything to him at all but Andre says he couldn't. Kate told Andre to bring Gabi back or they are through and then she left without an answer. Gabi asks if that was the last time she saw Andre before he was killed.

Lani tells JJ that she could stay in bed all day but she needs to get to the police station. JJ wishes she didn't have such a dangerous job. Lani assures she can handle that. JJ would feel better if she partnered with someone who he knew had her back. JJ suggests Eli but Lani says she doesn't want or need Eli to be her partner and promises she will be fine without him as JJ hugs her.

Eli meets Valerie outside the town square. Valerie wants an honest answer as she asks him if he used protection with Lani. Eli questions where that's coming from. Valerie wants a yes or no. Eli knows he should've but things just happened in the heat of the moment so he assumed she was on birth control. Valerie then reveals to Eli that Lani is pregnant.

Jennifer and Eric continue reviewing the proposal. Jennifer can't find her stylist. Eric comments that she could've left it at Henry's place. Jennifer questions him assuming she spent the night with him and says that's none of his business.

JJ tells Lani that he doesn't know how Jennifer will react but he feels like he should tell her since Abe knows before she hears it from someone else. Lani asks if he thinks she will be angry. JJ says she won't like that they aren't married but she loves babies so she'll get over the initial shock. Lani says JJ can tell Jennifer but wants to hold off on telling anyone else. JJ talks about her almost being out of the first trimester and is sure she will want to tell the whole world like he does as he hugs her.

Eli questions how Valerie knows that Lani is pregnant. Valerie informs him that Abe overheard Lani talking to JJ about it. Eli asks why she's telling him. Valerie brings up that they slept together. Eli says it was one time and they both agreed it was a big mistake. Eli regrets telling her. Valerie says she hasn't told anybody. Eli hopes not because it would really hurt Gabi and JJ. Valerie doesn't want to see anyone hurt, least of all an innocent baby that could potentially be his. Eli argues that it doesn't mean the baby is his as they slept together once. Valerie points out that is all it takes. Eli asks how far along she is. Valerie says she tried to find out but Kayla had to keep it confidential. They go over Eli and Lani sleeping together on Christmas Eve. Valerie says that would make Lani one month pregnant. Valerie calls it a possibility. Eli questions her coming to him with this before they know it's true. Valerie brings up how Eli grew up not knowing his real father because of her so she thinks he should know if the baby is his.

Eric apologizes to Jennifer if he overstepped. Jennifer tells him that whatever she chooses to do with her life is not his concern at all so she's going to move on and hopefully fall in love with someone who can love her back. Eric asks why wouldn't she. Jennifer suggests he give it a shot himself. Eric doesn't know where that would even come from. Jennifer thinks he would if he's honest with himself.

Gabi asks if that was the last time Kate saw Andre. Chad and Abigail walk in. Abigail asks what Gabi is doing here. Chad asks if everything is alright. Kate gets a call and says she will be there shortly. Kate informs them that she has to discuss the funeral arrangements with the funeral director. Chad points out that Andre's body hasn't been released yet. Kate says the autopsy is still pending. Abigail notes that they already know someone bashed his head in and murdered Andre in cold blood.

Eli goes to the police station and tells Lani that he needs to talk to her in private.

Eric questions Jennifer thinking he's not moving on with his life and if that's why she went cold on them. Jennifer starts to explain but JJ interrupts and says it's good to see them together. Jennifer points out that they aren't. JJ says he has good news for a change. JJ reveals that Lani is pregnant which shocks Jennifer. JJ says he's really happy about it so he asks Jennifer not to flip out. She asks if Lani is happy about it. JJ says she is nervous, excited, and scared. Jennifer asks about Abe. JJ says Abe knows and now Jennifer does too. Jennifer turns to Eric and notes that he doesn't seem surprised. Eric mentions JJ seeing him for counseling. JJ points out that Eric couldn't have told her. Jennifer hugs JJ and tells him she's so excited as she congratulates him.

Eli and Lani go in to the interrogation room at the station. Lani asks him what's going on. Eli informs her that he knows she's pregnant and asks if it's his.

Abigail suggests Chad go with Kate to meet the funeral director but Kate says that's not necessary. Abigail says they are her family so she's not going through this alone. Chad and Kate head upstairs to get ready. Gabi decides she should get going too. Abigail notes she came here early. Gabi says she wanted to offer Kate her condolences and wanted to ask about Gabi Chic too. Abigail mentions that she also wants some answers. Gabi asks what about. Abigail says Gabi is one of her closest friends so this is really hard to ask. Abigail asks Gabi if she killed Andre.

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