Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/23/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/23/18


Written By Joseph

Will is having breakfast with Marlena and John in the town square. They tell Will the story of Stefano keeping Marlena locked in a bird cage until John saved her. Will says John sounds like quite the hero. Paul walks by so Will invites him to join them. Paul says he can't and reminds John that they have to meet with Steve for Black Patch business. Will tells Paul it was good to see him as John exits with Paul.

Kayla joins Steve at Doug's Place. Steve thought they were going to hang out after his meeting. Kayla says she finished her meeting early so she wanted to get something to eat. Kayla asks Steve what he's reading on his tablet. Steve says it was just the Spectator. Kayla asks if there is anything interesting. Steve looks at it but his vision is blurred so he says it's just a slow news day.

Brady and Eve are sitting in the Kiriakis Mansion with their tablets. Brady goes over that Gabi and Andre didn't show to the Gabi Chic launch. Sonny walks in and questions that they haven't heard that Andre DiMera is dead, shocking Brady and Eve.

Hope informs Roman and Anna that Andre was murdered sometime last night. Rafe adds that he was bludgeoned to death. Roman questions why they are looking at Anna. Hope calls her a person of interest. Roman argues that if she was a suspect, she wouldn't be here right now. Hope wants to take Anna to the station. Roman asks Anna if she had anything to do with Andre's death. Anna insists that she didn't and asks why they would even think that. Rafe wants to discuss it in private and says Anna should have nothing to worry about if she has nothing to hide. Roman says he'll get down there as soon as he closes the Pub. Hope says she'll be right behind while Rafe takes Anna out. Roman tells Hope it's not busy. Hope stops Roman and questions if he's sure he wants to be involved in Anna's mess.

Eve asks how Sonny knows. Sonny informs her that he heard on the way home from the airport that Andre was murdered in the DiMera offices. Brady asks if there are any suspects. Sonny says none were mentioned but the DiMeras have a long list of enemies. Sonny asks if Victor is around to talk about the London deal. Eve says that he went to lunch with Maggie. Brady remarks that he's surprised Sonny got any work done at all in London as he figured he'd still be recovering from getting dumped by his husband. Sonny responds that unlike some people, he can keep his personal life from interfering with his work which is why Victor put him in charge. Sonny then walks out. Brady calls him a smug son of a bitch and guesses that Sonny will fall apart when he sees Will with another guy. Eve tells Brady to shut up and to tell her what he did to Andre DiMera.

Marlena comments on Will being quiet since John left with Paul. Will says he's just kind of bummed that he and Paul can't be friends. Marlena knows he felt a connection with him. Will says there is an easiness with Paul that he hasn't found with a lot of people. Marlena asks if he's looking for friendship. Will admits he's attracted to Paul which is why he thinks Paul is uncomfortable around him and also why he had to break up with Sonny since he has feelings for someone else. Marlena knows that was a very difficult decision. Will calls Sonny a great guy but he doesn't remember his life with him so he doesn't have a real connection with him. Will says all he is doing is thinking about Paul and wishing there was some way to make him feel the same way about him. Will asks Marlena if she thinks there is a way or something she could tell him to help him get Paul to want to be with him. Marlena advises Will to stay away from Paul.

Paul and John join Steve and Kayla where they go over a case. Kayla drops her fork so Steve gets up to get her another one but he gets dizzy and stops. Paul questions if he's still having those dizzy spells. Steve says he's just been light headed lately and blows it off as no big deal. Kayla asks about his symptoms. Steve admits his vision has been a little blurry but insists that it's no big deal. Kayla remembers Steve not wanting to read the menu at the Pub the other day. Steve assures that he's fine. Kayla opens his tablet to have him read it then.

Roman tells Hope that he knows Anna better than anyone and guarantees she's not capable of murder. Hope reminds him that she was running around Prague with a loaded weapon last year and accidentally shot Steve. Roman believes that Anna wouldn't have had it in her to kill Stefano. Hope says he can't know that. Roman asks what evidence she has to implicate Anna. Hope reveals the murder weapon for starters.

Rafe brings Anna to the interrogation room and asks if the urn looks familiar to her. Anna pretends to think it's a martini shaker. Rafe warns her to knock off the jokes as she could be in serious trouble. Anna insists she hasn't done anything. Rafe says he knows it belongs to her and that it was Tony's which she carried all over Prague last year. Rafe asks Anna if she cares to explain how an object that she was never without was used in a murder she knows nothing about.

Steve admits he can't read right now but he knows why. Steve blames John getting him so drunk on New Year's Eve and says he hasn't recovered. Paul jokes that John can be a bad influence. Kayla does recall John pushing drinks on Steve. John jokes about Steve not being able to hold his liquor anymore. Steve tells Paul to buy a round of shots and they will see. Kayla thought Steve said drinking was causing the problem. Steve says it will test his hypothesis. Kayla doesn't think this is the best way to go about it. Steve insists it's no big deal.

Roman questions Hope telling him that Andre's head was bashed in with Tony's urn which Hope confirms. Roman can't believe it. Hope goes over Anna carrying the urn around for years and asks when he last saw her with it. Roman thinks back to his last conversation with Anna and says she had it with her yesterday. Roman doesn't know why she would go see Andre. Hope brings up that Anna hated him. Roman argues that it still doesn't mean Anna killed him. Hope says he has to admit she is looking pretty guilty.

Anna tells Rafe that she honestly doesn't know how Tony's urn ended up killing Andre even though she thinks there is a certain justice to it. Rafe brings up Andre impersonating Tony for quite awhile and causing trouble for them. Rafe knows that's not something she got over easy and wouldn't be surprised if she was still angry with him. Anna won't let Rafe incriminate her. Rafe wants the truth. Anna responds that she didn't kill Andre. Rafe questions how Tony's urn got into Andre's office then. Anna says she has no idea. Rafe asks if she lost the urn or if someone took it from her or if she brought it into the office. Rafe says Anna has to have something to say. Anna responds that she does so he better make sure he's recording. Anna declares she wants a lawyer.

Eve locks the doors while Brady says he isn't sure what she has in mind. Eve tells him to answer the question. Brady asks why she thinks he did anything to Andre. Eve brings up last night Brady saying there was still time to stop Andre from launching Gabi Chic and that he even had an idea on how to stop him which he confirms. Eve goes over that Brady went out for a couple of hours, got really smashed and came back full of himself like he pulled something off. Eve says he didn't say anything and they just ended up in bed again. Eve stops Brady and asks where he went and what he did. Brady doesn't think he should as he doesn't want to implicate her. Eve asks what he's talking about as Sonny comes downstairs and hides behind the door to listen in. Eve asks what Brady did to Andre DiMera. Brady says he'll tell her but she has to swear not to tell anyone. Brady then tells Eve that he killed Andre DiMera which Sonny overhears from behind the door.

Kayla checks Steve out and sees he doesn't have an ear infection while his pulse and blood pressure are normal too. Kayla doesn't see anything wrong. Steve and John drink their shots. Paul guesses not much work will be done today. Steve invites him to join them but Paul decides to take off. Paul tells Kayla he hopes she stays to be their designated driver as he exits. Kayla wants Steve to make an appointment. Steve says she just said he was fine. Kayla thinks he might need glasses but Steve says no way. Steve argues that he would think ridiculous with glasses over his eye patch. Kayla says not as much as when he can't see where he's going which John agrees with. Steve agrees to go see the eye doctor as Kayla kisses him.

Will tells Marlena he was not expecting that response. Marlena thinks the world of Paul but he's still in love with Sonny. Marlena guesses Will won't listen to her. Will says he will take it under advisement. Will adds that he has a lot to deal with anyways starting with finding a new place to live. Marlena invites him to stay with her and John but Will thinks he should get out on his own. Marlena asks if he can afford to do that without a job. Will mentions that Sami has been sending him money until he finds one. Marlena asks if he's been looking. Will says there isn't a huge market for out of work amnesiacs. Will says he came across an old resume but feels like a fraud to list things he doesn't remember. Marlena brings up that he was a bartender in Memphis. Will says that's the only thing he remembers how to do. Marlena thinks they can make that work.

Hope tells Roman that she has to follow this lead which Roman understands. Hope hopes for his sake that Anna is innocent. Hope adds that Anna has been unbalanced since Tony's death so she suggests he put some distance between them. Roman calls Anna a good woman and admits she's going through a complicated grief. Roman says he's helping her and when she gets through it, she's fun, kind, and a good person. Hope says it's not her business but she doesn't want to see Roman get hurt. Hope then exits the Pub.

Sonny listens in as Eve asks Brady if he killed Andre DiMera. Brady asks why she's shocked and says he did what she wanted him to do. Brady saw how upset she was about losing Gabi Chic so he went to see Andre, threatened him, and told him to drop Gabi Chic or that bad things would come to him. Brady says they started shouting and he had no intention of killing him but they got in each others faces so it just happened and he can't take it back. Eve asks if that means it was self defense. Brady can't remember as he was drinking. Eve can't believe this. Brady tells her to promise she won't say anything to anybody. Sonny exits the mansion after hearing that.

John gets a call and steps away. Kayla questions Steve keeping this from her after all they had been through. Steve blames old habits as he's used to handling things on his own. Kayla reminds him that he isn't alone as they are a team. Steve calls her the best partner and praises her as they kiss.

Roman sits alone at the Pub and thinks back to when Anna was about to confess something to him. Marlena and Will then enter and ask if everything is alright. Roman says there is just a lot on his mind. Marlena asks if it's about Anna since she knew she was upset with him. Roman says he explained things and they were good. Will guesses this is a bad time but Marlena says it's fine since she and Roman are always here for him. Marlena asks Roman if he might need a bartender here. Roman asks if they can talk later as he needs to take care of something. Roman promises Will they will talk later and apologizes as he walks away. Will comments on Roman not seeming thrilled by the idea.

Eve complains to Brady about this being a mess as he just murdered a man. Brady tries to calm her down but Eve refuses. Eve clarifies that she never told him to murder Andre which Brady says he knows. Eve can't believe he murdered a man and then they had sex. Eve refuses to be his alibi or to lie for him. Brady responds that he won't need an alibi as he then reveals he was kidding. Brady asks Eve if she really thinks he would kill someone over a lost business deal. Eve questions why he didn't say so in the first place. Brady laughs that she was so convinced so he played along but he's offended that she thought he would do something so horrible. Brady remarks that Eve's first thought was covering her own ass when he confessed a murder. Eve says she has keen survival instincts. Eve then questions where Brady went last night if he didn't kill Andre.

Sonny walks through the town square and runs in to Paul. Paul tries to walk off but Sonny asks for two minutes. Sonny wants to tell Paul how sorry he is about how he lashed out the last time they saw each other. Sonny says he was hurt about Will and he didn't deserve that. Paul agrees but gets how it feels when the person you love doesn't want to be with you. Paul asks Sonny how he's doing now. Sonny guesses he's okay and talks about getting back from London but he didn't really clear his head. Sonny knows Paul doesn't want to hear about this. Paul says he doesn't but he wants Sonny to be happy so if he's hurting, he can talk to him. Sonny responds that there is something bothering him about Brady.

Hope joins Rafe at the police station. Rafe tells her that Anna clammed up when he asked her how the urn got in Andre's office. Rafe adds that Anna wants a lawyer and is on the phone now with Carrie. Hope says they won't be able to question Anna until Carrie gets in then. Rafe thinks Anna is definitely hiding something. Hope thinks she was able to convince Roman to steer clear but Rafe says apparently not when Roman then arrives at the station.

Marlena tells Will that Roman was distracted so they will just talk to him tomorrow. They sit together as Will says it's no big deal as he doesn't have any job offers waiting. Will mentions looking for a place to live. Marlena says she has looked up a few places and shows him what she's found. Marlena shows him a one bedroom and one bathroom with a gym in the building. Will recognizes it as Ben Weston's old building so he'd rather not live in a place where he almost died. Marlena comes across where Will lived with his parents. Will wishes he remembered that and thinks a fresh start is needed. Will asks about the next place on the list and says it's perfect. Marlena responds that they both know it's not perfect.

Paul asks Sonny what Brady did now. Sonny stops himself and says Brady is just being a jerk over him being CEO. Sonny wouldn't be surprised if Brady is plotting to stab him in the back. Paul offers to talk to him but Sonny doesn't want to put him in the middle and apologizes for bringing it up. Paul says it's okay and admits it's nice being his sounding board again. Sonny decides to go but says it was really nice seeing him as he exits.

Brady tells Eve that he really was going to threaten Andre but he didn't get past the lobby since security was tight. Eve asks where he went instead. Brady says he went out and came back for her. Eve asks why he didn't just say that in the first place. Brady admits he didn't really remember what went on that night. Eve questions if he's sure he didn't kill Andre. Brady says he's positive. Eve hates him for making her think he did. Brady responds that he hates her for thinking he did it. Brady adds that since she thought he did it, they know she didn't do it. Eve jokes that he shouldn't be so sure as maybe she was so quick to believe him to cover up the fact that she killed Andre. Brady says he knows she is not capable of murder even though she doesn't have the same faith in him. They joke about her hurting his feelings and not having trust. Sonny walks in as they are laughing together. Sonny comments on them seeming jolly when a man was just brutally murdered. Brady says Sonny doesn't give a damn about Andre. Sonny says they don't know who bashed his head in but maybe Brady does. Brady responds that he doesn't.

Paul goes towards his room at the Martin House where he runs in to Will, who reveals that he is moving in to his new room here. Will informs Paul that they are going to be neighbors.

Marlena remains at the Pub with her tablet and reads an article about Anna being the prime suspect in Andre's murder and being taken in for questioning. Marlena realizes that's where Roman went and wonders what Anna has gotten herself into now.

Roman asks Rafe and Hope where Anna is. Rafe says she's in the interrogation room. Hope tries to stop him but Roman says he needs to talk to her so he heads in to see Anna. Anna hugs him and thanks him for coming. Roman asks how she's holding up. Anna says she just left Carrie a message and doesn't know what she will do if she can't come. Anna adds that Rafe is determined to pin Andre's murder on her so she asks if Roman will help her. Roman states that he will but she needs to tell him the truth. Roman asks if she killed Andre.

John and Steve finish drinking their shots. John asks if Steve is ready for another round. Steve says he's all in so John goes to the bar. Steve asks Kayla if she thinks drinking is causing his symptoms. Kayla suggests getting glasses and his vision corrected. Steve jokes with John that he's off the hook and not the cause of his problems after all. John says that's good to know as he then turns and slips something into the next shot glass..

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