Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/22/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/22/18


Written By Joseph

Abigail goes to the DiMera Offices and finds Andre has been murdered!

Rafe wakes up in bed with Hope where she is planning their wedding. Hope mentions they have to pick a date. Rafe tells Hope that he loves her and they kiss.

Kate is sitting in the living room of the DiMera Mansion upset when Chad walks in and asks how she is after a rough night last night. Kate responds that they both had a rough night. Chad opens his tablet and sees the news of Gabi getting fired is already out there. Kate questions what Andre was thinking and how he could betray her like that. Chad responds that there will be consequences.

Gabi is sitting on a bench outside the town square with her tablet reading an article about Andre firing her. Eli approaches and says he's been trying to reach her last night then sees she's crying and asks what's wrong.

Vivian goes in to Stefan's room at the DiMera Mansion and tells him that they have to get their stories straight. Vivian questions how he can be so calm when everything is about to hit the fan.

Abigail cries over Andre's body.

Roman is working at the Pub and thinks back to Anna leaving. Roman is then surprised by Anna showing up at the Pub.

Eli asks Gabi what's going on and what has her so upset. Gabi wants him to hear it from her so she informs him that things didn't go quite as planned.

Kate tells Chad that she should've known it wasn't true that Andre loved her. Chad tells her he's sorry. Kate says the whole time, Andre was planning to stab Gabi in the back and steal her company so he lied to her over and over. Chad says he lied to everybody. Chad mentions that he knew better than to trust him but he trusted Abigail and got sucked back in. Kate asks now what. Chad says they will regroup even if it feels impossible. Kate mentions not getting any sleep. Chad suggests she take a shower and change clothes then they will figure out their next game plan. Kate tells Chad that there are going to be questions from reporters. Chad says he will be ready for them as Kate exits the room. Chad looks over at the portrait of Stefano and says he did everything he could to get the family business out of the gutter and back towards success but Andre ruined it with one move. Chad declares that Stefano ruled with an iron fist and now he has to do the same. Chad gets a call from Abigail, freaking out as she tells Chad that Andre is dead and doesn't have a pulse. Chad says he's on his way and rushes out of the mansion.

Anna thinks back to when she left the Pub and found a letter in her purse that shocked her. Roman comes back to take her aside and they sit together. Anna tells him that things got crazy after they parted ways and there is something she really needs to tell him.

Gabi tells Eli about Andre firing her. Eli questions how he can do that. Gabi explains that Andre claimed she violated their contract. Eli argues that he's not going to get away with it. Eli suggests they go back and make Andre give her company back. Gabi says they aren't going there as there is no point anymore.

Chad joins Abigail at the office where Andre has been murdered. Chad checks Andre's pulse to confirm he's dead. Chad hugs Abigail as she cries and explains that she just came to talk to him but found him dead.

Stefan tells Vivian to relax as there is nothing to worry about. Vivian tells him that any minute now they are going to find Andre and the police will get involved. Stefan assures her that nothing can be traced back to them. Vivian admires his confidence but insists they get their stories straight so they aren't implicated in the demise of Andre DiMera.

Abigail cries that she doesn't know who would do this to Andre. Chad tries to calm her down. Abigail wants to find the murder weapon but Chad tells her she can't touch anything in a crime scene and they shouldn't even be here. Abigail cries that she doesn't want to leave Andre. Chad says they can't do anything so they have to call the police. Chad takes Abigail out of the office.

Hope tells Rafe that they have to pick a date. Hope asks him about a date on the calendar which Rafe says he loves as they continue kissing and say they can't wait to be married. Hope gets a call from Chad, who informs her that Andre has been murdered. Hope says she'll be right there and hangs up. Rafe asks what happened.

Eli asks how Gabi can say there is no point and argues that they can't let Andre steal her company. Gabi appreciates him trying to defend her but says the truth is Andre outplayed her. Eli argues that it's still not fair and says they can hire a lawyer to get her company back. Gabi states there is nothing they can do and it's over. Eli questions her not even trying to get her company back or to fight this. Eli then gets a call from the police station to investigate a possible homicide. Eli tells Gabi that they aren't done here and as soon as he's done, they will go set Andre straight. Eli then walks away.

Chad tells Abigail that the police are on their way. Abigail doesn't understand who would do this or why.

Anna tells Roman that she doesn't know where to start. Roman says first there is something he needs to say to her. Roman tells her that he's very sorry as he shouldn't have sprung Marlena on her without coming to her first. Roman says his only excuse is that he cares about her. Roman jokes that maybe he was a little jealous of her devotion to Tony. Roman notices that she's not carrying the urn now but he knows Tony will always be a part of her and he accepts that. Anna says that means so much to hear him say that. Roman suggests they start having fun again and give it another shot.

Stefan tells Vivian what to say if anyone questions them about Andre and to behave normally as if they have done nothing wrong. Stefan says he will make a few calls as he sends Vivian to the kitchen.

Abigail cries that she knew a lot of people didn't like Andre but he had a difficult life and a lot of good in him. Chad acknowledges that they had a special relationship. Abigail talks about Andre being there for her when nobody was and helped her through the hardest time of her life. Rafe and Hope arrive and greet them. They then head into the office and see Andre's body on the floor. Rafe and Hope put on their gloves. Hope checks his pulse to confirm he is dead. Rafe calls it blunt force trauma. Hope says backup is on their way. Hope tells Rafe to secure the crime scene while she goes to get statements from Chad and Abigail. Rafe follows a trail to underneath the desk.

Kate returns to the living room and looks at a framed photo of Andre and Chad. Kate thinks back to her and Andre talking about making their marriage real and when he told her he loved her. Vivian walks in and greets Kate. Kate argues that she and Stefan shouldn't even be living under this roof. Vivian asks if there is trouble in paradise. Kate tells Vivian that she knows exactly what happened with Andre last night.

Eli goes to the DiMera offices, shocked to find Andre murdered. Rafe informs him that someone decided to bash his head in. Eli asks about the murder weapon. Rafe brings Eli over to the desk and shows him the urn which Rafe says he thinks he knows exactly who it belongs to.

Anna tells Roman that she wants to start over with him but she's not sure it's possible after what's happened. Roman asks if she's not accepting his apology and promises not to bring Marlena in again. Anna says she's not talking about that. Roman asks what she is talking about.

Abigail tells Hope about checking Andre's pulse and realizing he was gone then she didn't know what to do so she called Chad. Hope asks if she saw anyone when she came in. Abigail says no as it was really early. Hope asks if she touched anything. Chad notes that Abigail was holding Andre's hand when he came in. Abigail says she just wanted to help him but it was too late. Abigail knows Andre could be really difficult at times but he had a kind and generous side. Hope asks if they can shed any light on any current issues Andre was having at work or otherwise. Abigail looks over at Gabi's poster and remembers her last run in with Gabi, where she told her that Andre had just fired her and stole her company then walked off swearing she could kill him for this. Hope asks if Abigail remembered something else.

Vivian tells Kate that she has no idea what she's talking about and asks if Andre got bored with her already. Kate brings up Andre deciding to fire Gabi on the eve of the IPO launch. Vivian says she didn't pay much attention since it's their domain. Kate wants to know why Andre fired Gabi without consulting her. Vivian suggests Kate talk to her husband. Kate questions Vivian having nothing to do with this. Vivian asks why Andre would confide in her and suggests Andre thought it was the right decision or else he would be removed. Kate then storms out.

Hope asks Abigail what it is. Abigail says someone she really cared about is no longer here so it's really shocking. Chad admits he was angry with Chad as he found out last night that he fired Gabi and stole her company. Hope brings up Gabi's IPO going public this week. Chad says it didn't make any sense. Abigail says she was coming to ask him. Hope notes that Gabi must have been angry herself. Chad assures that he wasn't saying Gabi had a motive as he doesn't think she's capable of doing this. Hope points out that they all know she is. Hope says she will catch up with Rafe and that she will need their signatures on their statements. Hope tells Abigail to call her if she remembers anything else as she exits. Abigail remains looking at Gabi's poster while Chad asks if she's okay and what's going on.

Stefan sits in the town square with his tablet, reading the article on Andre firing Gabi. Gabi approaches him. Stefan says he was just reading about her and he's shocked as he can't believe Andre fired her. Gabi says Andre claimed some lame contract technicalities but it's crazy. Stefan calls Andre's decision out of left field. Gabi questions Stefan acting like he didn't know about it. Stefan claims he didn't because Andre was under no obligation to inform him of his decision but he's disturbed by it. Gabi suggests he use his power as head of DiMera to undo it then.

Rafe tells Eli that Tony DiMera was a dead ringer for Andre. Rafe explains how Tony died years ago and Anna was upset when she found out the man she married was his brother. Eli says that doesn't explain how Tony's ashes ended up at the murder scene. Rafe points out that Anna never let the urn out of her sight and it looked exactly like this one. Hope enters and tells Eli to supervise forensics when they arrive. Rafe takes Hope to under the desk to show her the urn as a possible murder weapon. Hope notices it as Tony's urn. Hope tells Eli to dust it for prints. Rafe guesses it was used to bash in Andre's skull and states that they already have a person of interest.

Anna talks to Roman about always getting emotionally caught up in the moment. Roman says he's been guilty of that as well. Anna praises him as someone who always upholds the law and she wishes she was more like him. Roman just wants them back on track. Anna says that's what she wants too but she's not sure that he will ever feel the same about her again after she tells him what she needs to tell him. Roman tells her to go ahead and asks what she needs to tell him. Anna calls it a confession that she needs to make right here, right now.

Vivian reads her tablet and sees a report about Andre being found dead in his office. She thinks back to talking with Stefan in his office about Andre becoming too much of a liability so they had to neutralize him permanently. Vivian looks at the photo of Andre and Chad then declares that's one down.

Eli has forensics take photos of the crime scene and take samples from the body. Eli says whoever did this was sloppy enough to leave blood on the murder weapon or smart enough to know that it would implicate someone in Andre's murder. Kate arrives and breaks down crying as she asks what happened. Eli tells her that they have just begun their investigation and he's sorry but she shouldn't be here. Kate cries that he was her husband. Andre's body is then put in a bodybag.

Gabi tells Stefan that he is Andre's boss so he can override his decision. Stefan responds that his management style is a bit more hands-off. Gabi tells him that the IPO launch is going to be a disaster when people find out. Stefan says that it's Andre's domain. Gabi questions if that's the only reason he doesn't want to get involved or if he's trying to get back at her for turning down his dinner invitation. Stefan tells her she couldn't be more wrong. Gabi asks him to override the decision. Stefan says he can't now. Gabi asks why not as Stefan shows her the alert that just popped up on the news.

Chad asks Abigail what's going on and what's bothering her. Abigail tells him that she loved Andre and cries that she's never going to see him again. Chad hugs her and assures they will get through this together as Abigail remains staring at the Gabi Chic poster.

Roman notes that Anna sounds very serious so whatever it is, he's there for her but she needs to tell him right now what she has done. Rafe and Hope then enter the Pub. Roman tells them he will be right with them. Rafe and Hope reveal they are here for Anna to take her to the station for questions about the murder of Andre DiMera.

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