Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/19/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/19/18


Written By Joseph

Kate waits in a waiting room until Lucas returns from rehab and they hug.

Brady goes to Doug's Place where Chloe gives him a check to help pay him back since business has been good. Chloe jokes about getting to pay him back by the time Parker goes to college. Brady says she could just mail the check. Chloe informs him that she wanted to see him because she wants to know what he's doing with Eve.

Maggie walks in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where Eve is telling Tate a story about Brady and Theresa. Maggie interrupts to take Tate to get cookies in the kitchen.

Vivian declares Andre is becoming too much of a liability so she thinks they will have to neutralize him permanently. Stefan thinks Vivian is overreacting but Vivian points out that John and Chad know the hack was an inside job. Stefan points out that they don't know it was Andre. Vivian says there are only so many suspects. Stefan argues that they can't prove Andre was working with them. Vivian worries that if Andre is cornered, he will roll over on them.

Abigail can't believe Chad is blaming Andre again and asks what changed his mind. Chad explains that he brought up the investigation and Andre shot it down immediately. Chad says someone knew about every deal Kate was going to make before she made it so it had to be someone close to her.

Andre informs Gabi that she is fired. Gabi asks if this is a joke. Andre assures that he's serious. Gabi doesn't understand why he's firing her. Andre responds that she committed fraud.

Kate tells Lucas that he looks like himself again and she has her son back. Lucas admits he's proud of himself after a rough 28 days. Kate is so grateful that he made it back. Lucas credits her tough love and Sami for making him see that he wanted to live again. Kate tells him that Will has been asking about him. Lucas mentions writing him a couple of times and he sounds good even if his memory isn't back. Kate knows Will is going to be so happy to see Lucas doing so well. Lucas is ready to start living his life again. Kate wants to help in any way she can so they can do this together. Kate mentions getting Lucas his job back since there should be room.

Gabi asks what Andre is talking about. Andre informs her that her contract says she is to be forthcoming and honest in all of her business dealings. Andre says he spoke with his accountant about Gabi's money to build her company came from her father. Gabi argues that she built Gabi Chic. Andre says it was blood money as her father is a hired assassin in prison. Gabi argues that she had nothing to do with any of that. Andre calls it dirty money. Andre says his job is to protect his family so they just have to sever ties. Gabi tells him it's her company. Andre tells her to just pack her things and go. Gabi refuses to go anywhere, adding that he can't make her.

Brady guesses Chloe is afraid he's going to take advantage of Eve. Chloe says her first reaction was that she was taking advantage of him. Chloe tells Brady that she called Eve out on it since Brady is vulnerable and known to make bad choices in that state. Brady asks what Eve said. Chloe tells him that Eve said she actually really likes him and she worried that Brady was sleeping with her to throw her off track in Titan. Brady comments that there is a lot of distrust going around. Chloe is confused and asks Brady which way it is. Brady asks what she thinks. Chloe thinks maybe there is actually something special between Brady and Eve.

Maggie returns to the living room after putting Tate to sleep. Maggie complains about the story Eve was about to tell Tate since it wasn't a happy ending for Brady. Eve says not yet. Maggie asks if his happy ending involves her and questions the story. Eve tells her that Tate should know how much his mother loves him. Maggie believes Theresa loved him until she left. Maggie asks if she's heard from Theresa which Eve says she hasn't. Maggie notes that it nearly killed Brady when Theresa left and she's not sure he's fully recovered yet. Eve asks if she thinks she is going to do the same thing.

Abigail tells Chad that she knows Andre cares about Kate and won't just stab her in the back like that. Chad knows she believes Andre has changed and he wants to believe it but Andre only ever wanted power and has been willingly to betray anyone. Abigail disagrees and thinks they can trust Andre, insisting that she will prove it to him.

Gabi tells Andre that if he wants her to leave, he will have to throw her around. Andre says it's just business. Gabi argues that it couldn't be more personal since Andre never liked her. Andre says that has nothing to do with this. Gabi remarks that Andre resents that Chad trusts her more than him. Andre laughs at her opinion. Gabi says she's honest while Andre is a liar. Andre says his job is to grow and protect the brand while Gabi is a liability to she's out. Gabi declares she should've never taken this deal in the first place and if she's going then she's taking her company with her but Andre says that's not going to happen.

Stefan asks Vivian how he would get rid of Andre as he can't just transfer him. Vivian was thinking more of a permanent transfer to Hell. Vivian remarks that Andre has used up the last of his nine lives and she'll make sure Dr. Rolf can't bring him back. Vivian asks if Stefan has a better idea than killing Andre.

Lucas asks Kate about Stefan DiMera being Vivian and Stefano's son. Kate says that's what the DNA test says. Kate can't believe she's sharing a house with Vivian Alamain again. Lucas says that can't be good. Kate tells him that through all of this, she found out she can count on Andre who has stepped up for her. Lucas asks if her marriage of convenience is turning into something more. Kate admits they turned a corner on New Year's Eve and today he said he loved her. Lucas asks what she said. Kate says she didn't say anything and then he left. Lucas asks if she would've told him that she loved him too.

Andre argues that Gabi signed a contract so he has the right to terminate her while maintaining control of Gabi Chic. Gabi calls it insane. Andre says the launch will go on without her. Gabi threatens to sue him. Andre warns her that DiMera lawyers will drag her through the mud and she'll be out of a career. Gabi brings up the crimes DiMera has committed. Andre remarks that DiMera is now clean so they can't do business with someone like her. Andre shouts that what the public thinks matters. Gabi asks if Kate, Chad, and Abigail know what he's doing to her and what they are going to think when they find out.

Abigail tells Chad that Andre is not the man he used to be and he wouldn't do this to them. Chad is not so sure. Abigail brings up that Andre gave up everything so they could be together and saved her life. Abigail adds that Andre figured out a way to work with Gabi for the sake of their family. Abigail asks Chad not to do anything until he has proof. Chad says he and John are working on that now. Abigail thinks the investigation will lead to Stefan and Vivian. Abigail comments that Stefan isn't just trying to run his business but he wants everything Chad has. Chad asks what she means by everything.

Stefan tells Vivian that they can't kill Andre because they don't go around killing people. Vivian argues that it's not that difficult to just make him disappear. Stefan calls her crazy. Vivian doesn't want to wait for Andre to rat them out. Stefan assures that he's not killing Andre. Vivian responds that if he won't do it, she will. Vivian declares she came to secure his legacy as Stefano DiMera's son and she won't stop until she does it. Stefan stops her and says she can't operate like she used to now that he's here. Stefan brings up Vivian burying Carly alive. Vivian says that was personal while this is business. Stefan questions how she would kill Andre. Vivian tells him to just leave it to her but Stefan refuses. Stefan tells her to promise not to kill Andre.

Andre tells Gabi that he's CEO of Countess Wilhelmina so he doesn't need anyone's permission. Gabi wants to know what his family will think when they hear about how he treated her. Andre assures they will understand. Gabi asks if he thinks Chad and Abigail will understand that he screwed over their friend. Andre says that's not her problem. Gabi asks what about Kate since they will always be family due to Arianna. Andre tells Gabi that it's time to leave. Gabi argues that Kate has always supported her and had her back so she asks if Andre wants to put Kate in the position to choose between them. Andre is confident in their relationship. Gabi suggests Andre call Kate and ask her what she thinks. Andre stops her and warns that he wouldn't do that.

Kate guesses Lucas will tell her that she's playing a dangerous game or that she's insane. Lucas takes that as Kate would say she loves Andre. Kate understands that he thinks Andre is bad for her since he has done terrible things. Kate insists that they have both changed. Kate questions Lucas not fighting her on it. Lucas admits he's not thrilled about it but he's learned that life is complicated and messy so sometimes you just have to roll with it. Lucas adds that Kate deserves to be happy so if Andre makes her happy then he's okay with it. Kate thanks him and hugs him.

Brady questions Chloe being on board with him seeing Eve. Chloe says they are both adults so she's all for it if Eve makes him happy. Chloe tells him that he has to fix the suspicion between them. Chloe brings up Eve marrying Deimos. Brady asks what he is supposed to do. Chloe suggests he prove himself and show Eve that she can trust him.

Maggie tells Eve that they have known each other a long time so she knows what she is capable of. Maggie brings up Eve's marriage to Deimos which Eve calls a real marriage. Maggie wonders if her relationship with Brady is a game or a power play. Eve responds that it's not for her. Maggie would hate it if Eve shattered Brady's heart like her sister Theresa did. Maggie goes to check on Tate. Eve gets up and looks at a photo of Brady then decides to call Theresa.

Abigail tells Chad that Stefan is just jealous of what he has and what Andre has as far as family and knowing their father. Chad asks when he told her this. Abigail just thinks it's obvious. Abigail suggests Stefan and Vivian are trying to set up Andre to turn the family against each other. Chad knows she wants to believe that Andre has changed but he has to follow the investigation where ever it goes. Chad decides he will go talk to Andre and if he finds out that he betrayed the family again, there will be no forgiveness or understanding this time. Chad declares Andre will be dead to him. Chad kisses Abigail then walks away.

Gabi warns Andre to never touch her again. Andre asks if that's a threat because he will call security. Gabi tells him that she's leaving but she will come back soon and he will be the one to lose big today. Gabi then exits the office.

Vivian tells Stefan that he will live to regret letting Andre live. Vivian says it's kill or be killed. Stefan assures that he can handle Andre his way. Vivian argues that Andre is a threat that could cost him everything including being with Abigail. Stefan says Abigail is Chad's wife. Vivian adds that DiMera is Chad's company too. Vivian says if they do what they have to do, they can have everything they want but it's his business. Vivian then exits.

Lucas goes to Doug's Place and looks at the drinks behind the bar. Chloe approaches surprised to see him. Lucas informs her that he's fresh out of rehab after 28 days sober. Chloe hugs him and says she's happy for him. Chloe notes that he even looks different. Chloe asks if he's meeting someone here. Lucas responds that he actually came to see her. Lucas explains that he had a lot to think about in rehab and spent a lot of time thinking about her because no matter how bad things got, she was always there for him. Chloe is just glad he's okay. Lucas says he couldn't have done it without her. Lucas hopes there was some way he could repay her. Chloe says being her friend again would be a nice start. Lucas admits he was hoping they could go out on a date sometime. Lucas knows it's weird since they used to be married but they both have baggage and want to start over so he hoped she would consider it. Chloe tells him that her nights are tied up here so she can't. Lucas suggests they can do something during the day. Chloe realizes he's serious about this. Lucas and Chloe agree on tomorrow morning. Lucas says it will be fun and he will see her then as he exits.

Eve leaves Theresa a message, saying it's been a long time and she misses her. Eve says there was something she would like to talk to her about as Brady walks in and asks who she was leaving a message for. Eve claims it was work related about DiMera launching Gabi Chic tomorrow. Brady says it kills him that DiMera beat them on that. Eve says there is nothing they can do about it now. Brady says maybe but maybe not as he takes a drink.

Vivian returns home to the DiMera Mansion and talks to the portrait of Stefano in the living room. Vivian says Stefano would adore their son but his flaw is that his heart is too big for his own good. Vivian gets a text from Andre that Gabi has been fired. Vivian declares to herself that this means Andre is no longer useful to them so Gabi is not the only one about to be terminated.

Stefan sits in his office thinking over Vivian's words warning that Andre is a threat and that they could have everything they want. Stefan then makes a call and says he has a job for someone.

Abigail runs into Gabi outside and asks her what's wrong. Gabi informs her that Andre just fired her from her own company. Abigail argues that he wouldn't do that. Gabi says he just did and told her that it would be better without her. Abigail calls it a mistake. Gabi can't believe she trusted Andre. Abigail says she will talk to Chad and it will be okay. Gabi complains that it won't change anything since Andre already stole her company and now she has nothing. Gabi shouts that Andre won't get away with this and swears she could kill him for this. Gabi then storms off.

Kate goes to the office and tells Andre about picking Lucas up from rehab which made her so happy. Andre is happy to hear that. Kate asks him if something is wrong. Andre says not wrong but there is something he needs to tell her. Kate decides there is something she needs to say to him first. Kate tells him that being with Lucas filled her with hope and gratitude. Kate brings up Andre telling her that he loved her and she said nothing back. Andre says he didn't mean to pressure her. Kate says she was so uncomfortable that she didn't know what to say. Kate then tells Andre that she does love him. Kate thinks she just didn't want to admit it to herself. Andre talks about longing to hear those words. Andre hopes she will feel the same after he tells her what he has to say. Kate asks what it is. Andre knows she isn't going to like it.

The next morning...

Lucas goes to Doug's Place to pick up Chloe to go ice skating. Chloe informs him that she can't go. Lucas asks if she changed her mind about the date. Chloe reveals that she got a call from her former music director that the lead in an opera dropped out and they want her to take over. Chloe says it's a role she always wanted to play so she's flying out this afternoon for two months. Chloe informs him that Doug and Julie will take over for her here and she's getting a tutor for Parker. Lucas says it sounds like an offer she couldn't refuse. Chloe calls it a dream come true. Lucas is happy for her. Chloe calls for a rain check on the date. Lucas jokes that they could do something else in two months which Chloe agrees to.

Gabi is sitting on a bench outside the town square when she gets a text message breaking news alert that there's been a major shake-up at Gabi Chic on the morning of it's IPO launch.

Eve wakes up in bed with Brady. Brady wakes up and says his head is throbbing. Eve comments that they keep ending up like this. Brady says he kind of likes it even if he can't remember most of it. Brady gets his phone and finds out there is a delay in the launch of Gabi Chic. Eve wonders what happened.

Kate is sitting in the living room of the DiMera Mansion upset when Chad walks in and asks how she is after a rough night last night. Kate responds that they both had a rough night.

Vivian bursts in to Stefan's room at the DiMera Mansion and tells him that they have to get their stories straight.

Abigail goes to the DiMera Offices and finds Andre has been murdered! Abigail breaks down crying after seeing his body.

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