Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/11/18

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/11/18


Written By Joseph

John and Marlena are sitting together in the town square. John says he has to run already while Marlena mentions having a meeting too as she is doing something against her better judgement. John says she never does that and kisses her as he walks away. Marlena gets a call from Roman and tells him that she is on her way.

Gabi tells Abigail about some of the shoes and purses that she is selling. Gabi doesn't want the press release to be about her but about the company. Abigail encourages her empowering people through her company which she admires. Gabi talks about a lot of her choices not working out and they have to deal with the fact that she served time in prison. Abigail understands and argues that since then, she's been a model citizen and built her company. Abigail wishes she was more like her but Gabi praises her the same.

Vivian goes to check things out while Stefan pulls out Abigail's work card again.

Gabi tells Abigail about what Nick did to her and says it's nothing compared to everything Ben put Abigail through. Abigail declares that Gabi lost her freedom while she lost her mind. Gabi says they lost time with their kids and they both know what it's like to be separated from those they love. Gabi encourages that she knew Abigail would be fine when she punched Ben at her wedding. Abigail says they learned the hard way how to stand up for themselves. Gabi says now they get to do it for each other.

Anna goes to the Pub where Roman asks what she wants to do tonight. Anna says she's up for anything but Doug's Place after running in to Andre and Kate. Roman suggests they just eat here. Anna continues to complain about Andre.

Andre joins Kate at the hospital in what was Theo's room. Kate asks what he found out about Theo. Andre informs her that Theo has already left and the jet just took off. Kate questions how they could do that without letting them say goodbye.

Outside the town square, Vivian hides around the corner as Chad meets with John. Chad hopes he was able to prove that Stefan had access to inside information. John thinks it won't be long before they can prove Stefan was the one who sabotaged DiMera Enterprises.

Stefan goes to Gabi's office and asks about Gabi and Abigail's meeting. Abigail says it's went very well and shows him the first draft of the press release. Stefan says he will look it over in his office. Stefan returns Abigail's card to her. Stefan asks if they can have dinner tonight to go over this. Abigail says no because she's having dinner with her husband and son. Stefan clarifies that he was talking to Gabi. Stefan tells Gabi that he would like for them to get to know each other better. Gabi questions if he's seriously asking her on a date which he confirms. Stefan says she can't be that surprised that he would want to take her out. Gabi argues that she's never given the indication that she can even tolerate him. Stefan says he has done his homework since coming to Salem and knows what Gabi has been through. Gabi and Abigail mock him. Gabi turns Stefan down. Stefan suggests she think it over. Gabi informs him that her boyfriend works for the police department. Stefan says he just thought he would ask and he doesn't want to antagonize the police. Abigail asks if he's involved in something illegal.

John tells Chad that the night Theo was shot, he was breaking into a warehouse office but he was able to determine that he didn't access any information. Chad says whoever was attacking Kate had insider access so he asks what that means. John informs Chad that DiMera was never hacked and the whole thing was a ruse to make it appear to be a hacking in case somebody investigated. Chad says that Theo was shot for nothing and whoever it was is on the inside. John informs Chad that he now has a very small pool of suspects as Vivan remains listening from around the corner.

Andre tells Kate that he knows how much Theo meant to her. Kate says Abe knew that she was coming and told her it was okay. Kate suggests Abe didn't want them saying goodbye to Theo since he still blames her for what happened. Andre tells Kate to stop blaming herself, insisting that it's not her fault but his.

Roman suggests Anna let what Andre said go. Roman says they are having a lot of fun together and shouldn't let Andre ruin it. Anna agrees so they decide not to talk about the DiMeras anymore. Anna asks if Roman has any silver polish for her urn of Tony's ashes.

Chad asks if John is closing in. John says he doesn't have the concrete proof but he's closing in. Chad responds that he thinks he might know who did it. John asks who. Vivian drops her purse, causing Chad to question what that noise was.

Stefan says he hasn't done anything illegal and explains that he just doesn't want Eli coming after him. Stefan brings up JJ being a cop that shot Theo. Abigail blames the person who was sabotaging DiMera in the first place. Stefan says she told him she believed he didn't do it so he asks if she changed her mind and if she thinks this is all one big act.

Anna polishes her urn until Marlena enters the Pub and greets them. Anna tells Marlena that she's glad to see her again as she's afraid she was rude to her last year in Prague which she blames on Stefano. Anna talks about Tony deserving a better father. Roman asks Anna if she ever thought that some people might find an urn grim and might not want to look at ashes. Anna thinks of it as Tony's spirit. Marlena suggests his spirit would like to be free. Anna complains about what the DiMeras did to him. Marlena points out that Anna made Tony happy. Marlena asks if they had a special place. Anna asks why she wants to know. Marlena thinks there could be a place to scatter his ashes. Roman points out that her vows were until death do them part. Marlena explains that carrying Tony's ashes everywhere may be keeping Anna from getting over Tony and to move on with her own life. Anna stops and realizes that this was set up as a therapy session.

Kate asks Andre how any of this is his fault. Andre says he gave Kate and Chad so many reasons not to trust him, starting with his press conference. Kate says she was wrong but Andre points out that he betrayed her once so she shouldn't feel guilty. Kate thanks him. Andre hugs her and says he doesn't like seeing her upset.

Chad finds Vivian and questions what she is doing, accusing her of eavesdropping. Vivian claims she just heard John's voice and got excited as she still thinks of him as her nephew. Vivian asks what they were putting their heads together about. Chad says it's none of her business. Vivian thinks it is since they mentioned a DiMera employee and her son is the CEO so she asks who Chad was talking about.

Abigail assures Stefan that she believes him since he said he had nothing to do with the sabotage. Stefan apologizes to Gabi for not knowing she was involved with someone. Stefan tells her to let him know if her status ever changes. Gabi tells Abigail that she has to go meet Kate and Andre so she exits. Abigail then questions what the hell is the matter with Stefan. Abigail questions him coming on to Gabi. Stefan says he just asked her on a date. Stefan argues that coming on to someone indicates wanting a sexual relationship. Abigail asks what kind of relationship he imagined having with Gabi then. Stefan says he hadn't gotten that far yet. Stefan jokes with her about Gabi being beautiful and says she is making too much of this. Abigail points out that Stefan is Gabi's boss while Stefan argues that Kate is. Abigail says Stefan made himself CEO so he's in charge of Gabi's employment which means what he just did is sexual harassment. Stefan asks what's it to her. Abigail finds it disastrous as the head of PR. Abigail warns that he will have to follow the rules or risk being forced to resign. Stefan argues that people get involved in the workplace all the time. Abigail comments that it often doesn't work out and recommends he take a class on behavior in the workplace. Stefan calls her hypocritical, comparing it to Kate and Andre working together and now being married then brings up Chad and Gabi. Abigail points out that Stefan can't see the difference between those relationships and what he did. Stefan asks if she's so bothered by this because she thinks he's sexually harassing Gabi or because he's not doing it to her. Abigail then slaps Stefan.

Chad informs Vivian that they were talking about John's daughter Belle who works for them overseas. Vivian hopes nothing is wrong. Chad tells her not to worry and that she can go on. Vivian mentions going back to the office. Vivian tells John that he has to meet her son as he's just like his father. Vivian suggests they have dinner sometime and walks away. Chad asks John what he thinks she heard. John knows she knows it wasn't about Belle.

Kate suggests she and Andre get back to the office. Andre thinks it's too much for her to handle after what she has been through today. Andre brings up Lucas getting out of rehab today. Kate doesn't like talking about that. Andre knows how much it means to her and that Lucas will need her so he assures he can handle everything at the office. Andre suggests she get Lucas back up on his feet and then they will go visit Theo in South Africa. Kate admits she would like that and thanks him. Andre says he'll be at the office if she needs anything. Andre stops and tells Kate that he loves her. Andre stops her from responding and says she doesn't have to say anything as he just wanted her to know.

Roman admits to Anna that he asked Marlena to come by. Anna asks if he thinks she's crazy. Roman says he's worried that she doesn't seem to be able to accept Tony's death. Anna questions Roman going behind her back to get Marlena to shrink her. Anna argues that Roman should've said so to her face. Roman tells her that he thinks she needs therapy. Anna questions what Marlena thinks. Marlena offers to give her referrals if she needs help. Anna tells Marlena to mind her own business and leave her and Tony alone. Marlena apologizes for speaking to her under false pretenses. Marlena decides to leave and let them sort it out. Marlena apologizes again as she exits the Pub. Roman understands Anna is angry but insists he did this because he cares about her. Roman knows she's grieving and wanted to help her. Anna argues that talking to Marlena won't make her forget Tony as she still misses him and he's part of who she is. Anna declares if Roman can't accept that then maybe they shouldn't be seeing each other at all.

John reminds Chad that he was about to tell him who he thought was behind the sabotage before they got interrupted. Chad decides there's a few things he needs to take care of first and he'll get back to him. Chad thanks him for his help. John would like to help more since whoever is behind this is responsible for Theo getting shot so they have a bill to pay.

Andre goes to the DiMera Offices on the phone. He says he'll be in touch as he hangs up and heads into his office. Vivian follows him and informs him that Chad talked to John again but she couldn't get close enough to hear everything. Vivian informs Andre that John knows the warehouse office was a ruse and Chad thinks he knows who was behind it so they know it was someone on the inside. Vivian warns Andre that they are closing in on him so he has to get Chad to back off. Andre says he already tried and it will look too suspicious if he brings it up again. Vivian argues that he has to do something. Andre suggests just putting their plans on hold for now. Vivian asks if he's getting cold feet. Andre argues that he has too much to lose. Vivian points out that Gabi Chic launches tomorrow and they need the cash so they are too close to back off. Andre complains about having to share the profits with Gabi. Vivian tells Andre that he knows what to do. Andre decides he needs to do it right now so it's good that he kept Kate away since it would be difficult to explain this to her. Gabi then arrives and asks why Andre wanted to see her.

Abigail wishes she had a baseball bat. Stefan jokes about assaulting her boss being grounds for dismissal. Abigail tells him to go ahead and try since wrongful termination often leads to really bad press. Stefan calls her vindictive. Abigail responds that she's mad because she's married to a real man so she has a low tolerance for arrogant jerks like him. Stefan apologizes as his sense of humor can be off the wall and inappropriate at times. Stefan admits she was right, he was wrong, and it won't happen again so he asks if she can forgive him. Stefan is afraid they will have a serious problem if they can't get past this since they need to be able to work together. Stefan asks her to call this growing pains as they get used to working together. Stefan promises to be more careful about what he says and does. Abigail agrees but warns that she will be watching him, especially the way he treats women in the company. Abigail suggests if he wants to date, he can go off campus. Stefan remarks that it just seems the most interesting and dynamic women in Salem all work here as he exits the room. Abigail then gets a call from Chad, who asks her to meet him real quick as it's important.

John calls Steve, saying he has stuff to go over with him and suggests they meet for a beer. John hangs up as Marlena returns to him and guesses things didn't go very well by the look on his face. John informs her that Vivian crashed it and asks about her meeting. Marlena responds that it went about the same.

Roman doesn't think Anna means that but Anna insists she can't be with him if he can't accept her for what she is. Anna argues that Roman wants her to abandon Tony and that's not going to happen. Anna won't be with someone who won't accept her for all of her which includes carrying around the remains of a husband whose death was never avenged.

Vivian introduces herself to Gabi and tells her how impressed she is with her work. Vivian then exits, warning Andre to think about what she said. Gabi comments that Andre and Vivian don't seem to get along real well. Gabi asks if this is about the launch tomorrow which Andre says it is. Andre tells her that he wanted to have a little chat with her.

Roman asks Anna not to go so they can talk about this. Anna responds that there is nothing more to talk about as this just isn't going to work. Anna is glad they know now before it got too serious. Roman says he's sorry about that. Anna takes her urn and exits the Pub. Anna finds an envelope in her purse, questioning how it got there. She opens and begins to read a letter which shocks her as someone appears to watch from the bushes.

Abigail meets Chad outside the town square and asks what's going on. Chad explains that he and John are convinced that whoever was trying to sabotage the company was doing it from the inside. Abigail asks why. Chad informs her that they made up the warehouse office as a ruse to make them think the hacking was coming from the outside but it wasn't. Chad calls it a chess game and a classic out of the DiMera playbook. Abigail asks what he's saying. Chad knows she won't want to hear this but everything is pointing to Andre.

Gabi asks Andre if there is some sort of a problem. Andre says not a big problem but her company could generate millions which surprises her. Andre reveals to her that she won't be sharing the profits. Andre then informs Gabi that she is fired.

Vivian goes to Stefan's office where he tells her that he took her advice and backed off of Abigail. Stefan agrees that mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea so he smoothed things over and there is nothing to worry about. Vivian argues that they have a lot to worry about as there are more important things other than his lovelife and Abigail. Vivian declares Andre is becoming too much of a liability so she thinks they will have to neutralize him permanently.

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