Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/15/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/15/18


Written By Joseph

Eric helps Roman clean up at the Pub and tells him he needs to get going. Roman says Anna is meeting him here. Eric asks if things are getting serious. Roman says right now they are just having a good time. Anna arrives and asks Roman if he's ready. Roman says she's a little early as he wanted to talk with Eric. Eric says they don't need to have another conversation about his love life. Anna agrees to let them talk as Roman kisses and hugs her.

At the DiMera Offices, Kate talks to Andre about Gabi Chic being talked about in blogs. Andre predicts it will perform beyond expectation. Andre wants to celebrate and invites her to dinner. Kate kisses him and says as happy as it makes her, she hates that they did all the work while Stefan will get all the credit. Kate exits to go get her coat. Andre remarks to himself that Stefan may have the title but he doesn't have a clue that he and Vivian have all the


Vivian enters Stefan's office and comments that he looks pleased with himself. Stefan responds that he's really enjoying this family stuff. Vivian tells him not to get too complacent as Chad has hired a PI to investigate the hacking and sabotage so Andre is afraid that Chad will find out she and Andre are playing Stefan. Vivian adds that Andre doesn't know he's the one being played. Stefan questions Andre not suspecting anything which Vivian confirms. Stefan says it's only the second day and he's already tired of Andre. Vivian assures his day will come. Vivian talks about being vicious to play the game with the DiMeras. Stefan says her plan seems to be working like a charm and Vivian calls it only the beginning.

Gabi finishes a call with Kate about there being a lot of buzz in Gabi Chic. Gabi hangs up and tells Eli about it. Gabi thanks Eli for always believing in her. Eli wishes that was true and says she has no idea how much he regrets thinking she slept with JJ.

JJ tells Lani that they just said they love each other and the timing may not be perfect but he promises to be a great dad to their baby. Lani thinks back to having sex with Eli. Lani tells JJ that it's a lot more complicated than he is making it out to be. JJ knows it's a huge responsibility and it's her body so it's her decision but he would love to raise their baby together. JJ asks what she says.

Gabi assures Eli that they have put all of that behind them. Eli agrees they should be celebrating her launch of Gabi Chic and invites her to dinner. Gabi jokes that she should take him out if she's about to make major bank. Eli says he has no problem as they kiss.

Lani tells JJ that there is something he should know but they are interrupted by Jennifer entering. Lani tells her she's not interrupting at all. Jennifer says she came to follow up a story but she thought JJ wasn't coming back to work until tomorrow. JJ then reveals he ended up quitting. JJ explains that he told Hope that after everything with Theo, he never wants to be put in that position again. JJ assures he's moving on to focus on something new. Jennifer just wants him to be happy. Jennifer suggests they can talk about it a little more later. Jennifer says she loves him and she has to go as she has a dinner date. JJ says to tell Eric he said hi but Jennifer reveals it's not with Eric. Jennifer adds to Lani that she's so glad they worked things out as she exits. JJ tells Lani that before she says anything, he wants her to come somewhere with him as they exit the station together.

Roman tells Eric that last he heard, Nicole was history and he was going after Jennifer. Roman asks him what changed. Eric says Jennifer gave him the cold shoulder and acted like she couldn't get away. Eric doesn't know that he did anything to make her mad. Roman suggests Jennifer might not be ready to date again. Eric guesses not just with him because he heard Jennifer is going out with a doctor tonight which is weird since he asked her first. Eric thought they agreed to make things work. Roman notes that doesn't sound like Jennifer. Eric states that she totally backed off and he doesn't know why.

Jennifer sits in the town square when Anna walks by and greets her. Anna hopes she's feeling better since she ran out so suddenly the other night. Jennifer assures that she is and asks about Anna's plans. Anna tells her that Roman is taking her to Doug's Place but he had to talk to Eric again. Anna tells Jennifer that they are still talking about Nicole and questions what she's doing out here all alone. Dr. Shah then arrives to join Jennifer. Jennifer introduces him to Anna. Anna tells them to have fun and walks away. He tells her she can call him Henry. Henry decides on taking her to the Brady Pub unless she wants to go to Doug's Place. Jennifer agrees on the Pub and they walk off together.

Stefan questions Vivian involving Andre. Vivian tells him not to second guess her. Stefan brings up Andre being a loose cannon. Vivian insists it was the right move as Andre set up the office space to make everyone think it was an outside hacker to throw off everyone from what they were doing. Stefan tells her that Andre will eventually realize he's been duped. Vivian says it will be too late by then. Kate and Andre walk in. Kate tells them about the buzz around Gabi Chic. Vivian says she will alert the board. Kate points out they had nothing to do with it. Stefan says they are all part of the same team and family. Kate disagrees on Vivian and tells Stefan that he will realize Vivian is evil and selfish, incapable of loving anyone so he will be alone again. Kate tells him to look forward to that as she and Andre exit. Stefan comments on Kate getting under Vivian's skin and pushing her buttons. Vivian talks about Andre and Kate being played. Stefan reminds her that she can't rub Kate's nose in it. Vivian knows they sabotaged the company so he can take over. Stefan reminds her it has to stay between them. Vivian knows but wants to take Kate down.

Kate and Andre go to the Pub where Kate complains about Vivian. Kate tells him that he has no idea of the things Vivian did to her including stealing her son. Kate has no idea why she has her in her life again. Andre proposes a change of subject and toasts to their marriage with years of happiness and love. Anna arrives and questions them, saying happiness and love are things he doesn't deserve.

Roman tells Eric that the only way to find out why Jennifer changed her mind is to ask her. Eric doesn't want to make a big deal out of it and doesn't want to put her on the spot if she doesn't feel the same. Eric wants to respect Jennifer's feelings. Roman encourages him not to throw in the towel and to turn on the charm. Roman tells him that not a day goes by where he doesn't regret not fighting for Marlena harder and assures him that Jennifer is worth fighting for. Eric agrees to think about it as Henry and Jennifer then enter the Pub.

JJ brings Lani to the Horton Town Square plaque of Tom and Alice. JJ talks about it reminding him of their legacy of family and love every day. JJ says as a Horton, he has a lot to give this baby. Lani tells him he doesn't understand. JJ understands that he really hurt her but will never push her away again. JJ asks her to give him this chance. Lani then sees Eli and Gabi together which worries her. Gabi greets them. JJ says they were just taking a walk. Eli mentions going to dinner to celebrate the launch of Gabi Chic. Gabi invites them to have a drink with them. Lani says she can't intrude and tells them to have a great time. JJ suggests they get going. Eli tells Lani that it's really nice to see her and JJ together again.

Kate tells Anna she had no idea she was back in Salem. Anna says she got in on New Year's Eve and hoped to avoid running into Andre. Anna couldn't believe Kate married him. Kate knows they have issues. Anna brings up what he did to her and Tony. Andre says he's not the same person but Anna disagrees. Anna blames Andre and Stefano for taking years away from her and Tony. Andre apologizes for that. Kate believes Andre is sorry and says he sometimes reminds her of Tony. Kate tells Anna that Tony is dead so she needs to let it go. Anna argues that Tony never received the justice he deserved. Anna hopes that Andre one day gets exactly what's coming to him.

Henry and Jennifer sit together at the Pub as Eric and Roman watch from a distance. Roman jokes with Eric about how good looking Henry is so Eric has no chance. Eric tells Roman he needs to go and he's not funny. Roman wishes him luck and exits. Eric approaches Jennifer and Henry as their waiter. Jennifer is surprised he's working tonight. Eric says he's covering for Roman. They order two white wines. Henry asks if they know each other. Jennifer says they worked together and introduces Henry to Eric. Jennifer mentions that Henry will be volunteering his services at the Horton Center. Eric says that's great and decides to sit with them. Eric talks about all the hours Henry will have to put in. Eric questions Henry not having a wife or girlfriend. Henry hopes that will change as Eric goes to get them a menu. Henry comments to Jennifer that Eric isn't cut out for hospitality. Eric brings them the menu and says the special is meatloaf. Jennifer orders the cod while Eric points out that she loves meatloaf. Jennifer responds that she's trying something new as Eric walks away. Henry comments on things seeming tense and asks if they get along. Jennifer says they are good friends. Henry felt there was something more going on but Jennifer assures they are just friends. Henry tells Jennifer that he would like to get to know her more personally if she's open to that which she confirms she is.

Kate tells Anna that she should be angry at Stefano, not Andre. Anna says she has enough hate for both of them and wishes she could've killed Stefano when she had the chance. Kate wants to enjoy dinner with her husband and tells Anna to go to her table. Anna says Austin and Carrie are married so they are family and she feels like she has to warn Kate to be careful with Andre because he's up to something. Roman arrives to join Anna and says it looks like a party.

Vivian gives Stefan a gift for his first day as a CEO, a watch that belonged to her nephew Lawrence. Vivian says Stefan reminds her of him. Stefan thanks her for the gift. Vivian says her life was empty until he tracked her down as she was lonely. Stefan knows her other relatives kept their distance. Vivian guesses she alienated them but Stefan understands and accepts her. She's grateful to have him in her life as he hugs her.

Gabi and Eli sit together in the town square. Gabi talks about being excited about her future. Eli loves her enthusiasm. Eli invites her to spend the night at his place. Eli says they have been taking things slow and he's cool with that but he also wants to show her how much he cares about her. Gabi calls it a big step. Gabi says that John and Marlena have Arianna for the night so she wants to show him how much she cares too as they kiss.

Eli and Gabi go to his room and kiss. Eli asks if she's sure which Gabi says absolutely as they kiss into bed.

Lani sits outside of the town square and thinks back to almost telling Eli about her pregnancy. JJ brings her coffee. Lani mentions just having a lot to think about. JJ apologizes if he pressured her but assures her that she's not alone in this so whatever she decides to do, he'll be there for her as they are still partners.

Andre tells Roman they were feeling harassed so he can convince Anna to leave them alone. Anna argues but Roman suggests they get a table. Kate asks if they are together again. Roman calls it none of her business. Andre brings up not that long ago when Roman kissed Kate. Andre is glad he possibly finally moved on. Roman responds that Kate made it clear she had other obligations. Kate says her marriage is not an obligation since she and Andre realized how much they mean to each other. Roman suggests they leave the newlyweds alone. Anna tells Kate not to be fooled as Andre is still a snake that will hurt her.

Henry and Jennifer laugh together as he tells her she has a beautiful smile. Eric brings them their check and hopes they had a good night. Henry looks forward to seeing him at the Center as he will enjoy working there. Eric walks away as Henry and Jennifer continue laughing together.

Eli and Gabi have sex as "Every Breath" by Marina V plays in the background.

JJ promises to give Lani some time alone to think things over. Lani responds that she doesn't need any more time. JJ asks if she has decided. Lani tells JJ to get ready for some sleepless nights because they are going to have a baby. JJ hugs her as she cries.

Andre tells Kate that Anna is still staring daggers at him. Kate tells him to ignore her as she's just not over Tony's death. Andre thanks her for standing up for him. Kate calls him her husband which he's happy to hear. Kate thinks they have a real shot at happiness as they kiss.

Vivian tells Stefan that he had a spectacular first day. Stefan asks if she means her and Andre. Vivian says things will change but they need Andre to oversee Countess Wilhelmina and get money from Gabi Chic then they will kick him to the curb. Stefan asks what's to stop him from going to the board. Vivian assures him that she's very good at keeping secrets good and buried.

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