Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/12/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/12/18


Written By Joseph

At the DiMera Offices, Abigail tells Chad that Stefan called her in early. They joke about his style. Chad encourages to go be her charming self. Abigail worries that Stefan will see through it so she will have to let him think he's gradually winning her over. Chad kisses her as she then goes in to Stefan's office. Stefan remarks about company policy on PDAs. Abigail reminds him that he came to her room while she was in a towel. Stefan points out that he owns the house but he didn't know she was so bothered about it. Stefan questions her not telling Chad about it.

Kate and Andre are kissing in their office when Chad walks in and remarks that it won't be easy to lose that visual.

Eve kisses Brady which he asks where that came from. Eve tells him that he heard him defending her to Victor and he was very passionate which turns her on. Brady suggests they take this upstairs. Eve agrees and they start to go but the doorbell rings. Eve tells Brady that it might be pest control because she found a huge spider this morning. Eve opens the door to see Vivian. Brady calls her a completely revolting surprise.

Eli brings Gabi flowers in her new office.

Lani pulls out her phone and calls Kayla. JJ arrives behind her to hear Lani inform Kayla that she's made a decision about her pregnancy. JJ approaches Lani and excitedly asks if she's pregnant. Lani tells Kayla she will get back to her and hangs up. JJ hugs Lani and exclaims that is great. JJ can't believe he's going to be a dad.

Eli compliments Gabi's poster and calls her beautiful. Gabi hopes she made the right decision turning down Basic Black and going with DiMera. Eli asks why she did go with DiMera.

Kate tells Chad that they are giving their marriage a stab at being a real one. Andre mocks his support. Chad says he's not in an enthusiastic mood as he just came from visiting Theo and he ran in to some complications in his recovery. Chad informs them that Theo will be enrolled in a clinical trial in South Africa so he has to leave Salem and his family. Kate is shocked and says she's so sorry. Chad tells Kate that he knows he blamed her but she doesn't bear the burden since she wouldn't have sent Theo to track down the hackers if it wasn't for Stefan in the first place. Chad believes Stefan and Vivian are the ones really responsible for all of this so he will do his best to put this all behind him and end his anger at Kate because that's what Theo wants. Chad thinks it's important that they all hang together.

Abigail tells Stefan why she didn't tell Chad is none of his business. Stefan is glad she took back quitting and he regrets making her grovel for her job. Abigail comments that he certainly seemed to enjoy it. Stefan has come to see he can use her talents and they have a lot of work to do. Stefan asks about Abigail's opinion on furniture choices for the reception area. Abigail asks if he thinks she is his secretary. Abigail questions why he wanted to see her. Stefan asks what she thinks he wants from her. Stefan wants to put out a press release announcing his takeover of the company. Abigail talks about struggling to find the same enthusiasm as she had with Chad. Abigail talks about the investors freaking out. Stefan remarks that the civil war is over and he won. Abigail says they need to worry about damage control. Stefan says they have a lot of work to do and insists she have a seat.

Chad informs Andre and Kate that he hired John to look in to Stefan's business dealings. Kate calls it a good move. Chad wants to figure out how he used insider information and tanked their stocks. Andre argues that he can't prove it. Chad says he can when he figures out how he got the information and when he does, there will be hell to pay.

Brady introduces Eve to Vivian. Eve says she has heard so much about her. Brady knows Vivian came by to try to ruin their day but he already knew she was in town so there is no reason for her to stay. Vivian informs him that she has news that is good for her and bad for him. Vivian brings up Basic Black trying to lure Gabi but Gabi Chic promises to be a valuable asset to DiMera Enterprises. Vivian calls it the first handful of dirt on their coffin.

Stefan tells Abigail that he can see how he might have a reputation of being ruthless. Abigail brings up that he was raiding corporations and breaking them. Abigail asks if changing his name is supposed to change the public perception. Stefan responds that if he chose a name to gain the public's trust, he wouldn't have chose Stefan O. DiMera. Abigail says she will have to figure out a way to humanize him which won't be easy. Abigail says he's practically a blank slate as she only knows he's a chess champion which must be genetic. Stefan questions her knowing his father. Abigail says she unfortunately did. Stefan asks if he is like him.

Lani and JJ go into the interrogation room where Lani says she needs to talk to him privately. JJ encourages that he will be there for her 100% but Lani stops him. JJ remembers hearing that she said she made a decision. JJ asks if she was talking about an abortion. Lani tells him that this has been really hard and it's not a decision she would ever make lightly but she's not ready to have a baby. Lani tells JJ that she's sorry as she wasn't going to tell him. JJ thinks she just didn't know that she could count on him. Lani responds that her decision has nothing to do with him.

Gabi thanks Eli for his advice as she spoke to Kate and she will be her direct boss. Gabi gets there are sharks there but Victor and Eve wouldn't be much different. Gabi hopes Eve and Brady understand because Kate told her this was the best move and she trusts her.

Brady jokes with Vivian about the word bury. Eve complains about Gabi not even telling them. Vivian suggests they were otherwise engaged. Vivian says she is so happy to be working with a winning team like DiMera. Vivian says Titan must be so tired of losing to DiMera. Vivian tells them to get used to it as her and her son are going to bring them to their knees. Vivian adds that might seem like old times for Eve.

Chad tells Andre and Kate about John putting a security expert on the case to get to the bottom of it. Andre doesn't know if he likes the idea of John being involved in their family business. Kate asks why not. Chad thought he was on their side.

Abigail tells Stefan to hope he's nothing like his father. Stefan questions that since Stefano was intelligent, charming, handsome, and devoted to his family. Abigail questions him going there and calls Stefano evil to the core. Stefan says he is simply stating how he feels. Stefan finds it insensitive to talk about his father that way. Stefan asks if her father was perfect. Abigail doesn't want to talk about her father with him. Stefan compares it to talking about his father with him. Abigail apologizes for bringing it up. Stefan says he's actually not that sensitive about his parents as he is confident that he inherited the best from both of them. Stefan asks if Abigail thinks Chad inherited the best from his parents. Abigail says they never really discuss it as they think more about the environment than genetics. Stefan asks if she thinks he and Chad are likely to have nothing in common which Abigail confirms. Abigail tells him that she needs more information on him. Stefan remarks that he's flattered she is interested in him. Abigail says she's not but she is trying to do her job which he is making difficult. Stefan responds that he thinks she probably knows more about him than most people do. Stefan jokes that she knows him quite intimately after their recent run in at the mansion.

JJ apologizes to Lani as so much has happened and he's been guilty about Theo and pushing her away. Lani tells him it's okay. JJ admits to her that he still loves her and he wants to make things work between them. JJ asks if Lani feels the same way. Lani confirms she does.

Andre doesn't understand why Chad is being so suspicious. Chad thinks his reaction doesn't make sense. Andre argues that John is related to Brady and Titan is their biggest competitor so he questions getting involved with other people's problems. Chad assures that John and Paul won't reveal information. Chad declares that he made the executive decision and then walks out.

Abigail tells Stefan that she knows he likes to say and do provocative things to get a rise out of people. Abigail thinks people like that are more than likely insecure for a good reason. Abigail says if she writes this off what she has then it will read "No one knows anything about Stefan O. Dimera except that he's a real jerk". Abigail asks if he's going to give her a biography or if she should go with what she has. Stefan admits he doesn't like telling people his story as he doesn't want people feeling sorry for him. Abigail tells him to go ahead. Stefan talks about Vivian's manservant tossed him aside and pretended he never existed as he dumped him in an orphanage. Stefan says he was eventually adopted and sent off to boarding school in the UK. Abigail mentions spending several years in London. Stefan tells her to just ask what she really wants to know. Abigail brings up him raiding dozen of companies and living all over the world so she questions why he left a life full of glamour to come to Salem. Abigail just wants to figure out what he really wants.

Eve tries to stop Vivian from entering the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady tells her that if she's looking for Victor, he's probably upstairs with Maggie. Brady reminds her that Victor married Maggie the second he divorced her. Brady tells her that she can lie, blackmail, and put living people in coffins but she never wins. Vivian responds that they aren't at the end yet. Brady warns her that if she gets anywhere near Maggie, he will put her back in the coffin. Vivian says she's not afraid of him. Brady then grabs her by the throat and questions what she was saying. Brady lets her go and tells her to stop being dramatic as she coughs. Brady says he would never actually hurt her. Brady offers to have her escorted off the property. Vivian then storms out as Brady yells for her to crawl back into her hole.

Kate asks what Andre really has against John. Andre asks if she thinks he's jealous. Andre brings up their history. Andre doesn't want Chad to confront Stefan without concrete proof. Kate points out that's why Chad hired John. Kate can't wait until it happens so she can get her hands on the person who betrayed her.

Eli hopes all of this works out for Gabi. Gabi asks if he thinks she made the wrong decision. Eli says he didn't say that. Gabi asks if it's about her working with Chad. Eli knows he's had his moments being jealous but he was being an ass. Gabi admits she might have given him a reason to be jealous but assures that he's the only guy for her. Eli thinks back to having sex with Lani. Eli then tells Gabi that she's the only woman for him as they kiss.

JJ asks Lani what it is as she turns away. Lani doesn't want to do anything that's going to hurt him. JJ tells her she doesn't have to walk on eggshells around him as she gets why she might be worried that he wasn't up to the responsibility. JJ talks about Eric helping him see things clearly. JJ knows she must be scared but he just told Hope that he's excited to see where life leads him. JJ thinks this is a sign for both of them but Lani shouts that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Stefan tells Abigail that he's here for family. Stefan knows how close she is to her brother and mother and how important her grandparents were to her. Abigail questions how he knew that. Stefan says he did his research as well. Stefan calls Salem his family home and he grew up completely alone so he just wants to get to know them. Abigail says he could've gone for a cup of coffee then but instead he crashed a party, publicly berated Andre and stole Chad's job from behind his back. Stefan says he's sorry he didn't grow up in a home like her so his people skills might be off. Abigail wants to get back to work and asks about his boarding school. Stefan jokes with her. Abigail questions if anything he's said has been the truth. Stefan continues joking with her to get her to laugh. Stefan comments that she has a beautiful smile as Chad then walks in.

Lani tells JJ that she wants a baby someday but she's not ready. Lani brings up studying months for an exam so the timing is all wrong. JJ asks when the timing will ever be perfect with this job. JJ calls it her decision but encourages that she would be such a great mom. JJ says she made this decision when she thought she would be raising the baby on her own but it doesn't have to be like that. JJ suggests maybe she just doesn't want to raise a kid with him. Lani insists she would love that as she loves him. JJ doesn't understand why she doesn't want to have this baby then.

Eli and Gabi continue kissing in her office until Kate walks in. Kate tells them to carry on as she was just checking in to make sure everything was going alright. Gabi says she's only been there an hour. Kate jokes with her about going on a break already and wants to be sure that she doesn't have any regrets about this decision. Gabi responds that life couldn't be any better.

Vivian goes to see Andre at the office and tells him that John is a fool. Andre points out that he's very good at what he does so they can't have him figure out they are working together. Vivian doubts him. Andre points out that if anyone walked in right now and saw them together, they would surmise that they are in cahoots which would be very bad. Andre suggests she leave as they have to act like they hate each other. Vivian says she will do her best as she exits.

Chad warns Stefan not to speak to his wife that way. Stefan apologizes for complimenting her but he's glad Chad is able to join them. Stefan knows Chad hoped he would be behind the desk but jokes that he doesn't have to move his office. Stefan says he is really looking forward to working with Chad as he thinks he has a lot to offer. Stefan offers a handshake which Chad begrudgingly accepts.

Brady tells Eve he's sorry about Vivian. Eve tells him he can put his hands on her any time he likes as they head back upstairs.

Eli carries boxes into Gabi's office for her. Gabi tells him that she has everything she needs as they kiss.

JJ tells Lani that he knows this is happening sooner than they thought but they talked about having a family someday. JJ tells her he will do whatever she wants him to do so he thinks she should think about it a little more. JJ asks her not to end this pregnancy.

Kate rejoins Andre in the office. Chad and Abigail walk in. Abigail tells them that she just listened to Stefan talk about his background but he doesn't want them to know anything that matters so all they know is what's already been released. Chad wonders what else he is hiding.

Vivian enters Stefan's office and comments that he looks pleased with himself. Stefan responds that he's really enjoying this family stuff. Vivian tells him not to get too complacent as Chad has hired a PI to investigate the hacking and sabotage so Andre is afraid that Chad will find out she and Andre are playing Stefan. Vivian adds that Andre doesn't know he's the one being played.

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