Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/11/18

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/11/18


Written By Joseph

Kayla comments on changes made to the menu at the Brady Pub and asks what appeals to Steve. Steve gets blurry vision and says he'll just stick to his usual. Kayla informs him that French dip is no longer on the menu so he has to pick something else.

Brady joins Victor in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor hopes he has good news that he got Eve out of their lives for good.

Eve sits at the bar of Doug's Place as Chloe comes over to greet her. Chloe questions what she walked in on with her and Brady. Eve says it was obvious but Chloe thought they hated each other. Eve responds that she thought so too. Chloe asks how they ended up in bed together.

JJ goes to see Hope in her office at the police station. JJ informs her that he came to turn in his resignation from the police force.

At the police station, Eli asks Lani if she's okay. She claims she's fine. Eli says she seems like something is going on and asks her to tell him. Lani thinks back to sex with Eli then finding out she's pregnant. Eli tells Lani that she can tell him anything.

JJ turns in his badge and gun. Hope says she was looking forward to him coming back to work. JJ apologizes for quitting on such short notice. Hope asks if it's about Theo. JJ says it's about a lot of things but the shooting made him look at the job in a different way. Hope reminds him that internal affairs cleared him of any wrongdoing. JJ points out that he still pulled that trigger and shot an innocent man so he never wants to be in the position to kill again.

Eli wants to help Lani but he can't unless she tells him what's going on. Lani informs him that she just came back from the hospital. Eli asks if Theo had a setback. Lani says not exactly but he's still suffering complications from the stroke. Eli asks if there's anything they can do. Lani informs him that Theo has been approved for a medical trial but it's in South Africa. Eli knows it will be hard but feels he has to go if it's best for his recovery. Lani says whatever is best for her little brother. Eli assures her it's not forever. Lani knows she and Abe can visit him. Eli senses it's not the only thing making her upset which she confirms. Eli asks if she wants to get it out in the open. Lani says she does so Eli asks her what it is. Lani responds that they need to talk about what happened between them on Christmas Eve.

Kayla comments on Steve taking long to make a decision. Roman and Anna then walk in together. Kayla jokes that must be why Roman updated the menu. Roman and Anna come over to greet them. Anna talks about them being on the ice rink together. Roman mentions getting something for Anna off the menu so Steve decides he'll have that too. Anna goes to freshen up. Roman tells them to go ahead and let him have it. Roman says that Anna decided to extend her trip and they are having a good time. Steve is happy for him but brings up that the last time they saw Anna, she was unhinged. Kayla reminds him that Anna shot Steve. Roman responds that nobody is perfect.

Brady pours a drink and assures Victor it's just club soda. Brady tells Victor that Eve is still in their lives but he is making progress. Victor asks how much progress. Brady says since they staged their fight, he has her convinced that he's in her corner. Victor questions what makes him think he can neutralize her. Brady states that he wormed his way into her cold heart. Victor realizes he seduced her. Brady says it was so easy since Eve is needy and desperate for attention. Victor guesses it's all business on his part. Brady responds that he has it all under control. Victor is sure he thinks so but comments that he doesn't have very many things under control these days. Victor warns him that sleeping with the enemy is a dangerous game and sometimes even the most confident players get played.

Chloe asks Eve if she has an agenda when it comes to Brady. Eve says her only agenda is preserving the company left to her by Deimos. Chloe calls it the company Deimos stole. Eve argues that Deimos could be sweet and generous. Chloe questions their love. Eve says Victor is worse than Deimos which Chloe agrees with. Eve complains that Victor is targeting her so she's fighting back. Chloe won't support if she's using Brady to do it.

Hope tells JJ that it's never easy when an officer has to pull the trigger and she understands the guilt that comes with it. Hope offers time off for counseling. JJ tells her that he's already working with Eric but he's not working to come back to the job. JJ declares that he doesn't want to be a cop anymore and that part of his life is over so he wants to find something else in his life.

Eli and Lani go in to the interrogation room where Eli says Christmas Eve was a mistake. Lani blames herself for assuming JJ and Gabi had sex when she could've talked to JJ instead of running away. Lani shouts that they never should have ended up in bed together. Eli says he knows and they've already established that but they were both very upset and had been drinking. Lani says that's no excuse. Eli calls it part of the reason. Lani brings up that Eli told her he had fallen for her once and calls it a strange thing for him to say. Eli says it was the truth. Lani felt he was coming on to her. Eli questions if that's the reason she slept with him. Lani thinks it was part of the reason. Eli asks if she's saying it's his fault. Lani just wants to remember what led to them in bed together. Eli questions why she's trying to remember and what the point of analyzing is. Eli calls it a mistake that's over. Lani turns away in tears. Eli apologizes for being hard on her when she doesn't deserve that. Eli wishes they didn't have to look at what happened like some miserable traumatic experience. Eli feels like they need to stop beating themselves up over it. Eli tells her that he feels guilty too but they thought JJ and Gabi were cheating on them. Eli thinks they should just move on and stay friends. Eli states that they slept together once and agreed it would never happen again so he doesn't think it has to change anything. Lani responds that it already has.

Brady tells Victor that getting close to Eve is just a means to an end and she won't play him. Brady says once she fully trusts him, he will move forward with his plan. Victor questions what his plan is. Brady says he will do what she did to Deimos, marry her and take everything she has. Victor thinks he's deluding himself as Eve is no dummy and will make him sign a prenup. Brady thinks he can get her to sign anything he wants since she is needy and desperate for attention. Brady declares that once she falls in love with him, he will move in for the kill. Victor says he may have to do just that. Brady asks if he means kill her. Victor points out that Brady said it not him.

Eve questions what Chloe thinks she is doing to hurt Brady. Chloe talks about Brady being vulnerable and going through a lot right now so he doesn't need his heart broken again. Eve comments that she sounds protective of him. Chloe says they are friends with history. Eve thinks there's more than history and asks if Chloe is jealous.

Steve jokes with Roman about finding out if Anna has a gun since she opened fire in a cafe when she shot him. Roman insists it was an accident. Kayla asks if Anna makes Roman happy. Roman says they are having a good time and assures that she is stable. Anna returns and wants "Tony" to join them as well as she pulls her urn out of her purse and puts it on the table. Roman tells Anna that he thought they talked about the urn but he didn't know she was still carrying it around. Anna says she only does when it seems appropriate. Kayla understands she is still grieving the loss of Tony but questions if it's healthy to carry around his remains. Anna calls it her support and knows they think she's crazy but it's her way to cope. Anna calls Tony a reminder of what Stefano did to them. Kayla suggests she let that go but Anna says she can't because Stefano never paid for what he did to any of them which Steve does agree with. Anna tells Steve that's why she wants to hire him to go after Stefano to bring him to justice.

Chloe questions Eve thinking she's jealous of her and Brady. Eve remarks that Chloe is acting like she's still his wife which Chloe calls crazy. Eve talks about Chloe walking in to Brady's house and acting territorial so she thinks there is feelings there. Chloe insists that Brady is just her friend and she worries about him making bad choices. Eve asks if she's saying she is a bad choice. Chloe brings up Eve just losing her husband so she's not sure her bed is the safest place for Brady right now. Eve suggests maybe Brady is using her and what if Victor ordered him to take her to bed. Chloe asks why Eve would sleep with him if she was worried about that. Eve admits she wanted to because Brady is sexy and charming. Eve says she was a little lonely but she's not stupid. Eve admits she likes Brady a lot but her main goal is to put Basic Black back on track and if she finds out he's been double crossing her then it won't be pretty. Chloe says especially not if she's developed real feelings for her. Eve says she has to go and exits.

Eli asks Lani why she is beating herself over this. Lani says they can't pretend they didn't sleep together. Eli argues that they are the only people that know so they can put it behind them. Lani asks what if they can't. Eli says Gabi forgave him for accusing her of sleeping with JJ so she can make things right with JJ too but Lani is not so sure. Eli talks about being one of JJ's harshest critics and still having a problem with what he did but Theo is recovering and JJ was exonerated. Eli declares there is no reason that Lani and JJ can't pick up where they left off.

Hope guesses she can't talk JJ out of this. JJ appreciates her trying but he doesn't want to look back anymore as he's moving ahead. Hope asks what he will do next. JJ doesn't know but after everything with Theo, he's going to make every day count. Hope calls that a good lesson. JJ knows there is something meaningful for him out there so he's going to find it.

Lani tells Eli that sometimes life doesn't always go the way you think it will. Eli repeats that they made a mistake but if they don't put it behind them, it will drive them crazy. Lani says letting go will be very hard for her to do as she will be reminded of it on a daily basis. Eli thinks she sounds like she wants to punish herself. Lani says maybe she does. Eli tells her that they dodged a bullet as no one knows what happened and never will. Eli says the sooner they can forget and move on, the easier it will be as she can be with JJ and he can be with Gabi. Lani remarks that he acts like there are no consequences to what they did. Eli asks what the consequences are.

Steve questions Anna wanting him to hunt Stefano. Anna can't think of anyone more suited to the job. Kayla questions her being sure she wants to find him. Roman asks Anna what makes her think Stefano is still alive. Steve reminds her that Stefano was dying when he set Hope up for shooting him and didn't have much time left. Anna thinks back to the last time she saw "Stefano" in his jail cell and ranting to him about coming between her and Tony. Anna declares that Stefano is too mean to go like that and that he didn't look sick in that jail cell. Steve remembers that was a plan with Shane in disguise as Stefano. Steve says Stefano had the best doctors in the world but he's probably dead and if he doesn't want to be found, it's almost impossible. Anna pulls out a photo from a couple months ago in Turkey where she says he looks pretty alive to her. Roman looks at it and confirms it's Stefano. Kayla asks if they're sure it's real. Steve then remembers after the plan when he and Shane came across a picture of Stefano that Shane assured was not him in disguise. Steve doesn't know if the picture is real but says maybe it doesn't matter. Roman asks Anna if she's sure she wants to throw her whole life away on Stefano DiMera.

Brady assures Victor that nobody is getting killed as he will get rid of Eve quietly and quickly. Victor argues that he's naive if he thinks Eve will go quietly as she will keep battling until no one is left standing. Victor tells Brady to concentrate on his end game and not hers. Victor reminds Brady that it will be very good for him if he handles this correctly and gets rid of Eve. Brady asks if that means he'll put him back in charge of Titan. Victor responds that he will certainly consider it. Brady thinks back to starting his plan with Eve. Brady then gets a text from Henderson that Eve just pulled up. Brady asks Victor if he's up for more theatrics. Victor agrees if it means getting Eve out of their lives.

Lani tells Eli that she loves JJ but doesn't know if she can be with him without thinking about what they did. Eli tells her to try because if Gabi finds out, it will be the end of their relationship. Eli then gets a text from Gabi about her new deal with DiMera. Eli tells Lani that he's going to go see her. Eli asks if they are cool. Eli adds that he's always available if she needs to talk again but they need to get past this as she deserves to be happy. Eli then exits.

Hope comments that JJ sounds hopeful. Hope is sorry to see him go but excited to see what he does next. Hope thanks him for everything. JJ shakes her hand and thanks her for the opportunity to be a cop and for standing up for him even when it almost cost her job. Hope hugs him and tells him to take care of himself. Hope tells him that she's really proud of him as he exits her office.

Anna assures that she doesn't want to go to prison over Stefano but she will get justice for Tony with or without her help. Roman advises her to just be careful. Steve gets a call from Hope and asks if he's busy. Steve says he's having lunch at the Pub and asks what's up. Hope asks him to come to the station to look at a case for her. Steve agrees to go. Steve hangs up and says he has to cut this lunch short since Hope needs him at the station. Steve brings up Kayla needing to get back to the hospital and asks her for a ride which she agrees to. Anna hopes Steve will change his mind about going after Stefano since the world will be better without him. Kayla and Steve then exit the Pub. Anna apologizes to Roman for taking the conversation in a dark direction. Roman knows she wants vengeance for what Stefano has done like they all do but that is not something he wants to deal with in his life right now.

Eve enters the Kiriakis Mansion where she hears Brady and Victor arguing about Brady working with Eve at Basic Black. Eve listens in to hear Brady defending Eve to Victor. Brady then storms out and runs in to Eve outside the door.

Steve goes to Hope's office. She thanks him for coming so quickly and hopes she didn't interrupt anything. Steve asks about the case to look at. Hope gives it to him to look at but his vision gets blurry. Hope tells him to look it over and she will call him for his thoughts as she exits for the DA's office.

Anna tells Roman that she's spent so many years dreaming about making Stefano pay for what he did to them. Roman knows how that obsession can take over your life. Anna says he took everything from her. Roman encourages that she still has a lot to live for. Roman knows Tony will always be part of her life but that he would want her to move on which she needs to do. Roman goes to get their food. Anna then tells "Tony" that she will never let this go until he's been avenged.

Brady apologizes to Eve, claiming he did not know she was out here. Brady asks how much she heard. Eve confirms she heard all of it. Brady says he's sorry for Victor and he just wants him to understand they are business partners now. Eve then grabs Brady and kisses him.

Lani pulls out her phone and calls Kayla. JJ arrives behind her to hear Lani inform Kayla that she's made a decision about her pregnancy.

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