Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/10/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/10/18


Written By Joseph

Steve leaves the Pub on the phone with Joey, telling him to hang in there and they will see him this weekend. Steve tells him he loves him and hangs up. Steve then gets blurred vision and dizzy again so he sits down on the bench, wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

Kayla gives Lani water to stay hydrated as Lani takes in the news that she is pregnant. Lani asks if she's sure which Kayla confirms. Lani asks how far along she is.

JJ arrives at the police station and says he got Eli's message which sounded important. JJ asks him what's going on. Eli tells him they need to talk.

Gabi goes to meet Stefan in the DiMera office when he arrives behind her and comments on what a sight she is.

Chad comes out of the shower as Abigail is making their bed. Abigail comments on it being the best view she's seen all morning. Abigail hopes Chad is the last DiMera she ever sees naked in this house again. Chad then questions what other DiMera she's seen naked.

Andre sits in the living room laughing to himself as Vivian walks in and questions why he's so happy. Andre asks why he shouldn't be when their plan is working like a charm. Andre calls it a stroke of genius to use Stefan to return him to his rightful place as head of DiMera. Vivian reminds him he would be co-head. Vivian points out that he's said that twice and a third time they will have a problem. Andre assures Vivian they are partners and they will be running DiMera together. Andre adds that they have been a great team so far. Vivian says Stefan has exceeded her expectations and she couldn't be prouder. Andre points out that Stefan acting like king of the world is only temporary so he hopes nobody has any hard feelings when they are running DiMera.

Chad questions when Abigail saw Stefan naked. Abigail explains what happened. Chad gets upset about Stefan thinking he can do whatever he wants. Abigail points out that starting a fight would be doing exactly what Stefan wants.

Stefan introduces himself to Gabi and hopes they will be very good friends. Gabi tells him she has a lot to do. Stefan tells him that he's very excited for Gabi Chic joining DiMera's family of companies. Gabi tells him not to get too excited because it's not a done deal yet.

Steve gets back up and starts to walk off when John approaches to ask what's going on and if he's alright.

Abigail informs Chad that she did some research on Stefan and found that he has taken on and taken down some heavy hitters in the corporate world. Chad doesn't care and wants to find proof that he sabotaged DiMera to take him down. Abigail tells him it won't work if he loses his cool.

Stefan questions Gabi as to if this is a negotiation tactic. Gabi tells him that her deal with DiMera isn't finalized until the end of the day and there is a Basic Black offer on the table. Stefan points out that she turned them down. Gabi says things have changed because she doesn't know him. Stefan suggests they change that right now. Stefan tells her to ask him anything as he's an open book. Gabi questions if he thinks she'll just know him after asking questions. Stefan thinks she would have a good chance of getting to know him. Gabi says not enough to trust him. Gabi thinks it takes a lot to get to know someone. Stefan asks what it's about then. Gabi talks about how someone relates to other people, how consistent they are in their beliefs, how big their hearts are and if they are loyal. Gabi doesn't think he can answer that in a few questions. Stefan gets her point but doesn't think that's it. Stefan believes Gabi is hesitating because she's no longer working under her ex boyfriend.

Vivian tells Andre about Gabi having second thoughts on signing with DiMera. Vivian says they have to close that deal which Andre assures they will. Vivian says they have to play this perfectly which means he has to manage his feelings for Kate. Andre insists that he's managing his feelings very well. Vivian brings up hearing them last night. Vivian suggests it's a good thing since it keeps Kate distracted as long as he keeps her on a short leash. Kate then walks in to the room.

Eli tells JJ to take a seat. JJ comments that it sounds serious and sits down. Eli pulls out JJ's gun and informs him that Gabi gave it to him. JJ admits he was in a bad place. Eli is glad she was there for him. JJ points out that he thought they slept together. Eli says he was an idiot. JJ understands Lani misinterpreted what she saw. Eli says it doesn't excuse his actions which he regrets more than he'll ever know. Eli says he apologized to Gabi and wants to apologize to JJ as well. JJ asks what he has to apologize to him for. Eli thinks back to waking up with Lani after sex.

Kayla tells Lani that she's not that far along. Lani points out that she and JJ hadn't been together since her birthday when Theo was shot in November. Kayla confirms this is more recent as she's just barely pregnant for a couple of weeks.

Steve and John sit together in the Pub. John asks if they celebrated New Year's too much for him. Steve claims that's it and says he'll be fine. John suggests Steve admit he need some reading glasses as he shows him a pair that Marlena got for him. Steve jokes that they wouldn't do so well over his eye patch. John tells Steve to check out a case file and tell him what he thinks about it.

Kayla confirms to Lani that there is no mistake. Lani can't believe this is happening and starts to cry. Kayla understands Lani wouldn't have been taking care of herself through the ordeal. Kayla tells her she's here to listen if she needs someone to talk to. Lani points out that she's JJ's aunt. Kayla says she is her doctor and assures anything she shares will be protected by confidentiality. Kayla asks her what's going on. Lani is sure she's figured it out by now that the baby is not JJ's.

Eli tells JJ that he's sorry for thinking the worst of him that he would sleep with Gabi. JJ reminds him that he broke her heart by cheating on her back in the day and insists he would never do that again to a woman he loves. Eli suggests they can get back together with Theo on the mend. JJ says there is nothing he'd like more but there are complications with Theo's recovery. Eli encourages him not to let that stop him from being with the woman he loves.

Chad thanks Abigail for helping him keep his cool as much as he wanted to slap Stefan. Chad admits there is too much at stake but Stefan drives him insane. Abigail tells him that seeing Stefan naked didn't phase her so he has nothing to worry about. Abigail and Chad kiss and he picks her up to the bed.

Kate comes in and greets Andre as he comments on letting her sleep in this morning. Vivian asks if Kate had a long night. Kate mocks her and asks Andre to get her some coffee. Kate comments on now just wanting Vivian out of the room. Vivian says she has as much right to be here as she does. Kate hopes if she ignores her, she'll disappear. Vivian doesn't want to live under a roof with them. Andre suggests she could go back to India. Kate wishes she would return to her crypt and the world would be a better place. Vivian hoped they could be civil. Vivian tells them that they deserve each other and walks out. Kate complains about Vivian driving her crazy and says they have to get her out of the house and their lives. Andre tells her they will. Kate admits that she felt safe with him last night. Andre hopes she felt other things too which she confirms she did. Kate talks about Andre keeping her secret about Theo and standing by her when Chad tried to throw her out. Kate says she almost practically trusts him. Andre promises they will raise Countess Wilhelmina to new heights and today they will close the deal on Gabi Chic. Andre calls it the first step to everything they ever wanted. Kate adds that they are doing it together as he kisses her on the cheek.

Gabi tells Stefan that he has a hell of a nerve. Gabi tells him that he was absolutely wrong and extremely obnoxious. Stefan apologizes. Gabi argues that she built her brand on her own so she's offended by him insinuating that she's making her decisions based on who she dates. Stefan understands there is loyalty to Chad in the company but the one thing he lacks is killer instinct so anything he runs is doomed to fail. Stefan won't allow his father's legacy to become extinct. Gabi argues that Stefano was a glorified thug while Chad was making the company honorable. Stefan argues that she might be overly sensitive based on her own father's failures. Gabi warns him not to talk about her father. Stefan declares that he will take the company where it needs to go and she can either come with or not. Stefan advises her to stick with DiMera and enjoy the ride because it's about to get spectacular. Gabi responds that if he knew anything about her company, he would know it's about empowering girls to not give a damn what any man thinks. Gabi tells Stefan to go find someone else to listen and leave her the hell alone.

Chad and Abigail finish having sex. Abigail talks about having a lot of peace and quiet with them and Thomas. Chad says they will start and finish their days like this together. Abigail informs him that she saw Andre go in to Kate's room last night which they laugh about.

Gabi tells Stefan that his negotiation tactic is a fail. Stefan apologizes for coming on so strong and hopes she will reconsider. Gabi goes to leave when Kate and Andre arrive. Kate apologizes for being late while Andre asks what's going on. Gabi announces she is exercising her option to void their deal and she's taking Gabi Chic to Basic Black.

JJ informs Eli that there is a chance that Theo will never walk again. Eli asks what if he does. Eli tells JJ that he has to stop taking this all on himself. Eli says Theo will live so JJ is cleared. JJ argues that the guilt doesn't just go away. Eli reminds him that tomorrow is his first day back on active duty and asks if he's sure he's ready because he thinks JJ may need some more time before his gun is back in his hands. JJ says when he thought about using it on himself, it looked like Theo would never wake up and his life was over and he took that from him. JJ admits he was in a dark place and his guilt may never go away but now there is hope for a full recovery for Theo and maybe for he and Lani which is what he is holding onto.

Lani explains to Kayla how she missed JJ on Christmas Eve so she went to see him but Gabi was there and they looked so close. Lani cries that she was upset and hurt so she slept with someone else after a few drinks so she didn't use protection and just wanted to forget what she saw. Lani adds that the next morning, she found out Gabi and JJ didn't sleep together after all. Lani calls herself a horrible person. Kayla says she is human and asks if JJ knows. Lani tells her that he is finally in a better place and they were on their way to being back together so she hasn't told him. Lani adds that she can't tell the other guy because he's in a relationship with someone else that he really cares about. Kayla suggests she forget about what JJ or the other guy may need or want and asks what Lani wants.

Steve tells John that he and Paul went over a case earlier. John asks how Paul was. Steve tells him he's pretty broken up about Sonny and Will. Steve mentions that he offered to listen but Paul shut down. John appreciates him looking out for his son. Steve knows he would do the same for him. Steve's vision gets blurred again. John jokes with him about not drinking as he exits.

JJ tells Eli that he's been dealing with issues by counseling with Eric at the Horton Center to get the help he needs. Eli is glad to hear. JJ doesn't want to mess up the chance to be with Lani again. Eli tells him to call him if he never needs to talk which JJ appreciates. JJ thanks him and they shake hands as Eli then exits. JJ takes his gun back.

Lani cries to Kayla that she loves JJ and wants to be with him. Lani doesn't want to have another man's baby. Lani says he's a nice guy but it would blow both of their worlds up. Kayla encourages to focus on her and what's best for her which may mean exploring her options. Lani doesn't think abortion is an option. Kayla suggests adoption. Lani can't believe this is happening. Kayla understands she's overwhelmed, confused, and afraid but she's not alone. Kayla reminds her that she has time to think about what she wants.

Abigail tells Chad that she's happy for Andre being smitten with Kate. Chad says they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Abigail asks if he thinks there is a game going on there. Chad says he's only concerned with Stefan. Abigail encourages that if they all work together he'll be gone. Chad is glad they have each others back. Abigail suggests they take a shower. Chad tells her he's going to dig up some dirt on Stefan and exits the room.

Kate tells Gabi that she can't leave. Gabi refuses to work with Stefan. Andre says they can work this out to reach an agreement. Kate asks Stefan to excuse them. Stefan tells Gabi to choose wisely, promising she will be in better hands with him than with Chad. Gabi calls him insufferable as he exits. Kate tells Gabi that she won't be working directly with him but with them. Andre argues that DiMera will honor her vision and treat her like family which Gabi is unsure of. Andre says he'll wait to make her rich and successful as Gabi and Kate exit the room to talk. Andre gets a call from Vivian, asking how things are going and if there's anything she needs to know. Andre tells her that everything is going extraordinary except for Stefan jeopardizing all of their plans. Andre informs Vivian that Stefan completely alienated Gabi. Vivian offers to talk to him but he tells her not to do anything. Vivian argues that he will listen to her. Andre doesn't want to risk tipping their hand and says to give Kate a chance to fix this.

Kate brings Gabi to an office room where they have all the products Gabi has endorsed. Kate insists that she's willing to dedicate herself 100% to making her brand a household name. Kate asks Gabi to stay with them. Gabi says it's not about her as she completely trusts her but Andre doesn't even like her and now she can't trust Stefan. Kate assures that they can manage Stefan. Kate talks about watching Gabi grow and being so happy for her. Gabi says that she chose DiMera because of Kate. Kate asks her to stay because of her then. Gabi knows Stefan will be big trouble. Kate jokes that they will just throw him in the river if he gets out of line.

Abigail gets out of the shower and answers the door in a towel when Stefan shows up.

Chad meets John outside the town square, who says he got his message and he sounded urgent. Chad asks John for his help.

Kayla joins Steve at the Pub and apologizes for being late. Steve is glad she could make it. Kayla comments on changes made to the menu and asks what appeals to Steve. Steve says he'll just stick to his usual.

Stefan remarks that this is starting to be a habit. Abigail thought he went to his office. Stefan claims he forgot a file. Abigail questions thinking it would be in her room. Stefan tells her he needs to see her in his office in an hour and to not be late. Abigail tells him that she and Chad might work for him but their relationship is strictly professional. Abigail adds that this room is personal space so she wants him to respect that and stay the hell away.

Chad assumes John heard about Vivian returning to town. John mentions hearing that she has a long lost son with Stefano. Chad says that's what they claim but he knows her history with telling the truth. Chad says he needs to be able to prove that Stefan and Vivian were behind sabotaging DiMera so he can get them the hell out of their company, family, and lives.

Kate returns to Andre with Gabi to announce that Gabi has decided to stay with Countess Wilhelmina. Andre knew she'd make a good choice. Gabi clarifies that she only answers to Kate. Andre praises them as partners. Andre decides to text Chad to make sure their launch is on schedule.

Vivian gets Andre's text which makes her happy.

Kate thanks Gabi and tells her she won't be sorry. Gabi exits the office. Andre comments on Gabi's enthusiasm. Kate says to just be thankful she's staying. Andre knew she would close the deal. Kate appreciates him trusting her to do that. Andre states trust is the foundation of a good marriage as they kiss.

Gabi goes back to her new office and looks around with a smile. She then calls Eli and informs him that she chose DiMera. Eli says that's great and thinks it calls for a celebration so he will see her later. Eli hangs up as Lani appears behind him at the station. Eli asks her if everything is okay.

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