Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/9/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/9/18


Written By Joseph

Eric is in his office and thinks back to kissing Jennifer on New Year's Eve. Jennifer then enters. Eric tells her he was just thinking about her. Jennifer asks for flyers to take to the hospital for the center's wellness program. Eric asks her to lunch but Jennifer says she has a lot to do. Eric suggests dinner tonight then but Jennifer says she has plans. Jennifer then quickly exits before Eric can say anything else.

Steve and Kayla are eating at the Pub together where they read an article about Vivian and Stefan O. DiMera crashing the DiMera New Year's party. Kayla mentions Theo and has to get to the hospital.

JJ goes to visit Theo in the hospital but finds Lani in his room while Theo is out having tests done. JJ brought Theo some magazines. Lani informs JJ that Theo lost some of his motor neurons so at the moment he can't walk. Lani explains that Kayla got him in to a clinical trial but that means Theo will have to be in South Africa for a year. JJ is shocked and calls that insane. JJ asks what if the trial is a bust. Lani notes that Kayla is very hopeful. JJ asks what exactly she said. Lani admits there are no guarantees.

Gabi joins Eli in the interrogation room. He says this is a surprise and asks what brings her down. Gabi tells him she needs to talk to him about her feeling totally betrayed.

Maggie and Victor are reading the newspaper at the Kiriakis Mansion when Will walks in to say hello. Will wanted to thank them both for having him in their home. Maggie says they are delighted to have him. Victor tells her not to get carried away. Maggie adds that it means so much to Sonny that he's giving their marriage a chance. Will responds that he's actually not going to give it a chance as he is here to tell them that he is moving out. Victor points out that he just moved in a couple days ago. Will reveals that he and Sonny are getting a divorce. Maggie cries that she was hoping they would work this out. Maggie brings up Arianna and how they all seemed so happy together. Victor is not surprised and knew it was a matter of time before Will broke Sonny's heart again.

Sonny walks through the town square and comes across Paul. Sonny asks if he's feeling guilty. Sonny informs Paul that Will told him last night he's moving out and filing for a divorce. Paul is surprised and says he's sorry to hear that. Sonny questions why he's sorry when he's the reason it happened.

Victor says he warned Sonny that he was making a mistake since Will cheated on him before. Maggie tells him that isn't helping. Victor asks if Will found a new boy toy. Will understands why he would think that but he never set out to hurt Sonny. Victor accuses him of using Sonny. Will doesn't like what happened and he wanted it to work. Will thinks back to kissing Paul and tells them that he realized he has no business being married to anyone right now.

Sonny tells Paul that he got what he wanted. Paul asks what that means. Sonny argues that Paul was hoping things would not work out between he and Will. Paul says he was not hoping that. Sonny questions why he kissed him on New Year's Eve and why he's been trying to get so close to him. Paul argues that Will has been trying to get to know him as a friend. Paul didn't think it would be right to push him away while he's so confused. Paul adds that he did not initiate the kiss and Will made the first move like before. Sonny does not believe him. Paul knows he doesn't want to believe that about Will. Paul swears it's true. Paul never meant to hide anything from him. Paul says he thought about running to tell him the first time but didn't think it meant anything and he knew it would only hurt him. Sonny accuses Paul of being hurt, angry, and jealous. Paul says he's right but he's learned that you want the person you love to be happy even if that means losing them to someone else. Paul says he just wants Sonny to be happy even if it breaks his heart. Paul then walks away.

Eli questions Gabi feeling betrayed. Gabi says she means the DiMeras but knows it wasn't on purpose. Gabi thought Chad would be CEO when she sold Gabi Chic to DiMera. Gabi says she knew and trusted Chad but doesn't know Stefan. Gabi doesn't want to put her trust in the wrong person. Eli responds that he knows exactly what she means.

JJ tells Lani that this is all his fault. JJ thought everything was alright because Theo woke up but it's still really bad and he's responsible. Lani stops him and says they all thought Theo would be fine. JJ says it's not when he will walk again but if. Lani says it's just more serious than they thought but they will deal with it. JJ questions how they can help Theo on the other side of the world. Lani says they will have to trust Kayla to know what's best for Theo. Lani adds that she doesn't like it either. Lani doesn't want to cry so Theo won't see her upset. JJ pulls out his phone to cancel his counseling session with Eric so he can be here with Lani until Theo gets back. Lani encourages him to take care of himself and asks him to still go to counseling so JJ exits.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and runs in to Kayla. Jennifer tells her that Abe told her about Theo and asks if this is permanent. Kayla says they hope not. Jennifer asks about South Africa. Kayla thinks it's Theo's best option. Jennifer says Abe was trying to be strong but she could tell how hard this is. Kayla says she's happy that Jennifer and Abe are back on good terms. Kayla asks about Jennifer and Eric starting the new year on a good note. Jennifer responds that there is nothing between her and Eric and there isn't going to be. Jennifer tells her that they kissed on New Year's Eve and thought everything was great until she ran in to Anna DiMera the other day. Kayla is surprised that Anna is in town. Jennifer informs her that she's kind of back with Roman. Kayla asks what she has to do with her and Eric. Jennifer tells her that Anna overheard Eric telling Roman how much he loved Nicole and he's never loved anyone like her and that he's not over her. Jennifer can't help thinking that she was helped him realize that. Kayla takes Jennifer aside and tells her that she's jumping to conclusions. Kayla argues that Eric would never lead her on. Jennifer agrees that it's out of character but questions why he would tell Roman how much he loves and misses Nicole. Kayla suggests Anna only heard part of the conversation. Jennifer says that doesn't leave her with much hope. Kayla thinks it's strange that Eric would go to the party with her and kiss her at midnight. Jennifer suggests he kissed her to try to get over Nicole or just because it was new year's. Jennifer states she just won't get involved with Eric if he has feelings for Nicole and they can just be friends. Kayla thinks she's making a lot of assumptions which is a risky situation. Kayla suggests she just go ask Eric to tell her how he feels.

Victor complains to Maggie about Sonny not listening to him and jumping back into a marriage that was already over. Maggie says Sonny obviously hoped it wasn't over. Victor blames Will for leading him on and moving back in when he had no intention of making things work. Maggie argues that Will is not to blame either as he doesn't know who he is.

Will packs his bags when Sonny walks in.

Paul goes to the Pub to meet Steve. Paul apologizes for being late. Steve asks if he's alright. Paul says not really as he just saw Sonny, who lit in to him for being the reason Will wants a divorce. Paul assures he's not happy about it. Paul is glad Steve called so work can get him out of his own head. Paul asks what the latest case they need to solve is. Steve checks his folder as he thought he brought in but guesses he left it in the car. Steve gets up to go get it but gets dizzy and almost falls.

Lani wonders what's taking so long as Theo's tests should have been done by now. Lani gets up to go check but gets dizzy and almost falls back down.

Jennifer appreciates Kayla's support but says there is no reason she will ask Eric what the kiss meant or how he feels for her. Kayla points out that Nicole is not around anymore. Jennifer refuses and says she's just here to find a doctor to volunteer for the center's wellness program so she needs to get the flyers out. Kayla says she might not need to and approaches Dr. Shah to ask if he's still looking for volunteer work outside the hospital. He confirms that he is. Kayla introduces him to Jennifer. She recalls him for saving Abigail when she was sick. Jennifer tells him that they are looking for a doctor to volunteer for the wellness program. He is on his break now so Kayla suggests Jennifer takes him to the Horton Center to show him around since she needs to talk to Eric anyway. Dr. Shah says he can't think of a better way to spend his break as they exit the hospital.

JJ meets with Eric for his counseling session. JJ tells him that he almost cancelled as he wanted to be at the hospital with Lani since she's really upset about Theo but she said he had to go and that this was too important not to come to. JJ talks about Lani being so great through this whole nightmare. JJ is amazed that she is still talking to him. Eric acknowledges that she seems to care about him a lot but notes that JJ sounds skeptical. JJ says he's probably just paranoid but when he saw her today, he got an uneasy feeling like she's pulling away from him.

Gabi talks to Eli about Eve being new to fashion but always being a supportive friend. Eli asks about Eve's offer. Gabi admits it was better but that's not why she would go with her. Gabi worries that if Stefan got rid of Chad just like that then he could get rid of Kate. Gabi says today is supposed to be the last day of the grace period to get out of the deal so she thought maybe she should get out and go with Eve. Eli suggests maybe she should. Gabi brings up that Eve doesn't know a lot about fashion which could make her job harder. Eli won't tell her what to do but says he has her back on whatever she decides. Gabi thanks him for listening without judgment which she isn't used to. Gabi says she loves Rafe but he's very quick to give his opinion and tell her what to do. Eli jokes that the last thing he wants to do is remind her of her brother. Gabi is glad they worked things out. Eli blames himself jumping to the wrong conclusion and accusing her of sleeping with JJ. Gabi says it's not on him but on Lani.

Kayla finds Lani feeling dizzy in Theo's room. Kayla asks if she's alright. Lani says she just got really dizzy and almost passed out.

Paul sits Steve back down and makes him drink some water. Paul asks what just happened but Steve is not sure.

Sonny was hoping Will would change his mind. Will says he did think about it but he worried that they would just end up here eventually anyways. Will doesn't think it seems fair to prolong it. Sonny guesses it's not a big deal to him since he doesn't remember anything. Will says it is a big deal and he's still sad. Will hopes he knows that he never wanted to hurt him. Will says it's not like they will never see each other again as they will both be in each other's lives because of Arianna. Sonny argues that he does not want to be his friend, he wants to be his husband because he loves him and always will. Will then exits the mansion.

Gabi reminds Eli that Lani is the one that saw her with JJ. Eli insists that what happened was his fault. Gabi asks what he means since nothing happened between her and JJ. Eli says he accused her and went off like he did. Eli hugs her and is glad she was able to get past it. Gabi says she needs to go to DiMera. Eli reminds her that he's got her back on whatever she decides as she exits.

Eric tells JJ that there could be a number of reasons why Lani seems distant and it might not have anything to do with him. JJ hopes not but needs to get himself straightened out so he can be strong for Lani. Eric encourages him to give himself a break. JJ agrees to give it a try and also wants to think of others more than himself. JJ brings up Jennifer being so good to him and he doesn't always think about things are affecting her. Eric is sure she would understand. JJ adds that he's glad Eric and Jennifer are getting close again. Eric appreciates that but he's not sure as at one point he thought they might be more than friends but he doesn't think she feels the same right now. JJ suggests he ask her if he's not sure. Eric calls that good advice and says he will see him next week. JJ thanks Eric and exits. Eric opens up a folder that had the photos he took of Nicole and puts them in the trash then exits the office to empty the trash, leaving one photo of Nicole that fell out behind on his desk.

Maggie tells Sonny that they are so sorry to hear Will is leaving. Victor thinks Sonny dodged a bullet. Sonny is not in the mood. Victor says he doesn't enjoy being right about this but hopes this doesn't interfere in Sonny running Titan. Sonny argues about business being the only thing that matters. Victor is concerned about his reputation and his future as he thinks he has a wonderful life ahead of him with a successful career. Victor thinks Sonny would be better off without Will but he knows that Will leaving threw him and hurt him badly. Victor wants Sonny to be careful not to jump into something he can't handle. Sonny agrees that Victor is absolutely right as he does need to be careful about his reputation and future so he will take some time to think about it and give him an answer as soon as he can.

Jennifer brings Dr. Shah to the Horton Center office and talks about how much the center has meant to the town. He mentions knowing about the great work they do for the community and always wanting to be a part of it. He admits he's thought about volunteering for awhile so he accepts her offer. Jennifer thanks him. He is glad to have been asked. Jennifer decides she will give him a tour and starts with the office. She tells him about Jason being the assistant coordinator and then Eric being the center's director. Jennifer looks over and sees the photo of Nicole left behind on Eric's desk.

Kayla checks on Lani and says she doesn't have a fever. Lani guesses skipping breakfast could have caused getting dizzy. Lani admits it's been awhile since she's had a physical so Kayla takes her to get her checked out.

Steve finishes his water and Paul asks if he's feeling any better. Steve insists that he's fine. Steve blames getting dizzy on drinking with John last night. Paul suggests postponing their meeting so he can get some rest. Steve suggests he get some rest too. Paul says if only he could rest. Steve advises him not to worry about Sonny as he knows he's a good guy and he's just hurting like he is. Paul thanks him and tells him to take care of himself as he exits the Pub.

Sonny returns to the living room with his bags packed. Victor questions Sonny giving up, moving out, and throwing in the towel at Titan. Victor tells him to get the hell out of his sight then.

Dr. Shah asks if Jennifer is alright. Jennifer says she is and there's a lot to learn about this place. He asks her to dinner so they can discuss it further. Jennifer says she has no plans and agrees that dinner sounds great as Eric returns to the doorway and overhears them.

Victor asks Sonny what he's waiting for if he's walking away from an opportunity then he can get his sorry cowardly ass out of his house. Maggie yells at him to let Sonny speak. Sonny thanks Maggie. Sonny tells Victor that he's not moving out or leaving Titan. Victor doesn't understand. Sonny says he thought about everything he said and it was a wake up call that he needed badly. Sonny declares that he's ready, willing, and able to take on the new DiMera so he's going to London to take care of Titan business there and close a deal. Sonny says he was going to do it remotely but figured it could be more effective in person. Sonny hopes to lay more groundwork for future deals. Sonny admits that getting away from Will definitely went in to making that final decision. Sonny will use this as a distraction but needs him to know that aside from his family and his daughter, Titan is the most important thing in his life right now. Sonny mentions the jet waiting for him so he hugs Maggie and shakes Victor's hand, thanking them for their support. Maggie says they love him. Sonny says he loves them too and won't let Victor down. Sonny takes his bags and exits, leaving Maggie and Victor happy.

Paul approaches Will in the town square and questions him leaving Sonny which he confirms. Paul asks if he's going back to stay with Marlena. Will says he's still trying to figure that out. Paul knows he doesn't remember his past with Sonny but he let go of a really great guy who loves him a lot. Will agrees that Sonny is a great person and he knows he loves him but Will couldn't stay with him in good conscience when he's attracted to somebody else. Will then walks away.

Steve remains at the Pub, reading over a file when he gets dizzy again and his vision blurred. Steve wonders what the hell is going on.

At the police station, Eli thinks back to after having sex with Lani. JJ arrives and says he got his message which sounded important. JJ asks him what's going on.

Kayla returns to her office with Lani. Lani says she feels better and not dizzy anymore. Lani asks about her blood work and if anything is wrong with her. Kayla then reveals that Lani is pregnant.

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