Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/5/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/5/18


Written By Joseph

Eric goes to the Brady Pub and questions Roman having the Pub closed on New Year's Day. Roman informs him he decided to take the day off. Eric questions if he's okay. Anna DiMera then comes out from the back, telling Roman that she thinks she lost an earring in his bed.

Hope goes to the police station where Jennifer greets her. Hope talks about being commissioner again and notes that Melinda Trask cancelled their meeting right before she got there. Hope notes that she was on her way to see Ciara right before she got called. Jennifer asks how Ciara was this morning after her rough night. Hope doesn't know since she was still passed out when she stopped by. Hope doesn't know why Ciara is acting out like this and what has made her so angry.

Rafe wants to talk about what happened last night. Ciara guesses he wants to know what she was going to say to Hope. Rafe thinks he already knows. Ciara wants to hear it. Rafe brings up Bo's motorcycle but knows it's about something much worse. Rafe suggests they get it all out in the open.

Chad asks Kate how they know they can trust the test results. Kate assures that Kayla vouched for it being legit. Abigail asks what it says. Chad guesses it's a hoax and Stefan is not Stefano's son. Vivian walks in and asks if Kate shared the good news. Andre follows and tells Chad that he's sorry but he read the results himself and Vivian told the truth. Andre reveals the test confirmed Stefan is their brother. Vivian calls them one big happy family. Chad argues that something could've been changed or tampered with. Stefan says he can keep taking DNA tests. Kate wants security to get them out of here. Andre says he'll show them out but Stefan says they aren't going anywhere. Stefan asks if Chad wants to tell them or if he should. Chad explains that Stefan bought the bank that owns the mortage on the house to have leverage on him. Andre argues that it's their home. Stefan says he wants them all to live in it as he wants to get to know them all. Kate says no. Vivian says it will be like old times living under the same roof. Kate can't believe this is happening. Abigail asks Stefan what he wants. Stefan calls that a good question. Stefan says now that he's verified as Stefano's son, he wants to discuss the game plan for the business. Kate doesn't believe he cares about the business. Stefan says he doesn't plan to make any sweeping changes and agrees with Chad's decision to put Andre in charge of Countess Wilhelmina with Kate. Stefan adds that his research shows him Abigail has done a spectacular job as head of PR. Chad asks what role he had in mind for him. Stefan brings up that Chad was an executive VP while Kate was CEO so he would like him to continue working for him in a similar capacity. Chad says no way in hell and declares that he quits.

Eric had no idea Anna was back in town. Anna informs him that she just got in last night last minute. Roman says they were catching up on the phone the other day and she mentioned having no plans for new years so he invited her to Salem. Anna jokes that Roman was always so willing to help a woman in need. Anna heads back to look for her earring. Eric questions Roman about being with Anna again.

Hope and Jennifer go in to the interrogation room. Jennifer tells Hope that she's never seen Ciara this angry. Hope says she's been like this ever since getting back from Hong Kong. Jennifer informs her that Ciara went after her and Eric last night in Julie's office. Hope asks what she said. Jennifer says it's okay and doesn't matter but Hope disagrees and wants to know what she said. Jennifer explains that she was talking to her about drinking and bad choices then she threw her addiction in her face. Jennifer adds that Ciara proceeded to remind Eric about driving drunk and killing Daniel. Hope tells her that she's so sorry. Jennifer notes that Ciara did apologize. Hope insists it's not okay. Hope asks if she gave any indication as to why she's behaving that way. Jennifer says Ciara was in no condition to open up. Hope continues to wonder why and what has gotten into her.

Ciara asks Rafe if he's sure he wants to talk about what's been bothering her because once it comes out, it's never going back in. Rafe talks about the nagging feeling he has had in his stomach ever since Ciara told him that she overheard him with Sami. Ciara asks if he means having sex with Sami and confirms she knows all about that. Rafe is sorry she overheard he and Sami talking. Ciara says he means he's sorry she found out that he cheated on her mother. Rafe is sorry for putting her in this position. Ciara tells him not to act all concerned. Ciara questions how Rafe could do that to Hope after everything she's been through. Rafe insists he never meant to hurt her. Ciara points out that he did. Rafe apologizes. Ciara brings up Rafe being like a second father to her and she thought he cared. Ciara questions how he could do something so gross. Rafe doesn't want to make excuses but wants to explain. Ciara shouts there is nothing to explain and she now has zero respect for him. Rafe asks her to hear him out.

Jennifer reminds Hope that they weren't saints at Ciara's age. Hope feels like Ciara is about to tell her something big. Jennifer encourages her to just be there for Ciara. Hope asks her to tell Eric how sorry she is for what Ciara said. Jennifer agrees to and mentions that she will probably see him later today. Hope asks how it went with Eric last night. Jennifer says they can talk about it later since Hope needs to see Ciara. Hope guesses Ciara is still sleeping so she wants to hear about her date. Jennifer clarifies that it wasn't a date as they went to the party as friends. Hope asks if those plans changed. Jennifer admits that Eric kissed her at midnight and it felt like they were more than friends. Hope says that's great but Jennifer is not sure about that.

Eric questions Roman spending the night with his ex wife. Roman says they are both adults. Eric thought Roman had his eyes on Kate. Roman says Kate is still involved in her fake marriage to Andre so he decided to take a small step forward. Eric thinks he did the same thing, explaining that Jennifer invited him to the DiMeras New Year's Eve party last night. Roman mentions hearing it was a disaster. Eric reveals to Roman that Vivian showed up with the long lost son of Stefano.

Andre tells Chad not to make any rash decisions. Chad refuses to work for Stefan, arguing that he and Vivian have been planning this takeover as he obviously sabotaged the company. Stefan insists that it's not true as he wants to find the culprit and won't stop until he nails who has been sabotaging DiMera. Kate tells him to just admit what he did. Stefan repeats it wasn't him. Stefan wishes Chad would reconsider his resignation. Chad wants nothing to do with him or his company and calls him a lying bastard as he walks out. Stefan says that didn't go as he hoped since he just wanted a chance to prove himself but he doesn't want anyone to stay where they aren't happy. Stefan gives the others a chance to follow Chad out so Abigail exits. Stefan turns to Kate and Andre to ask what they are going to do.

Hope tells Jennifer that she doesn't understand because she thought Jennifer wanted more than friendship with Eric. Jennifer responds that she does but doesn't think Eric feels the same way. Hope points out that he kissed her. Jennifer says it felt like more than friends but then when he brought her home, he only kissed her on the cheek which she thinks says something. Hope thinks Jennifer is over analyzing this and guesses Eric just doesn't want to overstep. Jennifer argues that Eric isn't interested in her at all. Hope doesn't believe that. Jennifer thinks Eric still has feelings for Nicole. Hope suggests she just ask him but Jennifer refuses, thinking he would feel cornered and pressured. Jennifer doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship. Hope encourages her to communicate and open up. Jennifer admits it would be easier if she knew what that kiss meant.

Roman asks Eric if this means he and Jennifer are dating again. Eric says it wasn't until midnight that he thought he would like to pursue a relationship with her. Roman jokes with him about putting it that way to her. Roman thinks it's great as he always thought Jennifer was good for him. Eric hopes she feels the same. Roman brings up Jennifer's rough last few years and Eric had his heart trashed by Nicole. Eric asks what he's getting at. Roman asks if he is really sure he's over Nicole.

Andre refuses to be pushed out of his father's company. Kate adds that she's not quitting either. Stefan hoped they would say that. Kate warns that if he makes one wrong move, he'll be out on his ass. Stefan acknowledges that she's tough and a reasonable business woman. Stefan thinks Kate will find him a worthy successor to Stefano. Kate doesn't believe him. Stefan says time will tell. Stefan is confident they will all do spectacular things together and make DiMera great again. Vivian suggests having their things sent over to the mansion. Stefan agrees and says they will talk soon as he and Vivian exit. Kate asks Andre how they get rid of them.

Chad and Abigail sit at the bar at Doug's Place. Abigail asks Chad now what. Chad says they are out of a job and about to be homeless, joking that they're living the dream as they toast their drinks. Abigail suggests it as a blessing in disguise. Abigail points out it's a new year and fresh start so they can do whatever they want. Abigail suggests they start their own company but Chad says they don't have the capital. Abigail thinks they could figure it out. Chad asks what about Thomas since DiMera is supposed to be his legacy but now it's gone. Chad says there is nothing he can do to change it. Abigail says if he really wants to keep the company, she thinks she knows a way.

Eric tells Roman that Nicole was the first woman he ever truly loved and he still misses her every day. Anna comes back out and shows she found her earring. Anna says she will go outside since they are in the middle of something. Roman says she doesn't have to but Anna exits anyways. Roman asks Eric if his feelings for Nicole are still strong. Eric admits he misses her every day and he doesn't know why she left town but he knows he needs to let go. Eric declares he's ready to move on with Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Hope that she will ask Eric about his feelings since she's a pro at giving advice. Jennifer insists that everything will be okay with Ciara and tells her to keep reminding her how much she loves her. They wish each other luck and hug. Hope guesses she's going to need it.

Ciara questions Rafe as to why he would cheat on Hope with Sami. Rafe argues that it's not what she thinks. Rafe explains that he and Hope got in a huge fight and a lot of heated things were said. Rafe says they didn't know if they were going to stay together or if Hope ever got over Bo. Rafe says it was more than just a fight as she gave him his ring back so they broke up. Ciara admits she didn't know that. Rafe thought they were done and it was over. Rafe explains that he ran in to Sami while in a really bad place and she was too after Will had rejected her being in his life. Ciara tells Rafe that she's got it. Rafe says he and Sami were friends but it wasn't love as they had history and it just happened. Rafe adds they were both in a lot of pain and wanted to shut out the world. Ciara asks if that was it then. Rafe says he's not making excuses for what he did as he wishes it never happened. Rafe hopes that Ciara believes him. Ciara doesn't know if she will ever believe another word he says.

Andre tells Kate that there is never a dull moment in this family. Kate declares that 2018 has had a horrendous start. Andre disagrees as he recalls the first moments being enjoyable. Kate asks if he's talking about their kiss which Andre confirms. Andre notes they never did talk about it. Kate doesn't think there's anything to say. Andre believes there was kind of a spark and it wasn't the first time. Kate doesn't know what he means. Andre admits his feelings have been developing for his wife which surprises her. Andre knows they don't have to remain married business-wise but he thinks they really have a shot at a real marriage. He asks Kate what she thinks.

Abigail thinks the key is the DiMera board. Chad tells her he already talked to Mr. Shin and they are worshiping Stefan. Abigail points out that they don't suspect he's sabotaging the company so they will get proof. Abigail brings up Stefan getting inside information and how Theo thought someone was hacking the servers. Abigail says if they can connect Stefan to the hacks then they can show the board that he's been involved in corporate espionage. Chad sees that he would be out on his ass but knows it won't be easy since Stefan is good at covering his tracks. Abigail has an idea but notes that Chad won't like it.

Andre points out that Kate hasn't said anything. Kate admits he caught her off guard as she didn't expect him to confess his feelings. Andre asks if it's so strange for a man to tell his wife that he loves her. Kate questions if he is in love with her. Andre says it's not something he's familiar with. Andre asks Kate how she feels. Kate responds that being his wife has not been the prison she anticipated. Kate apologizes but says it's just so much. Kate acknowledges that he has been lovely to her lately but she needs time to sort out her feelings. Andre tells her to take all the time she wants. Kate then exits the room and heads upstairs. Andre then says to himself that he's not going anywhere.

Abigail tells Chad he's probably going to want a drink after her suggestion. Abigail knows it felt good to walk out but she thinks they need to go home and ask Stefan for their jobs back. Chad says she has to be kidding. Abigail argues that they need access to his phone, his computer, and to him if they are going to try to trace corporate espionage back to him. Chad thinks Stefan will know something is up if they go crawling back. Abigail encourages that they can win him over. Abigail suggests she can go apologize for Chad. Chad asks if she thinks he'll buy it. Abigail says she's pretty good if she wants to be. Chad doesn't like the idea of Abigail having to be nice to Stefan. She doesn't either but thinks they have to do it. Abigail states that there is nothing they can't do. Chad asks how he got so lucky to have a wife like her as they kiss.

Jennifer walks past the Pub where she is surprised to find Anna sitting outside. They hug and wish each other a happy new year. Jennifer didn't know she was back in town. Anna informs her that it was a last minute visit as she and Roman spent New Year's Eve together. Jennifer calls that wonderful and says she's so happy for her. Jennifer asks what Anna is doing sitting out in the cold. Anna informs her that Roman and Eric are having a big father-son talk inside. Jennifer asks if she knows what it's about. Anna responds that she only caught a piece of it and it sounds like Eric is still in love with Nicole.

Rafe knows Ciara is hurt and feels betrayed just like Hope would be if she knew. Ciara points out that Hope doesn't know and is walking around excited about her wedding day. Ciara argues that Hope deserves to know the truth about him. Rafe agrees but suggests it may be better if she doesn't know. Rafe thinks telling her would only be relieving his own guilt. Ciara calls that a cop out. Rafe agrees and decides the truth has to come out and that's always best no matter the consequences. Rafe adds that he can't have Ciara lying for him now. Ciara asks if he's really going to tell Hope the truth. Rafe asks Ciara to just let him be the one to tell her because it has to come from him. Hope then shows up at the door and tells Ciara that she needs to talk about this and know what's bothering her. Hope comes in and then questions what Rafe is doing here.

Roman tells Eric that he's very glad he's moving on with Jennifer. Roman believes they have a shot at finding a lasting happiness together. Eric hopes so.

Jennifer asks Anna if Eric was talking about Nicole. Anna says Eric was going on about missing her every day and never loving anyone like he loves her. Jennifer is disappointed and decides she has to go. Anna asks about her not coming in. Jennifer says she suddenly doesn't feel well and walks off.

Rafe tells Hope that he came to find out why Ciara has been so upset and hopes he didn't overstep. Hope says of course not. Rafe thought whatever was making Ciara angry was because of him. Hope is glad Rafe is here. Hope asks Ciara if she told Rafe what she was upset about and why she was so angry with him. Ciara confirms that she did and that Rafe was right that it had something to do with him. Hope asks what about him. Hope questions what Rafe could have done to make Ciara so angry.

Kate goes to Doug's Place and sees Chad at the bar. Chad offers to buy her a drink. Kate asks if this means all is forgiven. Chad says not even close but misery loves company. Kate sits with him and thanks him. Kate states that she's not so thrilled with Chad for quitting, accusing him of taking his ball and going home, leaving her and Andre alone to fight for their company. Kate calls that a bit cowardly. Chad questions if that's how she sees it. Kate says that Abigail followed him right out the door. Chad asks why she just went back in then.

Abigail goes back to the DiMera Mansion to talk to Stefan but walks in on him naked.

Chad tells Kate about he and Abigail's plan which Kate admits she likes. Kate notes that Stefan seems interested in Abigail. Chad asks what she means. Kate thinks Stefan will be receptive and thinks they should all stay close to figure out how to take him down. Chad agrees. Chad says he and Abigail make a good team while so does she and Andre. Kate asks what that means. Chad calls the four of them formidable so he thinks together they can take down Stefan as long as they are united which Kate smiles at.

Andre looks at Stefano's portrait and tells him not to worry as he will do whatever it takes to preserve his legacy. Vivian walks in and questions Andre talking to himself. Andre calls it a private moment and tells her not to be such a bitch. Vivian informs Andre that they are alone. Andre asks if she's certain. Vivian tells Andre that it's no way to treat his partner in crime especially when their plan is going so well, as Andre takes her hands off of him.

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