Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/4/18

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/4/18


Written By Joseph

Hope is going through files in her office when Rafe surprises her with coffee. Rafe tells her that he wanted to be with the woman he loves as he kisses her. They talk about the party last night being a disaster. Hope states that if the new Stefan O. is anything like Stefano then business is about to pick up.

Abe visits Theo in the hospital. Theo questions who Stefan O. DiMera is. Abe informs him that he could be his uncle. Theo talks about reading an article about Stefan and Vivian crashing the party. Abe tells him they can worry about the DiMeras another time. Theo wants to stay on it since Stefan could be his new boss. Abe questions what happened to the boy who wouldn't lie. Theo says he still doesn't like lying. Abe brings up that he lied to him when he said it was his idea to break into the building when he was shot. Abe asks why he didn't tell him that Kate put him up to it.

Kate waits at the hospital as Kayla walks by and tells her about stopping an argument between Andre and Vivian outside of the DNA lab. Kayla complains about war breaking out when Vivian has been in town for one night. Kate says that Vivian is trying to pass off Stefan as a long lost DiMera and the hospital has a negative reputation with tampered DNA results. Kayla assures they will take precautions. Kate says otherwise there could be carnage or a liability lawsuit. Kate tells Kayla to make sure the results are speedy.

Chad tells Stefan that he isn't interested in working together or listening to what he has to say. Chad suggests he get out of their home. Stefan reveals that technically he owns this house now. Chad says Stefan may temporarily be in charge of the company but the house is not DiMera property, it's their home. Abigail adds that it is Thomas's home too. Stefan informs them that he and Vivian are moving in immediately and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Ciara wakes up on the couch at the loft with a hangover. Claire walks in and starts making loud noises in the kitchen. Ciara tells her to stop making noise. Claire says she's just going to the hospital and if she doesn't like noise then she should move out since nobody wants her here anyways. Ciara tells her to stop talking. Claire asks if she went out and got wasted after Theo rejected her. Claire goes over what Ciara tried with Tripp and still ending up with her heart broken. Ciara calls her a bitch. Claire says Ciara wanted to ruin her life but hers is the one that's a dumpster fire. Claire tells Ciara that Theo has enough going on so if she cares about him, she should stay the hell away.

Rafe asks Hope if she talked to Ciara this morning. Hope says she stopped by the loft but she was still passed out. Rafe says it was quite a show she put on last night. Rafe guesses she'll feel better when she wakes up. Hope wishes she could take Ciara's sadness away. Hope recalls the last time Ciara got that drunk when Chase raped her. Rafe doesn't think it's about that this time. Hope feels like Ciara is keeping something inside now that she's afraid to tell her. Hope brings up every time Ciara is about to tell her, she stops herself. Hope asks why Ciara has been so angry with Rafe. Rafe thinks back to talking with Ciara.

Chad tells Stefan that he owns the deed to the house and he wants him to leave their home immediately. Stefan responds that Chad technically was the mortgage holder. Abigail questions what he means. Stefan explains that Chad borrowed heavily against the mortgage and took a large line of credit when DiMera was struggling after Sami stole from the family fortune. Chad questions how he knows that as it's none of his business. Stefan reveals that he purchased the bank that gave Chad that line of credit. Stefan guesses Chad is unable to pay back the loan. Chad says he will have it soon enough. Stefan says until then that loan is hanging over his head and if he called it in, the house would be his anyways. Chad calls him a son of a bitch. Stefan acknowledges it as Chad's home and he wants him to live in it but he wants to live in his father's home like he and Andre do. Stefan didn't have the same opportunities with Stefano as Chad did and he wants to be part of this family. Chad responds that this isn't his family. Stefan says it's not yet but Chad should understand. Abigail tells him this is not the way to go about being a part of the family. Stefan knows they don't trust him. Chad points out that he stole his job from him and is now forcing his way into the family. Stefan hopes they can get past this initial awkwardness. Stefan claims he would really like to get to know them, Andre, Kate, and Thomas. Chad says it's too much to ask.

Kayla tells Kate that the lab is very busy and she understands the DNA test is important to them but it's not a medical emergency. Kate accuses her of stalling. Kayla argues that it's a holiday and they are understaffed so the DiMeras are going to have to wait in line like everybody else. Kate brings up that the DiMeras donate a lot of money to the hospital so if she can't expedite a simple DNA test then that might be turned off. Kayla then decides to see what she can do. Kate tells her to keep Vivian away from the lab as Kayla walks away.

Theo apologizes to Abe as he never wanted to lie to him. Abe says they don't have to talk about it as Theo needs his rest. Theo wants to talk about and says that breaking in was his choice because he was trying to help his family. Theo asks Abe not to turn Kate in. Abe says he's not because it would complicate matters for Theo when the police have closed the case. Abe tells Theo that he's going to find a new job when he gets out of the hospital because he is done working for the DiMeras and done with the DiMeras period.

Ciara tells Claire that she would never hurt Theo. Ciara remarks that Claire's going to leave him for Tripp. Claire says she would never do that. Ciara argues that Claire gets obsessed with a guy then gets bored and moves on. Claire argues that she doesn't know her at all anymore. Claire calls her crazy and bitter. Clarie says she used to feel sorry for her and was excited when she came home but she realizes she's turned in to a miserable human being. Ciara tries to get up to go after her but still feels hungover. Tripp comes downstairs and watches. Claire declares she's going to the hospital as she loves Theo and he is everything to her. Claire storms out and slams the door, leaving Ciara with a headache.

Rafe tells Hope that he doesn't know why Ciara is so angry with him. Hope brings up how close they always were and wonders what happened since Ciara thought of him as family. Hope gets a call while Rafe thinks back to talking with Sami and then the things Ciara said to them. Hope hangs up and asks Rafe what's wrong.

Theo argues that Abe can't make him quit his job. Abe says he talked to Andre and Kate and they agreed that it's best for him and the DiMeras. Theo asks if he made them fire him. Abe says he wouldn't say that. Theo says he promised not to treat him like a little kid anymore. Abe tells him to stop acting like one. Abe then says he didn't mean that but Theo says he did. Claire walks in and asks if she should come back later. Abe says yes but Theo says no.

Ciara complains to Tripp about Claire. Ciara then feels sick and tries to avoid throwing up. Tripp acknowledges that she's hungover and asks if it was worth it. Ciara says she got drunk and crashed the New Year's Eve party at Doug's Place. Tripp asks why she went. Ciara says she had to deal with Hope and Rafe. Tripp asks what she means. Ciara says she had something to tell them that is important. Ciara reveals to Tripp that Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami.

Rafe tells Hope that he would never do anything to hurt her or Ciara. Hope asks if he's okay. Rafe says he's just trying to figure out why Ciara was so upset with him. Hope guesses it's her fault since she asked him to bring Bo's motorcycle home that day. Hope notes that something set Ciara off that day. Hope says it seemed like Ciara was about to tell her last night but she stopped herself. Hope asks Rafe to hold things down while she goes to talk to Ciara as it's time for this to come out once and for all so they can settle whatever it is.

Stefan praises the DiMera Mansion and talks about choosing which room he wants to live in. Chad stops him and says Thomas is upstairs so he's not going anywhere until the DNA test comes in. Abigail advises Chad to pick their battles. Stefan thanks her for being the reasonable one. Abigail assures that she wants him out of the house as much as Chad does. Abigail adds that Stefan is going to stay away from Thomas. Stefan says Thomas is his nephew so he wants what's best for him and they all know family is important to the DiMeras. Chad repeats that Stefan is not part of the family. Stefan says not yet. Stefan knows Chad doesn't want to believe they are related but he'll find that they have a lot in common. Chad argues that he wouldn't force himself into a company that he has no business running. Stefan argues that it was given to him. Chad says his father gave it to him after he earned it. Chad adds that he will really enjoy kicking his ass out of the company after the DNA test comes back. Stefan brings up the board choosing to make the change. Chad accuses Stefan of being the one who damaged the company. Chad says he knows that Stefan and Vivian have been the ones sabotaging the company the entire time.

Claire asks if Theo is feeling okay. Theo says he's good. Claire asks what's going on. Abe informs her that they were discussing his future. Theo argues that Abe was telling him what to do as he got him fired from DiMera. Abe tells Theo that when he is out of the hospital and cleared, he can go back to the DiMeras if that's what he wants. Abe decides he's old enough to make his own decisions but he just wants him to take care of himself. Kayla comes in to check on Theo. Abe notes that she looks serious. Kayla reveals she just received Theo's most recent test results.

Tripp asks how Ciara knows Rafe cheated on Hope. Ciara informs him that she overheard Rafe and Sami promising to keep it a secret. Ciara says she planned to bust Rafe in front of Hope at the party last night. Tripp questions why she would do that. Ciara argues that Hope is being cheated on by the guy that she's supposed to marry so she thinks she deserves the right to know. Tripp thinks it would be better to tell her in private instead of making a scene at the party. Ciara says it's not like that. Tripp notes that he doesn't know them but they seem happy together. Ciara calls it all a big lie and asks if he believes her. Tripp just wouldn't expect Rafe to do something like that. Ciara says she wouldn't either as she trusted Rafe since she was little and Bo even asked him to look after them when he was gone but look what he did. Tripp admits it's pretty bad. Ciara questions if he's about to defend Rafe. Tripp brings up Ciara being a hot mess since she got back in town. Tripp says he knows what it's like to be angry as he's done a lot of stupid things too. Tripp used to feel he was defending his mom's honor but he just made other peoples' lives miserable. Ciara argues that this is different. Tripp advises Ciara to ask herself if she's trying to help her mom or hurt her.

Hope tells Rafe that she hopes it doesn't take too long but she's not leaving until Ciara tells her what's been making her so angry. Hope says she will call as soon as she gets the answer. Rafe stops her and says he needs to talk to her first about why Ciara might be mad at him. Kate interrupts and wants to know what they are doing to get rid of Vivian and Stefan.

Stefan tells Chad that someone sabotaging DiMera is a very serious allegation. Chad tells him not to pretend he doesn't know what he's talking about. Chad brings up hacking the company files and killing their deals. Stefan agrees that's a problem. Chad points out the dummy corporation being used and thinking it's him. Abigail asks who else would have stake in sabotaging Kate's deals. Stefan insists he wouldn't do that. Abigail brings up him being a corporate raider. Stefan admits he's taken down companies over the years but asks why he would destroy his family legacy. Chad says it's so he and Vivian could swoop in to pretend to be heroes until the board finds out they've been sabotaging the company. Stefan responds that they won't find any proof because there's not any. Stefan then heads upstairs to pick out his room.

Kayla says they had hoped the continued weakness in Theo's limbs was a result of the atrophy from the coma. Abe asks if it's something more serious. Kayla reveals the test shows there is significant loss of motor neurons as a result of the stroke Theo suffered in surgery. Theo asks if she's saying he might not walk again. Kayla assures she's not saying that but his recovery is going to be a little more complicated than they thought. Kayla says they have found a clinical trial that he's a perfect candidate for, involving stem cell implanting in Theo's brain in conjunction with physical therapy to jumpstart his body into healing itself. Claire asks if it will work and he will have a full recovery. Kayla says there is no guarantees with trials but they have had great success so far. Claire asks if the trial will take place here at the hospital. Kayla then reveals it would be taking place it South Africa which shocks Theo as Kayla informs them that recovery there could take up to a year.

Chad calls Belle to tell her that he has a new lead for her to follow as he needs her to track down any links between the CFR Partners dummy corp and Stefan O. Dimera or any of his aliases. Chad wants her to report to him as soon as she can. Chad thanks her and hangs up. Abigail hopes she finds something. Chad says if they can prove Stefan was sabotaging DiMera then the board won't trust him anymore. Abigail can't believe the board just handed it to him like that without even giving Chad a chance to prove himself after Kate ran it into the ground. Abigail knows Chad can turn this around and she will do everything in her power to put him back where he belongs at the top of his family. Chad argues that Stefan is trying to take everything he's fought for. Abigail responds that they will keep fighting for it forever.

Kate assumes Rafe and Hope are doing nothing about Stefan O. DiMera. Hope asks what crime he or Vivian have committed. Kate accuses him of impersonating a DiMera. Rafe points out the DNA results haven't come back yet. Hope asks how Kate knows he's a fraud. Kate argues that everything Vivian does becomes a crime. Hope calls it the pot calling the kettle black. Kate says this isn't about her but about Vivian being a criminal. Hope is aware of what Vivian has done in the past but there are no outstanding warrants for her arrest. Rafe tells Kate that unless Vivian or Stefano do something to merit their investigation then their hands are tied. Kate asks if they are just supposed to sit around waiting for them to do horrific things to their family. Hope agrees to keep a lookout. Kate warns them that they are bringing chaos to this town. Hope says they have to hope for the best. Kate doesn't know why she bothered coming and calls them hopeless. Kate says she's going to get the DNA results at the hospital. Rafe tells her to let them know if anything turns up. Hope wishes Kate a happy new year. Kate remarks that when this town is on fire, it will be on their heads as she storms out of the office.

Kayla tells Abe that she will make arrangements to enroll Theo as soon as they're ready. Theo asks if they can talk about this. Abe agrees to as Kayla exits. Claire wants to let them talk but Theo asks her to stay. Theo asks if Abe wants to send him away. Abe says this is about him getting the proper treatment. Theo wants that too but feels he won't get better without his friends and family around him. Theo says he'll be so far away that no one will come visit so he doesn't want to go.

Ciara asks Tripp why she would want to hurt her mother. Tripp says it was just a question as she's been fighting with her since she got back to town. Ciara argues that it doesn't mean she wants her to suffer. Ciara tells Tripp that she knows nothing about her relationship with her mom. Tripp brings up that Ciara blames Hope for everything that went wrong before she left. Ciara calls it complicated. Tripp asks Ciara how she wants to handle this information about Rafe because a lot of people could get hurt including herself. Tripp warns that once she blows this out of the water, there's no taking it back. Ciara reminds Tripp that he has to get to work. Tripp gives her some pills to take for her hangover as he then exits.

Hope asks Rafe what Kate was expecting them to do. Rafe jokes that they can lock Vivian and Stefan up to protect them from Kate. Hope says what a super way to start off 2018. Hope thanks Rafe for getting her job back. Hope asks Rafe what he was about to tell her about Ciara before Kate interrupted them. Hope then gets a call and says she'll be right there. Hope tells Rafe that the DA, Melinda Trask wants to meet with her right away. Hope asks if they can talk about this later as she definitely wants to hear what he has to say about Ciara. Rafe agrees and wishes her luck with Trask. Hope kisses him and exits.

Kate returns to the hospital and asks Kayla if the DNA test results are done or if she has to go to the board. Kayla says she was going to find Andre but she saved her the trip. Kayla points out that Kate didn't even ask how Theo is doing. Kayla then gives Kate the DNA test results.

Abe tells Theo that he can't actually be considering turning down this medical trial. Theo refuses to sign up before doing his research since it's his life so it's his decision and a choice he should make for himself. Abe states that the choice has been made if the doctors think the trial is what he needs, then he's going to South Africa. Abe decides he will inform Kayla and exits the room. Claire admits to Theo that Abe does have a point. Theo argues that Abe doesn't understand. Theo tells Claire that he's not going to leave her. Claire cries that she will go with him then as Theo breaks down crying while they hug.

Rafe shows up at the loft. Ciara says she can't do this right now. Rafe wants to talk about what happened last night. Ciara guesses he wants to know what she was going to say to Hope. Rafe thinks he already knows.

Stefan comes back to the living room and talks about the view from one of the rooms which Chad informs is their room. Stefan apologizes claiming not to have known. Chad tells Stefan not to go back in that room ever. Kate arrives and announces she just came from the hospital with the results from Stefan's DNA test.

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