Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/3/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/3/18


Written By Joseph

Eve wakes up in bed with Brady and thinks back to last night. Brady wishes her a happy new year and jokes that they brought in 2018 with a bang.

Will enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where Sonny and Arianna are waiting. Arianna rushes up to Will to wish him a happy new year. Sonny says he and Arianna had fun making eggs and muffins. Sonny tells Will that they are just so happy to have him back. Sonny kisses him and says they are starting 2018 in a way they never thought possible, with all of them together as a family.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad is on the phone arguing with Mr. Shin about him giving Stefan his job while Abigail is on her computer. Chad argues with Mr. Shin about Vivian. Chad says that he and Andre are going to fight this. Chad stops himself from getting angry and ends the call. Abigail says it sounds like everything Vivian said is true. Chad says she has the backing of the entire board. Abigail comments on Stefano knowing the board could be bought. Chad adds that he is not happy about Stefan being in.

Stefan enters Doug's Place where Chloe tells him they are closed. Chloe questions him about Stefano being his father. Stefan guesses she thinks he's lying. Chloe doesn't care who his dad is but admits she wasn't a fan of Stefano and she hates Vivian so she hopes he fell far from the tree.

Kate paces in the living room of the DiMera Mansion while Andre encourages her to stay calm. Kate says Andre wasn't here during Vivian's last reign of horror. Kate argues that Vivian is conning them. Kate insists that Vivian planned this all out. Vivian walks in and says she won't quit until she gets what rightfully belongs to her son which is everything. Kate argues that they don't deserve any of the family's money. Vivian mocks Andre as Stefano's son. Kate stands up for Andre. Andre says she isn't worth it. Vivian questions what Kate is doing in the mansion since Stefano threw her out years ago for being unfaithful. Kate informs her that she came back because of her close relationship with her stepson. Vivian asks if she's found new love with Andre. Kate says they are happily married. Vivian calls their marriage a desperate attempt to stabilize the company. Vivian says she did her homework but doesn't get why Kate protects Chad like her own son while treating Lucas, Philip, and Austin like losers. Kate says she will never explain anything about her children to her but she will do whatever it takes to protect Chad. Vivian argues that if she was trying to protect him, the company wouldn't have been vulnerable to a takeover. Vivian blames Kate for Chad losing DiMera Enterprises.

Chad tells Abigail that there has to be something they can do about this. Abigail suggests Chad, Andre, and Kate pooling their shares together to go against the board. Chad says it won't work since Stefano gave Mr. Shin a lot of power with the board so he doesn't think their shares will be enough. Chad says their only chance is to prove that Stefan is not really a DiMera. Abigail asks if he is one. Chad says they better hope he doesn't have an impressive resume then. Abigail says she'll get on that. Abigail adds that Chad could go to the press to talk about the board trusting the corporation to a rookie. Abigail then researches and finds out Stefan isn't a rookie. Abigail declares they have a problem.

Chloe tells Stefan that she shouldn't judge him by his parents. Chloe asks how well he knows Vivian. Stefan finds her eccentric and charming. Chloe states that underneath the act is a whole other thing. Chloe says she has seen it up close and personal. Chloe thinks Vivian is more of a monster than all of the DiMeras combined. Stefan responds that as far as Chloe knows, he could be just like her. Chloe tells him to hope not because he will have nothing but enemies if he is. Stefan says that's apparent since she's the only one to be civil to him since he got here. Stefan asks if she is the manager. Chloe says she is the owner. Stefan asks if Doug is her husband. Chloe explains that Doug is her business partner's husband. Chloe adds that she is single, building a business and raising a son. Stefan tells her that he finds that very sexy. Stefan tells her it was nice to meet her and he hopes to see her around soon as he exits the club.

Eve asks Brady what's up with him. Brady thinks he made that clear last night. Eve says a week ago he couldn't stand the sight of her. Brady guesses something about the naughty girl brings out the bad boy in him. Brady suggests they just go with it and see where it takes them as he starts kissing her. Eve stops him and says they are not because she is on to him.

Sonny sends Arianna to the kitchen with Maggie as he returns to Will. Sonny tells him he's happy to to be back with him. Sonny goes to kiss him but Will stops him. Sonny apologizes for pushing him. Will says he's sorry as he just has a lot on his mind. Sonny asks if he heard from Roger about Susan's mysterious visitor. Will says he hasn't heard anymore. Sonny knows Will was nervous about the party last night but asks if something else happened. Will thinks back to kissing Paul. Will informs Sonny that something else happened.

Kate questions Vivian thinking she can just walk in and take over the company. Vivian brings up that Stefano enjoyed pitting his sons against each other. Vivian talks about how Stefan reminds her of Stefano. Vivian admits she didn't tell Stefan about his father at first. Kate asks what changed her mind. Vivian says she researched and found her son's legacy was in jeopardy. Kate guesses it was the money. Vivian remarks that Kate blew it when it comes to keeping the company safe. Kate says she knows that's not true. Kate points out that she and Andre work at Countess Wilhelmina while Chad is in charge and will bring the company back to the top. Vivian responds that Mr. Shin doesn't have that confidence in Chad so he is out and Stefan is in. Vivian declares that Kate lost and she has won which must really sting. Kate responds by slapping Vivian. Stefan then rushes in to intervene and tells Vivian to stop.

Brady asks how Eve is on to him. Eve thinks he knows but says she will make one point very clear. Eve says all she wants to do is make Basic Black a success so he won't distract her. Eve says they won't be doing anything again until she knows she can trust him. Brady tries to convince her to do it again so Eve gives in and kisses him.

Abigail shows Chad what she found on Stefan, that he knows what he's doing in the corporate world. Chad guesses that is why Vivian is using him to dismantle DiMera. Chad suggests having to prove he is not a DiMera. Abigail brings up that the board believes the DNA test. Chad wants another one taken or else they have a problem.

Stefan questions what Vivian is doing. Vivian tells him that Kate slapped her. Kate argues that she had it coming. Vivian claims she came here to show Stefan his house. Kate says it's not his house. Vivian points out the portrait of Stefano. Kate brings up that Vivian hated Stefano. Vivian says they were close for a little bit and she will always love him for giving her the son. Andre has had enough. Chad and Abigail walk in. Chad agrees and calls Stefan a scam artist. Chad suggests Stefan explain who he really is and what he's really doing here.

Sonny hopes Will feels comfortable enough to tell him anything. Will thinks back to kissing Paul and the conversation they had. Will tells Sonny that he has been unbelievably supportive so he is going to be honest with him. Will informs Sonny that he had a talk with Marlena last night. Sonny notes that he had always been able to be open with her. Will mentions feeling a connection with her. Sonny asks if the talk upset him. Will thinks he was a little confused before that but she helped him sort it out. Sonny repeats that he can tell him anything. Chloe walks in and apologizes for interrupting as she is looking for Brady. Sonny says he hasn't seen him but no one is working on the holiday so maybe he's upstairs. Chloe asks if she can look around which Sonny allows. Chloe welcomes Will home and then heads upstairs to find Brady. Sonny locks the door so they won't be disturbed. Will then informs Sonny that he also ran in to Paul last night and they kissed again.

Chloe goes upstairs looking for Brady and walks in on him in bed having sex with Eve. Eve tells Chloe that he's busy so she walks back out.

Stefan questions what Chad is talking about. Chad calls him a corporate raider who goes after vulnerable businesses to dismantle them. Kate asks if that's true. Abigail says she did the research. Chad reveals his real name is Sam. Stefan explains that his adopted parents gave him that name and he changed it to Stefan DiMera after the DNA test as Vivian thought it would placate the board. Chad argues that he changed his name to get an inside shot at stealing their company. Stefan admits he goes after vulnerable companies to make them stronger. Stefan says when he can't bring a company back, he sells it which has made him rich. Abigail and Chad question the DNA test. Stefan gets that they don't believe he is Stefano's son. Abigail and Chad don't take his or Vivian's word. Stefan tells them to take another DNA test to see for themselves. Abigail tells him that she will as she pulls a hair from his head.

Sonny questions Will and Paul kissing again. Will knows he hasn't ever been the perfect husband but he does want to be honest with him. Sonny asks how it happened. Will explains that he was heading home but he ran into Paul in the town square and he looked really sad, talking about missing Sonny. Will says he wanted to comfort him and tell him he understood then the clock struck midnight. Sonny asks if it only happened because of the midnight tradition. Will says sort of. Sonny understands he was nervous and upset so it just happened but Will says no. Sonny brings up Paul being upset about their breakup. Sonny asks if Paul is trying to sabotage their happiness. Will says Paul is clearly hurting but he didn't kiss him to get back at them. Will then admits that he kissed Paul and he liked it.

Chloe leaves the Kiriakis Mansion with Brady chasing after her. Chloe tells him that he doesn't have to explain but knows he will get hurt if he keeps this up. Brady asks what she was looking for him for. Chloe wanted to warn Brady that Vivian Alamain is back.

Chad tells Andre that the hospital will have Stefano's DNA and instructs him to speak with Kayla to do the test as quickly as possible with maximum security. Vivian doesn't trust Andre so she decides to go with him. Chad says to just keep her away from the lab. Kate decides to go too in order to keep them from killing each other. Chad turns back to Stefan and comments on him being sure that this will turn out in his favor. Stefan responds that maybe then his new family can accept reality. Chad states they will wait and see how the test results come back.

Will tells Sonny that he's not telling him this to hurt him. Sonny asks if Paul came on to him. Will says he knows Paul would never do something like that. Will says he's telling Sonny because he cares about him but he can't be married to him when he's attracted to other men. Sonny asks if he's telling him he wants out. Will thinks staying together right now wouldn't be fair to either of them. Sonny argues that if he could only remember what they had, he would understand how bad he wants them. Sonny brings up Arianna and their family being the most important thing to him. Will believes that but says he can't feel that as it feels strange. Sonny tells him to think about Arianna. Will argues that pretending to be in love for her sake can't be good for her. Sonny asks if that's what he and Marlena talked about. Will argues that Arianna will have both of them just not them together. Will tells Sonny that he's sorry but until he figures out who he is and what he wants, he has no business being with him. Will declares he hurt Sonny once and he won't do that again.

Chloe informs Brady about Vivian showing up with Stefan and wanted him to know due to his complicated history with her. Brady acknowledges that he locked her up years ago. Chloe warns that she might want revenge. Brady agrees and it could be against the whole family since Vivian always blamed Maggie for taking Victor away from her. Chloe adds that Brady has Tate to worry about. Brady thanks her for the heads up. Chloe asks if Brady thinks Eve if a threat to the Kiriakis family. Brady asks if they can do this another time. Chloe feels she has to know since Eve is her friend. Chloe asks if this thing between them is real or just Brady keeping his enemy closer. Eve approaches the front door and listens in.

Stefan tells Chad that he was hoping they didn't have to be adversaries. Chad goes over that he showed up saying he's taking over his company, putting them on the defensive. Stefan feels he had to get his attention because their father's business is a mess and the board is worried about that. Stefan says they know his position in the business world and his reputation which is why he is here. Abigail argues that Chad deserves a chance to run the business his way because he has run it successfully before and will again. Stefan questions if she's sure since Kate was a pro and couldn't stop the bleeding. Stefan remarks that he's not the only shark in the water and he wants the company to survive. Stefan suggests they not make him the enemy and work together to save what Stefano left them.

Sonny asks Will to give it a little time. Will tells him his memory might never come back which is why he needs to let him go. Sonny cries for him not to do this. Will shouts that he needs to make his own way in the world right now. Sonny begs him not to do this but Will says he's sorry and he's moving out. Will announces he's filing for divorce as Sonny breaks down crying.

Eve listens in as Chloe questions if Brady is out to get Eve. Brady says no as Eve is not Vivian. Chloe brings up Vivian wanting to take everything the DiMeras have while Brady told her Eve wanted everything the Kiriakis family have. Brady says there is a big difference as he calls Eve beautiful, sexy, and a lot of fun. Eve smiles as she listens in. Chloe points out that Brady didn't say anything like that when they last talked and that he just wanted to be back in charge of Titan. Chloe insists that Brady is up to something but decides she doesn't need to know what his twisted plans are. Chloe asks him to be careful. Brady tells her not to worry about him as he has it under control. Chloe then walks away. Eve declares to herself that Brady is playing games with her and she's going to find out what the game is.

Andre, Vivian, and Kate arrive at the hospital for the DNA test. The nurse offers to take the sample and have Kayla call her with the results. Andre says the sample stays with him while Vivian and Kate add that they are staying with him. The nurse decides she will show them where to go. Andre notes that Vivian always has a minion lurking around so he will go with her while Kate keeps an eye out. Andre assures that he can handle Vivian as he follows her. Kate remarks to herself that she's standing guard while they bet everything they have on one lousy hair. Kate says the situation could be worse but she doesn't know how.

Chad tells Stefan that he isn't interested in working together or listening to what he has to say. Chad suggests he get out of their home. Stefan reveals that technically he owns this house now.

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