Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/2/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/2/18


Written By Joseph

Paul goes for a jog through the town square and runs in to Will. Paul questions what he's doing here instead of at the party with Sonny. Will says he was all partied out and wanted to go home to clear his head. Will asks what Paul is up to. Paul says it's the midnight fun run and he's going to be late. Will stops him and apologizes that he's been hurt and that he's a big part of the reason. Paul tells him it's not his or anyone's fault. Paul admits he misses Sonny so much. Will reaches out and holds Paul's arm.

Ciara questions what the problem is since they invited her so she thought Hope would be happy she showed up. Hope says she didn't think she would show up drunk. Rafe tells Ciara to calm down and show her mom some respect. Ciara questions if respect is what Rafe shows Hope. Ciara tells Rafe to stop telling her what to do as she is sick of listening to him.

Paul tells Will that it's midnight so he's now late. Will pulls him back and kisses him.

Chad wishes Abigail a happy new year and kisses her. The mystery guest then enters wearing a hooded cloak. She reveals herself to be the returning Vivian Alamain, shocking Kate and Andre, as she says she's sorry she's late. Vivian comments that everyone seems so surprised and tells Abigail that she did RSVP. Abigail is surprised it was her. Vivian says it's so good to see them all again. Kate thought she was still in Bollywood and asks what she's doing here. Vivian responds that they're about to find out.

Hope tells Ciara that it's not okay to lash out at Rafe when he's never done anything but look out for them. Ciara mockingly calls him a knight in shining armor as she thinks back to overhearing that he slept with Sami. Hope tells Ciara that if she has something to say then say it.

Eve and Brady watch the new year's countdown together and then Brady kisses her. Eve slaps him and questions what he's trying to pull.

Sonny comes downstairs and pulls out his phone to text Will, asking where he is.

Paul asks Will why he kissed him.

Chad tells Vivian that this is a private party. Vivian apologizes for missing the wedding. Chloe threatens to call security. Vivian mocks her so Chloe wants to throw her out personally. Vivian says they are all so sensitive. Vivian says if they throw her out, they won't meet her plus one and she insists that they do want to meet him. Outside, Vivian's guest steps out of the vehicle. Kate questions if Vivian brought Ivan back with her. Vivian says she left him in India. Vivian says her escort this evening is anxious to meet them all, especially the DiMeras. Vivian says fate brought them all together but she will take credit for bringing him to Salem. Abigail says the DiMera business doesn't concern her. Vivian reveals that her mystery man has the same blood as Chad and Andre. Vivian announces she has brought with her, the one and only Stefano DiMera, leaving everyone confused.

Eve apologizes to Brady and says it's the second time he has kissed her when she has not indicated it would be welcome. Brady apologizes as he didn't think it would be a big deal. Eve feels he tipped her hand. Eve brings up how quick he was to turn on Victor to come work for her. Eve says he couldn't stand her and now has a sudden wave of affection. Brady talks about her loathing him but always being around to take advantage of him. Brady says she always takes advantage of rich guys. Eve responds that he's full of himself and he has nothing she wants. Brady asks if she's sure. Sonny walks in and asks if they have seen Will.

Will tells Paul that it's midnight on New Year's Eve but he kept kissing him because he finds him very attractive. Will tells Paul it's been a weird ride for him as he doesn't remember Salem and he's surrounded by expectations. Will says people look at him waiting for him to turn in to the old Will but Paul doesn't. Will feels Paul is happy to deal with the current Will. Paul is sorry that he feels so pressured and disoriented. Paul wishes he could help. Will says he is. Will tells Paul to keep being him. John and Marlena interrupt to wish them a happy new year.

Kate brings up wishing Vivian was left in the sarcophagus years ago. Jennifer tells Eric that Hope and Rafe need to know about this so she goes to get them. Andre tells Vivian that he thinks she's lying. Andre adds that even if Stefano was alive, he wouldn't come back to Salem. Andre brings up that Stefano despised Vivian. Kate talks about Vivian digging people up so maybe she brought Stefano back but not alive. Vivian comments on Kate being married to Andre when she was married to Stefano and calls it trading down. Chad declares the fun is over. Chad gives Vivian five seconds to produce Stefano or they are throwing her out.

Hope questions Ciara as to what's going on since she can see something is going on and she's in pain. Ciara doesn't think there is anything anyone can do. Ciara talks about giving her love with everything she has. Ciara says this isn't about Theo but Jennifer and Eric interrupt to inform Rafe and Hope that Vivian Alamain has crashed the party claiming Stefano is outside. Hope tells Ciara to stay here. Ciara questions her not wanting her around since the party got interesting. Hope points out that she's drunk so she wants her to be safe. Ciara tells them to go be the good guys. Jennifer agrees to look after Ciara. Hope says 2018 is starting with a bang as she and Rafe exit.

Vivian's mystery guest approaches Doug's Place and gets a text from Vivian. that it's showtime. Inside, Vivian assures Chad that he is coming and is right outside the door. Rafe and Hope come out from the back as Vivian goes to the door. Vivian opens the door to present "Stefano DiMera."

Eve tells Brady they will finish this tomorrow and she exits. Brady questions Sonny losing Will as he thought they were going to the party. Sonny says they did but Will needed time alone so he took a walk.

Paul wishes John and Marlena a happy new year then asks how Steve and Kayla's was. They say it was quiet and nice. Marlena asks where Sonny is. Paul explains that he's at Chad's party while Will needed a little air and he was going for a run. Paul says it's late now so he's heading home. John offers to walk with him. Marlena says she will catch up with them so John exits with Paul. Will wishes Marlena a happy new year and goes to walk away but Marlena stops him to question what they just walked in on. Will admits he was kissing Paul.

Kate laughs at Vivian being full of it as she introduced a younger man that is not Stefano. Kate thinks Vivian has lost it and questions if she's blind. Hope tells Vivian that she shouldn't have done this. Hope points out the man is not Stefano DiMera. Hope says her stunt had no chance of working so she questions what her game is. Vivian calls it a very big game that she's going to win. The man asks for everyone's attention and says there seems to be a misunderstanding. He introduces himself as Stefan Octavius DiMera also known as Stefan O. DiMera. He claims to be Stefano's son which Chad laughs at.

Will feels Marlena is looking at him like she wishes he didn't tell her that but he refuses to lie to her. Marlena says she wouldn't want him to lie. Marlena admits she is not shocked or even upset that he was kissing Paul because that's not who she is. Will brings up knowing they used to talk a lot. Will says she and Paul don't focus on the past that he doesn't remember and accept him for who he is now. Marlena would like to get to know who he is right now. Will says he's trying to figure that out but he does know that he doesn't want to be the guy who cheats on his husband.

Brady questions Sonny about Will needing space on New Year's Eve. Brady thinks it sounds bad and not a good sign. Brady recommends couples therapy or a leash. Sonny asks about he and Eve getting along better. Brady says they have to because they work together. Sonny is glad he bounced back from Victor firing him. Brady accuses him of engineering that. Sonny remarks that he and Eve were in an intense conversation and that it certainly aroused Brady's interests. Sonny warns that he's going to keep an eye on both of them. Brady suggests he keep an eye on Will and says maybe he's with Paul. Brady remarks that he could be reenacting the past to jog his memory. Brady wishes a happy new year as he exits the room.

Paul and John walk past the Pub. Paul informs John that he saw Sonny tonight and it hit him hard. Paul thought this would be his first New Year's Eve as Sonny's husband. John points out that instead, Paul was with Will. Paul admits that Will kissed him. Paul says he lied to Sonny in Memphis but he won't do that again. Paul feels like he should call Sonny to tell him what happened but John warns that he might regret that. Paul thinks Sonny deserves to know the truth. John first wants to know why he's going to tell him. John asks if Paul is trying to be honest or trying to break up Sonny and Will.

Jennifer gets Ciara a glass of water. Eric knows Ciara hasn't had a good time since coming back home but thought she would feel better knowing Theo is okay. Ciara says she's happy and wants the best for Theo but now she feels like she's in a coma. Jennifer tells her she's sorry she feels that way but encourages that a lot of people love her. Jennifer says Ciara can't run away from her feelings and make bad decisions. Ciara calls everyone in this town a hypocrite as she complains of Jennifer being an addict and brings up Eric driving drunk and killing his best friend.

Chad questions Stefan being a DiMera. Stefan says it's a pleasure to finally meet him. Stefan tells Andre that he's heard so much about him. Andre says he's never heard of him which he suggests is because he's not their brother and he's lying. Stefan greets Abigail and calls her beautiful. Chad questions Stefano being his father. Andre asks who his mom is and guesses she's dead with no records. Vivian claims that she is his mother. Vivian says that Stefano never knew about this son. Andre argues that he never existed. Vivian says he was conceived long before she came to Salem while Stefano seduced her for a ruby. Hope questions why they never heard of him until now. Vivian says she was devastated as a young girl seduced with an abandoned child. Vivian reveals that Ivan told her that her child was stillborn. Stefan states that about a year ago, he learned the true identity of his mother. Stefan says he confronted Ivan and he admitted what he had done. Stefan declares he is Stefano's son and the brother of Chad and Andre. Kate questions just taking his word for it. Kate calls him an impostor. Vivian knew they would be cynical so she claims she brought proof.

Paul tells John that he's not trying to come between Sonny and Will, pointing out that Will is the one who kissed him. John knows how Paul feels about Sonny but asks how he feels about Will. Paul says now that Will is back, he doesn't have much of a chance with Sonny even though he still loves him. Paul admits he needs to start letting go which means John is right that he shouldn't text or call Sonny because that wouldn't be letting go. Paul says that would be trying to hold on to something that is already gone.

Will tells Marlena that he likes Sonny and gets why he married and loved him but when he talks about their past, it sounds amazing but like he's talking about a complete stranger. Marlena sees that he is surrounded by so many people that knew and loved him while he doesn't know how to feel about them. Will responds that he doesn't remember Marlena but feels like he's known her his whole life. Will gets a call from Sonny so he steps away to answer. Sonny asks where he is. Will tells him that he's at the town square with a friend as he looks back to Marlena.

Vivian says she brought proof that she and Stefano are the parents of Stefan. Chloe mocks what paternity lab she went to. Vivian says the DNA will conclusively match Stefan to Stefano. Rafe points out that she would need Stefano's DNA. Hope asks how she could possibly have gotten Stefano's DNA. Vivian claims she had a friend of a friend who had access to Interpol files. Vivian says they can verify the facts as she hands the paper to Rafe. Vivian adds that she has copies. Chad questions why Stefan is here and why tonight. Stefan states that everyone knows the power of the DiMera name and how it was a name that struck fear into their rivals. Stefan declares his father's legacy and name has since diminished. Stefan says they need to make a change so that the DiMera name means something again. Abigail argues that those are her words from Chad's speech.

Ciara cries that she's so sorry for bringing up Eric's drunk driving. Jennifer tells her that was so hurful. Jennifer argues that Eric has been nothing but wonderful to Ciara. Eric knows she didn't mean what she said. Ciara insists that she didn't and apologizes. Jennifer says she is going to text Hope and they are taking her home. Eric suggests they go out the back way so they don't run in to Stefano just in case. Jennifer, Eric, and Ciara then exit.

Stefan explains that when he found out who he was, he made a point to learn everything there is to know about his family and the business. Stefan says he got an advanced copy of Chad's speech and he paid very close attention to every word. Stefan says he is impressed by their effort in to promoting this event. Stefan is afraid it was all for not since as Stefano's son, he has decided to embrace his birthright and take his rightful place as head of the family and CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Chad is happy for him and his self discovery but he's not going to be CEO as that's his job.

Eve goes to her bedroom where Brady follows her and says they have unfinished business.

Jennifer goes home with Eric. Eric tries to tell her it's alright but Jennifer can't believe Ciara threw the worst thing to ever happen to him in his face. Eric says she didn't say anything he hasn't said to himself. Eric says he thinks about Daniel and what he did all the time. Jennifer regrets asking Eric to go out on New Year's Eve but Eric is glad she did. Eric was happy to be with someone he cares about. Jennifer calls it a horrible night but Eric disagrees, saying last he remembers he wished her a happy new year and they were both happy before they were interrupted. Jennifer complains about Vivian and then Ciara. Eric encourages her that 2018 can only get better. They wish each other a Happy New Year. Eric kisses her on the cheek.

Brady approaches Eve and they start kissing onto her bed.

Will comes home to Sonny in the living room as he was putting the champagne away. Sonny asks what friend he ran in to. Will responds that it was Marlena which relieves Sonny. Will says it was really good as talking to her helped him figure some things out. Sonny is happy he's feeling better. Sonny suggests they still toast so he pours champagne. Will decides he's kind of tired so he's just going to bed. Will kisses him and wishes him a happy new year. Will then heads upstairs leaving Sonny confused.

Stefan knows Chad is prepared to fight him but says it's too little too late. Stefan announces the board has lost confidence in all of them. Stefan tells Kate that she is inept at making acquisitions and failed to close deal after deal. Vivian shows Kate an envelope. Stefan calls Andre unstable as Vivian hands him an envelope as well. Stefan adds that Chad has been missing in action for quite some time as Vivian hands him the envelope too. Stefan reveals the envelopes are all copies of the board's resolution, naming him CEO of DiMera Enterprises effective immediately. Stefan states that it was nice meeting them all and wishes them a happy new year as he and Vivian toast their glasses. Vivian calls it a great party as she and Stefan exit.

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