Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/30/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/30/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny excitedly goes to the Horton house and asks JJ about celebrating New Year's but he's not in the mood. Sonny asks about Abigail as he just heard from Adrienne that she is alive. JJ tells him that Abigail is at the DiMeras. Sonny states that Chad must be so happy she's back. JJ responds that he would have to ask Chad about that.

Chad joins André at the Pub where a bottle of champagne is at their table. André is glad he invited him to join him for New Year's. Chad says it's been a hell of a year for their family. André encourages that they will restore their family to it's former glory in 2017. André suggests a toast but Chad stops him and reveals he's still trying to figure out if he's going to kill him for making him believe his wife was dead which catches André by surprise.

Gabi sits Abigail down and hugs her to stop her from having a panic attack. Gabi encourages her to breathe and says she will fix this by calling Chad but Abigail stops her and says she can't. Abigail says she doesn't need Chad's help and she's tired of being taken care of. Gabi is tired of the secrets and argues that Chad needs to know what's going on with her. Abigail responds that nothing is going on but Gabi doesn't want her to spiral in to running away again. Abigail swears she won't. Gabi wants her to deal with these symptoms. Abigail says she will but she doesn't want Chad to be walking around eggshells with her. Abigail insists she won't fall apart when things get tough. Gabi asks if something happened tonight to trigger this. Abigail informs her that Chad told her that he didn't know if he could ever forgive her. Abigail says she was just thinking about how she may have wrecked her marriage forever. Abigail remarks that she walked away from her life with Chad and pushed him right in to Gabi's arms.

Sonny questions JJ just sitting here and asks if it's a pity party. JJ states he has nothing better to do on New Year's Eve. Sonny declares neither does he so they can be losers together. JJ questions how he's always in a good mood. Sonny says he's not but it's almost 2017 and Abigail is alive and well so he asks how it could get better than that. JJ suggests giving that speech to Chad. Sonny asks how Chad is not happy that she's back. JJ suggests Chad may have moved on with someone else. Sonny responds that they weren't serious yet. JJ questions Sonny knowing about Chad and Gabi.

André argues that he and Abigail were trying to protect him. Chad continues to accuse him of letting him believe his wife was dead while his son spent months without his mother. André says it wasn't easy watching him suffer. Chad questions what he even got out of this. André claims he was just trying to help Abigail in her time of need. Chad thinks he wanted him weakened and distracted so he could take over DiMera. André says that wasn't his intent. Chad brings up André saying there would be no more secrets but he lied about his business, his family, and didn't tell him about his microchips then took advantage of his wife. André responds that he had his best interests at heart but Chad questions why he should believe him. André informs Chad that something has happened that could change their family forever as Stefano is possibly still alive.

Kate says on the phone that she's trying to get confirmation that Eduardo is the one who stole the microchips from DiMera. Kate confirms that she knows him or at least she thought she did.


Derrick joins Paul outside the Pub and wishes him a Happy New Year. They talk about a party at the club tonight. Derrick says they could get dinner or stay home if he wants but Paul agrees to whatever he wants. Derrick asks if Paul would rather go somewhere different but Paul insists the club is fine. Derrick then remarks that maybe Paul would just rather be with a different guy.

Sonny tells JJ that Chad is his best friend while he shares a daughter with Gabi so he can't say what they may have told him about each other. JJ says he's not even mad at Chad as he understands why he would fall for Gabi while he was alone but argues that he needs to leave her alone now to focus on his wife. Sonny asks what he will do. JJ declares he's going to win Gabi back but he hasn't figured out how yet.

Abigail asks Gabi how it happened with her and Chad. Abigail says she needs to know because Chad keeps pushing her away while they need to move forward. Abigail questions how they got together. Gabi says it wasn't like that and asks if they really have to talk about it now. Abigail insists she needs to know what happened while she was gone. Gabi explains how she began working as Chad's image consultant so they were spending time together. Gabi reminds her that they all thought Abigail was dead so Chad was really lost and going through the motions of living. Gabi says it started to seem like Chad was coming around to live again. Gabi says she and Chad helped each other while Arianna loves spending time. Abigail questions when things changed between them and they started having feelings for each other. Gabi doesn't know as it just happened. Gabi brings up helping Chad with a business dinner and having a connection. Gabi brings up what JJ did and how Chad was there for her. Gabi decides it doesn't matter but Abigail says it does because it's obvious she still has feelings for him. Abigail states that Gabi loves Chad.

Chad questions André and states that Stefano is dead. André says not according to Shane Donovan as the ISA is claiming Stefano is possibly alive in eastern Europe. André adds that anything is possible with Stefano. Chad asks if he had something to do with this but André says no. André informs Chad that Rafe and the Bradys exhumed Stefano's grave but the body was not Stefano DiMera.

Kate orders her contact on the phone to not tell anyone what they told her and if they are wrong there will be dire consequences. Kate hangs up and goes back to Eduardo at the club. Kate says she has to go on business. Eduardo says it must be important and asks if she's going to tell him about it. Kate calls it a time sensitive situation. Eduardo questions her ditching him on New Year's Eve. Kate says they are solid as she exits the club.

Paul tells Derrick he has one more work call to make. Derrick questions that he couldn't take tonight off. Paul mentions monitoring a Titan client on the docks. Derrick brings up Titan being owned by the Kiriakis family. Derrick asks if Sonny is on the phone. Paul questions why he brings up Sonny every time they are together. Derrick argues that he still has feelings for him. Paul tells him that he is here with him but Derrick questions if he is really. Paul apologizes for being distracted lately and admits he's been a terrible date. Paul suggests starting over. They flirt and decide they have a party to get to so they walk off together.


Sonny loves the idea of helping JJ on a romantic mission on New Year's Eve. Sonny asks what is keeping JJ and Gabi apart other than Chad. JJ responds that he screwed up big time. JJ explains how he got drunk in Miami and ended up in bed with some woman that he doesn't remember. JJ says he told Gabi and they almost got past it but then she found out that he didn't tell her about Abigail so it was one too many secrets. Sonny tells him to be completely honest going forward. Sonny informs JJ that Gabi will be at the club by midnight. JJ wants to go now then so they rush out.

Chad asks André who was in the grave if not Stefano. Chad accuses him of helping Stefano do it like he helped Abigail fake her death. André argues that Stefano wouldn't need his help to rise from the ashes. Chad argues that he has worked too hard to make the family legitimate. André says he will keep him updated on the police's search. Chad feels he has enough going on at home. André asks if his reunion with Abigail is not going smoothly. Chad responds that it's none of his business. André talks about caring for Abigail. André gets that he is shocked but he has his family back so he should get over his anger. Chad questions André trying to give him advice. André doesn't blame him but says he cares about them both so he wants Chad to forgive Abigail. André states that if Stefano is alive, Chad and Thomas will need Abigail more than ever.

Gabi asks Abigail if she wants her to talk about her feelings for Chad so she can hate her. Abigail responds that she could never hate her. Abigail blames herself for what happened between Gabi and Chad. Abigail says she wanted Chad to move on but admits it was really hard to see. Abigail reveals to Gabi that she was in town for awhile before she said anything. Gabi questions her watching the whole time. Abigail says she came back when JJ was shot and went to say goodbye to Thomas before leaving again but then fate stepped in. Abigail insists that she knows she and Chad are supposed to be together so she will wait as long as she has to. Gabi asks if Abigail is going to tell Chad if the panic attacks continue. Abigail says she won't have to because she is getting stronger every day. Abigail declares she will have her husband and family back then asks if Gabi is going to stand in the way of that.

Lani greets Paul and Derrick at the club. Lani mentions being solo tonight so she joins their table. Paul asks her about Miami. Lani talks about missing Theo and Abe so there's nothing like being in Salem for the holidays. Lani comments that it's good to see some old friends but others not so much as JJ and Sonny enter the club.

Kate joins André at the Pub and informs him that she knows who stole the microchips. André calls it a happy New Year as Kate reveals it was Eduardo or at least his company. André says that puts a wrench in her budding romance. Kate says it has nothing to do with their relationship. Kate mentions that Eduardo doesn't know she knows. André says he will be none the wiser then when she reclaims what he stole.

Eduardo sits in the town square with Arianna and gives her a teddy bear as he talks about spending New Year's with her. Eduardo hopes they can stay awake for the fireworks. Eduardo talks about wanting them all to have good lives in their family. Eduardo tells her to never forget that she is loved.

Gabi tells Abigail that whatever was going on with her and Chad can never compare to what Chad and Abigail have. Abigail is sorry as she loves Gabi and wants her to be happy. Abigail asks if she can ever forgive JJ and give him a second chance. Gabi says it's not that easy. Abigail blames herself for their break up. Abigail argues that JJ loves her so much and encourages her for a fresh start with JJ as she asks what is holding her back. Gabi then gets a phone call from Chad.

Kate questions André expecting her to retrieve the microchips. Kate states that she keeps her personal and professional lives separate which André questions. André reminds her that the microchips are key to the application he's developed and their company could make billions or go under. Kate says there are other ways to retrieve the microchips. André brings up his methods of dealing with a thief.

Abigail tells Gabi that she could've answered the call. Gabi guesses he just wanted to say Happy New Year but Chad calls back. Abigail asks her not to tell him about the panic attack. Gabi answers the phone and asks what's going on. Chad says he needs to talk to her. Gabi says it's almost midnight on New Year's Eve so she's heading to the club. Chad says there is a lot for them to discuss and she's the only one he can talk to about it. As Gabi is on the phone, Abigail sneaks away behind her. Gabi tells Chad she can't do this right now and wishes him a happy New Year then hangs up. Gabi turns around and sees Abigail is gone.

Paul invites Sonny and JJ to join their table. JJ jokes that he's surprised Lani doesn't have a date tonight. Lani questions if he's saying she's with a lot of guys. JJ says he was just trying to compliment her but Lani tells him not to bother and walks away. JJ wonders what he did since she's been cold to him. Sonny encourages JJ to go ask Lani what he did so he approaches her. JJ asks Lani if he did something to hurt her. Lani asks if he's serious. JJ doesn't understand. Lani brings up what happened in Miami and asks if he forgot they slept together, which shocks JJ.

Gabi walks through the town square where she joins Eduardo and Arianna. Gabi holds Arianna and wishes her a happy New Year. Eduardo thought she was going to the club. Gabi says she drove by and saw them so she stopped. Kate arrives and apologizes for being late, saying she hopes she didn't miss any fireworks.

JJ argues that it couldn't have been Lani. Lani decides she will show him. Derrick asks Paul to tell him about his best New Year's Eve. Derrick then decides he's over this and walks Paul over to Sonny. Derrick declares that he's sick of being the third wheel. He tells Sonny that Paul still has feelings for him and he guesses Sonny has feelings for him too. Derrick says he's done fighting against it so they shouldn't either. He wishes them a happy New Year and walks away.

Chad enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Abigail stands with two glasses of champagne. She states she couldn't imagine starting the new year without him.

Eduardo thought Kate had a work crisis. Kate says she had a conversation and decided to go with priority. Gabi decides she's going to skip the club and take Arianna home while Eduardo and Kate ring in the New Year together. Eduardo tells Gabi to go ahead since Arianna is already asleep. Gabi thanks him for watching her and wishes them a happy New Year as she walks off. Eduardo tells Kate that he's glad she came and asks what made her change her mind. Kate talks about not wanting to risk bad luck by not being together at midnight. They decide not to wait and start kissing.

Paul tells Sonny that this is awkward as Derrick got jealous and had some drinks. Sonny asks if it's true. Paul admits he still has feelings for Sonny and never stopped. Sonny brings up Paul saying he just wanted to be friends. Paul didn't want to put him in a tough spot since Will is still an issue for them and they would feel guilty. Sonny asks if he doesn't just want to be friends then. Paul admits he wants to be more than that. Sonny responds that he has feelings for him too.

JJ argues that he would've remembered seeing Lani in Miami. Lani then shows him a picture of them in bed together. At the countdown to the New Year, Paul and Sonny kiss. Lani asks JJ if that triggers his memory. Gabi then appears and questions Lani being the woman that JJ had sex with.

Abigail knows she can't pretend things are normal between them and she has a lot of work to regain his trust but she's grateful to be here with him to start 2017 with her family. Chad is grateful for that too. Abigail recalls telling Chad that Thomas was their son last year on New Year's Eve. Chad says he was lost and that moment changed his life. Abigail talks about moments to fix their mistakes and she thinks this feels right. Abigail toasts to this moment of starting a new year with him as they drink their champagne. Abigail and Chad then kiss.

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