Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Adrienne arrives at the hospital where Lucas is waiting. She tells him that he didn't have to be there but he says he wanted to be. Lucas gets a call and steps away to take it. Adrienne goes to the nurse that she's there for her chemotherapy. Justin arrives as Lucas comes back, leaving Adrienne in the middle.

JJ tells Jennifer at home that Abigail has not left and she's with Chad now. Jennifer exclaims that everything is going to be okay now and says it's great that they are back together as she hugs JJ.

Gabi sits with Dario at the club and explains to him that Chad already knew Abigail was alive because she was there in his house. Dario takes it they are back together but Gabi doesn't know what they have decided.

Chad works on his computer at home until Abigail comes in. Abigail talks about putting Thomas down for his nap. Abigail brings up making a playlist of all of their favorite songs and turns it on. Abigail reminds Chad how happy he was the last time they danced together.

Justin and Lucas didn't know the other would be there. The nurse tells Adrienne that it's important she stays warm. Lucas shows that he brought a blanket. The nurse tells Adrienne that it's crowded so there is only room for one visitor. Justin and Lucas say they will do whatever she wants. Adrienne responds that she doesn't know.

JJ doesn't want Jennifer to get her hopes up since he doesn't know if Chad and Abigail are like they were before. JJ mentions it being a huge shock for Chad. Jennifer says it must be a huge thrill for him that she's alive. JJ explains that things seemed pretty tense since Chad doesn't understand why she did what she did and he found out how long she had been back. JJ adds that Chad only found Abigail by accident. Jennifer thinks Chad has to understand. JJ isn't sure it will be so easy. Jennifer believes God brought Abigail back to them at Christmas and he will help Chad understand that to have the best year ever. Jennifer declares there will be no more secrets and lies. Jennifer decides she's going to go see Abigail and exits.

Dario asks Gabi if she thinks there is a problem. Gabi has a strong feeling that Chad is very angry. Dario acknowledges that Abigail was scared of that. Gabi questions Abigail talking to Dario about it. Dario explains how Abigail didn't know what to do but she saw him at her memorial and thought it was unfair to come back. Gabi questions it being fair to come back how she did. Dario feels Gabi is mad at Abigail. Gabi doesn't know as she says Abigail was her best friend but she also saw what she put Chad through. Dario brings up Abigail seeing Gabi trying to comfort Chad. Gabi argues that they both thought Abigail was dead so they didn't do anything wrong. Dario asks what Gabi is going to do now that they both know she's alive.

Abigail talks to Chad about how happy she was when Thomas was born and she thought they were finally free of Ben and free to be together. Abigail tells Chad that they can get back everything they lost. Abigail pulls Chad up to dance with her but Chad pulls away and says he can't.

Eduardo joins Kate in the town square and asks if she's thinking about New Year's resolutions. Kate responds that those are for people with low self esteem. Eduardo guesses she isn't in a great mood so he asks what's bothering her. Kate responds that she's angry with herself for overreacting about Stefano coming back to life.

Lucas suggests they flip a coin but Justin says it isn't funny. Lucas agrees and decides it's unfair to put Adrienne on the spot like this before treatment. Lucas repeats that he will do whatever she wants.

Gabi asks Dario what he means. Dario asks if she's still going after Chad. Gabi argues that she wasn't going after him and adds that he's married. Dario thinks that's good and comments that he never knew what she saw in Chad in the first place. Gabi mocks talking about her personal life with him. Dario asks if it was Chad's money which offends her. Gabi tells Dario that Chad is a decent guy. Gabi complains about Abigail letting Chad believe she was dead and him trying to go on for his son. Dario mocks Chad and asks if Chad gave Gabi her necklace for his son's sake. Gabi gets upset and prepares to leave. Dario stops her and brings up Will, the gay father of her child, Nick who was her sociopathic husband, and JJ who cheated on her so he asks if he's out of line questioning her choice in men. Gabi admits she's made mistakes. Dario tells her that the fact that Abigail is back and Chad is married doesn't mean anything because Gabi is still hung up on him so the question is if he's still hung up on her.

Abigail apologizes to Chad and blames the memories for her pushing too hard as she says it won't happen again. Abigail thinks it's important to try and get back to normal. Abigail brings up New Year's Eve but Chad argues that it won't fix what happened between them. Abigail asks why not. Chad tells her that things have changed and she's lying to herself if she doesn't believe that. Abigail agrees it's time for her to start being open and honest about everything.

Eduardo questions Kate saying that Stefano is not dead. Kate says it's apparently true but he's not back in Salem. Kate says it makes sense in a sick sort of way if he is alive. Kate admits she isn't sure but that Stefano could be behind the trouble at DiMera. Eduardo wants her to tell him when something is bothering her. He asks if she is afraid of Stefano. Kate says no and that she would be glad if he were still alive as it makes life more interesting. Kate decides she has to go help Adrienne. Eduardo comments on her life as she walks away. Eduardo adds that he does care what she thinks, especially about the important stuff.

Gabi tells Dario that Chad is not hung up on her as they are friends and she helped him through a bad time. Gabi questions why Dario didn't just tell her that Abigail was alive if he was so horrified of her and Chad being together. Dario states that he was trying to do the right thing as Abigail was having panic attacks. Gabi asks if he didn't think she needed help. Dario tells her that Abigail begged him to keep quiet. Gabi questions him going along with whatever she said. Dario admits he may have screwed up but the one person he's worried about in all of this is Gabi. Dario says he loves her and is sick and tired of seeing her get hurt by men who don't deserve her.

Abigail brings up Chad saying he didn't know how long it would take to get over being mad at her but not that he didn't know if he could get over it. Abigail tells herself that it will happen so she will take care of Thomas and wait. Abigail says the most important thing Chad said is no more lying. Abigail admits that she has been lying to herself but she was just afraid of loving him more than he loved her. Abigail says she was afraid he wouldn't want her back, that she wasn't good enough for him, and being hurt. Abigail swears it was fate that made him walk in and find her in the room with Thomas. Abigail brings up Chad allowing her to stay which made her believe this is where she is supposed to be and she never wants to go anywhere again.

Adrienne states that she doesn't know what she wants. Kate arrives and tells Justin and Lucas to leave her alone because they are only adding stress. The nurse calls for Adrienne so she goes along with Kate. Justin tells Lucas that they need to talk.

JJ finds Gabi in the town square and asks if she has a minute. Gabi doesn't know what else there is to say. JJ knows it's all pretty tense and it's mostly his fault but he thinks they should be able to have a normal conversation. JJ says Abigail is still his sister and her friend. JJ thinks even if it takes time, Chad and Abigail will work things out. Gabi asks why he felt the need to tell her that. JJ hopes she can let go of how she feels about Chad.

Abigail tells Chad that he doesn't have to say anything as she guesses he feels trapped. Chad argues that he feels overwhelmed. Chad repeats that he doesn't know when he will get over being mad at her. Chad calls it overwhelming how many people have lied to him. Chad declares once trust is broken, it is nearly impossible. Chad feels it's like she wants him to forget the last six months and he doesn't think that's possible. Abigail argues that isn't what she is saying but she didn't mean to hurt him. Abigail says she was out of her mind and unable to make decisions while all she can do now is be patient and wait for him to realize she isn't like that anymore. Abigail tells Chad that she's on her way back to her family. Chad doesn't know what she wants him to say or what he's going to feel. Abigail asks how he feels right now and if it has anything to do with Gabi.

Kate sits with Adrienne in her treatment room. Adrienne thanks her for being there. Kate encourages her. Adrienne hates the way Justin and Lucas look at her. Kate jokes with her to make her laugh.

Eduardo joins Dario at the club. Dario says they are making progress after getting the last microchip. Eduardo says the screwup with the purse cost them time and he's sure the DiMeras have been trying to catch up. Eduardo then informs Dario that it seems Stefano is back from the dead. Eduardo says the DiMeras will be hellbent on getting everything back. Eduardo mentions Kate being out for a fight but he doesn't believe she will hold it against him as she would've done the same thing. Dario notes that Kate has gotten to him.

Justin tells Lucas that they need to find a way to stop jousting with each other. Lucas jokes that he could pack up and move. Justin suggests they don't fight in front of Adrienne. Lucas suggests not fighting at all as the most important thing is Adrienne getting through this. Justin knows Lucas only wants what is best for her. Lucas knows Justin still loves her. Justin acknowledges Lucas loves her too. Justin and Lucas shake hands for Adrienne's sake as Adrienne comes back and smiles at what she sees.

Gabi tells JJ that this isn't his business. JJ argues that anything concerning Abigail is his business. Gabi gets what she's been through but she won't feel guilty for trying to help Chad get over her death. Gabi wants Abigail to get better but if she can't then she will hurt Chad all over again. JJ gets that Gabi doesn't want to see Chad get hurt. JJ adds that he doesn't want to see Gabi get hurt either because he knows how much he hurt her. JJ states that he doesn't expect anything but he wants her to know that he still loves her.

Jennifer rushes in to the DiMera Mansion and hugs Abigail, saying she's so glad she is there and didn't run away. Jennifer tells Chad that Abigail was scared to face him but she's grateful that she did. Chad points out that isn't exactly how it happened. Abigail explains how she came to say goodbye to Thomas but Chad came in so she didn't really come forward. Jennifer doesn't think that matters since she's there and they can be a family again. Chad says they have a lot to work out. Abigail decides they have talked enough for now and she needs some air. Jennifer wants to go with her but Abigail says no as she needs to be alone and she rushes out. Jennifer turns to Chad and questions why he is pushing her away.

Kate brings Adrienne to her hotel room and sits with her. Kate comments on underestimating Justin and Lucas. Adrienne tells her she was great today but she doesn't have to come every time as she decides she will alternate Justin and Lucas. Kate calls it a great idea but says she will be there for surgery as she can count on her. Adrienne thanks her and hugs her.

Anne goes to the Pub where she joins Lucas and jokes about him remembering her. Anne wants to ask him for a favor. She talks about looking for a job and wanting a marketing job at the Spectator but it's owned by Jennifer, who hates her. Lucas brings up Anne making Jennifer's life miserable. Anne claims she deeply regrets it which Lucas questions. Anne insists she will do a really good job and will treat Jennifer with respect. Anne asks if he can put in a good word for her. Lucas doesn't think it's a good idea but Anne says it would mean the world to her so Lucas agrees to think about it.

Chad tells Jennifer that he isn't trying to push Abigail away but he can't turn off how he feels. Jennifer thinks he should feel grateful that Abigail is alive. Chad says he does but he's also angry because Abigail broke his trust. Chad brings up Jennifer and JJ knowing she was alive and watching him grieve. Jennifer acknowledges that she kept a secret and believes she was right because of how Abigail was before and she could've snapped. Chad is scared that's still possible and asks what if he makes a promise he can't deliver which could be more than she could take.

Abigail walks outside by her memorial plaque and thinks back to her last conversation with Chad. Abigail sits down and tries not to panic.

Kate joins Eduardo at the club where they have a drink. Kate gets a call and steps away to answer. Kate asks if they found out who stole the microchips from Andre. Kate is informed that it was Eduardo to which Kate says that can't be true. Kate then corrects that it can be but she just didn't want it to be. Kate remarks that it makes all the sense in the world.

Jennifer understands what Abigail did was misguided but argues she did it out of love and Chad can see that's true. Chad knows it's true but argues they can't just pick up and go on like nothing happened. Jennifer knows Abigail needs time alone and asks him to let her know how she's doing. Jennifer states that she will be praying for them both as she exits. Chad opens the drawer and finds the cuff links that Gabi got him for Christmas so he thinks back to opening them.

Abigail starts to have a panic attack as she thinks back to walking in on Chad kissing Gabi. Gabi then finds her and rushes to her to ask if she's okay.

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