Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve and Kayla are at the club after feeding the homeless for Christmas. Steve wishes he could go back in time to really be there for their kids when it mattered. Kayla says it matters now but Steve still feels he missed so much. Steve is grateful for how things are now. Kayla brings up having a grandchild. Steve says he's definitely sticking around for that and he's not going anywhere ever again.

Claire and Ciara talk about sharing an apartment together next semester as they exit the club where Jade and Joey are. Claire comments that she doesn't see what Joey sees in Jade. Jade talks to Joey about feeling good after helping people out. Joey praises how Jade was with the kids. Claire and Ciara join them. Joey comments on it being nice of the Hernandez guys to leave the Club open for them. Ciara mentions being hungry now while Jade heads to the restroom due to her pregnancy. Ciara asks Joey what he's going to do with Jade.

At the prison, Coco and Goldilocks also known as Sheila make fun of the new girl inmate named Annabelle that Hope was protecting before. Annabelle is writing a letter to her mother until they take it from her and then grab her until Hope bursts in to interrupt.

Gabi joins Chad in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and says she was trying to reach him. Gabi says there is something he needs to know that she doesn't how to tell him. Chad reveals he already knows that Abigail is alive as Abigail then enters the room, shocking Gabi.

Rafe and JJ talk at the police station about working on Christmas. Rafe mentions Hope's appeal being denied. Rafe asks how things are for JJ with Gabi. JJ responds that Gabi found out he was keeping a secret that was about family so it wasn't his to tell but she wouldn't listen to him while she's spending all her time with Chad, which surprises Rafe.

Abigail greets Gabi. Gabi can't believe she's alive. Chad mentions finding out last night. Gabi calls it amazing and a Christmas miracle as she hugs Abigail.

Joey mocks Ciara and Claire for making fun of Jade. Claire asks if they are going to get married after having the baby. Jade comes back and listens in from the door. Joey tells them that he isn't going to share anything about Jade with them. Claire calls it a mistake because they care about him and could help him. Jade comes back and argues with Ciara and Claire. Jade complains that they want to ruin her life. Jade adds that Joey isn't trapped and can do whatever he wants. Jade says she would raise her baby on her own if he dumped her. Jade then says they can all go to Hell and storms off.

Hope stops Coco and Sheila from attacking Annabelle. They warn that Chili can't protect Hope all the time. Hope lets Annabelle go so she rushes out of the room. Sheila and Coco then surround Hope and tell her the numbers are not in her favor.

Gabi cries that she thought she would never see Abigail again. Thomas wakes up crying so Chad goes to check on him. Gabi doesn't understand and asks how Abigail survived the plane crash. Abigail responds that she wanted everyone to believe she was dead as she was out of her mind. Gabi questions why she didn't come to her for help. Abigail didn't want anyone to have to deal with it. Gabi brings up how Chad was barely holding on after losing her and that Thomas was the only thing keeping him going. Gabi states that losing her shattered Chad. Abigail remarks that Gabi was around to help pick up the pieces.

Steve and Kayla kiss in the club until Jade comes in upset and apologizes for interrupting. Kayla thanks Jade for helping out today. Jade tells them that she's upset over stuff that Claire and Ciara said as they don't approve of her. Jade feels they hate her and think she's trying to trap Joey. Jade argues it's not true as she and Joey were in love but this was an accident. Kayla tells Jade that she has to understand Claire and Ciara are family. Kayla encourages that they are just loyal. Steve admits it was weird for him at first to be a part of the Brady family but adds that there is nothing like it. Ciara and Claire come in with Joey. Ciara tells Jade that it's done and not for them to judge so they will be there for her and the baby. Jade understands her baby will be their family. Jade questions why they would be there for her though. Jade says she will have to get used to all the family attention. Ciara wants to go to mass today to say a prayer for Hope. Ciara mentions going to see her with Shawn and that she's really worried about her.

Coco and Sheila start to fight with Hope until Chili interrupts and forces them to leave Hope alone. Hope thanks her. Chili explains that Annabelle came and got her. Chili then exits. Hope thanks Annabelle and hugs her as she cries.

Abigail tells Gabi that she looks at her and can only see her kissing her husband. Abigail knows she has no right to be upset but she saw Gabi kissing Chad in the house she used to live in. Abigail questions how long it's been going on and how long they waited. Gabi realizes that Abigail is the one who told JJ. Abigail says that has nothing to do with it and questions what Gabi and Chad have. Abigail asks if Gabi loves him. Gabi argues that Abigail was dead and asks how long Chad was supposed to wait. Gabi assures that it never would've happened if they had any idea she was alive. Abigail asks if she's sure about that. Chad comes in and tells Abigail that's enough as he would've never looked at another woman if she didn't make them believe she was dead. Chad says this is not Gabi's fault and if Abigail wants someone to blame, she can blame herself.

Kayla tells Ciara that she knows it's scary to have Hope in prison. Steve asks if something is going on. Ciara thinks so but says Hope won't admit it and acts like everything is fine. Steve agrees that Hope probably wouldn't tell her if things weren't fine. Claire gets a call from Theo and tells him that she's asked Ciara about sharing an apartment off campus so the three of them will be roommates which Ciara seems surprised to overhear.

Annabelle worries to Hope but Hope assures that she will be fine as she has her, Hattie, and Chili. Coco and Sheila come back and argue that they'll never get to Hope with Chili around. They decide they will have to make her see their point of view.

Gabi says Abigail wasn't trying to hurt them but Abigail agrees that it's her fault for leaving and putting them all through Hell. Abigail apologizes, saying she told herself she wanted Chad to move on. Gabi decides she should go as they have a lot to talk about. Gabi adds that it's amazing to have Abigail back. Gabi goes to leave but JJ arrives. Gabi asks JJ if this was the big secret he was keeping from her. Abigail explains that she begged JJ not to tell anyone. Gabi asks how Dario knew. Chad is shocked to learn that Dario knew. Chad asks if anyone else knew his wife wasn't dead. JJ asks Gabi if they can go talk so she agrees. Gabi tells Abigail that seeing her was the best Christmas present and hugs her. Gabi then exits with JJ. Abigail informs Chad that she spent the night in Thomas's room, hoping Chad would come in. Chad tells her that he went for a walk to try and think. Abigail asks how he's feeling. Chad responds that he's angry for what she made him go through but overjoyed that his wife is standing in front of him after thinking he would never see her again. Abigail is sure it must be confusing. Chad yells that it's tearing her apart. Chad asks if he just pretends that the last half a year never happened and they just pick up where they left off. Abigail thinks they can get there. Chad is glad she does but he isn't sure he does.

As Claire hangs up with Theo, she tells Ciara that he is thrilled they are all going to be roommates next year. Ciara didn't know Theo was part of the equation. Claire apologizes for forgetting to mention it but Ciara claims it's cool with her. Kayla suggests they all go to church to say a prayer for Hope. Jade decides she'll meet Joey back at home but he stops her and asks her to come with them. Jade doesn't think that's a good idea and exits. Joey follows her out as Rafe arrives and greets them. Rafe asks if Dario is around but Steve hasn't seen him. Steve tells him about feeding the homeless. Ciara informs Rafe that they are going to pray for Hope if he wants to come. Rafe says there's nothing he'd rather do as he's about ready to break her out of prison. Steve says they all feel that way but they have to be smart about it. Rafe says no matter how hard it is, Hope is strong, smart, and brave so she can handle it.

Joey catches up to Jade outside and tells her not to listen to Claire as they've had a good day. Joey asks her to spend the rest of the evening with them and come to church so they can all be together. Jade knows that talking about Hope upsets him. Joey calls the baby a new chance and a fresh start which Jade agrees with.

JJ and Gabi walk out of the town square. JJ tells her that he hated keeping the truth about Abigail from her but he didn't know what else to do. Gabi tells him that Abigail put them in a terrible situation. JJ says he would do anything to keep her safe. Gabi argues that he could've trusted her. Gabi says it's not about Abigail but about them and how JJ promised she could trust him. JJ says he's sorry but Gabi is not. Gabi says keeping Abigail's secret created a lot of complications but it actually opened her eyes. Gabi declares that they are not meant to be together. JJ argues they are great together but Gabi says they are a lot of work. JJ wants to put in as much work as it takes but Gabi is not willing. Gabi thought she could get past his Miami affair as one big mistake but she can't stop thinking about it. Gabi admits she does not completely trust him anymore. JJ questions if she realized that before or after she kissed Chad.

Chad says he would've done anything to have Abigail back and part of him wants to take her upstairs and never let go. Abigail knows it's not easy. Chad questions if she really understands what it was like to live without her. Abigail apologizes. Chad knows she suffered but argues it didn't have to be this way as he could have helped her. Abigail cries that she didn't want to be a burden to him. Chad argues that mourning the loss of his wife is a burden. Chad shouts that they vowed to love each other in sickness and health. Chad yells that he would've stood by her no matter what. Abigail asks what about now and will he stand by her now.

Gabi asks JJ if he's going to come down on her for kissing Chad after what he did. JJ says he didn't mean it like that. JJ blames Chad for pulling her away from him. Gabi says they are friends. Gabi can't believe he's worried about this when Abigail's back. JJ asks if she's going to step aside and let Chad and Abigail get back together. JJ knows Gabi has feelings for Chad. Gabi says they got close in the first place because Chad is open, honest, and doesn't keep secrets. JJ tells her that he won't lie to her again and they can work this out. JJ states that now that Abigail is back, everything can go back to the way it was. Gabi responds that it will never go back to the way it was as they are just not in sync anymore and she doesn't think they ever will be.

Chad tells Abigail that she is his son's mother who was declared legally dead. Abigail asks if she's not his wife anymore. Chad doesn't know. Abigail gets that it's hard to get past. Abigail says JJ reminded her that she did the same thing their father did. Chad is grateful she's alive. Abigail argues that they are supposed to be together. Abigail says she was going to walk out and never come back but something caused Chad to walk in when she was there. Abigail says all that matters is that he found her. Abigail declares they are supposed to be together even if it won't be easy. Abigail says they have to figure out a way to make it work. Abigail admits she was scared and didn't believe in their love but she was wrong. Abigail insists that she's not going anywhere and needs him to trust her. Abigail says she loves him. Chad responds that he loves her and would do anything for her and Thomas but he doesn't know if he can get through this. Chad doesn't know when he will stop being mad at her or if he can trust that she won't run away every time things get tough. Abigail asks what that means for them. They get close as Chad says he knows he doesn't want to let her walk out the door.

Joey tells Jade they are bonding in a weird new way. Jade agrees that the baby brings it to a new level and she's glad he is being cool about it now. Joey repeats it being a fresh start and says he couldn't live with himself after what he did to Ava but there's something so balanced about a new life. Joey says nothing makes what he did to Ava okay but when there's life, there is hope. Joey tells Jade that to make this work, she will have to learn to live with his family which she accepts. Joey doesn't know how it will all fall in to place but assures that it will. Joey suggests they go to church and hope that something good will happen for all of them. Jade agrees so they walk off together.

Kayla suggests they get going to mass. Rafe opens the door as Shane arrives, saying he needs to talk to Rafe and Steve. Rafe asks him what's up. Shane wants to talk in private so Steve tells the kids to go and they will catch up with them. Ciara and Claire exit while Kayla decides she is not going anywhere. Shane declares that what he has to say is huge as something has happened that might just save Hope's life.

Hope goes to thank Chili for helping them out and says if she ever needs anything, all she has to do is ask. Hope then approaches Chili and discovers she has been stabbed.

JJ asks Gabi if she thinks her and Chad are in sync. Gabi doesn't want to talk about it. JJ remarks about Chad just getting his wife back. Gabi says she's very happy that Abigail is back but that doesn't mean they are going to pick up right where they left off. JJ realizes she isn't giving up on Chad and questions if she's actually going try to take Chad from his sister. Gabi argues that she's only saying that she doesn't know what the future holds for Abigail and Chad but what she does know is there is no future for her and JJ. Gabi then walks away.

Abigail checks on Thomas as he sleeps as Chad comes back in to the room. Chad doesn't know where he stands but knows he will need some time. Abigail says she can stay with Jennifer but Chad decides she will stay here. Chad doesn't want any more running, hiding, or lying. Chad just wants them to figure things out together. Abigail responds that she wants that too.

Hope and Annabelle call the guard about Chili's stabbing. The guard orders a lockdown on the facility. Annabelle panics about Chili being killed and worries about what to do. Hope tells her to stay calm as Coco and Sheila enter.

Rafe asks Shane what it is about Hope. Shane reveals that it just might be that Hope didn't kill anyone. Rafe and Steve question it while Kayla calls it not possible. Shane announces that it seems like Stefano might still be alive.

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