Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve, Roman, and Kayla finish a meal at the Brady Pub while Joey takes their plates. Kayla calls it a somber Christmas Eve. Steve points out that they are together which he calls a Christmas miracle. Jade arrives so Steve happily greets her. Joey greets her but Jade feels it's a bad idea and wants to go. Joey encourages her. Jade doesn't want to intrude but Kayla tells her that she's family now.

Sonny, Justin, and Adrienne sit together at the Kiriakis Mansion, finishing a video chat with the rest of their family. Sonny says he has to go meet Gabi and Arianna at the hospital for the kids Christmas party so he tells them goodbye and exits. Adrienne asks Justin if she looks alright. Justin calls her beautiful. Adrienne feels it can't be like every other Christmas then runs out of the room to vomit.

Abigail gets emotional while saying goodbye to Thomas. She goes to leave but stops and goes back to hold Thomas. Chad then enters the room and is shocked to see Abigail. Chad questions if it's really her. Chad says he doesn't understand how she's alive. Chad gets emotional and touches her face. Chad hugs her as they cry.

Steve and Kayla give Roman a fruitcake for Christmas. Jade sits with Joey and jokes that his family is very weird. Joey says everyone is working hard to make it feel like a real Christmas even though they are upset about Adrienne and Hope. Joey agrees that they are weird but he kind of likes it. Jade feels bad that she didn't bring any presents because she doesn't have any money. Joey tells her it doesn't matter as they just want her to have something from them. Joey reveals he got her something and gives her a present to open. Jade opens a pair of earring as they talk about changing and doing things differently for the baby.

Chad still can't believe Abigail is real and asks how this is possible.

Gabi and Dario bring Arianna to the hospital. Dario complains about Chad giving her a necklace for Christmas. Sonny arrives and joins Gabi while he and Dario are uncomfortable around each other. Gabi suggests Dario leave if he's not in the Christmas spirit. Dario brings up not liking Sonny snooping around his shipments. Gabi tells Dario to stop because it's Christmas.

Justin talks on the phone about not giving up on Hope's appeal and says he will take it all the way to the supreme court if he has to. Justin hangs up as Adrienne comes back in. Justin pours her some ginger ale. Adrienne suggests going back to the hotel and checking in with Lucas but Justin wants her to stay so he can take care of her, saying it's all he wants for Christmas.

Jade puts on her new earrings. Joey says they look pretty on her and Kayla agrees. Roman gives Joey a Christmas present while Kayla sits wit Jade. Jade tells Kayla that it's really sweet how they are with each other. Kayla jokes that there are easier things in life than joining the Brady clan but adds that nothing means more to them than family.

Chad states that Abigail is dead and brings up the plane crash. Chad questions where she's been and who she's been with. Chad asks why she isn't saying anything as he questions where the hell she's been.

Gabi asks Sonny and Dario to try and get along just for the night. Sonny says he's fine while Dario is the one that's mad. Dario agrees it's not the time or place. Gabi thanks him. Sonny tells Gabi that he loves her necklace and assumes it's from JJ. Dario points out it's not from JJ and asks how he will feel when he sees her wearing it. Gabi says they will find out eventually so she informs them that she and JJ broke up. Dario is surprised and says she didn't have to break up with him as it could've been a big misunderstanding. Gabi points out the kids are coming so she suggests they stop talking. Paul is dressed as an elf as he leads the kids to the hospital main floor.

Steve gives Kayla a portable multi tool for Christmas, showing her that it has screwdrivers, knives, scissors, and a nail file. Kayla informs him that she's not getting him a present to unwrap but one to listen to. Kayla opens up a harmonica and informs him that she's been practicing so they can duet. Kayla plays a tune of Jingle Bells and Steve applauds her. Steve reminds her they have to get to the hospital for the kids Christmas party so they exit together with Kayla continuing to play her new harmonica.

Chad brings Abigail to their bedroom and explains that he has the baby monitor so they can hear if Thomas wakes up. Abigail acknowledges their bed and room. Chad tells her that he didn't change anything. Chad points out that she can talk and asks if she heard his questions. Abigail asks if she really has to explain and if it can't be enough that she's here and home. Chad points out that she's been gone for months and he thought she was dead so he's been grieving. Abigail agrees that he has the right to know. Abigail asks Chad to sit down because she can't look at him as she explains so he does. Abigail talks about seeing Ben every time she turned around at the place she was sent to and she knew it would only get worse if she stayed there. Abigail asks him not to touch her or say anything until he hears it all. Abigail explains that she escaped. Chad asks why she didn't call him or come home. Abigail says she did come home to give him a message but André was there so he gave him the letter. Chad responds that he was so angry when André said he let her take off instead of stopping her. Abigail cries that she knew she couldn't be his wife or Thomas's mother and that he was better off without her. Abigail informs him that André helped her realize that she needed Chad to know she was dead. Abigail reveals André is the one that convinced her that's what needed to happen. Chad questions her doing it on purpose and letting André help her as he breaks down. Chad says that André told him she was dead so he lied to him which turns out to be nothing compared to what she did to him and Thomas.

Sonny takes a picture of Paul and jokes about his elf costume, saying he will send the picture to all of his former teammates. Dario interrupts and mocks Paul. Sonny reminds Dario that he hired Paul so it's him that he doesn't like. Dario calls them both creeps. Gabi stops them again. Kayla arrives with Steve dressed as Santa Claus for the kids party.

Chad questions how Abigail could do this to him and how he could let André help her. Abigail says she asked him to help her get out of Salem and that she was going whether he helped her or not. Abigail says André wanted to make sure she was safe. Abigail blames the pills and says her grandmother got her the right meds and therapy. Chad continues to question letting her husband and family believe she was dead. Abigail says they didn't know if she would go back to normal but she did. Abigail says she is still taking her meds but for so long she was out of her mind. Chad asks if she was well enough to come back to Salem but not enough to tell him she was alive instead of sneaking into Thomas's room. Abigail informs him that she didn't come back to see him or Thomas but because JJ was shot and she was worried about Jennifer. Chad points out that was months ago and asks where the hell she has been all this time. Abigail asks if it really matters since she was a mess and wasn't thinking. Abigail feels she should've left once JJ was okay but she couldn't leave. Abigail says everything would've been better if she left him at peace but she couldn't leave Thomas again. Abigail apologizes and says he would've been so much better without her. Abigail tries to walk out but Chad stops her and says she can't go now.

Justin thanks Adrienne for staying. Justin calls it a quiet Christmas Eve and how that wasn't possible in past years. They talk about Christmas with their sons in the past. Justin recalls them watching their kids open all their presents and calling it a wonderful life as he holds Adrienne's hand.

Dario takes Gabi aside and apologizes for how he's been acting so he gives her a Christmas present which is a new purse that's real instead of a knockoff. Gabi thanks him and he hugs her. Sonny watches as Dario convinces Gabi to use the real purse instead of the knockoff one. Kayla reads the Christmas story to the kids. Joey talks to Jade about being apart of this in the past. Jade says it must be nice to have the memories as her parents always just yelled at each other. Joey tells her that next year their baby will be here listening to the same story. Jade says she can't wait.

Chad stops Abigail from leaving. Abigail asks him to please let her go as it's for the best. Chad asks if she's crazy. Abigail says she's not the woman he married and she knows he moved on. Abigail reveals that she saw him take off his ring and she saw him with Gabi. Chad questions if she was spying on him. Abigail says she wasn't intentionally. Chad questions how she didn't see that he was trying to keep it together for Thomas when he took his ring off. Abigail tells him it's okay to hate her. Chad shouts that he doesn't hate her but asks how she can expect him to understand that she came back and did nothing. Chad yells that he was moving on because he didn't have a choice. Chad calls grieving like an iron grip on his heart. Abigail apologizes, thinking she was doing what was right. Abigail wishes she would actually die.

Sonny takes a picture of the kids with Santa. Sonny tells Gabi that he wanted to take Arianna to see the Christmas tree in the town square. Gabi calls it a great idea and says she promised to help cleanup so she will meet up with them. Gabi asks how Adrienne is doing. Sonny says she's good and with Justin now. Sonny talks about Adrienne just being tired from the treatments. Gabi comments on Sonny going to Christmas parties and suggests he ask Paul to go with him to the town square with Arianna. Sonny tells her to stop trying to pair them up. Gabi jokes with him. Sonny changes the subject from his personal life to hers and questions Dario giving her a purse that looks exactly like the one she had. Sonny guesses Arianna can just play with the old one. Gabi mentions not being sure where Dario put the old one. Gabi goes to get Arianna ready to go while Sonny walks on and finds Dario in one of the hospital rooms, using a knife on the knockoff purse to remove the microchip from it. Sonny then hides when Dario exits the room.

Justin and Adrienne wish each other a Merry Christmas. Justin mentions sending their sons gift cards for Christmas and they joke around. Justin mentions that they need her. Adrienne notes that she signed a card as love mom and dad as an old habit. Justin remarks that maybe next year she will be signing mom and Lucas. Adrienne asks him not to do that so Justin says it won't happen again. Justin wants it to be a really nice Christmas Eve with no pressure or stress so Adrienne thanks him for everything.

Chad tells Abigail to never say that again. Abigail tells him to look what she's doing to him and brings up her family being put through Hell because of her. Chad blames Ben for what he put her through. Chad cries about Abigail not giving up now or else it'd be letting Ben win. Abigail suggests maybe he already has. Abigail doesn't think she can be the woman that Chad needs her to be. Thomas wakes up crying so Chad asks if she can be the mother that Thomas needs.

Steve and Kayla talk with Joey and Jade after the Christmas party at the hospital as they all exit together.

Sonny brings Arianna to see the Christmas tree in the town square. Paul joins them. Sonny jokes about him not being in his elf costume. Paul is glad he found it so amusing. Sonny talks about he and Gabi taking Arianna home to put cookies and ice cream out for Santa. Paul says that sounds like a lot of fun. Paul decides to get going and wishes them a merry Christmas, hoping they get everything they want as he walks on.

Adrienne falls asleep on the couch in Justin's lap.

Dario and Gabi walk out of the town square where Gabi tells him that her relationship with Chad is none of his business. Gabi knows he thinks Chad will hurt her but he doesn't know what Chad is really like. Dario responds that this isn't about Chad but about Abigail. Gabi knows Chad loved her and will never forget her but he's realized that she's dead and she is part of his past, not his future. Dario stops her and tells her to listen. Dario reveals to Gabi that Abigail is not dead but here in Salem, alive as he has seen her.

Chad and Abigail go to Thomas where Abigail picks him up and holds him so he stops crying.

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