Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail gathers her things at home. Jennifer comes in with food packed for her. Abigail tells her that she is going to Boston. Jennifer asks if she's sure about this. Abigail responds that she is and she needs Jennifer to trust her that what she's doing is okay. Jennifer questions leaving tonight of all nights. Jennifer says it's breaking her heart.

Chad asks André what reason he has for he and Gabi to not be together. Chad then decides he doesn't want to know because his personal life is off limits to him. Chad brings up André causing Gabi to quit working for him. Chad questions who André thinks he is. André says he is his protective older brother. Chad doesn't want his protection and talks about being unable to trust him. Chad tells André to get out of his house. André warns that he will soon regret not hearing him out. André says he just wants Chad to be happy. André then agrees that it's none of his business so he exits.

Nicole holds the baby and tries to wake Chloe up.

Abigail asks Jennifer not to make it any harder. Jennifer says she will just miss her. Abigail says it's not goodbye forever as she and JJ can come visit her. Jennifer is tired of pretending she's dead especially with Chad. Abigail doubts she will even come up. Jennifer argues that Gabi and Chad are not a given. Abigail is glad Thomas has Jennifer as they hug.

Deimos talks on the phone about flying through a snowstorm and demands they get the helicopter off the ground. Deimos hopes Brady doesn't try to drive in this mess. Deimos then gets a call from Nicole. Deimos says help is on the way and asks how Chloe is. Nicole informs him that Chloe isn't doing well but she had a baby girl. Deimos promises they will be there soon. Nicole tells him to hurry as she hangs up. Brady then arrives at the motel and checks on Nicole. Nicole explains that Chloe passed out after giving birth and she hasn't been able to wake her up. Nicole fears that Chloe won't make it if they don't get her help soon and says they can't let that happen.

Rafe goes to visit Hope at the prison. Hope asks what he's doing here. Rafe wanted to be with the woman he loves on Christmas Eve. Rafe brings up it also being Hope's birthday and gives her a cupcake to make a wish.

JJ goes in to the living room and asks Jennifer what's wrong. Jennifer informs him that Abigail is gone. Jennifer says she tried to talk her out of it but Abigail was determined that it was best for everyone. Doug and Julie arrive. Julie asks what's the matter. Jennifer says they were just talking about missing Abigail. Julie knew it would be a difficult Christmas. Doug brings up Adrienne. Jennifer mentions Lucas being with Adrienne now and that he would try to stop by later. Julie asks if Chad is coming by with Thomas but Jennifer says no because he has other plans.

Gabi joins Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad says all the restaurants are closed for Christmas so he thought they would do dinner here. Gabi says it sounds perfect and offers to help but Chad tells her to just sit back and relax. They give each other their Christmas gifts in the same kind of box. Gabi got Chad cuff links while Chad got Gabi a pendant necklace. Chad says he's grateful to have her in his life. Gabi mentions that no one thinks it will work out between them. Chad says it's a challenge accepted.

Brady checks on Chloe while Nicole holds the baby and the helicopter arrives outside. Deimos enters with paramedics. Nicole is scared for Chloe. Deimos assures that she will get the best care possible. Nicole tells Deimos that he will be the reason the baby gets to grow up with her mother.

Abe, Valerie, Lani, Theo, Claire, Ciara, and Maggie arrive at the Horton House for Christmas. Doug and Julie ask Maggie about Victor not coming. Maggie says he threw his back out decorating the tree. JJ checks in with Abe, Valerie, and Lani. Abe and Valerie say they will have some eggnog while JJ asks if Lani is up for some holiday cheer but she says she will pass. Jennifer comes in with more cookies and talks with Ciara about missing Hope. Jennifer tells Ciara that she's there for her if she needs someone to talk to or hang out with as they hug. Ciara looks over at Theo and Claire when Jennifer walks away. Abigail appears outside and looks through the window.

Gabi joins Chad while he's putting his shirt on in his bedroom and they joke about it being different now. Gabi talks about not realizing what she wanted was right in front of her face the whole time.

Abigail sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion through the tunnels.

Hope can't believe Rafe left his family on Christmas Eve to spend it with her. Rafe reminds her that she's family too. Rafe gives Hope a relic from Our Lady of Guadalupe that belonged to his grandmother as he thought it would help her here. Hope says she loves it and thanks him as they hold hands. Rafe assures her that she's not alone.

Doug and Julie begin the Horton Christmas Tree tradition. Julie wants to take a moment to remind why each one means so much to them. Doug and Julie hang their ornaments on the tree. Abe explains to Valerie how they do this every year. Valerie remembers how magical it was. Doug and Julie hang the ornaments of Tom and Alice then their own and their family. Maggie hangs Mickey's ornament on the tree along with her and Victor's then Daniel's. Shawn, Ciara, Theo, and Claire hang their ornaments on the tree. Ciara and Shawn then hang the ornaments of Hope and Bo. JJ and Jennifer hang their ornaments and Jennifer puts up Abigail's as well. Maggie holds the photo of Tom and Alice.

Nicole, Deimos, and Brady get Chloe set in the hospital. Deimos suggests Nicole go check on the baby in the nursery. Brady suggests waiting to see if Chloe wakes up. The doctor comes out and says Chloe suffered an increase in blood pressure due to labor. He adds that Chloe's brain started to bleed, confirming that Chloe suffered a stroke and is now in a coma. He says the next 48 hours are critical for a full recovery. Nicole asks if she can see her. He says she can after the nurses are finished and promises to keep them updated. Nicole decides to go check on the baby. Deimos talks to Brady about how this should be one of the happiest days of Nicole's life as he has no doubt in his mind that the baby belongs to her. Deimos suggests they tell Nicole the truth now.

Abigail stands in the DiMera Mansion and looks around.

Chad tells Gabi that he has a confession to make about JJ. Chad admits he was happy when he found out they weren't going to make it. Chad says ever since he lost Abigail, this is the first time he believes he has a life ahead of him. Chad says he's happy and excited for his future because of Gabi as they kiss. They begin to undress as they move towards the bed.

Abigail approaches a door upstairs and prepares to enter.

Jennifer talks to Maggie and Julie about feeling Abigail's absence. Julie doesn't understand why Chad couldn't drop Thomas off. Jennifer knows she should've insisted so that it would feel like part of Abigail's existence. Claire gives Theo his Christmas present of a Ron Santo baseball card as Ciara watches. Theo excitedly shows Abe. Theo asks Claire how she even knew he wanted this. Claire calls it their connection as they kiss which annoys Ciara. JJ tells Doug about getting Gabi a new Christmas ornament but never getting to give it to her. Doug encourages that he was in a similar situation but ended up back together. JJ feels this is pretty final. Doug encourages him to keep fighting and talks about talking Julie in to marriage again. Doug tells JJ to never give up. Claire tells Theo that the card isn't the only thing she got him as she shows him the bugging devices she got so they can find out what Valerie is up to. Claire instructs Theo to distract Valerie so she can slip it in her purse. Theo does so while Ciara watches Claire bug Valerie's purse. Theo and Claire then go back to the couch. Shawn asks Ciara what's up but she says it's nothing. Shawn asks if she and Claire got in a fight. Ciara says she just misses Hope as it doesn't feel like Christmas without her. Shawn hugs her.

Deimos and Brady go into a hospital room. Brady warns that he cannot tell Nicole that the baby is hers unless he's 100% sure. Deimos argues that he would bet everything he has on it. Brady brings up how it would kill Nicole after she lost two babies. Deimos declares they need to get the proof then and he knows how to get it.

Nicole holds the baby while talking to a nurse. The nurse asks about the baby's name and the father's name for the birth certificate. Nicole says she doesn't know the father's name while Chloe told her to name the baby. Nicole wants to name her something festive for Christmas. Nicole goes over a few names then says she knows exactly what to call her.

Abigail enters Thomas's nursery and sees him in his crib. Abigail talks about seeing him so happy and healthy. Abigail says it's best for him if she just goes. Abigail cries that she loves him so much and wants him to have a wonderful life.

Chad and Gabi kiss in bed until Gabi suggests they stop as it's a little fast. Chad doesn't want to mess this up and Gabi doesn't either. Gabi realizes the time and has to go get Arianna ready for the Christmas party. Chad calls for a rain check on dinner as they kiss. Chad tells Gabi that he loves her. Gabi responds that she loves him too. Chad is glad they settled that and they walk out together.

Brady asks Deimos what kind of proof he's talking about. Deimos wants a DNA test on the baby. Brady tells him he can't do that without Chloe's permission but Deimos blows that off.

Nicole names the baby Holly and refers to herself as Aunt Nicole. Nicole tells her that she already loves her so much.

Julie brings up Tom reading the Christmas Story every year. Julie says some people believe Jesus was God's greatest miracle which got her to thinking of all the miracles and prayers they ask for. Julie calls it the test of their faith because in faith, they know prayers are heard and answered. Doug encourages believing and having faith. Doug declares their Christmas prayer for everyone is that God grants them the strength to hang on even when life tries to make you let go. Doug says to keep the faith and remember all they have to be grateful for. Doug and Julie lead everyone in singing O Come All Ye Faithful.

Rafe sits with Hope as he gets a call from Justin, hoping it's their Christmas miracle. Rafe asks Justin when they can get Hope sprung but doesn't hear what he wants to hear. Rafe tells Justin that he understands he did everything he could and hangs up. Hope asks Rafe what Justin said. Rafe informs her that her appeal was denied. Rafe tells her he's sorry and hugs her.

Gabi walks out of the town square where she comes across Abigail's memorial statue. Gabi says she misses Abigail so much even though what's happening wouldn't be happening if she was still here. Gabi says in a weird way, she wishes she could share it with her because she was her best friend. Gabi hopes Abigail would be happy for her and Chad because she's never been this happy in her entire life.

Abigail gets emotional while saying goodbye to Thomas. She goes to leave but stops and goes back to hold Thomas. Chad then enters the room and is shocked to see Abigail.

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