Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail meets André outside in front of her memorial statue. André is glad she didn't leave town and hopes she came to her senses about coming back to Chad. Abigail tells him that she is leaving today because Chad is in love with Gabi. André encourages her to go back to Chad and he would forget about Gabi. Abigail doesn't think she has anything to offer. André tells her to either let Chad know that she's alive or he will do it himself.

Paul hides on the docks as a shipment comes through. When the guy walks away, Paul sneaks to the boxes and knocks one over. He starts to open it but Dario shows up and questions what he's doing. Paul claims he was just picking up the box that he knocked over. Dario doesn't buy it and questions why he was so interested in the box. Paul blows it off but Dario grabs him and warns him to tell him who hired him or he will beat the crap out of him.

Sonny talks to Chad at the DiMera Mansion, filling him in on Adrienne's tests. Chad offers any help he can for her treatment. Sonny thanks him but says the Kiriakis family has it covered. Sonny gets a call and has to go so he hurries out.

Gabi walks through the town square on the phone. She convinces a store to open early so she can get a Christmas present for a special guy.

JJ comes home with his Christmas present for Gabi, her own ornament for the Horton Christmas tree. JJ declares it's going to be a nice Christmas.

Deimos comes in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Brady if he's seen Nicole or heard from her but he hasn't. Deimos says Nicole was supposed to go straight home. Brady reminds him about the snow in Chicago. Deimos says the roads must be blocked but that doesn't explain why she isn't returning his calls. Deimos tries again and leaves a message for Nicole to call him to let him know she is okay.

Nicole comes back in to her motel room where Chloe is laying on the bed. Nicole tells her that the roads are still closed and her cell phone is out of service. Chloe is glad they didn't lose power. Nicole says her car is still stuck in the snow. Chloe starts to get pains again. Nicole encourages her to breathe.

Abigail tells André this is her life and her family. André says Chad is his brother so if she won't tell him then it's his responsibility to let him know. André adds that Chad won't rest until he finds her. Abigail threatens to tell Chad how long that André has been lying to him so he will despise him. André thought they had an arrangement. Abigail says that went away when he started threatening to tell Chad. Abigail brings up that André paid off all those people to lie about her death. André argues that they and Thomas are all Chad has left. Abigail responds that Chad has Gabi now so he doesn't need them. Abigail adds that André can kiss his dream of being in the DiMera family goodbye when Chad finds out. André remarks that she's not as fragile as he thought if she's blackmailing him.

Chloe worries about going in to labor as Nicole encourages her. Nicole says if she has to, she will deliver the baby herself. Chloe thanks her for being calm. Nicole tells her to keep breathing and it will be over soon.

Paul asks Dario why he's so worried about the shipments and questions if he and Eduardo are in shipments now. Paul asks if Rafe knows about this and threatens to tell him for him. Dario demands to know who hired him. Sonny shows up and reveals that he did. Sonny tells Dario to leave him alone and if he has a problem, to tell him about it.

Deimos wonders where Nicole is. Brady finds out that the roads are still closed. Deimos worries if Nicole is trapped in a car somewhere. Brady insists Nicole would find somewhere to stay. Brady suggests Chloe could have come clean to her and they decided to stay. Deimos states that he won't stand back if Chloe is making Nicole choose between her baby and him.

Nicole gets Chloe some water and continues to encourage her. Chloe tells Nicole to take care of Parker and the baby if something happens to her. Chloe adds that she doesn't deserve a friend like her because she's been so unfair to her. Nicole asks what that means.

Chad has a selection of jewelry brought to his house as he picks out a pendant as Gabi's Christmas present.

Gabi sits down in the town square where her phone rings. She hopes it's Chad but it's JJ so she doesn't answer it.

JJ leaves a message for Gabi, saying he knows she wants to spend Christmas with her family but he hopes to see her at the house and he hopes she likes what he got her. Abigail comes in to the room. Abigail asks if the ornament is for Gabi. JJ says it's going to be a great Christmas. Abigail informs him that something has happened. Abigail says she couldn't tell him last night because he was on duty. JJ says she's starting to scare her. Abigail talks about how she was going to see Chad. Abigail then reveals to JJ that when she got there, Chad was kissing someone else so she ran away. JJ argues that the girl wouldn't mean anything to him if he knew she was back. Abigail insists that she would've meant something no matter what. Abigail then reveals that Chad was kissing Gabi. JJ argues that it's a mistake and she misunderstood. JJ storms out to go find Gabi.

Brady tries calling Chloe but she doesn't pick up either. Dario walks in and tells them that they better tell Sonny to stop snooping around his shipments. Dario explains that he found Paul trying to open one of their boxes when those are nobody's business but he and Eduardo's. Dario warns that they will take their business somewhere else. Sonny and Paul walk in as Dario exits. Deimos thought Sonny called Paul off and says this is the last thing he needs right now. Sonny questions why Dario is so freaked out about it. Deimos tells Paul to get out and tells Sonny to come back and see him after Paul is gone so they walk out.

Nicole assumes Chloe means she was being unfair about Deimos and tells her that is over now. Nicole says she came because she wants Chloe and Parker in her life. Chloe says she can't come back to Salem so Nicole says she will come to Chicago and be the crazy aunt. Chloe responds that she's more than the crazy aunt than she knows. Nicole's phone rings and she answers the call from Deimos. Deimos says he has been calling for hours. Nicole explains that they got stuck in the storm and Chloe went in to labor so she broke in to a motel. Deimos has Brady write down the name of the motel but they don't know the address. Nicole tells Deimos to get help to come quickly then they lose connection. Nicole tells Chloe that she's going to be fine as Deimos is sending for help which makes Chloe scream no.

JJ finds Gabi in the town square and says he's been looking for her everywhere. JJ questions if she has been sneaking around with Chad. Gabi says no. JJ asks why she was kissing him then. Gabi questions if he was spying on her. JJ says he wouldn't do that so Gabi asks who told him. JJ realizes it's true. Gabi wants to know who told him. JJ responds that he can't say. Gabi brings up JJ's speech about never keeping anything from her and how that lasted a week. Gabi says this is what she gets for giving another chance to a guy like him.

Brady can't get through to emergency services. Deimos tries calling Nicole again but can't get through. Brady gets through to report an emergency about a friend being in labor at the Lakeview Inn. Brady asks them to try and find them but they hang up on him. Deimos decides they are going to have to get Chloe and Nicole themselves.

Chloe screams at Nicole that she doesn't want Deimos here. Nicole argues that he's their only hope and they can trust him. Chloe says they can't after what he did to Philip. Nicole doesn't know what she's talking about as Chloe tries to push harder for the baby.

JJ doesn't know what Gabi is talking about. Gabi explains that she overheard JJ telling Jennifer that he's keeping a secret about "her". JJ argues that it's not what she thinks and has nothing to do with them but he can't tell her. Gabi calls him a liar. Gabi feels like an idiot for giving him a second chance. Gabi declares they are done as she storms off.

Sonny returns to Deimos and asks if they can talk about this now. Deimos tells him it will have to be fast as Chloe and Nicole are stranded in Chicago when Chloe is about to have her baby. Deimos thinks Sonny's concerns about Dario and Eduardo may be right but questions what Paul was doing on the docks. Sonny says Paul was investigating on his own after he called him off but when he got there, Dario was about to beat up Paul for touching one of the shipments. Deimos acknowledges that Dario looked like he had something to hide. Sonny asks if he can have Paul and John investigate for real now. Deimos gives him the go ahead to do it. Sonny thanks him and hopes everything is alright with Chloe and Nicole as he exits. Deimos calls the Chicago police about Chloe and Nicole. Deimos threatens them if anything happens to Chloe, Nicole, or the baby.

Nicole continues to encourage Chloe about the baby. Nicole comments that she envies her. Chloe says she has something to tell her that she should've told her sooner but the pain picks up as she pushes. Chloe gives birth as Nicole gets the baby out, confirming the baby is a girl.

JJ returns home. Abigail asks if he found Gabi and what happened. JJ explains that she overheard he and Jennifer talking about Abigail and that it was killing him to keep a secret from Gabi but she doesn't know it's Abigail. JJ talks about how Gabi thought it meant he was cheating on her so she dumped him. Abigail says she's sorry. JJ tells her that he loves her but asks if she has any idea what she's doing to his and Jennifer's life. Abigail asks what he wants her to do. JJ tells her to tell Gabi that he was talking about her and fix this. Abigail asks what if she just runs away because that's the right decision. JJ thinks that's wimpy. Abigail says it's not that she isn't up to fighting for Chad but that she can't win. Abigail goes to get her stuff together, adding that she's really sorry. Abigail remarks that Gabi doesn't deserve him and if she really cared, she would've came to him as soon as she heard something instead of running straight to Chad.

Chad visits Abigail's memorial statue and talks about getting Thomas an Advent calendar. Chad wants to make sure Thomas keeps part of the Horton traditions for her. Gabi arrives and asks if she's interrupting. Chad says no and that he just comes here to talk. Gabi knows how much he misses Abigail and says she does too. Chad asks if something is wrong. Gabi responds that she just broke things off with JJ and it didn't go to well. Chad says he had it coming if he was messing around behind her back. Gabi hates the timing. Chad asks about her Christmas plans. Gabi says she will take Arianna to the kids Christmas party at the hospital. Gabi mentions that Arianna is with Lucas now. Chad asks what she's doing until then. Gabi says Dario was going to show her something he and Eduardo are working on at the club. Chad invites Gabi to come hang out with he and Thomas until the kids party. Gabi agrees and says she will see him later as she walks away.

Deimos and Brady work on their computers. Deimos complains about the inn not having a website while Brady finds Lakeview Road. Deimos questions how they can locate Chloe and Nicole. Brady says a snow plow operator might be the only way and then he will look in to getting a snowmobile as the only way to get in there. Deimos argues that they still need to get exactly where they are. Brady doesn't think it's wasting time. Deimos decides they will each do their own way.

Nicole tells Chloe the baby is perfect and asks how she's doing. Chloe doesn't know and thanks her. Nicole talks to the baby and then brings her to Chloe to hold. Nicole comments that the baby looks just like her mother. Chloe agrees and says she couldn't have done it without Nicole. Nicole says she was scared but wouldn't have missed it for the world. Nicole comments on the miracle Chloe made. Chloe responds that it wasn't her. Chloe cries that she hopes the baby turns out a lot like the father. Nicole thinks she's a lot like Chloe. Nicole asks if she has any names picked out. Chloe suggests Nicole name her. Nicole feels she can't but Chloe says she has good reason to let her name it. Chloe gives the baby back to Nicole as she cries.

Gabi goes to see Dario at the club and praises the Christmas decorations and set up. Dario jokes with her about his Christmas present. Gabi mentions having a present for Chad which Dario questions. Dario doesn't like Chad. Gabi points out that he didn't like JJ either. Dario tells Gabi that it will never work out with her and Chad. Gabi says he can't keep saying things like that without telling her why he's so sure.

André goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad informs him that he and Gabi have decided to be more than good friends. André calls him an idiot and a fool. Chad warns him. André says he and Gabi can't be anything but good friends and he doesn't even know why.

Sonny meets Paul in the town square. Paul apologizes for continuing to investigate the Hernandez shipments but he knows they are up to something so he didn't want it to come back on Sonny. Sonny appreciates that. Paul says he won't do anything else. Sonny reveals that he thinks he's right about Dario and Deimos agrees now so they want him back on it. Paul asks who to report to. Sonny says it will be him.

Deimos asks Brady what he's going to do if he finds them in a snowmobile. Brady says being there with them will be better. Brady exits the mansion. Deimos calls about booking a helicopter in Chicago. Deimos argues that there are two or three lives at stake.

Nicole says Chloe is saying a lot of things that don't make sense. Chloe insists she knows what she's talking about. Nicole tells her that she should name her daughter. Chloe starts to tell her the truth but starts getting a headache and passes out. Nicole can't get any cell phone service while she tries to get Chloe to open her eyes.

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