Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

 Adrienne is at the hospital and sends a text to Justin, Lucas, and Sonny about her first chemo treatment and wanting to do this alone. A nurse approaches and apologizes for running late then asks if someone came with her today. Adrienne responds that she came alone but she's fine. Adrienne then sits back down and sends a text to someone that she's at the hospital and asks if they can come.

Jade walks through the town square and stops at a booth of baby clothes. She starts to pull money out of her wallet but stops then Joey approaches her.

Nicole asks Chloe why she looks so surprised. Chloe thinks back to Philip telling her about being drugged and kidnapped then his worries about Deimos. Nicole reminds Chloe that she knew she was coming. Chloe claims she didn't know it would be here tonight. Nicole didn't want to wait because they need to talk about her, the baby, and them.

Philip returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion and runs in to the living room to go after Deimos as they get into a fight.

Adrienne asks a nurse if they can reschedule until after the holidays but Kate arrives and says that won't be happening as she is staying and it won't take long. Kate says to get this started which makes Adrienne smile.

Victor interrupts as Philip and Deimos are fighting. Philip tells Victor that Deimos had him drugged and kidnapped. Deimos claims not to know what he's talking about. Philip says Victor would be out of his mind to believe that.

Chloe comments on it being cold and how they could be here all night. Nicole invites her to come back to Salem with her tonight. Chloe questions why. Nicole encourages her and Parker to spend Christmas with people who love her. Chloe says Maggie doesn't love her and Philip can be crossed off too after she said she didn't love him. Nicole remarks that they always find their way back to each other. Chloe says it's different this time since Philip said he's in love with her and she can't string him along. Nicole calls it a shame and says she's sorry. Chloe questions if she's really. Nicole asks why she wouldn't be.

Kate sits with Adrienne in her hospital room. Adrienne thanks her for coming on short notice and being strong for her. Kate encourages that she's not alone and won't go through a second of this treatment by herself.

Joey hopes Jade wasn't thinking about stealing the baby clothes. Jade figured he would jump to the wrong conclusion. Jade feels he always thinks the worst of her. Jade says she's going to be a mom so she won't get in trouble with the law anymore. Jade is sad that she can't afford to buy any gifts. Jade asks what he's doing there anyways. Joey responds that he was looking for her so he could make sure she's ok after getting out of the hospital. Jade is surprised and thinks he only cares about the baby but not her. Jade complains that he only wants to blame her. Jade asks how he feels about her. Joey asks if he can't just check on her. Jade continues to complain that he doesn't care about her. Jade accuses him of getting her hopes up and then says it would be better if he stayed away and left her alone as she walks off.

Nicole tells Chloe that she and Philip are her friends so she wants them to both be okay. Chloe doesn't want to talk about Philip anymore and asks what Nicole wanted to talk about with their relationship and the baby. Nicole says her friendship means a lot to her and she doesn't want to lose it. Nicole wants her to come back to Salem for good. Nicole encourages that she and Maggie can look after Parker while Chloe is in labor. Chloe admits she's been lonely lately. Nicole talks about how important she is to her. Chloe tells her that it will never work because of Deimos.

Philip questions Deimos lying his way out of it like he always does. Philip brings up what Deimos did in the past to Victor and Maggie. Philip says everything Deimos does is for his own interests. Philip remarks that he would fear for anybody who had him as a father. Philip asks Victor if he's just going to let Deimos get away with what he did or if he's going to stand up for him.

Kate comments that Adrienne has been pushing away ever since she was diagnosed. Kate recalls doing the same thing when she had cancer but she learned about feeling loved and supported. Adrienne is beginning to realize that. Kate says it will get her through anything. Kate talks about wanting to help friends in troubled times. Kate asks her to think about letting people help her. Adrienne responds that she's letting Kate help her. Adrienne adds that she really likes having her here. Kate says she likes being here. Kate talks about being through most of this if she has any questions. Adrienne asks what to expect today. Kate tells her to always take someone with her to an appointment. Kate explains that they will hook her up and insert the chemo into the IV. Adrienne asks if she will get really sick from the chemo. Kate says not necessarily since they have anti nausea meds now so she might be fine but she will be tired. Kate asks her to promise that she's not thinking she's bothering people. Kate says anyone she tells not to come will only be disappointed. Lucas arrives with flowers and says some of them just came anyways. Lucas tells her he just couldn't stay away. Lucas asks what Kate is doing here. Adrienne explains that she asked her to come and she's been a great help which surprises Lucas. Lucas decides he will let them talk and then he will go but Adrienne asks him not to. Kate points out that Lucas was with her through her whole ordeal and was a big help. The nurse comes in to ask if she is ready. Adrienne responds that she is.

Victor questions how he would stand up for Philip when he has no proof against Deimos. Philip mocks him thinking he made that up. Victor says he isn't accusing him but just wants more. Philip asks why he even bothers. Philip argues that proof won't make a difference when Deimos will slither his way out of it like always. Philip tells Deimos that he knows what he did and what he is. Philip declares he's done with him and the whole family. Philip announces he is leaving Salem as there is nothing here for him anymore.

Nicole tells Chloe that she came to her in friendship and doesn't want to argue about Deimos. Chloe blames Deimos for everything that went wrong in their friendship. Chloe argues that Deimos is a bad person and brings up what he did to Victor and Maggie. Nicole insists that Deimos has been working really hard to make amends with the people he hurt and everyone has given him a second chance except her. Nicole asks her to just move on from ancient history but Chloe says the hell it is after what he just pulled.

Adrienne wonders how much time she has left. Kate says about an hour and realizes she has to cancel a dinner date but Adrienne and Lucas encourage that she should go because Lucas is there to stay with Adrienne. Lucas says he will drive her home to make sure she is okay. Adrienne thanks Kate for everything. Kate says she will call her tomorrow and exits. Lucas suggests he and Adrienne take food home and watch a movie.

Jade sits alone in the town square while the man dressed as Santa Claus sits at her table on his break. Santa asks about her Christmas spirit and if she wants to talk about it so he can try to cheer her up. Santa tells her that she's never too old to tell Santa her Christmas wish. Jade agrees to tell him exactly what she is wishing for as Joey walks by.

Nicole tells Chloe she doesn't want to hear it and suggests they stop discussing this if it's only upsetting her. Nicole asks if they can agree to disagree about Deimos and talk about other things. Chloe assures that Deimos will hurt her. Nicole decides that topic is now off limits and she won't try to convince her to come back to Salem anymore. Nicole says she will stay in Chicago for the rest of the day with her and they will just sit and visit. Nicole tells Chloe how important she is to her. Chloe says she loves her and does want her to be happy as they hug.

Victor knows Philip is upset at Deimos and humiliated by Chloe. Philip says this is why he can't take it anymore. Philip is sick of his insults and being judged. Victor tells him to be a man as he has a career and family here. Philip responds not anymore. Victor says he can leave Salem but not turn his back on Titan. Philip doesn't want any Titan job now or ever again as he will not work for Deimos. Philip decides he will forge his own way in life from now on. Victor questions how he will earn a living without his support. Philip just wants to be left alone. Victor says he won't try to change his mind but asks him not to leave like this.

Santa asks Jade for her Christmas wish. Joey watches nearby as Jade says it can't be bought or wrapped. Jade tells Santa that a healthy baby is the top of her list but she's really wishing for the father of her baby to love her. Jade then turns around to see Joey and approaches him. Joey apologizes for eavesdropping. Jade says she's sorry that he heard her say any of that. Jade says all the wishing in the world can't make someone love if they don't feel it. Jade tells him to forget what he heard. Jade calls it a silly wish that she's sorry she ever made as she walks away.

Victor doesn't want Philip to leave in anger after how far they have come. Victor says he will support his decision and won't stand in his way but he won't give up the growth they've had in coming closer together. Philip tells him he loves him. Victor says the same as they hug. Philip promises to be in touch.

Deimos gets a call from Nicole and says he was starting to get worried. Deimos asks how it's going. Nicole says it's great and she will fill him in when she gets back. Nicole adds that she and Chloe worked things out but Chloe and Parker aren't coming back to Salem tonight so she is staying a couple more hours. Nicole promises to be home tonight just a little later and she will text her when she leaves as they hang up. Nicole turns to Chloe and asks what's wrong.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she might be really tired afterwards. Lucas says he will just drop her off so she can rest then. Lucas jokes with her. Adrienne says he doesn't have to entertain her but Lucas wants to keep her company. Lucas asks what Kate did or said to make her want her company. Adrienne says it may seem weird as they never got along but this has taught her that people can surprise her and a show a new side of themselves. Adrienne adds that she's really happy he surprised her tonight.

Kate meets Eduardo at the Pub for their dinner date. Kate apologizes for being late. Eduardo is just glad she didn't have to cancel as he gives her a Christmas present. Kate then gives him a present as well. They open their gifts together and both got a scarf. They almost kiss when Philip enters. Philip apologizes for interrupting but says he needs to talk to Kate alone so he steps aside with her. Kate asks if everything is okay. Philip says it will be as soon as he leaves Salem. Philip adds that there is no talking him out of it as his mind is made up so he's come to say goodbye.

Deimos goes back in to the living room where Victor tells him that he didn't have him fooled for a second as he believes Philip. Deimos responds that he did what he thought was best under the circumstances. Victor blames him for costing him his son. Deimos feels it's only temporary as he's hurting now but he will be back stronger. Victor admits he's happy to have Chloe out of his life but warns that if Deimos pulls a stunt like that with his son again, he will answer to him.

Nicole asks if Chloe is okay. Chloe is pretty sure her water just broke. Nicole walks her off to get her to the hospital.

Santa approaches Joey and tells him that Jade seems genuinely in love with him.

Lucas holds Adrienne's hand as she falls asleep at the hospital.

Kate tells Philip that she won't say she told him so but she's sorry Chloe caused him so much pain. Philip says he will survive. Kate is glad he didn't go work for Deimos and stood up to Victor as that took a lot of guts. Kate wishes he didn't feel like he had to leave Salem. Philip doesn't see any other way as everywhere he turns, he sees bad choices so he needs a fresh start away from here. Kate says she will miss him very much. Philip jokes about her not trying to change his mind. Kate says she has learned not to tell her children how to run their lives. Kate wishes for him to be happy. They say they love each other as they hug. Philip then exits the Pub.

Nicole brings Chloe to a rest stop and says they can't get to the hospital because the roads are blocked with snow. Nicole encourages her to rest. Chloe starts feeling stomach pains and declares that she is in labor.

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