Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/19/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/19/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Philip meets Chloe in Chicago. She asks what happened to him. He reveals someone kidnapped and drugged him. Philip thinks it was Deimos but he doesn't know. Philip says his mind is blank and he can't remember but he has a feeling that Deimos knows Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole's baby.

Nicole comes downstairs to Deimos. Deimos suggests eating inside tonight and watching an old Christmas movie. Nicole informs him that she's going to Chicago to see Chloe. Deimos questions if she hasn't run off again. Nicole says Chloe doesn't have to hide anymore and mentions that Parker answered the phone earlier and said Chloe was going out with someone at her favorite restaurant so Nicole decided she would surprise her and hope she'd be happy to see her. Nicole hopes they are on their way back. Deimos suggests he should go with her. Nicole asks if he's out of his mind.

JJ and Jennifer put the Christmas tree up. Jennifer wants to get the decorations from the attic. They talk about being excited for Christmas and happy to have Abigail back this year. Jennifer encourages that Abigail is with Chad right now telling him that she's alive. JJ remarks that he won't have to keep it a secret from Gabi anymore.

Chad and Gabi end up kissing. André brings Abigail home and opens the door to the living room where they see Chad and Gabi kissing. Gabi and Chad then turn around to see only André. Chad asks what André is doing. André questions how he could be so reckless. André shouts that what he's doing is totally unacceptable. Chad responds that he doesn't care what he thinks and tells him to stop barging in to his house. Chad yells at André to leave so he exits.

Abigail runs out of the town square in a panic where she breaks down crying on the bench in front of her memorial statue.

JJ walks past the Brady Pub, asking if they are sure there's nothing they can do as it's important he gives her this on Christmas. JJ knows he missed the deadline and they can't deliver. JJ thanks them and says he will be right there. JJ starts to walk away when he runs in to Abe's daughter and his former co-worker Lani. Lani comments that she's ten minutes back in town and look who she runs in to.

Chad apologizes to Gabi, saying that shouldn't have happened. Chad doesn't know what André is doing by coming in and interrupting him. Chad doesn't know why André is acting like he did something wrong. Gabi agrees that this shouldn't have happened as she hasn't even told JJ that she's giving up on him yet. Gabi feels bad and then reveals to Chad that André told her that someone like her shouldn't be around someone like Chad. Chad realizes that is why Gabi quit working for him and gets upset. Chad says he will deal with that later but right now they are going to deal with them.

Chloe wants Philip to concentrate and questions him telling Deimos about the baby. Philip says he wasn't sure it was Deimos. Chloe argues that no one else would be that cruel. Chloe says the only people who know about the baby are her, Philip, and her mother. Philip says he isn't sure what he said while drugged. Chloe worries about Nicole choosing to be with someone who would kidnap and drug his own nephew. Chloe declares that as long as she is with Deimos, there is no way Nicole can have this baby. Philip reminds her that the baby is Nicole's.

Nicole reminds Deimos of the last time he showed up to see Chloe. Deimos wants to apologize and offer a truce this time but Nicole says not this time as her one goal is to bring Chloe back to Salem. Deimos agrees that she should do it alone. Nicole thanks him and says he will be missed. Deimos holds her hand and realizes she's not wearing her ring. Nicole calls it another difficult decision but thought it was time. Nicole says Daniel would want her to be happy and not living in the past. Deimos says her being happy is all that's important as they kiss. Nicole says things are so good with him that it's scary with no secrets, agendas, or problems. They kiss until Brady walks in. Nicole tells him that she's going to visit Chloe in Chicago. Brady says to give her his best. Brady mentions a snowstorm in Chicago and offers to drive Nicole. Nicole insists that she will be fine. Nicole jokes that he has to keep Deimos company as she exits. Brady questions if Deimos is okay with that. Deimos says Nicole is totally unaware that Chloe is carrying Nicole and Daniel's baby so who knows what she will tell her. Brady thinks Deimos tends to act out when he's upset like this and hopes he won't do anything rash.

Philip doubts he said anything about the baby but he's worried about his memory being wiped. Chloe says it will be okay. Philip suggests they take off and go start a new life. Chloe questions if he would just give up his job and leave to help her. Philip responds that he would do anything for her as he loves her. Chloe thanks him. Philip comments on that being her response to I love you. Chloe says she's sorry but she can't lie to him as she does care about him but she doesn't feel love. Chloe adds that she can't run away with him because she feels it would be taking advantage of him and selfish which she can't do to him. Philip understands and thanks her for being honest. Chloe says she's sorry. Philip says he is too. Philip says it makes things clear where he should go and what he should do. Philip decides he's lost his appetite. Chloe hates that she hurt him. Philip hopes everything works out for her. Philip calls her a great mother. Chloe says she will have to keep her baby. Philip declares that he has to go try to focus on something else. Chloe repeats that she's sorry. Philip tells her that if she ever needs him, she has his number and he will always answer. Philip exits as she holds back tears.

JJ asks Lani if she's home for the holidays with her family. Lani says she was stuck on a case when Abe got shot so now she's here to make up for it. JJ would love to get coffee but says he has to get a present for his girlfriend. JJ tells her that he will give her a call and they'll get together. Lani responds that she should spend as much time as possible with her family so they will have to put it off until next time as she then walks away.

Gabi tells Chad they should talk. Chad says if they don't, they will pretend like it never happened. Chad admits he doesn't regret kissing her as he wanted to do it. Gabi says she did too. Chad adds that he can't stop thinking about the first time he kissed her. Chad knows things aren't the way they should be because of JJ and Abigail. Chad doesn't feel he should feel guilty anymore as he shouldn't love a ghost for the rest of his life. Chad wants something real. Gabi tells him that she is real.

Abigail remains outside crying. Abigail repeats that she had to tell him she's coming back as she looks over at her memorial statue.

Abe and Valerie eat together in the town square as Lani arrives. Abe excitedly greets her and introduces her to Valerie. Abe talks about Valerie saving his life as Theo walks by and sees them together. Lani says it's nice that Abe found someone special to be with.

Chad knows how real Gabi is and says he wants this but the timing. Gabi mentions having a fight with JJ and then she came running to him. Gabi talks about coming to him other times because she just wanted to be around him. Gabi doesn't think it's a rebound. Chad knows how much she loves JJ and her feelings can't disappear overnight. Chad says he has his own issues. Gabi asks why they keep throwing up roadblocks when what really matters is how they feel right now. Chad agrees and says they have their problems but these feelings aren't going away. Chad suggests they sit down and have a real talk to get honest. Gabi decides they should right now so they sit down. Gabi tells Chad that she was really committed to JJ then he cheated on her. She forgave him as long as they had no more secrets but now he's hiding something. Gabi says this is who JJ is and what he does so she doesn't want to be with a man like that. Gabi feels like she turned around to all these feelings for Chad. Gabi declares that JJ is out of her life. Gabi doesn't think there is anything standing in their way.

Abigail looks over her memorial plaque as she thinks back to seeing Chad talk to Thomas about her and saying that he had to move on as he removed his ring. Abigail sits there crying as André walks through the gate.

Abe thinks Lani might be reading too much into it as he clarifies he and Valerie are friends. Theo joins them and hugs Lani. Abe asks Theo where Claire is since they were on a date. Theo brings Abe his wallet that he forgot. Abe invites Theo and Lani to join them. Lani agrees and would like to get to know Valerie better. Theo says he needs to talk to Lani alone so they step away.

André sits with Abigail and comments on how cold she is. Abigail says that makes sense because she's dead. André says she's alive and argues that what she saw was just a confused man. André says Chad wants his family back with her at the center. Abigail points to the memorial and says all she is to Chad now is a memory. André holds her as she starts to panic and encourages her to just breathe. Abigail cries that she's just really sad and her heart really hurts. André tells her to go ahead and cry as a release because she's hurting. Abigail responds that she won't let this destroy her. André is happy that means she won't run and encourages her to stay and fight for Chad.

Gabi tells Chad that she was happy with JJ but it always felt like they were trying to work on something. Gabi feels it's easier to be around Chad and she has to be less careful what she says. Chad jokes about avoiding talking about their feelings. Chad agrees they are open and free. Chad feels being a DiMera could be a problem but having her around makes it easier for him to be who he wants to be. Gabi praises his job fixing his father's company. Gabi knows people will assume the worst because of his last name. Chad praises her has a mother and friend. Gabi feels like when she's around him, she can see herself the way he sees her. Chad states that when he was with Abigail, there was always so much drama while with Gabi it's easy and he feels young again. Chad feels in the moment. Gabi asks if he wants to kiss her again.

Theo tells Lani that it's not sweet at all as he saw Abe kissing Valerie. Lani asks what's wrong with that. Theo argues that she's a liar as he heard her lying on the phone. Theo mentions seeing her text messages. Lani says there could be a lot of reasonable explanations. Theo argues that she's hiding something so he and Claire are going to figure out what it is.

Deimos sits at the fireplace in the living room. Victor walks in and says he's seen that look before. Victor declares that Deimos is considering killing someone and asks who.

Chloe finishes a phone call with a friend watching Parker and says she will return the favor when her baby is born. She puts Parker on the phone. Chloe tells him to keep having fun and that she loves him as she hangs up.

Chad tells Gabi that he always wants to kiss her. Gabi points out that he's not doing it. Chad worries that she is vulnerable right now. Gabi questions him not taking advantage of that. Chad tells her she's so beautiful. Chad says he wants to kiss her and he's getting lost in her eyes but he is unsure about the situation. Chad knows he's ready to move on.

André wants to take Abigail back to Chad and Thomas but she refuses, saying she's never going back there. Abigail says she loves Chad and always will but this is what is best for him. Abigail recalls seeing Chad and Gabi together when she first came back and realizing he was ready. Abigail feels she was so selfish in wanting to have Chad back no matter what. André argues that she is misinterpreting a momentary weakness by a lonely man. Abigail knows why he helped her escape and faked her death so he could give Chad his dream back and be the hero to be trusted with the family money. André admits he hoped for that but argues that Chad misses her and would be so ecstatic to see her. Abigail knows André thinks that and Jennifer does too. Abigail knows André is doing it for her and not what he would get out of it. Abigail believes he wants Chad to be happy but she thinks he wants her to be happy too so he has to see things how she does. Abigail insists that this is what's best for Chad and she is not what will make Chad happy. Abigail thanks him for all he's done but declares the best thing for Chad is if she never comes back. Abigail then walks away.

Lani questions Theo getting involved in his dad's love life. Theo feels he has to protect him. Lani says he can take care of himself. Lani encourages that lies can sometimes be to protect someone. Theo gets that she wants proof then asks if she will help him after he gets proof. Lani says she's in so Theo hugs her.

JJ returns to the Pub with Gabi's Christmas gift, an ornament with her name on it to add to the Horton Christmas tree.

Gabi tells Chad that she thought maybe she wasn't good enough for him but she never feels nervous around him. Chad decides they will just take things slow. Gabi agrees and kisses him.

Abigail returns home and sits in the living room crying. Jennifer walks in and asks what happened. Abigail informs her that she walked in on Chad kissing Gabi. Jennifer is shocked. Abigail calls it not her best day. Abigail isn't surprised as she knew they were together but she didn't want to believe it was true. Jennifer argues that Gabi and JJ worked things out and were back together. Abigail says JJ is about to find out what it's like to be cheated on. Jennifer questions why Chad would do this. Abigail says Chad didn't do anything wrong because she's dead so he moved on. Abigail feels she never should have come back to Salem. Abigail tells her that she's going to go back to Laura's and stay with her in a new life. Abigail says she and JJ can come visit but will have to keep everything secret. Jennifer starts to cry. Abigail tells her that she loves Chad but this is what she wants to do for him and Thomas. Abigail then breaks down crying as Jennifer hugs her.

Deimos tells Victor that he was thinking about Chloe. Victor jokes that he's not the first person to have dark thoughts about her. Deimos brings up Chloe's baby but Victor decides he doesn't want to hear it and that this conversation never took place. Victor walks out of the room. Deimos states to himself that there is a price to pay for what Chloe has done.

Nicole surprises Chloe in Chicago. Chloe questions what she's doing here and what the hell she knows.

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