Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer returns home with dresses for Abigail. JJ is surprised she hasn't changed yet because she left so he thought she went to see Chad. JJ thought Abigail was with her. Jennifer suggests Abigail could be with Chad right now.

Claire sits with Ciara in the Pub. Claire is sorry online dating didn't work out with Rory but encourages her to keep trying so she can find someone as great as Theo.

Chad and Theo play chess at the DiMera Mansion. Chad informs Theo that there will be news coming out about Stefano that he wants him to hear from him first. Chad explains that Hope will appeal as Stefano was pretty sick and knew he wasn't going to make it. Theo questions him not telling anyone. Chad says that Stefano bought a gun to get somebody else to end it for him so he didn't look weak. Theo feels that is weak and knocks the chess table over in frustration. Theo says he hates Stefano. Chad says he had a hard time too but understands that Stefano didn't know what to do. Chad reminds Theo that Stefano loved him. Theo asks if he can go tell Ciara. Chad thinks she already knows.

JJ questions why Abigail would go see Chad then remembers she was looking for the stuffed lamb. Jennifer hopes Abigail didn't run away again when she's so fragile. JJ says that Abigail seemed better and stronger. JJ hopes she gets back with Chad soon. Gabi comes to the door and overhears JJ tell Jennifer that he's not sure how much longer he can keep this secret from Gabi but he knows he has to keep it from her. JJ gets a work call and steps in to the living room while Jennifer answers the door for Gabi. JJ comes back and tells Gabi that he thought she was going to call first. Gabi says she did but got his voicemail. JJ checks his phone but doesn't see it. Gabi comments to JJ that she likes surprises. Jennifer says it's nice that they have a date. Jennifer thanks JJ for his help and tells him to have a good time. Gabi stops and asks if she was interrupting something. Jennifer says not at all as JJ and Gabi exit. Jennifer doesn't know how much more she can take. Abigail comes in from the kitchen which surprises Jennifer. Jennifer tells her how worried they were. Abigail assures her that it's almost over. Abigail explains how she saw Chad and his memorial for her. Jennifer questions her not saying anything. Abigail says she was going to as she thinks back to hearing Chad talk about having to move on and then removing his ring. Abigail admits to Jennifer that she had a panic attack but assures it won't happen again. Abigail mentions that Dario talked her down and made her realize that she needs to go see Chad tonight.

Abe and Valerie sit together in the town square, talking about Christmas. Abe asks about her son but Julie interrupts so Abe invites her to join them. Julie asks Valerie if she's going home for Christmas. Valerie responds that she is staying in Salem for Christmas. Julie jokes that she's sure Abe is very pleased which he confirms. Abe asks again about Valerie's son. Julie didn't know Valerie had a son.

JJ and Gabi walk out of the town square and comment on the statue that Chad had made for Abigail. JJ suggests going to see a movie but Gabi wants to stay and talk. Gabi feels he was quiet on the way and asks if something is going on. JJ says no but Gabi asks if he's sure. Gabi felt he and Jennifer were upset about something. JJ brushes it off as stress from work but Gabi continues to question him. JJ thinks she is getting worked up over nothing but Gabi doubts it. Gabi wants him to talk about what's bothering him since he said no more secrets. JJ argues that it's just work and there's no secret. JJ asks if they can just drop it so Gabi agrees.

Chad and Theo pick up the chess table pieces. Chad asks him what's going on. Theo informs him that he's dating Claire. Chad is surprised as he thought he would be with Ciara. Theo says that didn't happen. Theo says he has to go meet Claire. Theo thanks Chad for telling him about Stefano as he has to go think about it. Theo exits as Andre arrives. Chad mentions telling Theo about what Stefano did to Hope. Andre points out that Hope still pulled the trigger. Chad feels robbed of getting to say goodbye. Andre thinks he was trying to spare them but Chad calls it unforgivable.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she's doing the right thing. Jennifer shows Abigail all of the dresses that she bought for her and sends her upstairs to get ready. Abigail thanks her for everything.

Theo meets Ciara at the Pub and questions why she didn't tell him. Ciara says she knew he would be upset. Theo asks if Hope will be let out now. Ciara says it might take awhile. Ciara says they don't have to talk about this as she knows he loved Stefano. Ciara suggests not letting it affect their friendship. Theo assures that she will always be his friend and he holds her hand as Claire arrives and sees them.

Valerie tells Julie that her son is back home in DC. Julie asks about her son. Abe mentions that he's welcome to join them for Christmas. Valerie says he can't get away as he has started a new job. Julie asks if Valerie has other children. Valerie says she doesn't. Julie hopes her son has other family to be with. Valerie says she will see him when she gets back after January. Abe gets a work call and steps away to answer it. Julie says it can be tough not to be with family at Christmas time and she's so worried about Hope. Valerie asks Julie if her son David is coming back. Julie tells her that she hasn't spent a holiday with her son in years. Julie adds that when they are with each other, they push each others buttons so it's best to be in different time zones. Julie hopes they can have lunch sometime as she would love to know all about her son. Julie then walks away.

Abigail gets dressed in the attic and looks in the mirror as she imagines reuniting with Chad and says that's what she prays it will be like.

JJ asks Gabi if something is wrong. Gabi claims she's not feeling okay and is going to go. JJ asks what's wrong. Julie interrupts and says it's a surprise to run in to them. Gabi tells JJ that she just wants to be alone and walks away. Julie asks him what's up with Gabi.

Ciara gives Theo cookies that she had made for him. Ciara thanks him for being such a great friend as they hug. Claire interrupts and apologizes for being late but comments that they seemed to be doing just fine without her.

Julie guesses things will never be good between her and Gabi. JJ remarks that he wonders why Gabi took off like that.

Gabi walks to the docks crying as she ignores a call from JJ. Gabi thinks back to JJ telling her about cheating on her. JJ leaves Gabi a voicemail that he's worried about her and asks her to please call him back.

Abigail comes downstairs in her dress. Jennifer tells her that she looks perfect. Abigail can't believe she's going through with this. Jennifer thinks tomorrow she will wonder why she had any doubts. Abigail talks about looking forward. Jennifer offers to drive her to the DiMera Mansion but Abigail feels it's something she needs to do alone. Jennifer tells her that she's there if she needs anything. Abigail hugs her. Jennifer says she'll be great. Abigail exits the house as Jennifer heads in to the kitchen. Abigail pulls out her phone and calls Andre, who is walking through the town square. Andre asks what he can do for her. Abigail responds that she's ready to see Chad.

Theo greets Claire and offers her a cookie but Claire declines. Claire tells Ciara that Caroline was asking for her since she has a card for Hope so Ciara heads to the back to see her. Claire talks about feeling bad for Caroline being alone and that's why she was late. Claire asks about Ciara making him cookies and wonders why she did that. Theo says she wanted to thank him for being a great friend but he doesn't think that's all of it, acknowledging that she hugs him a lot. Claire comments that Theo and Ciara are like brother and sister while they are a bit different. Claire then kisses Theo as Ciara comes back out and sees them.

Abigail meets Andre outside of the town square where her memorial plaque statue is. Andre tells her how happy he was to receive her call. Abigail knows he loves getting his way. Andre says they must be prepared for Chad's first response. Abigail doesn't know if Chad will be able to forgive her for everything she has done. Andre encourages her to trust that it will work out. Abigail brings up seeing Chad with Thomas and how he removed his ring. Abigail picks up the ring from the statue and mentions that Chad said he was ready to move on. Abigail declares that she has to find him and tell him the truth even if it's not a fairy tale as she owes it to him to be honest.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion and apologizes to Chad for feeling she had nowhere else to go. Chad says they are friends so it's okay and asks what's up. Gabi tells him that JJ is lying to her and she doesn't know if she can take it anymore. Chad hugs her.

Ciara walks through the town square where she comes across Julie, who asks her what's wrong. Ciara claims it's nothing but Julie asks what happened. Ciara tells her that she just saw the boy she likes with another girl. Julie says she's sorry and hugs her. Julie asks if the boy knows she likes him. Ciara says he thinks they are just friends and she wants to be happy for him but doesn't know if she can. Julie comments that someone can't be forced to fall in love so she encourages her to let it go.

Claire asks Theo if they can order food. Theo asks about waiting for Ciara but Claire says she can order when she gets there.

Abe and Valerie walk past the Pub. Abe sees Theo in the window and asks if they should join him. Valerie comments that it looks like he's on a date and jokes about Abe not wanting his dad to join him on a date so they agree to get their food to go. They head inside and greet Theo and Claire. Theo asks if they are on a date. Valerie says they were just Christmas shopping as they go to get their food. Theo tells Claire that he really hates Valerie and complains that she is pretending they aren't on a date and doesn't stop lying. Abe tells Valerie that he's beginning to think Theo is accepting they are friends but Valerie isn't sure. Claire encourages Theo to play it cool until they get the spy gear she ordered. Abe and Valerie come back by and tell them to have fun as they exit the Pub. Theo loses his appetite. The bartender comes over and tells Theo that Abe left his wallet so Theo goes to return it to him.

JJ goes home which surprises Jennifer as she thought he had a date with Gabi. JJ says he thought so but she got in a mood and left and now won't answer her phone. JJ brings up how Gabi kept talking about not having secrets. JJ worries that Gabi knows or senses that he is keeping a secret. Jennifer tells him that Abigail is with Chad now so this whole thing will be over tonight. JJ says that's good because if Gabi thinks he's lying to her again, she will never forgive him.

Chad asks Gabi what happened. Gabi explains how she overheard JJ tell Jennifer that he was hiding something from her which he said he wouldn't do. Chad argues that she doesn't know that he's lying. Gabi argues that JJ broke his promise by lying again after she gave him so many chances to come clean. Chad suggests it could be Jennifer's secret to tell. Gabi worries that JJ could be cheating on her again. Chad says she doesn't know that. Gabi questions why Chad is defending JJ. Chad knows they love each other and doesn't think they should screw things up over a misunderstanding. Chad says she has a chance to be happy while he had to say goodbye to his wife at her memorial. Gabi holds his hand and says she's sorry.

Andre tells Abigail that he wants things to be perfect but he can't allow her to just show up without getting some credit for this. Abigail says this isn't about credit but Andre says it is because he spent 4 months doing everything he could for her. Andre says he was doing this for family and an opportunity to get closer to Chad. Abigail guesses he means closer to the family money. Andre calls it his Christmas present to Chad and says he will then allow them to share their moment. Andre declares let the games begin as he walks off with Abigail.

Julie and Ciara enter the Pub. Julie greets Claire and goes to the back to see Caroline. Claire tells Ciara that she thought she was still upstairs. Ciara says she went to mail Hope's card then ran in to Julie. Claire gets a text from Paul that he got a Ron Santo baseball card for her to give to Theo for Christmas. Claire finishes eating the cookies that Ciara gave Theo which annoys her. Claire tells her to chill out. Claire exclaims that she and Theo are going to have the best Christmas ever.

Abe and Valerie walk out of the town square. Abe hates to think of her eating her takeout alone and suggests she have dinner with him. She calls that sweet but doesn't want to intrude. Abe tells her that she could never intrude ever. Abe and Valerie kiss as Theo appears at the gate and sees them.

JJ paces while Jennifer talks about being nervous and excited for Abigail. Jennifer talks about how fragile Abigail was and how she's afraid of her going back to that. JJ encourages that she won't as she is back now to be with her husband and son.

Gabi apologizes to Chad for bothering her with her crazy issues. Chad encourages her to work things out if she wants. Gabi states that she realized tonight that she's tried to make it work and forgave JJ but she thinks there is no trust and she can't live like that. Gabi guesses they both had to say goodbye today. Chad is glad she came over. Chad and Gabi end up kissing. Andre brings Abigail home and opens the door to the living room where they see Chad and Gabi kissing, leaving Abigail in tears.

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