Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the prison, the guard doesn't think Hope can get the computer working. The guard realizes she recognizes Hope from being at the hospital with another cop in the past and that she saved his life. Hope says he would've done the same for her as cops look out for each other. The other prisoners who attacked Hope before talk about wanting to put Hope in her place.

Dario talks on the phone outside of the Pub, assuring that he knows where the missing microchip is. Dario says to beat the DiMeras to the punch and they will make millions.

Rafe meets Gabi at the Pub and tells him about Chad coming forward with the truth about Stefano. Gabi knows Chad loved his father. Rafe says Chad went to Hope about making peace and admits he's a good guy. Gabi then reveals to Rafe that she quit working for Chad.

Chad is at home on the phone about the memorial plaque for Abigail. Chad arranges a meeting in the town square.

At home, Jennifer tells JJ about bringing coffee up to Abigail. JJ questions her still hiding as he thought she was going to see Chad. Jennifer worries about her still being fragile. Abigail comes down the stairs and declares no more running. Abigail says she thought about it all night and she knows who Chad is. Abigail worries how hurt Chad will be by her lying. Abigail knows they can get past this and be together again. Jennifer hugs her. Abigail decides it's time for her to go see Chad and Thomas. JJ says he will drive her but Jennifer offers to drive so she can look after Thomas while Abigail has time with Thomas. Abigail says she didn't mean right now as she feels she looks awful. Jennifer insists that Chad won't care. JJ tells Abigail to take as long as she wants so it can be perfect for her. Abigail asks Jennifer to help her with her hair and finding something to wear. Jennifer hugs her and heads upstairs. JJ tells her that she's doing the right thing as Chad loves her. Abigail hugs him and says this will finally be their happy ending.

Rafe questions Gabi dumping a high profile client in Chad. Gabi argues that Chad took up too much of her time. Rafe thinks Chad could have helped her extend her client list if she wanted. Dario joins them and talks about working with Eduardo being better than he thought. They talk about hoping Hope has a chance at getting out of prison.

The guard brings a new prisoner to Hope and says she can take care of her. The guard gets called away for a prison fight. The new prisoner tells Hope that she's in for selling pills. Hope encourages her to not be scared. Hope warns her to stay away from the other two prisoners identified as Goldylocks and Coco.

Rafe wants Gabi's help in getting their mom a Christmas present. Gabi asks Dario to watch her stuff as they exit the Pub. Dario takes the opportunity to open up Gabi's purse and look for the microchip.

Abigail thinks back to getting Thomas to stop crying. JJ comes in and asks if something is wrong. Abigail says she's looking for her old stuffed animal to give Thomas. JJ recalls Doug finding it outside but he doesn't know where he put it. JJ offers to go find Doug to ask. JJ states that he's really happy. Abigail stops him and says to forget about the stuffed lamb as she will take care of it herself. Abigail then exits.

Gabi comes back in to the Pub and catches Dario going through her bag so she questions what he's doing.

Chad meets with the priest outside about making a memorial plaque for Abigail. Chad reveals a statue of an angel with memorial plaque that he had made.

Goldylocks and Coco confront the new prisoner until Hope interrupts. They question it being Hope's territory and say she won't get her without a fight.

Dario claims he was looking for a pen. Gabi jokes that her purse is off limits. Gabi takes her purse and exits.

Rafe walks through the town square with Justin and asks about Adrienne. Justin says that she's doing her best but he's glad to be working on Hope's appeal so he doesn't feel useless. Rafe asks how it's going. Justin talks about having to find a case but he thinks the evidence along with Harold is strong. Justin notes that Hope was deliberately provoked so he thinks her appeal is strong. Rafe can't wait to tell Hope the good news.

Hope gets in a fight with Coco and Goldylocks while the new prisoner screams for help. The guard rushes in to interrupt and drags them out of the room while the new girl checks on Hope. Hope says she's fine but that this isn't over.

Chad sits with Thomas in front of the memorial and talks about wishing he had more time with Abigail. Abigail walks by behind them and stops at the gate. Chad talks about how much he loved Abigail to Thomas and wishes he could tell her one more time. Chad says he knows he will never get that chance again and is coming to accept that. Chad mentions having to move on with their lives as Abigail continues watching and listening. Chad says he doesn't know if he will ever love anyone like he did Abigail but he knows she would want them to try so he will. Chad removes his ring and leaves it at the memorial for Abigail. Abigail gets emotional and runs away while Chad wonders if anyone else is there.

Gabi comes back to Dario, who asks how things are with JJ. Gabi says they are good and trying to rebuild trust. Gabi jokes about relationship advice from him. JJ then enters to get food and greets them. JJ asks Gabi if she's still up for their date which she says she is. JJ says the food is for he and Jennifer as he exits. Gabi comments to Dario how sweet JJ is and knowing he won't make that mistake again. Dario remarks on guys not keeping promises they can't keep as he exits.

Andre walks out of the town square and thinks back to encouraging Abigail about returning to Chad. Andre then joins Chad at the memorial plaque for Abigail. Chad says he wanted to show him the memorial. Andre calls it a moving tribute but he doesn't believe that she's gone. Chad talks about sometimes feeling she is so nearby even if it sounds crazy. Andre suggests there could be a reason he felt that or sensed something. Chad asks what he wanted to tell him. Andre informs him that he has kept something from him but his intentions were honorable. Andre says what he's going to tell him is going to change everything.

Abigail runs to the docks in a panic then bumps in to Dario. Dario hugs her and tells her that she's safe as she cries.

The guard talks with Hope about her holding her own against the prisoners but they know they won't back down. She talks about Hope still being a cop and protecting the new girl. She decides Hope earned a special privilege and gives her a cell phone for a video chat. Hope thanks her as she calls Ciara and gets her voicemail to tell her she's fine and she loves her. Hope says she will try again later and hangs up. Hope then sets up the phone for a video chat as she calls Rafe. Rafe is at the station and answers, questioning how she pulled this off. Hope says friends are looking out for her. Rafe is happy and says this made his day. Rafe adds that Justin thinks her appeal will go through so they can all be cautiously optimistic which Hope calls good news.

Chad questions Andre as to what the big news is. Andre informs him that he's been working on a program that can restore the power to their family and revolutionize their company. Andre says he can access any camera and locate any person in the world within hours. Andre calls it a game changer. Chad realizes that is how he found Clyde and Orpheus. Chad questions him not using it when Abigail escaped. Andre claims it wasn't ready at that time. Chad sees the potential but asks why he waited until now to tell him. Andre says Kate insisted he tell him but he's been working on it since before he joined DiMera Enterprises. Chad calls it a powerful tool that in the wrong hands could be easily abused. Andre says they will have to make sure that doesn't happen. Chad calls it Andre's property if he came up with it. Andre says he's committed to the family but there is a small catch.

Jennifer returns home with dresses for Abigail. JJ is surprised she hasn't changed yet because she left so he thought she went to see Chad. JJ thought Abigail was with her. Jennifer suggests Abigail could be with Chad right now.

Dario encourages Abigail to breathe. Abigail says she felt out of control. Dario asks if she's had a panic attack before. Abigail says she's had a lot. Dario asks what may have triggered it. Abigail responds that she made a horrible mistake and she doesn't know if she can undo it.

Hope tells Rafe that she doesn't want to talk about the appeal or the case. Hope wants to talk about what they will be doing. Rafe says there are a lot of options. They joke about camping before. Rafe talks about a night at a hotel. Hope says it sounds like heaven. Rafe notices her bruise and asks what happened.

Gabi prepares to leave the Pub when she thinks back to being with JJ at the Salem Inn. Gabi then calls JJ but gets his voicemail and says she's finished working so she will stop by his house soon.

Chad asks Andre about the catch. Andre says he could sell the technology to the highest bidder but someone caught wind of what he was doing and stole some of his plans and microchips from their plant in China. Chad realizes that's why he decided to tell him now. Andre says he just wanted to prove he can be an asset to the company but someone stole the resources. Andre says Kate is trying to find out who did it before they beat him to the punch. Andre declares the race is on and the stakes are sky high.

Dario tells Abigail that she can talk to him and he won't tell anybody. Abigail thinks he just doesn't want her to tell anyone about his illegal activities. Dario wants to make sure she's okay. Abigail informs him that she saw Chad having a memorial for her and telling Thomas about her. Abigail mentions hearing Chad say he was moving on and took off his ring. Dario argues that he has no choice because he doesn't know the truth. Abigail says she was going to walk towards them but had a panic attack and all she could do was run away.

Rafe asks Hope who did it to her. Hope jokes that they look worse than she does. Rafe hates this. The guard comes back needing her phone back so Hope has to go. Rafe tells her he loves her.

Abigail thought she was done running but guesses not. Dario encourages that it's not too late as she can still do this. Dario tells her to go back and tell Chad that she loves him so he will be the happiest man on earth. Abigail says maybe he's right and guesses she overreacted. Abigail agrees that she needs to go back and tell him the truth. Abigail thanks him and rushes off.

Andre hopes Chad understands that there is nothing he wouldn't do to help him. Chad responds that's why he is going to help him. Chad says the program has unlimited potential and he could really focus on business. Andre thanks him. Chad tells him to start from the beginning and tell him everything.

JJ questions why Abigail would go see Chad like that then remembers she was looking for the stuffed lamb. Jennifer hopes Abigail didn't run away again when she's so fragile. JJ says that Abigail seemed better and stronger. JJ hopes she gets back with Chad soon. Gabi comes to the door and overhears JJ tell Jennifer that he's not sure how much longer he can keep this secret from Gabi but he knows he has to keep it from her.

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