Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos lays next to Nicole as she sleeps. He tells her that he will take care of everything and will make sure she has everything she ever wanted. Deimos tells her that he loves her so much as he then gets up from bed.

At the hospital, a nurse tries to schedule times with Adrienne but she says she will get back to her as she is in a rush to leave. Justin arrives but Adrienne tells him that if he's following her, he can cut it out now as she storms off.

Joey goes to the Pub to meet Jade. She thanks him for coming. Jade thought they could try to get along to avoid her stress. Joey doesn't want her to be more sick but he can't get over the fact that she didn't tell him she was off the pill. Jade says she hated the pill. Joey accuses her of getting pregnant on purpose. Jade says she didn't but thought it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Jade says he made her upset and rushes to the bathroom to vomit.

Deimos goes downstairs and tells Brady to let Nicole know that he had to take off. Brady asks what he doesn't want her to know. Deimos informs him that he's going to the clinic and he's not coming back until he finds out if Chloe is carrying Nicole and Daniel's baby. Deimos then exits the mansion.

Jade returns to Joey and blames morning sickness. Joey brings up her going off the pill again. Jade blames him not wearing a condom. Joey says he would have if he knew but now they are both stuck. Jade gets that he doesn't want to be a dad and thinks he would suck at it anyways. Jade declares she will raise her baby on her own.

Nicole comes downstairs and greets Brady in the living room. She asks if Deimos is around but Brady informs her that he went out and that he'd be out for awhile. Nicole wonders why he didn't say anything to her. Brady asks if she's going running. Nicole mentions that Deimos said he wanted to come with her. Brady says he will go with her.

Justin catches up to Adrienne and says he just wanted to know how her appointment went. Adrienne says she texted he and Lucas to keep them posted but she needs space. Steve and Kayla interrupt. Adrienne says she has errands to run. Kayla asks how it went with the doctor. Adrienne says it went fine. Kayla asks if that's all she has to say. Adrienne wants them to stop harassing her. Steve encourages that they just love her. Adrienne reveals that she found out she is in stage 2 of breast cancer. Adrienne says the doctor wants her to have a double mastectomy and chemo therapy. Adrienne insists everything is under control. Kayla encourages her. Adrienne thanks them for their concern and says she's fine as she walks away. Justin remarks that she is so not fine and follows out.

Brady and Nicole finish their run in the town square. Brady jokes about her not handling the pace. Nicole talks about him being so competitive. Brady brings up times they played tennis and poker as they joke together. Nicole calls it great to see him laugh. Kate interrupts and agrees. Kate remarks that they'd all be in a better mood with Theresa out of town and she can't believe they went into business together. Nicole tells her to stop. Kate says she's trying to be nice and says to have a good day as she walks away. Brady thanks Nicole as he did not want to engage in that. Brady says everyone wants to talk about Theresa while he wants to move on and it's not easy. Brady acknowledges that Nicole is no longer wearing Daniel's engagement ring and asks how come.

Deimos goes to the clinic and gives the doctor a large donation from the Kiriakis family. Deimos hopes he will answer some questions he has that need to be kept quiet and may require flexing the rules. The doctor feels that his check is a bit of a bribe.

Nicole informs Brady that she took the ring off last night. Brady asks her why. Nicole explains that she had a dream where Daniel told her to let go even though he would always be there for her. Nicole decided it was time to put it away. Brady tells her that she doesn't have to feel guilty about Deimos. Brady asks if she thinks Daniel would approve of him. Nicole calls it a hard question. Brady brings up Maggie being Daniel's mother and that she forgave Deimos. Brady states that if she's happy, he's happy and won't judge. Nicole knows he has reservations. Brady says he will keep them to himself because he shouldn't comment on who she should be with. Nicole brings up knowing Theresa loved him but stops. Brady thinks she's right about Deimos and that he's really worked hard to try to do right by the family. Brady adds that he would do just about anything to make her happy. Nicole thanks him.

Deimos informs the doctor that what he needs is not that big of a deal. The doctor has heard enough and says he can take his check back. Deimos tells him to keep the check and apologizes for overstepping. The doctor says he has another patient so Deimos exits but keeps the door unlocked.

Jade calls Joey selfish for expecting her to do this all by herself. Joey says he will do whatever it takes to be a good father so if she can't do it, he will do it by himself and get his parents to help. Jade accuses him of trying to take her baby away and tells him to forget it. Jade gets up but starts getting a pain. Joey tries to check on her but Jade tells him not to touch her as she holds her stomach.

Kayla tells Steve that it's not unusual for a cancer patient to be in denial. Steve insists that she knows what she has to do. Kayla doesn't think Adrienne has begun to deal with it as she is going to have both of her breasts removed. Steve gets upset and argues that she will be fine. Kayla knows he needs to believe that. Steve questions her talking to him like that and asks if she doesn't think Adrienne will make it. Kayla says she is just saying that this is serious and thinks he might be in denial himself. Steve assures that he just thinks she is going to beat this. Kayla brings up all of the treatment she will need. Steve is glad Adrienne doesn't have to listen to her and declares he's not going to hear it either as he storms out of the hospital. Kayla gets a text from Joey that he's on his way to the hospital with Jade and it's about the baby.

Deimos sneaks back in to the doctor's office and calls Brady but gets his voicemail. Deimos tells Brady that he's in the doctor's office now as he goes through his computer which confirms Chloe, Daniel, and Nicole coming in December when the implant didn't work. Deimos checks and has nothing in March or April but finds out that Chloe returned for an appointment by herself in May. Deimos hears the doctor coming back before he can see what the appointment was for so he gets away from the computer. The doctor comes back in and questions what he's doing here. Deimos claims he just forgot his keys. The doctor warns that he could do a search on him and bets there is a lot to find. Deimos reminds him of the check he donated as he exits the office.

Brady and Nicole return home where Brady finds a package addressed to Theresa. Brady decides he can't forward it to her so he opens the box and it's a toy train for Tate for Christmas that she had ordered early. Brady questions how she does this and then leave. Nicole says she will never understand. Brady asks what happens when Tate asks one day why Theresa left.

Kayla gets Jade in a hospital bed and tries to get her to relax as she says a doctor will be in. Joey asks Kayla if they are going to lose the baby. Jade asks if that would fix everything as Joey exits the room. Joey watches through the window as Steve comes back by and joins him.

Justin follows Adrienne out of the town square. She complains about him not leaving her alone. Justin argues that she put on a show for Steve and Kayla then declares he's not leaving until she tells him the truth.

Joey explains to Steve how Jade got mad and said they were trying to take her baby from her. Steve encourages that she couldn't be any better hands than with Kayla. Kayla comes out and says the pain has stopped so far, blaming it on just cramps. Joey blames himself for making it worse. Joey talks about feeling Jade got pregnant on purpose since she was off the pill before she told him that she was. Joey feels he just keeps doing the wrong thing. Joey informs them that he told Jade that he would raise the baby if she couldn't then she freaked out which led to her pains. Joey asks how he could be so stupid. Steve encourages that they have to try and find a way to get along. Kayla agrees that the baby is better off being raised and loved by both of them. Joey asks if he can go in and talk to Jade as he promises no more fighting and he's glad she is okay.

Adrienne sits with Justin and admits that she hasn't scheduled her surgery yet because she can't seem to make the call. Justin blames himself and brings up how he talked her out of a preventative mastectomy when she first found out about the gene. She tells him that she was never going to have that as she was just trying the idea but she couldn't make the call then either. Justin says she will now but Adrienne is not sure. Justin argues that she has to do it. Adrienne says it's her body and she's been looking at other options. Justin brings up that Kayla said it won't be enough. Justin offers to call the doctor and schedule the surgery for her. Justin suggests she let the people who love her take care of her. Justin says he, Sonny, Steve, Kayla, and even Lucas would be happy to go with her to her appointments. Adrienne thinks they are all too close to this. Adrienne says she can see the fear in his eyes. She says right now she just needs to be alone. Justin asks if she wants him to go away. Adrienne asks him to let her be alone. Justin tells her that she knows where to find him at any time as he walks away.

Kayla and Joey go back in with Jade where they plan to see the baby on the monitor for the first time. Kayla asks if it's okay for Steve to come in and she says sure so Joey brings him in. They see the baby's heartbeat and confirms that everything looks fine. Jade gets emotional and cries.

Adrienne remains sitting outside and pulls out a breast cancer awareness brochure from her purse. Kate arrives and says she got her text. Adrienne thanks her for coming to the hospital yesterday. Kate feels it was no big deal as she didn't do much. Adrienne says holding her hand was all she needed. Kate sits with her and says when she had cancer, she didn't want to talk to anyone either. Adrienne informs her that it's stage 2. Adrienne shows her the brochures that she had. Kate says they would scare the patient. Adrienne tells her about the doctor wanting her to have chemo before and after the double mastectomy. Kate asks when that will happen. Adrienne says she is supposed to schedule it but she can't make the call. Kate brings up Adrienne going against Sami when she thought Will wasn't right for Sonny and that cancer can't stand up to that. Adrienne says that was for Sonny. Kate encourages her to be just as fierce for herself. Adrienne doesn't think she has it in her but Kate assures that she has guts. Kate thinks she just needs a jump start and decides to call the doctor for her. Adrienne questions what she's doing. Kate claims she is Adrienne's personal assistant and then hands her the phone. Adrienne takes the phone and decides she's ready to make the appointment now as soon as possible.

Deimos comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Brady and Nicole are trying to put together the toy train and they argue over how to do it. Deimos walks in and Nicole asks wher he's been. Deimos says he had an appointment to run out to and he thinks it went very well. Nicole is glad he's back and kisses him. Nicole decides to go take a shower. Deimos shuts the doors behind her. Brady asks what he found out. Deimos reveals that Chloe had a second appointment by herself in May but he got interrupted before he could find out what it was for. Deimos says the timeline makes sense as she would be seven months pregnant now so it's possible that she could be carrying Nicole and Daniel's baby.

Adrienne confirms her appointment and hangs up the phone. Kate tells her that wasn't so hard and encourages her. Adrienne breaks down crying as Kate hugs her.

Joey and Jade look at the photo of her baby as Jade talks about how it's all real to her now. Jade tells Joey that they are going to be parents. Joey apologizes for what he said earlier. Jade says she's sorry for a lot of things but she's not sorry about the baby and Joey says he's not either.

Steve and Kayla sit in the hospital. Steve tells her that she was great with Joey and Jade then apologizes for getting angry earlier. Kayla apologizes for being so blunt as she was just blindsided. Steve understands she didn't want the same for him. Steve asks her to tell him the truth. Kayla promises to make sure Adrienne gets the best treatment possible. Kayla adds that there has been so much progress with breast cancer. Steve asks if they are going to end up raising Joey and Jade's baby. Kayla says she can't think about that but knows they will need their backup which they confirm they will have as they kiss.

Brady tells Deimos that he doesn't get why Chloe would do something like this and not tell Nicole. Deimos suggests not wanting Nicole to get her hopes up. Brady argues that she's seven months along now so why wouldn't she tell her. Deimos blames himself since he used and hurt Chloe then stalked her when he thought the baby was his. Deimos says Chloe knows he's with Nicole and doesn't want him to have anything to do with the baby. Deimos says he isn't going to walk away from Nicole as they are together so Chloe will have to deal with it. Brady asks what he's going to do now. Deimos says he's first going to make sure he's right then he will do whatever it takes to make sure Nicole gets her baby.

Nicole gets a text from Chloe that they should meet and talk. Nicole responds that she hopes Chloe will finally tell her everything.

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