Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is at the Pub and has trouble getting an internet connection. Kayla interrupts and tells him that she just saw Adrienne, who was in good spirits. Sonny feels it's because he left after she kicked him out. Kayla says she doesn't want him to worry. Steve and Paul arrive to meet Sonny. Kayla questions this being a business meeting. Steve and Sonny suggest getting started so Kayla figures she should leave.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole reads a book to Tate as Maggie enters. Maggie praises Nicole for how she is with Tate. Nicole is sad that she can't spend time with Parker like this. Maggie questions why not. Nicole thinks she's been stripped of being his aunt.

Brady questions Deimos as to how Chloe could possibly be carrying Nicole and Daniel's baby.

Kayla questions Steve if this is top secret and says she will leave him to it. Steve tells her to wait as he follows her. Paul checks on Sonny, who is feeling down because Adrienne just tells him to leave when ever he goes to see her. Steve tells Kayla to meet him outside the town square after. Paul encourages that Adrienne does want Sonny around and just doesn't want him to worry. Sonny asks what's going on with the Hernandez shipping business. Steve and Paul talk about how there isn't a lot of activity. Steve finds it odd because counterfeit bags are usually in high volumes. Sonny suggests they keep up the surveillance. Steve thinks something else may be going on due to Eduardo's dark past. Sonny talks about possibly cutting ties with the Hernandez family if it turns out to be more sinister.

Deimos tells Brady about hearing Philip and Nancy talking about keeping a secret from Nicole so he had to do something. Deimos argues that Nicole deserves to know the truth. Brady still doesn't know how this is possible. Deimos informs him that Chloe had offered to be a surrogate for Daniel and Nicole but it wasn't successful and they were determined to try again before Daniel died. Brady argues that it was over a year ago. Deimos informs him that Philip said embryo when asked about the secret. Deimos says the drug was a truth serum and he may have gotten more out of him if Brady didn't storm in. Brady thinks Deimos is just making ridiculous assumptions but Deimos stops him and says there is more.

Steve tells Sonny they will touch base in activity to see if there is a spike in business on the docks. Steve tells him to tell Adrienne that he will be by to see her soon as he exits the Pub. Sonny tells Paul he was a wreck last time they spoke but he's doing better. Sonny adds that the doctors are hoping they have caught Adrienne's cancer early. Sonny says they will run further tests tonight so they know how to proceed. Paul guesses that's why she doesn't want anyone around. Paul suggests they go get some fresh air but Sonny feels he has too much work to do. Paul insists that going on a walk will help him so Sonny agrees and they exit.

Nicole tells Maggie about how Chloe begged her to come to Chicago because she needed to tell her something but then accused her of betraying her when she brought Deimos. Maggie questions why she brought him since she had to know Chloe wouldn't be happy about it. Nicole explains that Deimos thought she was still lying about him being the baby's father. Maggie sees it that Chloe could've taken it as Nicole choosing Deimos over her. Nicole says it's clear that Deimos doesn't have anything to do with the baby so she doesn't understand why Chloe is so angry that she is seeing him. Maggie encourages them finding a way to heal for Parker. Maggie mentions that Parker misses her. Maggie brings up how much Nicole and Chloe have been through. Maggie says if she and Victor could mend fences with Deimos, then Nicole and Chloe can fix this friendship. Maggie suggests all it would take is a phone call.

Deimos informs Brady that Nicole recently told him that she and Daniel had froze embryos for future attempts. Brady asks if he's saying Chloe had herself implanted with one shortly after Daniel died and then just didn't tell Nicole. Deimos knows it's a stretch. Brady doesn't buy it because of how Chloe freaked out about Deimos possibly being the father. Deimos says that Chloe skipped town after without telling Philip or Nicole why. Brady asks why Chloe wouldn't just tell Nicole. Deimos says he doesn't have all the answers but argues that Chloe's story has never added up. Brady thinks a one night stand is more possible. Deimos doesn't think it makes sense. Brady says it's no wonder Chloe got freaked out since Deimos acts this obsessed. Deimos declares that's it and that's why Chloe left town without telling Nicole the truth.

Kayla walks out of the town square where she finds a present and a card. Steve joins her and says he knew she couldn't resist. They talk about gifts at Christmas. Steve promises something special under the tree this year but says this gift is seasonal. Kayla picks up the present.

Paul and Sonny walk through the town square as Sonny talks about Christmas and a pillow his mom gave him as the only gift he still has. Paul comments on how Adrienne is like Sonny and she's lucky to have a supportive family and friends who will all be there for whatever lies ahead. Paul adds that Sonny's friends will be there too including him when ever he needs.

Nicole calls Chloe and leaves a message, saying she knows things are awful between them but she'd really like to change that so she asks her to call back.

Deimos can't believe he didn't see this as it's all about him. Deimos tells Brady that Chloe didn't want him to have anything to do with the baby because she despises him and that's why she didn't tell Nicole because she knows he would be a part of the baby's life. Brady still doesn't understand why Chloe didn't tell Nicole in the very beginning. Deimos feels there's an easy way to find out if he's right. Deimos says Nicole can call the clinic to find out if all of her frozen embryos are still there but Brady says no as that's the last thing he should do.

Steve's gift to Kayla is a photo album of their life which includes an invitation to their wedding. Steve asks how a Valentine's Day wedding sounds to her.

Paul tells Sonny that he always wished for a white Christmas. Sonny tells him he might get his wish. They talk about mistletoe until Derrick interrupts. Derrick says he was going to get a bite to eat and invites them to join. Sonny says he has to get back to work. Sonny thanks Paul for the walk and exits.

Brady tells Deimos that there is nothing more that Nicole wants than to be a mother and her hopes have been crushed many times. Deimos suggests that's why Chloe didn't mention it to Nicole so as to not disappoint her if it failed. Brady worries that it could turn out the same way if Deimos told her about it and it's not true. Brady knows Nicole wouldn't believe Chloe would get implanted without telling her first. Brady tells him that he can't tell Nicole without knowing it's true because it could rip her apart. Brady mentions being with Nicole when she lost her first baby and then her losing her second baby further along. Brady warns him not to say a word to her. Deimos doesn't want to put Nicole through more pain but thinks they owe it to Nicole to find out. Deimos says he may need his help and asks if he can count on him. Brady agrees to help for Nicole. Deimos thinks he knows another way to get to the truth.

Kayla tells Steve that would be two months away when they haven't planned anything. Steve says they have done it before. Kayla decides the wedding is the only Christmas present she needs as they kiss.

Brady meets Sonny at the Pub. Sonny tells him that what he is about to say stays between them for now. Brady says it sounds serious. Sonny brings up the opposing forces in the family as everyone has their own idea about Titan's future. Sonny feels they have always been on the same page that business should be on the up and up. Brady agrees and asks him what's going on. Sonny explains that Justin had him look in to the deal Deimos made with Dario and Eduardo. Sonny says Deimos doesn't seem to care what is being shipped as Justin worries that Titan will be responsible if it's something illegal. Sonny informs him that he has hired Steve and Paul to find out what it is. Brady questions why the hell he would do that.

Deimos returns home where Nicole notes he was gone awhile. Deimos claims he was just getting up to speed with Titan. Deimos asks Nicole if she's waiting for her phone to ring. Nicole doesn't want to lie to him or for him to be angry with her because it's about Chloe. Nicole says she had a great talk with Maggie who made her realize how much she missed her friendship with Chloe so she called her. Deimos thinks she's right to. Nicole thought he wanted her to let Chloe go. Deimos says he's come to learn to never question Maggie's wisdom. Deimos suggests maybe she could convince Chloe to move back to Salem. Nicole asks if he would be okay with that. Deimos says he would if it makes her happy. Nicole would love that but she's scared that whatever made her leave Salem is what will make her stay away for good.

Steve jokes that he almost thought Kayla would say no. Kayla says she loves the idea and Steve can't wait to marry her as they kiss.

Brady questions Sonny going behind his back to Steve and Paul about their family business. Sonny insists they won't say anything. Brady asks if this is an excuse for him to see Paul more often. Sonny tells him he would never do that. Brady continues to question him. Sonny says he and Justin are trying to make sure Titan doesn't go up in flames. Sonny adds that Eduardo and Dario are shipping counterfeit products so he hired Steve and Paul to make sure nothing else is going on. Brady asks what the big deal is since counterfeit products aren't hurting anyone. Sonny asks if he shouldn't go to Victor then. Brady reminds him that Victor is retired and has trusted Deimos with all the decisions. Sonny says he doesn't trust Deimos. Brady tells him that he's recently seen that a lot of Deimos has good reasons for a lot of his decisions. Sonny questions if he's defending him. Brady just believes that Deimos isn't as bad as they thought he was. Sonny accuses him of angling for a promotion and changing on a whim. Brady says that's not what this is about. Brady accuses Sonny of changing to trying to take over Titan. Sonny tells him he would never do that. Brady asks how he knows that. Sonny says if he did, Brady would be the first person he would go to. Brady doesn't think this is the way to go and tells Sonny to let it go. Sonny insists the shipping is illegal and he's trying to spare Titan another bad exposure because they are still recovering from the last time. Sonny argues that Brady doesn't get it. Brady doesn't get how exposing Eduardo and Dario as criminals will help them at all. Brady warns Sonny that he wil be fired if Deimos finds out he went behind his back. Brady advises him to tell Steve and Paul to drop the case now. Brady then exits the Pub.

Deimos and Nicole kiss in bed. Deimos feels it will be the best Christmas ever. Nicole comments on how different her life was at this time last year. Deimos says holidays and anniversaries are always difficult when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Nicole tells him about her dream of Daniel earlier. Nicole mentions feeling a sense of peace with everything like he was giving her permission to move on. They agree that nothing can hold them back and they kiss.

Kayla tells Steve it was his best proposal yet as they continue kissing.

Paul and Derrick sit together in the town square. Paul says he's really glad they did this. Sonny interrupts and asks Paul if they can talk in private so Derrick steps away. Paul asks Sonny if he talked to Deimos about the shipments. Sonny says he's not going to and needs him to stop the investigation. Paul is surprised and questions what happened. Sonny worries that keeping it up will cause problems in the family which is the last thing Titan needs right now. Sonny explains that he talked to Brady, who thought it would be better if they didn't know about the shipments. Paul worries about something more going on. Sonny declares the job is done then walks away. Derrick returns to Paul and comments that it looked pretty serious. Paul informs him that Sonny just fired him.

Nicole wakes up in bed alone and looks at Daniel's ring on her finger. Nicole states that she is doing what he asked her to do in moving on as she removes the ring and puts it in her purse. Nicole holds back tears as she lays back down in bed.

Deimos is on the phone in the living room, making an appointment to meet with Dr. Lee, claiming he is making a donation to the clinic.

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