Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve bumps in to Jennifer, who is surprised to see her. Eve notes Jennifer being in a hurry. Jennifer says she has to get home and starts to rush off but Brady stops her, acknowledging that there is a bottle of pills in her hand. Jennifer stops and asks what Eve is doing back in Salem. Eve responds that she came to look after Tate. Jennifer agrees they need to be there for Tate and Brady. Jennifer wishes her luck and goes to leave but Brady wants to talk to her. Jennifer claims she has errands to run and needs to get home but then agrees to talk.

Chad goes to the police station to see Rafe. Chad tells him that it's about Hope as he has information about the night Stefano was shot that will change everything.

Roman visits Hope at the prison and tells her that he isn't sure what he can do for Hattie but he will do whatever he can for her that will help Hope. Hattie then enters the room and meets Roman. She thanks him for coming just to help her out and says it's been too long since she's seen his handsome face.

Nicole falls asleep and imagines Daniel standing at her bed side.

Philip is tied up and gagged in a hotel room. The man watching him asks about the drug he injected him with as Deimos arrives. Deimos asks if he's ready. The man responds that Philip's brain is wide open so Deimos declares it's time to get some answers.

Brady asks Eve to give them a minute so Eve walks away with Tate while Brady questions Jennifer about the pills she has. Jennifer claims it's no big deal and just a refill. Jennifer tells him that she was having a hard time so Laura got her a prescription for antidepressants. Brady notes how nervous she acted. Brady apologizes for jumping to conclusions when he's just trying to be a friend. Brady asks if the antidepressants are working for her which she claims they are. Brady reminds her that she can call if she ever needs a friend. Jennifer thanks him as he hugs her.

Nicole wishes seeing Daniel wasn't a dream and would last forever. Nicole talks about everything they had planned. Daniel encourages her to find gratitude for all the great things in her life starting with Deimos.

Deimos sends his man away as he confronts Philip, who asks why he's doing this. Deimos says he will ask the questions while Philip gives the answers.

Rafe goes in to the interrogation room with Chad and asks about his new information. Chad informs him that it came from his butler Harold. Chad reveals to Rafe that a gun was delivered to the house that Stefano had ordered and Harold overheard Stefano jokingly saying someone will shoot him if he plays his cards right. Chad says Rafe and Shawn's theory was right. Rafe realizes Stefano wanted to be shot. Chad guesses he had no idea it would be Hope. Rafe says this backs up that Stefano was goading Hope as he wanted to die. Chad calls it Stefano's one last act of revenge against the Bradys.

Hattie talks to Roman about speed dating then tells him about the man in her life named Alfonso, believing that he framed her. Roman is sorry she got in to so much trouble so he will look further in to it and do everything he can to help her. Roman thanks Hattie for looking after Hope because family is important to him and he's glad to know someone is watching her back. The guard tells Hattie that her time is up. Hattie thanks Roman for helping her as she exits the room.

Rafe tells Chad this is amazing and asks if Harold will testify. Chad confirms that he will. Rafe brings up what this will do to Justin's appeal. Rafe thanks Chad for doing this. Chad feels it's the right thing to do. Rafe agrees but knows he's said bad things about his father. Chad relates to knowing his reputation. Chad knows Stefano was capable of hurting people and was corrupt. Chad says the manipulation never stopped and now Hope is paying the price.

Jennifer thanks Brady for not freaking out in front of Eve because of their history. Brady understands and says the pill thing is between them. Brady knows what happened to Abigail must still be hard for her. Jennifer says she just takes it one day at a time. Eve returns with Tate. Brady gets a work call and steps away to answer it. Eve asks Jennifer how JJ is doing as she heard he was recovering from being shot. Jennifer tells her they don't need to talk about JJ and she needs to go. Jennifer tells her to tell Brady she said goodbye but Eve stops her and tells her how sorry she is about Abigail. Eve brings up knowing what she's going through and suggests it can help to talk to someone who has gone through the suffering. Eve offers herself if she ever wants to talk. Jennifer calls that very kind and hopes she finds happiness one day. Eve tells her the same as Jennifer walks away.

Nicole doesn't understand Daniel being okay with Deimos. He tells her that finding love doesn't mean their love will disappear as he knows she will always love him but he can't be there anymore. Daniel wants her to be happy which she can't do without letting go and living. Daniel tells her that if she's found love, to go for it as she cries. Daniel reminds that he will always be there with her one way or another. Nicole then wakes up from her dream and cries.

Deimos tells Philip that he heard him talking to Nancy so he can't lie. Deimos asks what he told her. Philip claims he doesn't know. Deimos asks him about telling Nancy that it's important for Nicole to never find out the secret. Deimos reminds him that he means business. Philip complains that it's hard to think. Deimos demands what he wants to know. Philip says he doesn't have it. Deimos asks where he was going when he left the house. Philip says he was going to meet Chloe. Deimos asks why and if he was going to tell her something very important about the secret or Nicole. Philip says he was going to tell her they were meant for each other as she was his first love. Philip argues that Chloe needs him. Deimos asks if he wants to ride to her rescue but demands he tell him what he wants to hear first. Deimos tells him no more lies and says he's going to tell him whatever the secret is about Nicole now.

Chad meets Jennifer in the town square about his news. Jennifer calls it great news. Chad suggesting talking to Justin first. Jennifer says they will get his statement. Jennifer calls it still strange that Stefano was really dying and wanted someone to end it for him. Jennifer understands it hurts since it's his father. Chad doesn't know how to feel and talks about always getting knocked down when he thinks his life is getting normal. Chad says his life is always complicated but it seems like nothing has gone right since he found out Abigail would be gone forever.

Brady goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion with Tate and Eve. Nicole is surprised to see Eve and greets her. Eve explains she came to help with Tate. Brady tells them to catch up as he takes Tate for a snack. Nicole asks how Eve is doing. Eve responds that she's coping. Nicole says the same as they head in to the living room. Nicole asks if she knew Theresa was back on drugs or planning to walk away from her family.

Philip says he wants to help Chloe. Deimos tries to get him to work with him. Deimos asks him what the secret is that Chloe is hiding. Deimos says he will let him go to Chloe if he tells him as he continues to demand the secret. Philip responds "embryo."

Roman tells Hope that he hopes Hattie didn't get her hopes too high because he doesn't have a lot to go on. Roman agrees to keep track of her case. Hope jokes about Hattie having a thing for him. Roman says they will talk later and he exits.

Eve tells Nicole that she had no idea Theresa was going to go off the rails and she had to force Shane to tell her what happened. Nicole asks what did happen. Eve says she apparently slipped back in to drugs and took off. Nicole thought she knew her and she was happy. Eve says Tate needs a mother figure so she came back. Nicole is sure Brady will appreciate the help. Eve says her life has been empty since Paige died and sometimes being alone is awful. Nicole hugs her, saying she knows how she feels.

Brady puts Tate in his crib and talks to him. Brady says he knows he misses his mom and adds that he does too but they will be okay. Brady gets a call that disturbs him and questions "he did what?"

Deimos questions what Philip means by embryo and what it has to do with Nicole. Deimos demands to know what he means. Philip repeats embryo. Deimos decides he will up the dosage on the drug Philip was injected with then. Deimos says embryo means nothing to him unless he tells him. Deimos then stops and comes to a realization.

Chad and Jennifer sit together in the town square. Chad apologizes for bringing up Abigail like that but Jennifer encourages him to talk about her and think about her all the time like she does. Jennifer tells him that he can come to her any time to talk about it. Chad thanks her. Jennifer believes things will get better. Chad assures that he won't ever forget about Abigail but has to focus on Thomas right now. Chad tells Jennifer that he is going forward with the memorial for Abigail so Thomas has something to connect with his mother. Jennifer doesn't think he should rush in to it and take his time. Chad insists it will be great like the plaque in the town square in memory of her grandparents.

Rafe visits Hope at prison and tells her of the news that Harold shared with Chad, encouraging that this could be her ticket out. Hope worries but Rafe insists it will back up what she said. Rafe tells her that Justin thinks it will carry a lot of weight with his appeal and she could be out of here soon.

Deimos demands Philip tell him if Chloe is carrying Nicole's baby but Philip passes out. Deimos asks if he's right and if Chloe went to try again without telling Nicole. Deimos argues that Nicole deserves to know the truth and he won't let him hold on to this lie. Deimos questions if Chloe betrayed Nicole but Philip is passed out. Deimos gets mad and orders him to talk until Brady bursts in and asks what Deimos is doing.

Chad goes to the prison to visit Hope. Chad asks if she talked to Rafe which she confirms he told her the news. Chad tells her that he would like to try to make peace.

Brady tells Deimos this stops now. Deimos says he's sorry. Brady asks what's wrong with him. Deimos says he got carried away as he just needed answers. Deimos questions how he found him anyways. Brady responds a little birdie told him that he kidnapped his nephew, tied him up and drugged him. Brady asks if he's insane. Deimos repeats that he's sorry. Brady can't imagine what Philip knows to make Deimos do this. Brady questions this being how Deimos conducts business. Deimos knows it looks bad. Deimos calls for his man to come back in. Deimos tells Brady that he needed answers quickly and wasn't going to wait around for Philip to share. Brady repeats that he can't imagine what he knows to cause this. Deimos feels it's not as bad as it looks since the drug will wear off in a couple of hours and there's no side effects. Brady checks on Philip as he regains consciousness. Brady tells Philip that he will be alright. Deimos instructs his man to take Philip into another room until he recovers so he takes him out. Brady then asks what Deimos was questioning Philip about. Brady mentions he overheard something about Chloe and Nicole. Brady demands to know what's going on.

Hope tells Chad that she doesn't hold what he said in court against him. Chad points out that he asked the judge to throw the book at her. Hope understands she killed his father. Chad says it now looks like he tricked her in to doing it. Hope notes that she still did it. Chad informs her that he's not angry and he hates seeing her punished.

Deimos tells Brady that it doesn't matter what he was questioning Philip about as it's personal. Brady points out that since Chloe is his ex wife and Nicole is one of his best friends, it's personal to him too. Deimos tells Brady that he was mistaken by whatever he thinks he heard as he never mentioned their names. Brady tells him that he has a lot of nerve lying to his face after what he pulled. Brady suggests maybe it's time to bring Victor out of retirement to let him know what's going on here. Brady brings up how Victor trusted Deimos to run the family how he wants it run. Brady asks if he calls Victor for a family meeting or if Deimos will level with him here. Deimos gives in and informs Brady that he overheard Philip talking to Nancy about a secret they were keeping from Nicole. Brady asks what it is. Deimos reveals to Brady that he believes Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole's baby.

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