Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi finds Chad outside of the town square and asks if he's okay. Chad responds that he's had better days. Gabi asks what's going on. Chad reveals that he just found out that Stefano was terminally ill when Hope murdered him and he knew it. Chad says Stefano figured he would die at the hands of one of his enemies. Chad remarks that he was not the man he thought he was. Chad suggests maybe Stefano did want Hope to pull the trigger. Chad wonders if Stefano didn't trust him enough to tell him he was sick. Chad argues that Stefano knew he would have stopped him. Chad complains about Hope being in prison suffering and Stefano deciding to end his life that way. Gabi asks if Chad is upset because of what Stefano did to Hope or because he didn't give him a chance to say goodbye.

Brady and Jennifer walk through the hospital. Jennifer turns away, texting on her phone. Brady tells her that she doesn't have to hide it from him. Jennifer tells him it's family. Jennifer commends Brady for being brave in their AA meeting in talking about Theresa. Brady hoped Jennifer would speak as well as he feels she has something on her mind. Jennifer claims she doesn't and that it's just been a confusing couple of weeks. Brady tells her that she can tell him anything if she wants to talk about it.

Abigail warns Dario that if he tells anyone, especially Chad, that she's alive then she will report what she saw to JJ. Dario claims it was just a legal business transaction but Abigail questions what legal business uses designer hand bags to transport hidden microchips. Dario brings up how many laws she's broken by faking her death. Abigail says they both have secrets and asks what they are going to do about it.

Chad tells Gabi that he doesn't know what to feel. He is sad that Stefano was dying and didn't share it or let them take care of him but he did this to himself. Chad says he blamed Hope for taking away Stefano's chance at redemption but he threw it away himself. Gabi encourages Chad and praises him. Gabi says she has seen him take care of people. Chad thanks her and walks away. Gabi's phone rings so she looks into her new purse then questions what the hell Dario has done as she rushes off.

Dario doesn't get it as he questions Abigail faking her death. Abigail tells him it's none of his business but Dario says she made it his business by blackmailing him. Abigail says her choices were personal. Dario asks why she disappeared and faked her death. Abigail responds that she did to protect Chad and Thomas from her because she was such a mess and was out of her mind. Abigail didn't want to be a burden to them for the rest of her life. Dario says she seems fine now. Abigail informs him that JJ and Jennifer know the truth but Chad can't yet. Dario calls her a coward.

Eduardo and Kate walk out of the town square together. Eduardo notices she's been quiet. Kate apologizes for not being a good dinner companion. Kate says there is something she should've told him but she didn't want to spoil their dinner date. Kate informs Eduardo that Adrienne has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Kate adds that there is something else she hadn't told him and that is that she was diagnosed with lung cancer 8 years ago. Eduardo says he never would've guessed. Kate talks about being scared then but now it's part of who she is. Kate says she was lucky as she gets emotional. Eduardo asks what they can do for Adrienne. Kate responds that she will support her in every way she can. Kate admits she doesn't like to ask for help because she finds it really hard to find anyone she can really trust. Eduardo feels the same way.

Jennifer comes out of Adrienne's room and tells Brady that she was asleep. Jennifer tells Brady that he didn't have to stay and wait for her but Brady still feels there is something she wants to share. Jennifer promises it's not what he thinks and that she should be worried about him after what Theresa did. Brady gets a call from Henderson and asks if everything is okay with Tate. Brady questions that she's back and says to just let her in. Brady apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer guesses she will see him at the next meeting. Brady says it can wait if she needs to talk but Jennifer insists. Brady argues that he can see she is struggling with something. Brady tells Jennifer to go with her instincts as he exits the hospital.

Dario tells Abigail that she's not telling Chad that she's alive because she is scared. Abigail warns that if she steps forward, he loses all leverage because he has nothing on her so she questions why he's willing to risk all that. Dario thinks back to asking Gabi about her and Chad. Dario tells Abigail that Jennifer and JJ are happy she is back but won't tell her that every day she is gone from Chad is another day for him to move on without her. Dario warns that no matter how much he loved her, Chad will move on without her when he finds someone else then it will be too late and her life will be gone forever. Abigail remarks that he sounds like he knows something. Abigail guesses that he thinks Chad has moved on with Gabi. Dario says he didn't say that. Abigail asks if Dario wants her to come back so Chad will stay away from Gabi. Dario warns that people getting mixed up with the DiMeras usually doesn't end well especially when their business is in competition. Abigail questions what his family business is. Dario responds that it's none of her business. Abigail thinks he made it her business when he blackmailed her. Abigail asks if something is going on with Chad and Gabi because Gabi is supposed to be back with JJ. Dario suggests they'd be more solid if JJ didn't cheat on Gabi. Abigail demands what he knows about Chad and Gabi then asks if JJ is the only reason they aren't together. Gabi then calls out for Dario causing Abigail to worry.

Chad goes home to inform Andre about Stefano's cancer which Andre seems shocked by and says he didn't know. Andre says he would've never hidden that from Chad. Chad asks if it makes any sense to him. Andre thinks back on it now and remembers signs of Stefano seeming like a beaten man in his last few days. Andre recalls suggesting he rebuild the family but he didn't seem interested. Chad feels Stefano used both of them so they would believe Hope killed him and they would make sure she was punished. Andre argues that Hope still killed Stefano so nothing has changed. Andre declares that their responsibility is to make sure Hope stays in prison.

Kate asks Eduardo if he's saying he thinks they can trust each other. Eduardo says that's exactly it. Kate doesn't think he would be anywhere near the top of the list of people she should trust. Eduardo regrets that he wasn't able to give her what she needed before. Kate thinks they both screwed up when they first tried this. Kate feels she didn't have a realistic idea of their relationship. They agree that it's changed and it's okay to keep things to themselves. Eduardo brings up potential business conflicts because he's going head to head with DiMera. Kate says she will show no mercy and she always get what she wants. Kate tells Eduardo that she doesn't stop until she's satisfied. Eduardo asks if they are still talking business as they end up kissing.

Gabi finds Dario on the docks and asks who he was talking to while Abigail hides. Dario claims he was on the phone doing business. Gabi asks if it has to do with the bag he gave her because it's fake. Dario pretends to be surprised and asks how that could be. Gabi says they did great work. Dario wants to take it back but Gabi insists on keeping it. Gabi tells Dario to be careful next time as she starts to walk away but then stops when she hears a noise as Abigail bumps in to something while hiding.

Brady goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where he finds Eve waiting in the living room. Eve hopes he doesn't mind that she was with Tate as he's sleeping now. Brady questions what she's doing here. Eve tells him that she heard what happened with Theresa. Brady asks if she came to see her. Eve says she got worried when Theresa stopped answering her calls so she reached out to Shane. Eve can't believe that Theresa walked away. Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Eve tells him that she's really sorry as Theresa seemed like she had finally figured it out. Eve insists that Theresa was so happy with him. Brady asks her again what she's doing here. Eve says she's here to help.

Gabi asks Dario if he's hiding somebody. Dario says no so Gabi asks if he heard that noise. Gabi asks if he's sure he's not hiding anyone. Dario laughs it off and assures that there's no one there. Gabi thanks him for the bag and tells him it means a lot since it's from him. Gabi loves how hard he is working to be a good brother as she hugs him. Dario says he just wants what is best for her. Gabi says she knows and walks away. Abigail comes out of hiding and asks Dario if they have a deal. Dario says he hasn't made up his mind yet. Abigail notes Dario being anxious to take Gabi's bag back and asks if it has a microchip in it. Dario then agrees to the deal that they stay out of each others business.

Eduardo talks on the phone about one of the handbags missing and questions how that happens. Eduardo says he will take care of it and hangs up. Kate asks if he's having difficulty. Eduardo says it's nothing they can't handle. Kate suggests partnering with DiMera instead of Titan. Eduardo says he has to go and offers to drop her off but Kate is fine with walking. Eduardo blames himself for wrecking their date and promises next time won't end with dinner. Kate promises not to be distracted. Eduardo is glad she's still around because the world is a much better place with her in it. Eduardo kisses her and then walks away.

Chad questions Andre being okay with Hope rotting in prison for killing Stefano even if he set her up to do it. Andre argues that they don't know that for a fact. Andre says he knows the Bradys and Hortons dedicated their lives to destroying their family. Chad brings up Hope saying Stefano offered her a gun to shoot him with. Andre points out that it was never found. Chad can't believe it doesn't change Andre's opinion if Stefano wanted Hope to kill him. Andre believes justice was served but Chad is not so sure. Andre thinks it's hard for Chad to understand because Abigail is a part of Hope's family. Andre declares this is about their family so they need to be united. Andre says they will continue this another time as he has something to work out. Andre exits. Harold enters and says he overheard Chad talking about Stefano so he feels he must tell him what he knows as he places a lockbox on the table.

Brady tells Eve that he doesn't need help raising his son and she wouldn't be his first call if he did. Eve states that Tate does need a mother figure in his life. Brady says he has that in Marlena, Kimberly, and Nicole. Eve points out that they don't live in the mansion. Eve offers to stay with him through the holidays. Brady thanks her but insists that they are fine. Eve argues that he doesn't look fine. Eve is sure he's doing his best to hide it but she can see the pain in his eyes when he talks about Theresa. Brady tells her that Theresa doesn't care. Eve understands Theresa gave up and bailed on the people that love her. Brady questions why Eve wants to help. Eve responds that Tate didn't get a choice so he needs her help. Eve knows what it's like to live without a child. Brady says he does not take Tate for granted. Brady sits down and agrees to let Eve stay with them through the holidays, agreeing that it would be good for Tate. Eve asks if he's sure. Brady jokes that they can never use too many strong women in the house. Eve asks him to catch her up on everything and asks if Brady has taken Tate to see Santa. Brady feels it's too early but Eve insists they have to do it now or the lines will be crazy.

Chad asks Harold what's in the box. Harold explains that before Stefano died, a man came to the house and sold Stefano an unregistered gun. Chad opens the box and looks at the gun. Harold adds that the man asked if Stefano planned on shooting someone but Stefano laughed and said if he does his job correctly, someone will shoot him.

Eduardo goes to the Pub and has a drink. Dario arrives to meet him and says they have a problem. Eduardo says he's heard. Dario explains that the microchip isn't missing as he knows exactly where it is, in Gabi's purse. Eduardo asks if he's sure. Dario explains that Gabi took one of the bags they were using as she thought it was a present. Eduardo states that they stole those chips from the DiMeras so if Gabi has one, she is a target and in danger so they have to get it back before someone else intervenes.

Abigail goes home. Jennifer rushes down the stairs and asks where she went. Abigail explains that she had to climb out the window when Julie went looking for Christmas decorations. Abigail informs Jennifer that Dario found her. Jennifer decides she is done with the hiding and the lies as it has to stop. Jennifer tells her that Chad is going to find out and it's going to be worse if he hears it from someone else. Jennifer says that Abigail has hurt a lot of people and she knows she thought it was for the right reasons but they didn't have a choice. Jennifer compares it to Jack faking his death and says it has to stop as there has been so much pain and sadness. Jennifer encourages that Chad and Thomas need her. Abigail stops her and says she's right that it's time for her to see Chad. Jennifer asks if she's hearing what she is saying. Abigail says she made up her mind that she can't wait any longer as the timing will never be perfect. Abigail realizes that the longer she waits, the greater the chance of losing her family forever. Abigail declares she wants Chad and Thomas back.

Eduardo tells Dario that he's been waiting to get his hands on something like this for his whole life. Eduardo says he has a whole network in China with the guy on the inside. Dario asks if Andre knows the microchips are gone. Eduardo is sure he does but says by the time he figures out they have them, they will have already cashed in.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she doesn't want to run or be scared anymore and she wants her life back. Jennifer can't wait for Chad to see her and asks when she is going. Abigail says soon but she wants to talk to Laura first to make sure she's strong enough. Jennifer assures that she is good. Abigail is excited to have Christmas as a family. Jennifer is happy to see her smile. Abigail says she will do it right by staying in therapy to be the best wife and mother. Jennifer encourages that she will be. Abigail remembers that she took her last antidepressants. Jennifer offers to refill her prescription as she wants to do anything to help her. Jennifer can't wait for everyone to see her again and says she will be back.

Chad questions why Harold never said anything before. Harold says at the time he thought Stefano was joking and justified things as a coincidence until he heard Chad say that Stefano was terminally ill. Harold says it was just like Stefano to want to go out in a blaze of gunfire. Harold then exits the room.

Dario tells Eduardo that if this is as big as he says it is, Andre will do everything in his power to get them back. Eduardo says it will be fine as long as they close the sale fast but to do that, they must get the microchip from Gabi's bag.

Gabi walks through the town square with her handbag.

Chad sits down at the chess table and says he wanted to believe Stefano had changed and become a better person. Chad is sick and tired of the games his family played. Chad says would've done anything for Stefano until the very end as he loved him. Chad wishes Stefano would've told him the truth.

Abigail looks at a photo of Chad and Thomas which makes her smile.

Brady and Eve walk through the town square with Tate after taking him to see Santa Claus. They look over the pictures they took of Tate. Eve still can't believe Theresa would walk away from all of this. Brady tells her that Theresa is not the same person. Eve questions how it happened so fast. Brady doesn't get it either. Brady adds that Theresa refused help from everyone. Eve prays that Theresa wakes up and realizes what she has given away. Brady says like most addicts, she will have to hit rock bottom first. Eve then bumps in to Jennifer, who is surprised to see her. Eve notes Jennifer being in a hurry. Jennifer says she has to get home and starts to rush off but Brady stops her, acknowledging that there is a bottle of pills in her hand.

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